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my precious child it is I your heavenly

father who speaks to you in this sacred

moment I have been anticipating this

time when I can impart to you a message

of the utmost importance a message about

the Eternal destiny that awaits you and

the wondrous transition you are about to

undergo I know the Deep stirrings you

have been feeling within the depths of

your spirit that undeniable sense that

your time on this Earthly plane is

drawing to a close

this is no mere fleeting intuition my

beloved but a profound Divine truth that

I have ordained since the foundation of

the world yes you are indeed crossing

over soon to enter into the Eternal

Embrace of my loving kingdom do not be

afraid for this is not the end but

rather the Glorious beginning of your

journey into the fullness of my

presence I can sense the questions that

swirl within your heart what wonders lie

Beyond this life will I be ready to make

that final passage how will the

transition from the physical to the

spiritual realm feel I tenderly hold

each of these

inquiries and I wish to set your mind

and soul completely at peace the realm

you are about to enter is one of pure

unbridled light a realm of unfathomable

Beauty unspeakable joy and everlasting

peace that surpasses all human

understanding the pains sorrows and

struggles that have marked your time in

this Mortal coil will fade away like the

Morning Mist replaced by a profound

tranquility and fulfillment that

transcends all Earthly experience no

more will you know weariness illness

heartbreak or any other form of Anguish

only the boundless all consuming love

that flows ceaselessly from my very

Throne your loved ones who have gone

before you await with open arms eager

and Overjoyed to welcome you home

imagine the Radiant tear-filled Smiles

that will break across the faces of your

parents your grandparents your dear

friends who have passed on from this

world they have been watching over you

lifting you up in constant prayer and

longing for the day when you would

finally join them in this eternal

Paradise that day is nearly upon you my


child as you cross that final threshold

you will be enveloped in a piece so

profound so

all-encompassing that it will make the

storms and struggles of this Earthly

existence feel like a distant fading

memory the veil that has obscured the

fullness of my glory will be lifted and

you will behold my wondrous Majesty with

unveiled eyes no longer will you see

through a glass Darkly but you will know

me as I truly am the Alpha and Omega the

beginning and the end the author and

perfector of your faith your spirit

which has been tethered and confined

within this physical vessel will be

liberated to soar freely in the

celestial Realms you will dance with the

Angels Sing Praises with the Saints and

bask in the Brilliance of my eternal

presence all that you have ever longed

for all that your heart has yearned for

since the day I knit you together in

your mother’s womb will be yours in


overflowing measure forever more I know

that the thought of leaving this life

behind may fill you with a Bittersweet

mix of

emotions you will miss your loved ones

your familiar routines the Comforts and

rhythms of the physical world that have

been your home for so long but I promise

you my child that the unimaginable joy

that awaits you will Eclipse any

temporary pangs of separation or loss

your heart and mind will be so utterly

captivated by the Splendor of my kingdom

so enthralled by the Majesty of my glory

that the pains and struggles of the past

will fade away like a distant dream

remembered only as a faint Shadow

against the light of

Eternity so do not cling to this

fleeting passing existence my beloved

embrace the profound truth that your

trua Eternal home is with me in the

celestial Realms where there is no more

sickness no more sorrow

No More

Death allow me to gently tenderly Usher

you across that final threshold where

you will be reunited with those who have

gone before and where you will bask in

the fullness of my glory for all the

ages to come this is not the end my

child but the Glorious beginning of your

eternal life with me so be at perfect

peace and know that I am with you always

even to the end of the age I will guide

you and carry you through this final

passage just as I have walked alongside

you throughout your entire Earthly

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trust in me my beloved and look forward

