YOU’RE NOT SEEING THIS BY ACCIDENT | God Message Today | God Message For You | Gods Message Now

open your eyes because the tough times you’re dealing with will disappear and the help you’ve been

looking for is on its way the support you need will be given to you I love you

and I’m proving it today you asked and I heard you I’m here to give you these

promises so you can accept them with faith my word gives you assurance and my promise is solid your Victory is certain

it comes straight from my Throne soon you’ll get the rewards for your perseverance the award for your bravery

the recognition for your steadfastness the Crown of Life and endless blessings

say out loud and believe in your heart that you will receive them even if you’re feeling really tired

today don’t be scared CU I’m right here to give your legs strength and stability make your feet quick and uplift your

spirit I’m here to light up your faith can you feel that spark inside your

heart as you listen and read your soul is bursting with an extraordinary

eagerness to get up and Chase more winds my dear child that’s just how I am I care a lot

about my kids and it hurts me to see them down and out beaten down by thoughts of losing and

dying their body’s suffering because of the heavy stuff they let stick in their

minds I don’t want to see you like that so every night when you shut your eyes

and let me take over your rest I’ll visit your dreams and whisper sweet

nothings no more tossing and turning for you you’ll sleep peacefully like a child

and when morning comes and you open your eyes I’ll be there stroking your hair

and getting your soul ready for the day so you can get up determined to be

joyful wonderful blessings are coming your way way you will see your family come together again and meet new people

who mean well your journey continues leave the past and its tears

behind I am setting you free from any chains and fears giving you Liberty as you Embrace this blessing

make a promise to Value it I am strengthening your bravery you’ve always been brave and I am proud of your good

heart your faith and your hard work to make things better

when you find yourself successful and feel my blessings enriching your life with joy remember to come back to me

daily even though you’re strong and courageous you’re still my beloved child

I want you to be close to me to experience my love you’ll always have a

place in my heart I’ve seen your challenges your resilience in facing life’s unfairness and obstacles I know

your feelings well your tears and your calls for help for light for support

you’re never alone at night scared or isolated because I’m with you surrounding you with my presence and

truth even if you can’t see me know that I am there you can feel my

presence every night when you go to your room and kneel by your bed to talk to me in prayer I’m right there with

you I never leave your side I’m I’m always there giving you peace showering

you with my love strengthening you and refreshing your faith I watch over you

sending my angels to keep you safe from the fears that come at night it’s because of me that you wake up with the

energy to face and overcome each day’s hurdles when fear and worry try to

attack you I’m the one who stops them and keeps you from being

overwhelmed have you noticed how sometimes you go to bed overwhelmed and sad but wake up feeling calm strong and

refreshed your troubles will never be bigger than your God morning might last

through the night but joy comes with the new day experience my love listen to what

I’m saying and dream about the wonderful future you want but remember what I have

planned for you is even better I’ve got incredible things waiting for you a

future full of love unity success and New Opportunities maintain your faith do not

allow sin to take hold of your life stand firm and when malevolent thoughts

seek to seduce you recall my promise and remain steadfast in my

ways when confusion clouds your mind when you feel powerless in directionless

pray Speak to Me Feel My Love let my Sur ity enter your heart

dispelling all fears and doubts do this my child and no enemy

shall harm you I shall pour my peace upon you and it shall be your strength

to make the right decisions on your journey I love you I am your father your

protector your guide no harm shall befall you I am with you always listening to your prayers I shall

restore what is rightfully yours I am pleased with your character though it has been assailed

many times causing you pain you do not deserve I will keep showering you with

Abundant Blessings accept them and don’t worry about those who try to scare you you are

greatly blessed hearing messages and insights that many have not stay strong

and don’t wander off the path people who were jealous tried to trap you in difficulties to pull you down and speak

ill of you but you remain firm you haven’t given up on your faith I praise

you for seeing the importance of what really matters and ignoring the harmful words and schemes of your foes they

can’t stand the brightness Shinning from you my presence in your life annoys them

and the blessing on your family makes them extremely angry while they lie so

wack at night filled with frustration you sleep in peace because I’m watching over you your family your home and your

job I will calm them down and change their focus they’ve seen that their

actions don’t bother you at all their family suffer because they turned away from my teachings and love I offered

them guidance for their good but they ignored it and moved away from me but

you chose to stick with me knowing that I have the answers and the way out of every problem you

face you’ve given your yourself over to my plans completely you believed in my word

entirely without doubt you know that not everyone is like

you look around you many could be reving in my love but their hearts have

hardened things have never unfolded as they desired and they blame me you are

different now you understand well that your happiness and your future do not hinge on people your life and your

blessings depend solely on me I want you to continue in this manner

each day you shall become better stronger until even your enemies shall

come to seek you out to beseech you to speak of me there is a greater blessing in store

for you further down the road maintain that faith in your Fidelity I’ll be with

you every single day keep on fighting and never give up I cherish you deeply

my timing is impeccable never too late or Too Soon you’re hearing from me today

because I have a special message for you I’m listening to your requests I’m not ignoring your please

there’s no delay on my part I’m not upset with you if I haven’t responded yet it’s because I’m preparing something

even better for you what I plan to give you will exceed your requests I’ll also provide you with

wisdom to value and treasure your blessings the dream you’ve been holding

on to is about to become reality soon within your reach get ready significant

blessings and new opportunities are on their way you’ll encounter new positive

friendships and leave behind those who block your path criticize you constantly

and aim to bring you down they plot in their hearts concocting schemes and traps to hurt you

