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child I have walked with you through


trials I was there in your earliest days

when turmoil swirled around you when

instability and anguish were your

Norm your young mind struggled to make

sense of the chaos looking to me amidst

the storm for shelter though you did not

fully know me then I wept as innocence

was ripped away as trauma took root deep

within sealing off parts of you that had

been filled with light

you learn not to trust to hide your

tenderness away it was too dangerous too

risky here I saw anxiety rise up to

protect you keeping you hypervigilant

primed for fight or

flight each time stability promised to

emerge the winds changed again there was

no Safe Harbor for your soul battered by

Tempest of turmoil and

upheaval how your spirit longed to

spread its wings but the storms always

returned before you could learn to fly

you felt me there though a warmth

surrounding a whisper within saying you

were not alone and so your Young Heart

kept choosing me amid the chaos trusting

I had not abandoned

you when finally the chance for flight

presented itself you leapt bright Vistas

shimmered ahead mesmerizing your inner

eye I cheered you on as you took those

first bold Wing beads toward healing in

a wider world but then events dragged

you under the swirling chaos back

again I cried as dreams were Swept Away

Downstream churning Rapids now and you

flailing gasping struggling to stay

afloat my child if you could have seen

through my eyes the Magnificent Spirit

beating inside you determined still to

live to trust me despite it all most

would have given up believing I would

carry them through but you somehow you

knew I had not brought you out this far

to let you

drown I was there surrounding you with

my peace when Terror tried to pull you

under I was with you through that long

trial deepening our bond with time the

Rapids eased the waters calmed a new

chance came to build stability but the

familiar swept you back again into

turbulence wearing a friendly face still

you strove towards me wanting wholeness

though fatigue was setting in the years

of hypervigilance and anxiety had taken

their toll familiar terrain it was when

superficial affection masked lack of

true care and support my child if only

you could have seen your beauty as I did

under the storms and surface scars such

Glory dwelt inside an untarnishable

treasure an unquenchable light how I

long to help you feel its glow but the

time had not yet come for True healing

to penetrate down to your core though

weariness circled still you fought on

crying out to me to show you who you

were and so I sent my servants to Fan

The Embers of your calling to remind you

of the gifts I had planted gifts

surfacing now to throw you lifelines

when battered by

storms child I tell you had you beheld

their Radiance then as I did like

blazing beacons shining out across

turbulent Seas guiding storm tossed


home the vision was still distant but in

time you would Shine for me this I

promised you for now I had to grow your

gifts in hiddenness like Treasures


underground so I led you for a season

into my Wilderness a respit from toxic

environments that had eroded your

foundations here we cultivated blessed

silence and

Solitude while the world saw only lack

on your surface I saw seeds dormant

within beginning to stretch and

unfurl their Roots reached for my living

streams beneath the soil day by day you

grew stronger and truer from the inside

out my beloved child if you could have

seen how your soul was flourishing there

in the wilderness we

shared Winds of Change still whipped

around but within all was well I was

grafting you to me until the day arrived

when I unstopped your wells Springs

setting your gifts to pour out like

gushing Waters across parched lands the

world would see them now and wonder and


glad the old containers could not hold

these torrents back and one by one they

burst broken systems now yielding to my

wild Grace Rising within your soul

expands Ed it’s every atom trembling

with Divine Purpose you felt the fire

blazing through your bones that could

not be contained it was time and though

fear shook you still my child you said

yes yes to the calling that had shaped

you all along yes to the vision you had

clung to through

storms my wild Grace was lifting you now

transforming and healing deep wounds as

my power infused you from on high your

voice took on my Timbers your words went

forth on my breath to bring light to

dark places and oh the joy in heaven

when your shining Spirit broke through

limits that had long held you under

Rising now buoyant with my Visions for

you at last as Mentor stirred up your

gifts I stirred up Hearts to receive


ministry your soul exalted to find your

people now those for whom your words

held Freedom nourished known celebrated

here their passion fed your own like

wildfire we moved together purpose

infused you with ever more boldness

Power Authority as we accomplished much

in those fertile

years but even wildfires leave charred


behind pulling from your spirits

untapped reserves for so long left you

depleted pouring your soul out for my

sake alone had taken its toll what fuel

now to feed your

fire the thought of flaming out entirely

shook you was this torrent just a brief

Blaze and nothing

more my beloved child if only then you

could have seen as I did just how deep

now were your roots in me how profoundly

you had

grown yes a season of setback had come

but you were now rested firmly on

Bedrock nourished and sheltered in ways

long missing

before what others saw as lack was but a

pause to integrate all I’d given you the

greater the heights the greater The

Depths required to root them be still I

whispered as you

questioned this fire in your bones

cannot be contained for long the call


unchanged I still have need of you let

silence work its

Alchemy Mysteries germinate in this holy

dark and so you rested learned to hear

my Whispers once again in the seeming

void while yearning gave way to Insight

then acceptance then

Readiness until the moment my wild Grace

broke through again its Tides Rising

fast inside quickening every cell the

moment came you could no longer Dam its

flood I watched expectant as combustion

neared what form would our Wildfire take

this time the kindling was richer now

the Hearth more sure with my love I fan

your flame until at last you lit

expanded Rose in power like never before

your gifts blazed out no hesitation now

no fear of flames my child my warrior

you had come home to voice to Identity

in me our garden bloom to

overflowing at long last you relaxed

utterly into our bond set your face

towards Destin once more Blaze on I

cheered you as Up From the Ashes hope

resurrected again Blaze

on and so we walk on together hand in

hand our coals kicking up

Miracles through you captives Awakening

as from the dead through you the broken

finding wholeness once more I am ever by

your side emboldening you for more in

Stillness we replenish in action we


change my child my Champion What a

Wonder you are to me our adventure has

only just sparked keep your face set

towards me your inspiration is my breath

flowing through your lungs my dreams

your wings Skyward now you SAR lifting

others into Freedom a blaze in purpose

yet safely held in my hands I am your

launching pad your

counsel we will weather every storm

together my beloved our journey marches

on each step revealing more of your


Purpose I see you wondering at times if

the path ahead holds only more struggle

or whether ease may come my child the

road unfurling is painted in many Hues

some trials yet ahead but also profound

blessings both sculpt you into who I

know you to be as in Seasons past storms

will arise seeking to UNM you stand firm

in the knowledge you are anchored in me

no Tempest can upend your foundations

now no flood waters can overtake you you

have weathered much and

overcome confidently take each day as it

comes light still glimmers ahead a new

Epoch is Dawning for you one marked by

deeper intimacy with me as we walk in

unity you will learn The rhythms of work

and rest that restore your soul

wisdom will arise from times of quiet

communion together here you will

understand your inmost self more fully

your pure identity Untouched by storm or

trial as you dwell in Stillness with me

participating in my Divine Life old

systems and stories will lose their grip

on your heart you will gain self-

understanding Beyond conditioning Beyond

habit Beyond past pain our connection

will transcend all that sought to Define

you narrower than your god-given essence

Freedom will wash Over You In Waves as

you open yourself to receive the breadth

of who you truly are limiting mindsets

will melt away before emerging vistas of

your spirit your light will shine all

the brighter transforming shadowy

valleys into Lush Gardens where others

can find

Haven together we will tend this Garden

this ever unfolding Masterpiece Blooms

from the fruitful soil of your soul its

nectar will nourish you for the road

ahead you are becoming my beloved

becoming a blessing

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