with joyful anticipation to the Wonders

that await you on the other side the

time of your crossing over draws ever

nearer hold fast to the promises I have

made and let not your heart be troubled

or afraid for I have prepared a place

for you a mansion in my father’s house

where you will dwell in my presence

forever more soon you will be free from

all pain and suffering free to worship

me with a heart overflowing with

unending gratitude and love so take

courage my child and know with

unwavering certainty that I am with you

though your physical body May one day

fail your spirit will live on eternally

United with mine I will be your light

your strength your comfort as you make

this final glorious

journey and when at last you cross over

that threshold you will be swept up in

the fullness of my love welcomed home by

the Angelic host and ushered into the

Splendor of the life that has been

prepared for you since before the

foundation of the world be at perfect

peace my dear one your time on this

Earth is nearly complete but your

eternal life is only just beginning

trust in

me cling to me and know that I will

never leave you nor forsake

you I am your loving heavenly father and

I am waiting with open welcoming arms to

receive you into my kingdom so press on

for the prize of your heavenly calling

is near at hand I love you my child with

an everlasting unfailing love that

transcends all understanding as you make

this sacred transition know that you are

enveloped in the Embrace of my divine

presence the Angels stand at the ready

to Usher you into my eternal courts

where you will join the great cloud of

witnesses who have gone before their

voices will rise in jubilant song

welcoming you home to the place I have

prepared specifically for you no eye has

seen Nor Ear heard nor has it entered

into the heart of man the Wonders that I

have in store for you my beloved the

glory that awaits will exceed your

wildest dreams for I have reserved the

fullest manifestation of my Splendor for

this glorious moment when you cross over

from the temporal to the

Eternal your spirit will be transformed

your mind will be renewed and you will

behold the Majesty of my kingdom with a

Clarity and wonder that defies all

Earthly description take heart for the

journey though it may seem daunting will

be a Swift and joyous one I will not

allow you to endure any more pain or

suffering than is necessary to complete

your Earthly Mission when the appointed

time comes I will infold you in my

loving arms and carry you gently Across

the Threshold leading you into the

eternal light that knows no shadow of

turning there you will be reunited with

those you have loved and lost not in a

mere fleeting reunion but in an

unbreakable Eternal communion that

transcends the limitations of this

Mortal coil imagine the tears of joy

that will flow as you embrace your dear

ones once again free from the ravages of

sin and death your hearts will be knit

together in a bond that can never be

severed for you will dwell in the

perfect Unity that I have ordained from

the beginning no no longer will you

perceive through a glass Darkly but you

will behold my face with unveiled eyes

the Mysteries that have perplexed you

the questions that have lingered will

all be answered as you are immersed in

the pure knowledge that flows from my

Throne you will understand the fullness

of my plan the depths of my love the

vastness of my mercy and your soul will

be utterly captivated overflowing with

unending praise so do not be afraid my

child the road may seem long and the

transition daunting but I am with you

every step of the way I will not leave

you nor forsake you but will carry you

tenderly through this final passage

trust in me for I have prepared a place

for you that is beyond your wildest

imaginings soon you will exchange the

temporary for the Eternal the finite for

the infinite the Earthly for the


when that glorious day arrives may your

heart be filled with profound peace and

joyful anticipation for in that moment

you will truly become who you were

created to be a beloved child of the

most high God an heir to the kingdom a

coair with Christ welcomed home to the

Eternal Embrace of your heavenly father

so set your eyes on the prize my

cherished one and press on towards the

upward call

I am waiting for you With Arms Wide Open

ready to Usher you into the fullness of

Life Everlasting my beloved child I Want

You to Breathe In my spirit just as I

breathe life into the first man inhale

deeply and exhale all that is of the

flesh so that you can truly receive my

word Let It Be planted like a seed

within you one that will grow and yield

a Bountiful

Harvest seek my kingdom Above All Else

and live righteously

and I will give you everything you need

when I tell you to love me with all your

heart soul and strength I mean it love

me completely and you will find yourself

focused on me and my kingdom your mind

will be fixed on me and your thoughts

will be transformed as you battle