I wish for your peace and calm I don’t want you to feel alone look for friends

who encourage your growth not those who mislead you in your times of need you

call out to me and I respond right now you’re hearing my

voice and these words will stay with you whether spoken or read my pen continues to write the sound

of my voice gives you strength and encouragement letter by letter with punctuation and accents my Commandments

are engraved in your heart tell me who can harm you who dares to raise their

hand against you or bring me their name tell me who they are and here in my

presence close your eyes bend your knees and pray for them that person is lost in

darkness and evil forgive those who pursue you and those who threaten you I

will take care of your enemies but keep your heart righteous do not hold grudges I do not want curses

or judgments to come from your lips many times I have spoken to you your

sensitivity is growing your Supernatural sight is clearing now you can feel and see with

your own eyes that I love you in my book I have your name and beneath it all your

prayers your requests are recorded be strong and courageous and

remember neither fast nor slow my timing is good and perfect in your distress I

answer you in danger I protect you in your need I help

you I have granted you my support forever for your family and all your

Generations don’t be afraid I’m here with you my beloved child I’m the

ultimate remedy for all your ailments those that harshly afflict your body and those that attack your emotions like

venomous blades I desire your faith your honesty your obedience your patience your

steadfastness and your unwavering commitment to me to my teachings and to being in my

presence listen closely to my guidance trust obey and persist with

patience don’t fret about what’s to come your task is to endure follow my lead

and place everything in my care I am your father and your God for

this very reason the days I bestow upon you are not meant for worry if you

choose not to trust in me and succumb to anxiety you wound my love you draw

sorrow to your spirit and illness to your body I know there are times when you’re

weary and unsure of The Next Step losing your balance but I’ll always stand by you to

remind you that I’m not here to past judgment I’m also your

friend I’m setting up a feast of blessings for you in front of your adversaries and I’ll raise you high in

the sight of your family and friends I’ll take you to places you’ve yet to see through your story and your

message many will learn about me you are entering a new time of Miracles and

Supernatural events you will also see wonderful things happen to all the people you

love you must prepare for this new life that is coming you must accept with

Temperance and humility all the blessings that come your way guard your

heart and do not forget who blesses you give me time every day seek my face

prepare your soul get ready for happiness tell me truly that you believe

in me continue to trust in me do not give up keep raising your hands to the

sky when you are most tired on your journey when you feel you cannot go

on know that the fire of my love always reminds you that I am with

you do not place your eyes on humans they can all fail

you let your spirit not depend on the affection and approval of people it is

true that I have created you to love and be loved but it’s also true that the

only true eternal love that will always be yours Through the Ages is my sweet

love which never fails you and is close and sure for you do not entrust your

heart to those who may abandon you nor give your future to those who after

giving them everything stop loving you do not give the first place in your soul

to people who could turn their backs on you hurt your heart and ruin your life you’ve sought hope and now it’s

here you’ve prayed for peace and it’s given to you if it’s time to rest then rest in

peace if you need to keep going then press on because when you rest In My Embrace

you’re secure and when you’re active my mighty hand guards you from

harm remember you’re never alone you’re not abandoned even if your parents relatives or children leave you you

always have the most wonderful love available mine

it’s deeply comforting to realize and feel that your heavenly father cares for

you I will openly honor your faith I will strengthen

it those who ridiculed you will end up amazed and embarrass said and the jelus

will watch as you ascend you’ll see that trusting in your almighty God your

loving heavenly father is truly rewarding I’ve seen you face so much

adversity with with foes so loud they made you doubt feel small and

cry yet your faith was proven pure and became stronger through your trials your

suffering turned into bravery your fear into boldness your worry into joy and

your sorrow into Delight tremendous blessings are on their way to you I

imprint this message on your heart it won’t be forgotten these words will echo in your

soul every morning when you wake up no longer shall you rise disheartened

and burdened you shall no longer feel as though you are bound the chains have

been shattered Every curse that lurked over your life has receded receive my word

accept it with faith engrave it in your mind inscribe it upon a piece of paper keep it in your

