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my child Come Away with me to a quiet place where we may be alone

together in the Stillness I will speak wisdom and strength into your

spirit lay down for a Time the endless demands that viy for your attention and

fragment your focus instead enter with intention into

a Sabbath rest for body and soul to recover wholeness and perspective found

only in withdrawing from busyness silence now prepares you as a seed lying

dormant through winter Harbors the promise of abundant new life when the seasons

change I crafted mankind for cycles of both withdrawal and active occupation

each finding Perfect Balance in me I myself modeled this rhythm of work

and rest by ceasing after Mighty exertions in creation establishing the pattern of renewal that restores the

soul do not disdain your need for reprieve from crowded spaces and

straining schedules pressed by constant necessity to produce honor instead the limits I lovingly placed around your

capacity to shelter your sanity protect spaces of disengagement

from the ravenous culture that would devour all your time with false urgency submit wholeheartedly to my

gentle yoke that renews your soul Day by Sanctified

day here Souls May quietly commune with me me beyond the D of this world’s demands that Commander

Consciousness my spirit speaks softly needing unhurried space to make

Impressions linger then in nourishing silence as the noise recedes calm

Assurance emerges to Anchor You firmly in my design for human wholeness not the

world’s demand for output devoid of meaning as any healthy ecosystem honors

cycles for its sustainability so my people flourish by balancing work with replenishing rest there are simple

seasonal patterns to regain equilibrium in chaotic times consider the reliable

progression in creation through the variety of day and night renewing continually reflect on the ocean’s

predictable EB and flow its rhythms model Divine wisdom so too your very

breath flows inward to receive then outward powered to actively exert the

energy you inhaled in the same way cycles of silence and speech find proper

proportion in affirming one another not contending you move seamlessly between quiet alignments of soul and body and

strategic employing of renewed power remember always that when heavy loads weigh you down I crafted mankind for

joyful Retreat into effortless enjoyment of my presence reawaken childlike wonder

and Delight set aside grown-up burdens for a season here where worries fade

priorities realign in the light of eternity’s horizon a resilient life wisely integrates these rest fites

refusing false guilt around rest wholeness acknowledges your integrated self not just the Cog keeping Wheels in

Motion so learn my loving ways in long and patient Seasons together enjoy

family times around the table sharing simple meals consider two creation reliable

seasonal rhythms Vivid autumn colors signaling necessary winter rest ahead

when all grows still observe busy creatures conserving through Barren months rather than vainly struggling on

see leaves releasing their hold after boldly transforming sunlight into nourishment here you Glimpse the timely

cycles of work and rest that honor limits around finite strengths take your

rightful place then child Within These rhythms of withdrawal and vigor that

sustain you in purpose and remember your weekly day of common rest from Commerce and labor make this sabbath holy

dedicating its hours solely to spiritual Pursuits and loving Community for a full

day step outside frenzied gaining that easily displaces Eternal

priorities through steadfast habit reconnect to Greater reality grounded in

worship gratitude and caring Fellowship reclaim this radical routine that

regularly reorients you to my kingdom shared hopes Beyond self refuse

compromise here assert the precedent of your whole being above profits for a day

in this sacred Rhythm find perspective and vision refreshed for the challenges ahead beloved each day I call you to

resist the subtle tide of busyness that threatens to pull you under the demands

of this world cry loudly pressing you to conform yet you must set boundaries

against that which erodes the soul for no matter how good the tasks nothing

Rivals the Supreme commands to love me first and then to love your neighbor

come away into the quiet with me and regain Focus within my kingdom from the Stillness before my Throne discern with

care what truly matters for eternity and what does not let Holiness and wisdom

guide your perspective not the hurried pace of culture I have called you to

walk the narrow way that leads to life in steady balance choose only that which aligns with my purposes written on your

heart refuse anything that compromises my kingdom values already

placed within you here in this quiet space with me I anchor your soul a new

each day and order your steps into Grace and Truth Listen for my voice to show you the

way my beloved when voices of anxiety and adversity threaten to overwhelm your

spirit come first to me in prayer bring your heavy concerns openly

that I may meet you there in my presence possibilities and

power multiply to address tangible dilemmas as you release strained problem solving into my

hands rest in the Stillness of trusting me to bring transformation overnight to

unresolve tensions I renew your strength and perspective with the fresh mercy of each

new morning do not imagine self above limitations requiring Retreat into my

quiet refuge for direction even the most devoted burnout without integrating wisdom’s cycles of

work and rest aim not for Perfection but Excellence through balance feverish ambition often masks