against negativity and bring them into

obedience to me if you put up a fight I

will come to you with my grace and bring

you healing

once you have endured some difficulties

I the God of all Grace will come to

strengthen and establish you I know you

have suffered my child I have heard your

groans of pain and anguish within your

soul but remember I take what the enemy

meant for evil and use it for good for

your salvation and the salvation of many

others you have a purpose a mission to

fulfill I have equipped you with gifts

calling ings and opportunities to serve

I need you to rise to the occasion and

answer that call in this season I am

silencing your flesh so that you can

truly live in the spirit when You Face

humiliation pain or anger you must learn

to be still bring those feelings to my

throne room and surrender them to me I

will give you a spiritual perspective

and the humility to rise above your

circumstances that is the gift of

discernment that I have given you I am

elevating you to see beyond what is in

front of you to gain insight and

Revelation that you can apply even in

the midst of pain when you understand

the purpose behind the anguish and

torment you can rise walk and endure

more easily I see the weight of betrayal

The Sting of slander and the looming

fear of loss hovering over many Souls

these are the Shadows that linger in the

corners of every heart unseen yet deeply

felt but I have come today to give you a

word that will set you free step into

the pain the lesson and the Revelation I

am giving you I am calling you to arise

and stand present your body as a Living

Sacrifice holy and pleasing to me seek

me first in my ways of doing things and

I will provide for you in every way

financially relationally and with

healing and

deliverance there is a reason for this

season even as I align you and position

you to step into your destiny I am still

shaping and molding you humble yourself

and I will exalt you let the world

around you see what I am doing in and

through you I am giving you peace that

surpasses all understanding to guard

your heart and mind do not conform to

the patterns of this world which are

opposite to my kingdom in said be

transformed by Renewing Your Mind

washing it with my word so that my word

can come to you take root and grow more

easily trust that I am your Shepherd

carrying you on my shoulders I laid down

my life for you leaving the to seek

out the one lost and broken sheep

disregard the lies of the world and the

enemy who tries to convince you that I

will not come through for you or be real

to you I am authentic merciful

forgiving and good I am astounding you

in this season with my goodness as I

release signs wonders and miracles in

your life keep your mind spiritual not

carnal the enemy seeks to entangle you

in the lusts of the flesh the pride of

the eyes and the cares of this world

snatching my word from your heart but I

tell you to stand strong set your mind

on things that are lovely pleasing

pure and

admirable the enemy may tell you that

you can never have peace or healing in

your mind but I say there is a

transformation taking place you are

coming into a peace where your mind is

at ease not cluttered by a multitude of

distractions through my servant I’m

releasing you into peace in your mind no

longer will you be held captive by

skepticism and doubt but you will

receive my blessing I bring blessings

without sorrow I am good and I am good

to you and everything that concerns you

my child click on the join button to

join us as the cherished member of our

community I am working behind the scenes

as your

comforter Advocate standby and

deliverer trust in me my beloved child

and watch as I unfold my perfect plan

for your life lean into my love and

allow me to guide you every step of the

way I am with you always and my love for

you knows no bounds my precious child I

want you to listen closely attentively

because I have important things to share

with you today it’s time for you to

really get to know my Holy Spirit in a

deeper way the holy spirit is always

with you speaking to you constantly

through that quiet gentle voice in your

mind and heart those subtle thoughts and

promptings that come to you that’s the

voice of my spirit guiding you I’m

planting seeds in your life that will

grow into mighty trees providing shelter

strength and

nourishment you’re like a tree planted

by Living Waters when hard times come

you won’t need to be afraid because your

roots go deep and you will still bear

good fruit but you have a part to play

too make sure every area of your life is

in proper order your giving your

relationship ship your thought patterns

apply my wisdom to how you live learn to

control your reactions and respond in a

Christlike way instead of being easily

triggered as you do this you’re going to

see me move in power and do things in

your life beyond what you could ask or

imagine so keep your focus on me wake up

each day and ask what do you want me to

do today Lord how can I please and honor