Bible right where Psalm begins speak my word before retiring to bed close

your eyes and say aloud Jesus I trust in you and you shall feel my presence

beside you the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want read the entire Psalm I

am sending it to you obey me in this and you will see how my word will impart to you a strength you have never known

before you’ll feel like you’re soaring high like an eagle climbing to Great

Heights of faith looking forward to the new blessings I’m about to give

you tomorrow keep your Bible close to your bed in the early morning I’ll wake

you up I’ll whisper in your ear and guide you showing you sacred words and

amazing Visions meant just for you welcome to the realm of the

supernatural this is where your joy is shaped in this place you learn gentl and

humility here I give you the strength to defeat all evil to walk safely among

dangers don’t be afraid you won’t be harmed I’m opening the door and inviting

you into the world of Miracles nothing’s too hard for me everything’s possible

for you you stayed strong in your faith in me with the little you had you showed

faithfulness so I will trust you with more I cherish you the dry spell is over

and the time of reaping begins your trials have been getting you ready for this immense blessing that’s on its way

I hear you when you’re in distress wondering when it will come let me

assure you again the Fulfillment of my promise is right at your doorstep do

your part rise and open it activate your faith go forth to receive your blessing

with the attitude of a Victor do not seek out obstacles do not linger in

idleness do not allow doubt to wither your faith your talents and gifts are on the

verge of blooming there is a wondrous Garden on Earth and it is here that I

need you you are more than a flower you are a flourishing tree that provides

shade to all who seek my presence I intend to use you to bless many to speak

of love to your family to extend your hand and Aid the suffering as you share and give

blessings of abundance will shower down on your home get ready the time to

gather your rewards is close at hand step out and sense the fragrance of a field ripe and ready for you are set to

succeed you are among those I’ve picked out I will Empower you elevate you and

eliminate all lack and need from your life but listen listen carefully do not

mimic those who disregard me who Fritter away their time in Trivial

Pursuits when things go south they point fingers at me constantly grumbling and

eyeing The Virtuous like you aiming to piler the blessings I plan to Grant you the yield of the forthcoming Harvest is

yours alone do not delegate this task those

unappreciative of my favor let my blessings fall to waste do not not pass the treasures I bestow on you to others

Shield your Offspring from Harm’s reach bar the entry of your home to

ruin attend to my voice each morning I will provide you the insight to Triumph

in every Endeavor your Harvest will be plentiful and this phase is but a

Prelude to the wondrous things I have in store for you anticipate this and more from your

Divine Guardian I don’t just provide you with scraps I lavish you with Bountiful

blessings Embrace this affirm it and continuously express your love for me

today I will come to your dwelling and transform your fate you are in distress seeking my

intervention my encompassing love that heals and protects without passing judgment My caring presence that

envelops you quietly my attentive ear that hears you out fully without

interrupt coruption confess your yearning for me because that reflects the truth your own

strength has reached its limit this is the moment for you to acknowledge your need you have called upon me in prayer

with faith and sincerity that is why I have come to rescue you and your family

from the cruel desert where loneliness parches hope and your soul thirsts for love due to so

much disdain the journey is arduous and you cry out as you tread upon the

scorching Stones That Make You Weep with pain I understand how you feel it is

difficult to continue walking in to believe that even amidst this suffering my hand sustains

you yet I have come to Shield you from the enemies that assail and wound you

even if you feel beaten and faint I will revive your desire to live strengthened

I will lift You From the Ashes and those around you and many generations to come

we’ll see how greatly blessed you are I will clothe you in Robes of Honor I will

purify your paths your home will overflow with my Splendor what you face

now is merely a phase of cleansing like gold that only Sparkles after being

refined by fire you too will emerge radiant cleared of any lingering

negativity hear me my child I Elevate you not to put down your brother or sister but to show you how to lend a

hand to those who have stumbled I wish for you to let go of anger Pride fear

doubt and disbelief don’t dwell on what’s passed for it pales in comparison

to the happiness you’re about to embrace I encourage you to recognize and cherish both the big and small blessings

in your life walk uprightly carrying my virtues in your heart don’t lose heart

if today finds you feeling down or weak listen to my voice Voice open your heart

wide welcome the gentle peace I bring and take a moment to ease your mind as

the creator of all I command the tumult around you to cease The Whispers of

worldly threats trying to intimidate you undermine your faith blur your vision of

progress or belittle your achievements will no longer disturb you you may think yourself weak but pay

close attention it is better that you realize your own strength has limits and that you need me with your faith and my

power combined you become invincible with renewed strength your

spirit is indomitable and with this word of faith your weakness is vanquished you

can confidently Proclaim I am strong walk with hope and never falter

continuing onward to this mountain where I await you this is the peak where all your Big