Pride or love of human praise which I oppose maintain humility around personal

weakness with confidence in my full provision for all you need to fulfill each calling weave Retreat into advance

to complete the journeys I design in set apart spaces of sacred quiet Your Inner Strength continually

renews so set firm boundaries around overloading your senses and psyche refuse addiction to constant news

and noise allowing healthy Detachment outside your control give full presence to loved ones

before you now instead the only sure possession in time’s fleeting stream offer the first and best best of

your moments to Stillness with me here Souls find anchoring perspective

when other voices confuse and distract from this place of wisdom

graciously tend to all else calling your name protect sacred spaces of family and home from intrusions that steal

Serenity set aside that which divides attention to linger long together deal

efficiently with disruptions to defend special hours as holy certain priorities

deserve full engagement not fractured awareness spread thin over empty virtual

Realms honor relational needs through respectful scheduling and listening that seeks

understanding you cannot satisfy every concern arising so wisely unplug at

times to care deeply for those before you now tomorrow you serve others I bring across your path today refuse to

let distant diversions dominate lavishing love through the the gift of presence these boundaries manifest

wisdom not selfishness I lovingly crafted you for rhythms of Engagement and withdrawal

that nurture Whole Health I gently correct when you Veer toward unhealthy extremes wishing to spare you long

Sorrows if ignored realign with my original design by assessing your current ratios of

talking versus listening distraction versus presence stimulation versus calm

work versus rest what proportions feed your soul and produce good fruit versus

quickly depleting you consult to the Council of trusted companions I have placed around you in both noise and

Stillness I meet you as love sharing more of myself if you’ll listen beneath duties driving

demands my best success and purpose for you transcend empty Pursuits of wealth fame or Legacy built by human effort

alone sole Prosperity flows from simple faithfulness to walk with my spirit Day

by Ordinary Day purpose is fulfilled through small acts of service that bless others for eternity this definition

entrusts outcomes to my grace at work behind the scenes set apart regular space to commune with me in solitude

nourishing roots that now bear public fruit for my glory your activities demonstrate devotion already proved not

performances attempting to earn belonging rest completely in my unconditional Delight over you my child

wisdom integrates busy work with tranquil rest avoid polarizing views

that idolize one while demonizing the other honor healthy boundaries that

ensure Soul Care employ tools strategically without becoming enslaved

to convenience that demands utter availability erasing sacred lines around

true rest and intimacy with others highly prized quietude for gaining

perspective and sensitivity to my gentle guidance cultiv at patient attentive

listening while also embracing passionate truth-telling discovered in

Stillness modulate intensity by welcoming calming influences that temper

extremes seek balance between gravity and lightness caution and courage

stimulation and peaceful order maintain rhythms aligned to creation’s cycles of

activity and rest may you thrive in both active investment and Silent reception

for first consecrate set aart times to know me intimately then with tank refueled pour yourself into purposeful

labor equipped through our connection may my Pleasures so fill you that

weariness gives way to Soul overflowing and perfect rest in my presence thus you

walk wisely with me Moment by moment through life’s variety give yourself to

fruitful effort governed by sacred intervals set apart to commune with me from this place of wise r and full

spiritual nourishment what you vigorously pour out into each calling will sweetly bless multitudes for my

glory my child be still before me silence your restless mind and know that

I am God I am everpresent though at times I may seem far away trust in my

Abiding Love For It surrounds you though you perceive it not let me fill your

quiet spaces with comfort in the hush of your soul listen for my voice it comes

as a gentle whisper to calm your fears and guide your steps do not despise the

silence for it is here I meet you and lavish my grace upon

you seasons will come when Sorrows or trials plunge you into unwelcome

quiet I know the silence born of sadness weighs heavy on Tender Hearts take hope

beloved for I see your tears and I am acquainted with grief in due time I will

transform ashes into crowns of beauty take comfort not all tears are bitter

some fall with joy when my loving kindness surprises you my compassion Springs forth to water Barren Souls

though you walk through valleys blanketed in Stillness you need not fear evil my rod and staff protect you in

seasons of Darkness cling to me trust the light still shines through your eyes

perceive only Gloom courage my child the quiet nights of

weeping always give way to joyful Dawn Stillness cultivates soil for growth

have I not said consider the lies how they grow the silence makes room for

their unfolding so too for you my beloved times of quiet nurture character Faith

strength for the journey ahead do not resent the waiting Seasons instead let

patience bloom the vine must be pruned to yield the Harvest allow My Loving Hands to shape

you in the shadows where no one sees one day you will emerge transformed

by Grace refined in those silent crucibles of the Soul you will shine all

the brighter for being formed in Stillness has not my spirit hovered over darkened chaos and brought forth light

