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my beloved

child I see the pain etched upon your

face and I hear the Silent Cries of your

heart in times of physical struggle know

that I am with you enveloping you in my

unwavering love and boundless

compassion though your body May falter

your spirit remains

unyielding for I have breathed life into

your very being I understand the

weariness that comes from enduring

ailments and physical

challenges yet in the midst of your

afflictions I offer you Solace and

healing from

within trust in my divine presence and

let the soothing balm of my grace


you I am the great physician capable of

restoring even the deepest

wounds as you navigate this journey of

physical healing remember that your

strength is not found in your own might

but in the infinite reservoirs of my

power Lean on Me lean on my promises and

let my peace flood your soul

through every ache and every pain know

that I’m sculpting your character and

refining your

faith in the Quiet Moments of discomfort

find Refuge In My Embrace for in your

weakness my strength is made

perfect take heart dear one for I’m

walking beside you guiding you through

the valleys and leading you you to the

Green Pastures of wholeness and

restoration with enduring love your


father dear child may this message

resonate in your hearts remember I am

with you always share this Divine wisdom

with others for in spreading love you

multiply your

blessings together let us illuminate the

world with faith hope and

compassion subscribe to receive more

messages of light and share to bless

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