you how can I fully surrender myself to

you as you sincerely seek me like this I

will give you assignments and speak to

you throughout each day we will walk

together and talk together in sweet

Fellowship you’re going to encounter me

in brand new ways I will make my

presence known to you and you will sense

me with you this is all for my glory and

praise as I weave your story into my

great Eternal

purposes trust me in this process many

of you have been facing intense

spiritual battles lately the enemy has

been coming against you relentlessly

trying to wear you down and get you to

quit it’s been a long drawn out War over

the promises and Destiny I have for you

but though the battle has been Fierce it

has not crushed you or drained your

strength you’re still standing

today I am dispatching angels from

Heaven to surround you and fight for you

I’m lifting the heavy weight of

Oppression off your shoulders

many of you are my handpicked leaders

for this hour my emerging Apostles

prophets pastors teachers and World

Changers you carry a powerful anointing

to set captives free and break the

chains of

bondage that’s why the attacks against

you have been so

intense the enemy sees who you are and

he’s afraid he’s been assaulting your

mind with lies trying to distract you

and get you to take your eyes off the

Unseen spiritual Realm

he wants you to just look at surface

appearances and give up hope but I am

lifting you up out of the stagnation and

weariness that has pinned you down today

as you hear these words a fresh wind of

my spirit is blowing through your life

the season of oppressive Warfare is over

you are released into New Freedom and

victory some of you have recently had

dramatic encounters with me that

confirmed your identity and calling

right after that the enemy be pounced

attacking you in your thoughts he tried

to make you complacent and distracted

for many this attack came through

unhealthy relationships with controlling

manipulative people you felt confused

burdened and beat down but

today I am removing those influences

from your life don’t look back keep

moving forward into the destiny I have

for you I have amazing plans and

purposes is ahead of you even as I’m

speaking this over you you can sense it

you feel the flutter of excitement in

your spirit your heart is overflowing

with gratitude none of this surprises me

because I know you intimately I crafted

every detail of your being I knew you

before you were born I see your tears

and hear your cries for more of me and

I’m answering those cries I’m flooding

your spirit with bold courageous faith

I’m restoring your confidence and sense

of identity I’m healing your heart from

past wounds I’m cleansing your mind of

wrong thought patterns I’m pouring out

my spirit upon you in fresh waves of

glory and power you’re stepping into

promoted positions increased favor new

doors of influence I’m bringing Divine

connections Partnerships and resources

to help fulfill my Kingdom Agenda

through your life so arise and shine my

child shake off discouragement judement

brush away the dust of disappointment

strap on your Spiritual armor wield the

sword of my word March forward in faith

empowered by my spirit I’m with you

backing you defending you strengthening

you nothing can stop you as you obey my

leading the days ahead won’t be without

challenges but you have nothing to

fear I’ve equipped you and anointed you

my grace is sufficient my power is made

perfect in your weakness when you

stumble I will catch you when you get

tired I will refresh you when you face

resistance I will fight for you when you

lack wisdom I will guide you so be

encouraged be energized with fresh faith

and Zeal lift up your eyes and see the

Great Harvest before you see the souls

that are ready to be one to me the sick

that will be healed the demonized that

will will be delivered the Brokenhearted

that will find hope this is what you

were made for to advance my kingdom and

bring me Glory right where I’ve planted

you my beloved child I want you to know

that despite the intense battles and

struggles you’ve been facing I am still

in control as your God I have the final

say over your life when I promised to

lead you into a land of abundance and

blessings it wasn’t just a nice

sentiment it was a guarantee from the

almighty before the world began I knew

you and had a plan for your life every

single one of your days was written in

my book before you even took your first

breath do you think that I the one who

commands the winds and the waves cannot

bring you through this storm and into

the destiny I have prepared for you I

know that many of you feel like you’re

barely holding on that your faith is

hanging by a thread the enemy has tried

to shake you to your core making you

doubt my goodness and power but I want

you to receive this truth today no

matter how Fierce the battle has been I

am your deliverer I am the one who

upholds you and will never let you fall

this is a turning point a confirmation