order Life Trust the one who calmed the Raging Seas with a word

I harness the wind and waves they obey my voice rest under the shelter of the most

high When Storms surround you let my perfect peace rule your heart so fear

finds no toehold though thunder roars you may lie down and sleep confident in my

sovereignty over nature and Nations alike no power thwarts my purposes be

still in the raging storm and see my Deliverance take rest refuge in me amid tumult without and within when clamoring

voices drown reason flee to the quiet Sanctuary shut out the distractions and

Center your mind on things above redirect your focus to truth that aligns your perspective reclaim control over

chaotic thought patterns quiet the inner Tempest not by Brute Force but through

trust in my abiding presence as you release anxious striving

my spirit brings order Direction mental Clarity you gain the higher view that

sees all things working toward redemption’s purpose cultivate wisdom’s fruit in

tranquil Seasons Retreat into Stillness for contemplation withdraw from ceaseless

activity lest it rule you create space for reflection Revelation as you Ponder

my word understand my ways develop discernment grow Insight nurture empathy to guide

compassionate action in silence recalibrate your inner Compass realign

priorities with eternal perspective balance contemplation with service else

you drift into inertia let seasons of solitude prepare you for love displayed

with meditation comes motivation for selfless giving my spirit will direct your steps open doors to bless broken

Humanity you need not chart the course simply make yourself available to needs

around you opportunities for kindness will find you dear one silence guards the heart

and mind from enemy encroachment refuse to entertain accusations condemning

Whispers rebuke cruel lies replace them with my Living Truth wield my words in

Warfare against falsehood quench flaming arrows with my sure promises what I have

declared no foe can counter stand confident on this unshakable ground

Victory is assured nevertheless beloved exercise discernment regarding

Revelations not yet fulfilled measure your speech until appointed times there

are Mysteries known only in Divine councel glories concealed until preparation completes trust my judgment

regarding their unveiling I see the conditions surrounding reception contain

Revelations that require maturity lest they breed confusion disillusionment when disconnected from context a wise

Mentor Paces instruction according to the student’s capacity so too I modulate disclosure

protect tender shoots from harsh exposure my knowledge given prematurely overloads eager Souls thus breed

cynicism rather than awe trust my timing beloved I will uncover hidden wisdom as

you grow able to Steward Revelations Faithfully our covenant relationship deepens in the waiting take joy in

depending on me for understanding locked away from human eyes lacking the holy

key rest in truth already illuminated for the journey ahead sufficient light shines on the

next step renew your mind not with Mysteries reserved for later times but with

present provision to nourish your spirit this day my child let reverent silence

now open wide a holy space for awe and wonder in my presence restraint guards

the sacred preserves reverence toward Revelation refuses rash speech regarding

Eternal matters human words cannot contain glories far too vast breathe

humble awe not glibness toward Divine disclosure flippant familiarity breeds

contempt for Holy things arrogantly assuming I am tamed and

diminished silence Reigns in the tongue’s Gallop ushering holy fear at

formidable realities transcending Earthbound thought Stillness calibrates

a posture to receive my Mysteries though Heavens cannot contain me in Mercy I

choose intimate fellowship with creatures born of dust do not trample this Grace by kicking up the dust with

hurry and entitlement rever what I reveal in voiceless places void of posturing where

we meet heart to heart listen beloved only listen to the echo of Eternity

resounding in silence here let awe overtake you in my Sheltering Wings the

wise prize quiet above opinions above clever words that clamor for attention

out of their Stillness extends invitation into the unknown and life untouched yet by mortal hands oh draw

near beloved draw near in the silence lay aside the insatiable demands that

perpetually sap strength and Scatter Focus cease striving fruitlessly to

satisfy this AG’s end L appetites you were fashioned for sacred seasons of Stillness with me as well as

strategic sending into purpose therefore Steward time and energy judiciously

aligning action to replenishment that maintains resilience enduring storms avoid extremes either isolated inwardly

or so outwardly preoccupied you disconnect from my empowering presence instead cycle seamlessly between quiet

communion and passionate participation each renewing the other here you walk

the narrow way into Abundant Life your maker intends listen for my gentle

Whispers through simple silence that grounds conviction builds character and informs wise action avoid reactionary

paths popularity promotes detour Sensational roads lined with empty

promises and perilous byways paved by fearmongers shouting loudest their Panic incites hasty

decisions devoid of Faith almost always ending in confusion or harm unplug accordingly from The Barrage

of opinions and breakdowns presented as facts filter input and halt

assumptions then apart from the den meet me in Stillness for context and wisdom

that penetrates polarizing smog with Clear Vision bathed in Mercy and Truth

here anchored perspective overrides distorted narratives from quiet Clarity

speak gently with courage create thoughtfully with with conscience and led patiently fueled by hope in silence