Dreams can become real it’s your time to embrace my plan and let me act in your life from now on

you’re meant to rise not fall back spread your wings and climb high to

view the land of blessings I’m ready to give you no more nights of sorrow or mornings of Gloom starting today your

life will be filled with vibrant Faith each new day as the sun comes up

choose Joy No Matter What don’t let any bad bad news or worry take away your bright smile you are dearly loved by me

always keep that in mind you’ve given yourself to me my spirit lives in you

you’re unique and there’s no need to copy others while many get shaken by rumors and give in to Despair and fear

that’s not who you are my dear Supernatural Grace resides within you

your faith is marvelous and from your lips flow prayers and powerful words

fly now for you are free be happy go and share these words I have given you with

your family I cherish you deeply and I’m guiding you out of your tough times

towards Victory and the joy you deeply yearn for this is all because of my love for

you you hold immense value to me and I have significant plans for your

life listen carefully for the words you’re hearing and reading now are filled with truth and suff

substance I understand the pain and sadness your current challenges bring making it hard for you to greet each day

with happiness you’re enduring tough times but you stand on the edge of incredible and divine

transformation there have been many days of sorrow and confusion but now you’re

leaving this difficult phase behind the world may have tried to dim

your light and weaken your faith but you remained unbroken my child

you’ve come through this long tough Journey from here on I promise better

days ahead I will bring back your smile everyone will witness the

remarkable way I renew your strength and power my wisdom will guide you through

the challenges you’ve encountered after enduring the dryness and Solitude of your journey feeling parched exhausted

and frail relief is on the way yet your faith and love for me and your family

gave you the strength to rise and keep walking you persevered until the end and

today I send clouds Laden with a special rain Living Water of blessing healing

bomb for your heart I am filling your soul with my spirit of Love The Covenant I made with

you remains valid I always listen to you my ear attentive to your cries I give

you my attention every time you come to me in prayer and invoke my Holy Name you

are facing a time of great Miracles and wonders that will reach you and your family because of your loyalty your

Fidelity your perseverance in not giving up amidst the difficult Journey for

believing in me and entrusting me with your destiny I will not let you down because

I hold deep affection for you my dear one my intentions for you are always good never harmful I will grant what you

ask from me share with me again your heart’s wishes and I will listen from

above and fulfill your sincerest desires be glad my child for your

suffering is over your moment of Triumph is on the horizon tell me you trust me I

cherish you could you spare me just a moment Hear My Words Be not anxious

about anything I urge you to focus on me and cherish every word I say I need to express once

again the profound love I have for you it’s more than just words or feelings my

love for you is a Perpetual promise I have declared my love for you

spoken by my own words it is confirmed and affirmed by my sacrifice and my

stance is unwavering my commitments are steadfast you will forever occupy a

special place in my heart each star twinkling in the night

sky was placed there to light your way through the dark and to remind you of the genuine love I have for you the sun

shining in the Heights Illuminating you with its light was crafted so you may feel upon your skin the warmth of a

chariot unseen yet so immense it dispels all darkness that may dwell within your

soul Feel My Love every night before you retire to rest feel it a new each

morning and each time you rise from your Slumber ready for a new day of life allow yourself to bask in the Embrace of

feeling loved and believe steadfastly in this love for it is no mere fantasy nor

figment of your imagination what you deeply desire is

love and that’s precisely what I’m giving you I’m showering your soul with

something so wonderful and profound it will change how you see life my love for

you is intense and it’s crucial for me that you thrive that you have the resilience to

withstand any challenge whether small or large I want you to walk on the sea

waves and stand firm amidst life’s trials to endure the harsh Paths of your

journey I love you and will give you the strength you need my promises will keep you steadfast on your your journey let

me say it again I want you to Embrace Life fully value and cherish the future

I’m eager to give you love is my gift to you you need to believe in it and

welcome it I’m offering you life and bravery and you should accept them with

faith to succeed you will be all right everything will be set right this is the sign

you’ve sought the response to your calls and prayers from the moment you first

reached out an angel left my heavenly throne with the key to your freedom but

you are a person of extraordinary significance a battle is waged in the celestial realm the adversary desires to

see you gravel and does not wish for your Triumph my Legions fight for you in

the heavens against the forces of evil the conflicts that have suddenly befallen You Are Not Mere happen stance

you must be aware and astute be prudent in your speech divulge

not your secrets to anyone exercise great caution in whom you place your

trust the adversary seeks to devour you to find a in your armor to destroy

you with lies and deceit your faith is sought to be

extinguished many are envious of the blessings I’ve placed upon you and ahead

lies a life filled with wonders a supernatural existence though trials might besiege

you momentarily remember they are transient and will soon vanish the heaviness in your heart will

lift before long those who’ve wronged you will come seeking your pardon and

you following my path will grant it you’ll show them kindness extending help

wherever possible yet your faith should always be anchored in me

While others might vow you the world their words hold no truth no one else

has the power to bless or deliver you from harm nor do they hold the profound truth that I alone provide should your