of the calling I have placed on your

life to those of you who have been

Faithfully wielding the sword of my word

and walking closely with me even when

you feel like you can’t rise from the a

es know that your appointed time of

breakthrough is here as you listen to

these words with eyes of faith believing

that my word will accomplish all it sets

out to do you will experience a

shift the chains that have held you back

the Mind binding Spirits the torment the

doubts the

fatigue the lack are breaking off You

Now by The Power of my Holy

Spirit you may feel a warmth a peace

settling over you this is the encounter

you’ve been crying out for the moment

where I reveal my plans and purposes for

your life receive it fully and watch as

I open the floodgates of heaven and pour

out blessings Beyond Your Capacity to

contain but remember just as there are

laws that govern the natural world there

are spiritual principles that cannot be

ignored if you give it will be given

back to you if you love you will be

loved in return if you show Mercy you

will receive

Mercy as you align your life with my

commands and principles you will see my

favor and provision manifest in ways you

never thought possible the season of

struggle is ending and a new chapter is

beginning you will laugh again you will

dance again you will experience joy

unspeakable just as I called Lazarus

forth from the grave and breathed life

into the dry bones in ezekiel’s Vision I

am calling you to arise and step into

the fullness of life I have for you it’s

time to set aside striving and

overthinking and simply take me at my

word when I make a promise it is a

matter of fact your role is to believe

expect and prepare for the manifestation

of those promises in your

life if you’re believing for financial

increase what steps are you taking to to

position yourself for blessing are you

being a good Steward of what you already

have are you taking risks in moving

forward in faith in your relationships

are you sewing Seeds of Love

forgiveness and prayer are you seeking

my wisdom for how to restore what has

been broken I am bringing you out of

this intense season of testing and

refining because I have a purpose for

you but now it’s time for you to rise up

and take your rightful place declaring

my word over every situation you face

remember I have set before you life and

death choose life for I am the source

and Giver of Abundant Life as you

Embrace this new season know that I am

with you every step of the way I will

never leave you nor forsake you I am

your strength your shield and your

exceeding great reward trust in my

unfailing love and watch as I turn your

mourning into dancing your sorrow into

joy and your battles into victories you

are more than a conqueror through Christ

who loves you no weapon formed against

you shall prosper and every tongue that

rises against you in judgment you shall

condemn this is your heritage as my

servant and your righteousness is from

me so lift up your head Square your

shoulders and step forward with

confidence I am doing a new thing and I

am inviting you to be a part of it your

best days are ahead of you and I will be

with you in every Triumph and every

trial you are my beloved and I am proud

of you I Delight in you and sing over

you with joy never forget how precious

you are to me and how much I desire to

see you walking in the fullness of all I

have for you my beloved child lean on me

for wisdom I’ll provide in this season

stay Resolute wavering isn’t an option

I’m restoring your joy reigniting your

passion even if you stumbled upon this

message accidentally it’s by my

design testimonies will arise I’ve

infused my servants with my power spirit

and purpose rise up Advance my kingdom

make disciples yield to my spirit wield

my word by my grace you’ll fulfill your

destiny nothing can thwart my

plans work alongside me I give you

authority over the enemy doubt pain

distractions I’m removing them emotional

balance alignment with my word and

spirit that’s my

promise stand firm with passion and

conviction feel the freshness of this

new beginning my joy is your strength

where my spirit

dwells there’s freedom be liberated from

Affliction and affirmation I’m your

healer and provider as you absorb my

word it’ll achieve its purpose my

principles shape your reality they’re

not mere

suggestions generosity opens Heavenly

floodgates trust me even in scarcity I

multiply your efforts seow Seeds of Love

forgiveness and kindness reap

righteousness extend grace receive Grace

align with my heart and ways witness

abundance Beyond

imagination doors once shut will swing

open favor in unexpected places

experience profound peace and joy child

persist in doing good don’t fear

scarcity trust in my promise of

abundance step out in faith watch as I

pour out blessings you’ll be a beacon of

my goodness drawing others to me give

boldly love extravagantly

trust unfailingly I’m ever present I’ll

never forsake you

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