ReDiscover foundational definitions around being belonging and purpose you

exist as my cherished creation designed intentionally to reveal my nature never

accidental byproduct of random processes your essence was secured in my

for knowledge before the dawning of the first light in the cosmos every moment since was authored in my book guiding

you along path paths toward fulfilling Redemptive call your life unfolds equipped

supernaturally shouldered by Grace sufficient through tests my strength infuses your Frailty so never fear

falling short your highest aim is simply being my

child not Great accomplishments heaping possessions or accolades for true

meaning dwells in relationship not things achieved or staged performances for others approval

your identity is permanently Anchored In Me You Belong through my blood before

exhibiting any Merit out of grateful intimacy serve family and strangers alike with kindness

expecting no gain here Joy overflows thus still your weary soul to

remember foundations stabilizing Faith what voices dominate inner spaces

coloring perception on what footings are constructed Cornerstone convictions determining reactions when pressure

mounts return regularly to silent places of prayer and scriptural counsel establishing beliefs values and

priorities aligned to my Kingdom’s ethic tend this root system sunk deep into my

ways and words nourished by my spirit then character will stand matured

by Revelation wrapped in relationship not merely informing but transforming heart and

mind avoid despair over Darkness eclipsing land through fear

propaganda and unjust laws slowly normalizing the unacceptable the darkest night still

gives way to Dawn my child balance cries of Injustice with praise for my grace

rising to answer sufferings please train your vision to recognize glimmers of

Promise amid despair blessing woven into sorrow’s tapestry look Beyond current

setbacks I am moving to remove barriers impeding equity’s arrival

standing on Faith’s firm ground take heart from my Justice perfected over history’s long

travail I bring life from Death Joy from grief and healing to every ill goodness

from Evil’s intention trust my Relentless love pursuing creation’s highest

welfare though surrounding disasters Herald the apocalypse remain anchored in

my unshakable promises extremity signals culmination in the storm’s eye regain

strength just for championing gentle Justice by tearing down Dividing Walls with words of solidarity for

outcasts but first Bow Low swallowing prideful ignorance that dismissal fed

indifference enabling exploitation lament cold attitudes normalizing systems that

devalue weep for Dynamics perpetuating suffering from Unthinkable cruelty

between times of friction and outspoken action meet with me in Stillness to nurture empathy that listens before

responding that grasps Nuance before demanding rigid Conformity my love liberates without

crushing lost souls and constructs Bridges enabling former enemies to show

Mercy it fuels steadfast endurance to welcome redemption’s Dawn protect this

fiery love of flame in your belly from arrogance fan tender flames of humility

and kindness until old oppression bows to Sol solidarity and Equity kisses

those once shunned at last seen as kin my child as you tread through the Realms

of a world scarred by the remnants of inhumanity let a revolution burgeon within you a revolution that calls you

to introspect and challenge your own beliefs and biases it’s time to quell the instinct to cast judgment upon those

who appear different without understanding their Tales or experiencing their Journeys seek to

cultivate a deeper in Integrity within yourself before you demand it of the world in your quest for fairness cleanse

your vision of the privilege that brings Comfort at the expense of others mourn the apathy and ignorance that have

become bedrocks of oppressive systems yet remember it is only through divine

grace that true transformation is possible where Prejudice has clouded your view allow my divine intervention

to clear your vision Paving the way for a healing that is whole and complete

offer your relationships to the light of my redemption in your journey towards

understanding Venture into Realms that may seem uncomfortable it is in these spaces that trust is built and advocacy

for the vulnerable is forged empathy when joined with action becomes a powerful force for Justice

Long denied lend an ear to the stories Laden with pain yearning for a

respectful audience create spaces where sorrow can Co exist with celebration where dignity

is restored to those from whom it was stolen Embrace experiences diverse from

your own to refine your perspective moving beyond stereotypes promote media and language

that uplifts that sees the diversity of identity and background with humanity and

respect forsake the path of exploitation and embrace the journey towards Equitable growth for all reimagine the

social structures and decrees that destruct the ascent of the less fortunate cultivate personal habits that

elevate the downtrodden and valiantly oppose any Dominion that elevates one

faction above another dismantle and reconstruct the very foundations that

have perpetuated disparity close not thine eyes to the inequalities that pervade but rather