faith waver turning to the empty assurances of others the blessings I’ve

bestowed May dissipate like Dust in the Wind perhaps never to

return now is your moment let your faith cling steadfastly to my eternal

unchanging word a critical time is approaching opt for my love my care my

comfort my protection pledge to seek me each morning to immerse in my word that

lights your path and furnishes you with the strength to

persevere I’m well aware that these words you require man shall not live by

bread alone but by every word that proceeds from my heart the sustenance for you in this

hour is peace encouragement tranquility and confidence my peace I leave with you my

peace I give unto you neither the world nor people shall Grant you the love and peace that I can bestow receive it today

in your heart put your life your hopes and your dreams on the strong Foundation

that is Christ and you will achieve what you aim for my dear in this world you

will face tough times and challenges including moments that will test your faith and your

strength that’s why I’m telling you today to build your life on the solid

rock that is Christ Jesus not on the fleeting shallow things that the world

chases after base your life on my words teachings and don’t get carried away by

the trends of these times don’t be lured by worldly desires

that can make your heart hard they are like shifting Sands that can trap you

lead to failure and ultimately bring you down remember my child the world’s ways

are empty and misleading and they can lead you to doubt and fear so always be

ready to face any challenge that comes your way stand strong and steadfast

equipped with the spirit’s tools and covered in my power don’t let the enemy’s Shadows

confuse you or his lies darken your heart don’t be tricked by tempting words that

only aim to take your blessing and Lead You Away from the special plan I have for

you trust in me and don’t be misled by falsehoods trying to divert you from my

path know that you are my child my creation my work of art holding my truth

and the light of my teachings trust in my love and the guidance I provide

today remember I always want what’s best for you aim aing for your happiness and

I’m here to steer and shield you from the enemy’s plots so when deceitful voices and lies

try to plant doubts in you dismiss them firmly find solace in my teachings and

prayer hold on to them and they’ll give you the might and safeguarding your spirit needs in my presence You’ll

Always Find Tranquility contentment and the joy you seek so I tell you again my

child anchor your life on the solid foundation when you do though storms and

trials may come you won’t be swayed even when tempests rise if your foundation is

in the steadfastness and power only Christ provides you’ll stand firm untroubled by

the waves or the strongest gusts as long as your life is built upon

the rock that is Christ you will endure trials and tribulations for he is the Gateway that leads you to

eternal life the source of salvation for your soul do not doubt my words beloved

child trust in me and place all your dreams goals and concerns in my hands I

will guide you and provide you with the comfort and strength you need to overcome all the challenges that you

face each day so if ever you feel uncertain or weighed down hold on to this

instruction anchor your your life on the solid foundation of Christ this way you’ll be ready for

every positive action standing firm against the adversaries assaults engaging in the faith battle with the

spirit sword which is my word this is how you’ll secure your Triumph and revel

in the vast marvelous blessings I’ve set aside for you with me by your side

nothing and nobody can overpower you always bear in mind my dear one

that I am the Everlasting rock your unbreakable Foundation ever eager to

enrich and Advance you if you remain in me and my teachings stay in you ask

anything and it will be granted for I acknowledge and bless those who esteem

and depend on me let my teachings imprint upon your heart and may your existence deeply root

in my words tenants practice fairness and kindness boldly declare the truth of my God gospel at all times bring hope to

those in need announce freedom to the Prisoners menend the hearts of the

sorrowful Open the Eyes of the Blind and liberate those who are

burdened do not forget that I am always with you and that I desire the best for

you you are my child my greatest creation I will never leave

you remember that my spirit dwells within you I have placed within you a firm

Faith so that you may not stumble or sink into Quicks hand now rise and walk

by faith claim each of my promises with certainty and conviction knowing that

your life is built upon the rock that is Christ trust in me my child and believe

in my words then whatever you ask in the name of Jesus will be done for

you get ready because I am about to do something amazing in your life and

everyone will notice today I wish to connect with your heart so you truly grasp how much I love

you my love is pure and never ending and it’s the reason I’ve always stayed close

even when you weren’t looking for me in those lonely tough times when you felt

cornered by life’s trials and walked through Shadows I was right there with you I

felt every tear every heavy breath breath every burden on your heart as if

they were my own your struggles and your happiness affect me deeply no feeling of yours

goes unnoticed no thought unknown to me you are precious to me and I would never

turn away from you I know there are moments when you feel all alone misunderstood and as if your kindness

goes unnoticed but remember I am always with you with every step you take and

every choice you make make I am there offering my support and strength please

never doubt my constant presence in your life for I am your steadfast Foundation

your deliverer and your safe haven understand this you are the most

precious to me I am always attentive to your needs and the deepest desires of

your heart I know your longings your fears and your

dreams and though there may be moments when you feel as if I am not listening

to your prayers I want to assure you that I am and I am silently working in

your favor for the desire of my heart is to help you achieve your goals and Grant

