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Jesus my beloved child I want to free

you from all stress and ease the burdens

that you carry around with you every day

your life needs to change your spirit

needs to be refreshed and happiness

needs to become more than a distant

memory when I came to talk to you it was

because I want your faith to grow please

understand that what you may think is

hard or impossible is completely

possible for me it’s important to accept

the past as it is since you can’t change

it right now is your life and the only

time you can be happy is right now do

not give in to the people who tried to

keep you from knowing me by spreading

lies and false information to stop your

success and make you believe you are not

worth anything allow yourself to let go

of those who have hurt you and forgive

them I promise that I will always be

here for you in your real battle believe

what I say because I always keep my word

know that I am with you every step of

the way even if things get hard there

will be storms but I will lead you to

calmer Waters believe in yourself and do

not be afraid of what you might see I

have already made it possible for you to

succeed know that I have given you

everything you need to overcome problems

and reach your goals so start each day

with hope and courage

you are stronger than you think and my

love gives you the strength to handle

any problem with Grace and strength

don’t forget to keep your eyes on me as

you go on your journey ask me for help

with everything you do and I will show

you the way let go of the past and look

forward to the future with faith because

I have great plans for you don’t give up

when things go wrong or take longer than

planned these are just chances to learn

and improve trust that I will know the

best time for you you will be rewarded

for your patience and your faith will

grow as you wait for me I’m always

planning things behind the scenes so

that they work out well for you I am

moving mountains for you even when you

can’t see it don’t give up my child keep

going with faith and

determination remember that you are

never alone through good times and bad

there’s always someone by your side to

cheer you on and help you feel better if

you need help just lean on me I’ll get

you through it we will be able to get

through any problem and when in the end

hold on to what I’ve promised my sweet

child and know that my love will never

fail you you can handle anything that

comes your way with me by your side

trust yourself trust my power and trust

that the best is yet to come stay strong

in your faith my beloved because I am

leading you to a future full of Hope and

blessings that can’t be measured let go

of the things that are making your heart

heavy and trust that I will take care of

you I am the god of Plenty and you will

will never be without let go of your

hands and take what I’ve prepared for

you don’t put limits on your hopes or

doubt my ability to bless you greatly my

love has no limits and I want to give

you everything good in the world you are

my beloved child accept my endless love

and let this pure love fill your heart

and soul with peace and calm god-given

strength that heals all of your wounds

pains and illnesses stay calm and know

that the peace you’re looking for can

only be found here with me me I will

help you find what you want when you

come to me with your

needs take a deep breath in and let the

sweet scent of my Holy Spirit wash over

you time will fly by as you enjoy it

take in even more of the love and gifts

I want to give you you have this

beautiful love and I beg you never to

turn it down do not work hard to earn

the love of people who say they love you

but hurt and disappoint you don’t try to

please people who don’t know what love

is really about yet please know that I

love love you and will always love you I

promise that my promise to you will last

forever my plans will always come true

accepting my Love Changes Everything it

starts a new life full of Happiness

unwavering love and no more

disappointments not only is my love good

it’s also wonderful kind and most of all

it’s yours accept it it was my choice to

die on a cross and I rose from the dead

on the third day so that you can also

rise R and have a full life right now

you might not fully understand it but I

can do a lot more than you can want or

understand I’m going to touch your heart

and show you what’s inside it you’ll

have a strong conviction that will help

you make decisions that will change your

life now is the time to do something

about the supernatural power that lives

in your life people shouldn’t think less

of you because of your age or your past

people who don’t believe in you will be

amazed at the fruits you bear because

they will see that my spirit has been

working in you everyone can have this

beautiful and holy love the world only

gives limited love that is often

conditional and wants something in

return in the end it can lead to lying

betrayal pain and being alone I do not

want you to have to go through such pain

instead I’m here to hold you in my

loving arms and heal your wounds let go

of your sadness it will go away I really

love you and I want you to tell me you

love me too your time is coming and the

good things I have planned for you can’t

be stopped by a closed door say it out

loud confirm it in your mind and write

it down say that you believe in me and

are ready to accept this word of comfort

and encouragement from Heaven don’t give

up if one door shuts on you another

beautiful door is about to open and

bring something even better know that

there is a battle going on in the

Heavenly realms for your life and your

faith there are many enemies both seen

and unseen who want to stop your growth

they attack you from the outside and

hurt you from the inside even if they

stay hidden I will put people on your

path who have Divine knowledge to help

you get through these problems put

yourself down and listen to what they

say give yourself time to pray to me and

I will show you even more you will win

this battle all the problems you are

facing will fall apart in front of you I

could deliver you right right away but I

want you to know how important your

faith skills and gifts are it’s not

possible to win by yourself if you take

my word back and give up your faith the

enemy will try to trap you and drag you

into the depths of

Despair I do think you have a lot of

potential though you will do great

things and bless many people your family

will grow in wisdom and humility and do

well in every area of life but we need

to go on this trip together put out your

hand to me because you’re ready to reach

a spiritual level where Fates are

decided and lives are changed today is

going to be full of wonderful and

beautiful things for you the groundwork

for your future and the future of your

family is being laid right now by people

who are older than you let them get to

know me and serve me each of them has

their own gifts skills job and a desire

to learn and get ready you should be

brave enough to dream about things that

are beyond what you can see imagine or

even believe right now it’s not meant

for you and your family to be

spiritually poor emotionally confused or

in debt take what I say to heart and

learn to dream I will make your faith

stronger and give you the tools you need

to receive and handle the good things

that are coming your way you should

never feel hopeless I’m here to help you

even before you say a word because I’m

always listening to your




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