Venture into Realms unlike thine own strive to comprehend the unique

tribulations faced by diverse peoples discover Unity Beneath The Superficial

divides and Foster hope in this realm empathy and urgency

converge to spawn intercession advocacy and

Reconciliation as you step away from the false Comforts of complacency New Horizons

emerge a revelation that revolutionizes perspectives once limited by the blindness of privilege what was once

deemed reasonable now gives way to a mindset transformed a conscience

awakened refusing to tolerate the grave imbalance and inequality among my beloved

children a Divine discontent stirs within you spurred by my spirit’s grief

and a heart of passion holy impatience Bridges the gap between words and actions compelling

true Faith to manifest in Deeds grounded in prayer and integrity thus you become the embodiment

of heavenly ideals here on Earth you will write new laws of equity ensure the

marginalized have a seat at decision-making tables and begin the cultural course

correction today you stand at a Crossroads will you choose the comfort of Silence which implicitly permits

Injustice or the path of courageous truth-telling despite the opposition it may invite will you conform or realign

radically to avoid so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love is s my path and

everywhere in the the touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and stand

through every trial every tear we’ve shed Your Love spin the shelter where I

find my B oh your love spin my Anor life stormy

SE a beacon a hul I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I spit my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every stast and

strong the metaphorical rocks you must leave behind the familiar raft amidst

life’s Rapids yet greater life awaits Beyond these turbulent

passages what loss can compare to the gain of walking alongside the vulnerable

towards Justice Long denied Embark boldly Beyond barriers aligning with the right side of

History yet in your endeavors anchor yourself in humility let your actions be driven not

by Pride but by love within approach your tasks not with bombast but with

solemnity and care not ego but intimacy with me should fuel each stride not

slogans but embedded truth should frame each Act not the Blair of Gabriel’s horn

but the gentle guidance of my staff should accompany you as you Journey from stillwaters Into The Fray level the

uneven grounds freeing captives to walk unburdened with heads held high

gradually dismantled Dividing Walls to expand the Family Circle once tightly guarded here my kingdom is realized

fortified by prayer and sound perspective live activated in radical hope reject Despair and learned

helplessness despite the groans of a world and the throws of rebirth resist resignation or distraction feel the full

weight of suffering and respond responsibly in line with your conscience and calling stay balanced not sway to

extremes of inaction or arrogance as the scale of crisis compels remain grounded

in the reality each moment presents promote Justice through daily responsible choices and radical faith in

a victory already secured despite the evidence to the contrary keep despair at Bay with

tenacious hope in me amidst chaos stay centered on my loving righteousness

which inexorably rolls over severe Injustice to restore Equity when weariness sets in from the

struggle find recovery in our quiet sanctuary away from the clamor then re-enter the arena refreshed

for the next strategic acts of resistance Revelation and Reconciliation in this the darkness will

yield to the dawning light as you Journey Through Time with me Let each moment be a crucible transforming

understanding into a force that shapes the world daily you encounter chances for

merciful Deeds or moments to share in another’s grief radiating a soul

presence it is vital to discern when silence is a form of ascent and when it

perpetuates harm your voice has the power to initiate dialogues of healing or to

bridge the chasms that divide in this find the courage to rise

above the complacent to speak truths that awaken and challenge in your own

life confront the Privileges that have clouded your vision of others struggles repent for the indifference

that has blinded you to the extraordinary resilience of those oppressed it’s time to abandon the

unearned Comforts built on systems of Injustice step bravely into

understanding and empathy recognize and celebrate the diverse paths and identities that find their origin in me

a [Music]


n [Music]


[Music] work towards dismantling hierarchies

that hoard influence and resources and strive to empower those who have been

silenced this is the Genesis of a Justice that the prophets foretold my spirit will guide you to truth if you

are willing to let go of your preconceptions your efforts must be attuned to the realities of both the

oppressed and your adversaries to find Common Ground stand firm in your convictions

but resist the temptation to polarize true peacemakers balance firmness with openness conviction with understanding

they challenge wrongdoing while holding on to the hope of redemption for all remember every person no matter their

actions Bears my image and is worthy of dignity in moments of Stillness truths

about the world’s turmoil come into Focus In These Quiet spaces you can find strategies that honor regularly Retreat

into contemplation where your frustrations and challenges can be met with faith and intuition

let these moments of quiet surpass mere intellectual reasoning sparking insights

resilient against societal currents be thoughtful in assessing when to act and when to stand in opposition hold a deep

concern for the vulnerable and aspire to transform enemies into allies for the greater good in this my creation is

continually renewed in this intertwining of growth and commitment real change is

birthed bringing order from chaos thus in this Grand unfolding your actions and

inactions both play pivotal roles from Bold declarations to silent reflective

waiting each contributes to a revolution of Hope and transformation

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