you the miracle that you have longed for from the depths of your heart therefore I tell you today with

absolute certainty that I will perform a miracle in your life no matter what you’re going through no matter how

impossible the situ situation may seem I have the power to change everything in your favor I am the god of Miracles and

nothing is impossible for me I know you may have lost hope that

you may have ceased to believe that things can improve but today my child I tell you do not give up no matter how

dark the path may seem no matter how difficult it may be to cross the mountain those who wait upon me will

always find a light at the end of the tunnel for that light is me so today I

ask you to lift your gaze to the sky and trust that I will do something marvelous

in your life because what seems impossible to man and what science struggles to comprehend I make possible

you might be feeling uncertain right now but I promise you what I’m about to do

in your life will clear away any doubts it’s going to be remarkable and will show you how powerful and kind I am to

those who trust me just believe and I will bring it to

pass don’t be scared trust in me and your Miracle will

occur so never hesitate to reach out for support for I’m here to hear you out and

supply all your Necessities remember no matter how shadowy the road or how high

the hill I’m right there with you keeping a watchful eye no matter the toughness of your

situation believe that I’m always active in your life in ways beyond your

comprehension no matter your past actions or what the future holds I’m continually working for your

good because my love for you is endless and steadfast so lift your head my child

lift your gaze my daughter and trust that the miracle I have prepared for you

will soon manifest keep the flame of Faith alive in your heart and you will see your

deepest dreams come true for I am the god of the impossible and everything is

possible for those who believe in me May my words today fill your heart with hope

and strength reminding you that my love for you is greater than any obstacle you

may face trust in me and you will see my power working wonders in your life and

trust your worries your dreams and your desires into my hand hands and you will be amazed by my kindness and mercy dear

one today find peace in my steadfast love and loyalty walk knowing I am with

you at every moment on the path you’re meant to follow I cherish you my child my dear one have faith in the wonderful

plan I have for your life and watch as a magnificent Miracle

unfolds before you your difficult time and challenges

will soon be over don’t lose heart I will honor your bravery my beloved pay attention to my

words today don’t lose hope or be disheartened be brave and strong don’t

let fear take hold or doubts muddle your thoughts because even though the night seems long and the unknown

looms large remember I am always by your

side accompanying you through every Challenge and obstacle I will never

leave you I’m here to support and guard you on your Earthly

Journey so look up to the skies and call out to me and I will be there for you I

will never leave you or forsake you no matter what you face I am always with

you remember after the darkest night there’s always a sunrise with every new day comes a

chance for no storm lasts forever leading to peace after the turmoil

everything in this life is temporary but my word and those who trust in me endure forever for just as the heavens and the

Earth will pass away so too will all things pass and at some point all these

trials and struggles in your life will end trust for what I tell you today is

true I will not leave you I will not let go of your hands for I Am with You

embracing you with my love and illuminating your path with the most beautiful and radiant

light my child always strive to do your best at every turn pursue your dreams

vigorously and fight for what you believe in and aspire to achieve continue boldly undeterred by critics or

doubters ignore harmful comments and pointless chatter listen to me and heed

my guidance for through me you’ll find the support and favor needed to accomplish your Endeavors rely on me to

reach your aims I’ll provide you with a peace beyond all understanding one that

fills your heart with calm and liberates your spirit my child I’m always with you

overseeing your journey blessing your hard work and commitment greatly the time will come when you’ll harvest the

results of your perseverance and dedication planted earnestly and

lovingly you will then enjoy the Bountiful outcomes you’ve eagerly awaited leading to a fulfilled joyful and

prosperous existence stand resilient against challenges remain steadfast and

honorable for no trial will be too formidable for you I will Empower you to

surmount any test or malice be brave and Valiant for no

matter the severity of your trials I am ever present remember the more intense

the challenge the more significant your Triumph will will be what now appears as

a great trial will soon transform into one of your most remarkable

victories keep moving forward taking firm and confident steps fight with

faith and determination never forget that in every step you take in every challenge you

face you are not alone my arms embrace you at every moment giving you strength

and courage to press on even when the path seems difficult and the burden’s

heavy you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle that arises just keep the flame of Hope

burning in your heart despite the storms and difficulties for there is reward in

perseverance and a prize for those who endure to the end remember that you are

stronger than you imagine and within that strength you will find the ability to turn challenges into opportunities

tears into smiles and fears into courage do not give up never Retreat for

your determination and faith will lead you to places you never imagined believe in me trust in the

strength I’ve given you to overcome life’s hurdles you have within you not just

skills and gifts but also a great power that will lead you to light even in the darkest

times so my child step forward boldly and rise with result

because I will accompany you at every turn have faith that I will work wonders in your life and that all your hard work

every tear and each prayer will be acknowledged and blessed in my boundless

love let my love surround you now and steer you towards the bright and successful future I’ve planned for you

always remember you are my cherished treasure and I am Forever by your side

guiding your dreams ambitions and wishes with Endless Love know that your journey is still

unfolding and in each new chapter you’ll find learning love and growth cling to

Hope and the knowledge that this tough phase will pass looking back you’ll

realize how much you’ve evolved and how far you’ve journeyed powered by your

resilience and determination keep moving forward my child I go before you like a mighty

Giant filling you with love strength and

hope if only you believe in my power you will see what you asked of me on your

knees you are facing difficult times your days are not as you would like them

to be your strength has depleted and you feel you can’t go on you’re tired on the

verge of Despair yet my Grace has not been severed for you that’s why I have chosen

to speak to you today to tell you that nothing is impossible for me you don’t

have to live like this you know you can trust me and place all your needs in my hands I assure you that if you do so my

grace and power will manifest in your life in amazing ways trust in me and

there will be no power that can destroy you no one will steal the blessings I have for you my Grace will be upon you

causing good things in your life and prospering the work of your hands step

into my presence now let me rejuvenate your energy and passion to persist I’m

here to boost your morale to remind you not to lose heart to remember I’m always

with you and with your faith in me nothing is Out Of Reach be brave and Valiant do not be

scared or disheartened for I Am by your side I lead the way a towering figure

here providing you with Vigor and cheer setting A Feast for you amidst your adversaries under the watchful eyes of

those who trouble you these are indeed challenging times filled with stress and concerns yet I

call on you to stay courageous and anchored in my teachings stand against evil it shall surely retreat in defeat

do not Tire of prayer or dwell on my words stay true and live

righteously I assure you things will turn out well even when the Tempest rages you have many Ambitions and

objectives to achieve your heart brims with grand dreams and Earnest wishes now

is the moment to trust in my might do not hesitate don’t let

unexpected challenges curb the potential I’ve seated in you allow me to revive

the Vigor and zest you’ve misplaced amidst your anxieties I have Splendid

plans for for you blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams just believe in my word and place

all your trust in me I will fulfill all your dreams I will help you achieve your

goals and Grant the desires of your heart I will make those dreams you’ve longed for a reality because nothing is

greater than my power I only ask that you be brave that you change your way of

thinking Cast Away those negative thoughts those mistaken ideas that do not not come from my word have faith and

cling to my promises then I shall breathe upon you a refreshing wind that will spiritually

renew you filling you with great motivation and joy I’ll refresh your spirit so you can stand tall feeling

like a winner blessed and cherished truly believe this with all your heart and watch your life transform you’ll get

back what was lost and reach for what you’ve longed for keep strong faith

because with faith anything’s possible I owe nothing to anyone and always keep my

word remember I’m the one who gave sight back to the blind healed so many and

pulled you from despair to give you a rich life so put your trust in me and believe

in my promises hold on to them tight and you’ll be safe no one will stand against

you for I’ll be with you pouring out my favor and bless blessings even among your peers rely on me and you’ll shine

bright cutting through the darkness bringing my message of Hope to those

lost in the night declaring freedom for the traid and comfort for the

Brokenhearted your life will be a beacon for those in the dark so I ask you to

trust in me don’t try to fix everything on your own bring your warries to me in prayer

hand over your concerns and I’ll handle them remember my strength is more than

enough to answer all your prayers and when you match your desires with mine

blessings will just keep on coming I’ll guide you out of the tough

spot you’re in and when this turns around your happiness will be so big that you’ll see

it was all worth it believing and waiting for me I never let down those

who put their trust in me today really believe with all your heart and mind

then the promises I’ve made in my words will [Music]




your heavy loads and concerns will vanish making way for a Time filled with blessings and all kinds of good stuff

remember for those who have faith nothing is

impossible the issue we’re dealing with is about to be resolved I’ll take care of everything soon tell me you trust me

I want you to find peace in my promises if you need to share your feelings or if there’s a secret

burdening your heart that you can’t hold on to any longer share it with me I won’t judge or condemn you for what you

reveal your secrets are safe with me I gave my life for you

so I could offer you forgiveness I don’t want you to be consumed by worry stress or fear anymore

I’ve spoken to you many times to bring you peace and confidence allowing worries to dominate

your thoughts can harm your health and affect your family if bad news shakes your faith and

confidence you’re opening the door to defeat and despair I’m not upset with you nor am I planning to punish you

you’re facing many challenges but I promise because of my love for you I’ll turn all the bad into good so don’t be

afraid and feel free to talk to me I want to share my plans with you I aim to

guide you and give you the wisdom to choose your paths wisely now is not the

time to waste your days or fail to consider your future carefully you need to stay away from bad influences and

those who mock your faith leave those people to me I’ll handle them I can

change their hearts and know the best course of action but you should focus on what’s

ahead spend time daily with my teachings be mindful of your actions and your

words keep your secrets and vulnerabilities between us not to be

shared with just anyone I’m going to bring trustworthy people into your life those who believe

in you who will stand by and assist you I have the capability to lift your birth

burdens your heart will mend from the issues you’ve handed over to me I’ll handle them

personally I assure you of this because I love you your time of Sorrow is ending

the days filled with despair are concluding I aim to reveal my kindness and gentleness to you embrace my

presence and love in your life I wish for you to genuinely grasp and believe that no one will love you as

profoundly as I do you I’m aware of every single thing that

transpires within your heart and thoughts sometimes the agony is so

intense that you’ve contemplated surrendering it’s been ages since you woke up feeling the urge to embrace a

new day brimming with bravery and happiness but I assure you your

suffering is over now today I’m Reviving your spirit

bestowing upon you the purest form of love love imaginable A Love That Will erase your

grief and fill you with immense Joy right at this moment as you hear my

words you can sense this love am easing your worries mending your emotions

eradicating your distress and transforming your heart entirely you’ll witness with your own

eyes how I stand by you in every task you undertake my love will envelop you I’ll

be your Vigilant Guardian eager to keep you safe I wish for you to Showcase my

strength and might in this world through your happiness and smiles I’m endowing you with unique

gifts inspiring abilities loyal Companions and a family that will grow

to cherish and honor you when they witness the Wonders I’m working in your life see how I boost your strength and

zest for living remember the enemy might send negative folks your way those who View

everything gloomily have no dreams or vision and lack faith and excitement so

I tell you don’t mind them don’t listen to them they aim to dishearten you to fill your heart with Gloom be brave to

stay true to yourself give your best don’t waver because at every moment you’re cherished

and supported blessed and held as I clear your path I’ve surrounded you with

countless Warrior Angels stand up and smile my dear one you means so much to

me no problem will be too much for you as long as you stay strong in your faith

knowing I’ve got your future in my care I’ll provide for you

I’m the source of your blessings stay close to me find comfort in my presence especially when you’re

anxious turn to me and find peace don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking

your challenges are too big my power outshine Minds all and your faith in me

should be solid your well-being happiness and peace won’t come from

people your job or mere chance they’ll come from me whenever you’re in need

approach me and you’ll get what you need but don’t just wait around get up and

move forward in faith toward your goals even when chaos surrounds you in society

you won’t be disturbed by it your strength is drawn from me I’m the only

one who can truly uplift you broaden your horizons and increase your

joy when your faith starts to fade think back to those times you felt alone and

in pain thinking I had left you I was there to lift you up showing you my deep

love I haven’t stopped showing you this love so don’t start doubting now

especially now when you’re on the brink of achieving so much don’t stop or let doubt take over your thoughts in the

past when tough times hit it was often because you rushed


[Music] in





[Music] without thinking praying or seeking my guidance you tried to pull away from me

but I never left your side so I’ll say it again hand over all your worries to

me and let your heart be calm and peaceful today I’m filling your heart with bravery so you can go where you

need to go talk to whom you need to talk and stand up for what you need to stand up for

I’ll be right there with you making your dreams a reality I am your powerful God and with

me you lack nothing I’m here to remind you that you’re never alone just yesterday you cried over

unexpected troubles things went wrong you felt betrayed and left behind by

those you believed cared for you they turned away when you needed them the

most I know you’re hurting and I understand but I want to assure you that

your tears and sorrow have reached up to heaven to my sacred Throne this is where

your future is shaped where all pain is healed where your troubles find

resolution and where I offer you comfort in your

pain you’re not alone I haven’t abandoned you even though those you

trusted have gone I remain steadfastly by your side loving you more each day

and that will never change you should live knowing that I’m always ready to listen and Through My

Sacrifice you have direct access to my heavenly realm in my presence you can

lay down your burdens I’m here to listen with patience and love like a true friend would I’m not asking you to stop

crying it’s better to let out all that burdens your heart so that I can fill you with my

peace I need to tell you something important after your sorrow joy and

Delight will follow they’ll be tremendous because your time for blessing has arrived you’re prepared now

you’re at a point where you can truly value what I bestow upon you all the

hardships you’ve faced were shaping you for this eagerly awaited moment now is

when the heaven gates open to pour down vast blessings upon you in The Quiet

Moments may you sense my peace and remember it doesn’t matter if people

walk away because I am here to hold and soothe your spirit you’re growing and

gaining strength every day you’re coming to know me better you seek my presence and my words showing your faithfulness

wisdom and understanding tonight as you reflect on my words again you’ll feel my love

wrapping around and healing you realize you’re never alone my presence fills

your life with joy [Music]


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