Your wish is granted | Gods Message Today | God blessings message | Gods Message for Me Today

in the Stillness of a moment a profound

message Echoes forth filling the heart

with reassurance hope and divine

guidance beloved child I ask you to

pause and listen with all your heart

grant me a moment of your precious time

for I have something important to share

with you Let My Words fill your soul and

let go of any distractions what I wish

to convey to you today is of utmost

significance stay with me a little

longer and let me know know how you feel

allow me to reach into the depths of

your soul pulling out without any pain

or sorrow that weighs upon your mind I

embrace you with unending love and offer

you a Serenity like no other come closer

give me your heart and let yourself be

enveloped by my love I am faithful to my

promises I do not speak in vain my

purpose in coming to you is to lift you

up to paint a smile on your face each

morning as you you seek me my love for

you is boundless and I want you to

experience it deeply so that you may

find happiness once more understand this

I have never left your side and I will

never forget you I hold you in the palm

of and providing you with steadfast

protection your path is secure trust in

this truth with all your heart my arms

are always open to receive you I am

attentive to your cries and prayers each

morning when you begin a new day open

your eyes take a deep breath and sense

my presence surrounding you I rejoice

when you approach me addressing me with

confidence and trust you know that I

listen to you and answer your earnest

requests it warms my heart when you

intercede for your loved ones for this

act holds great significance in moments

of adversity do not let trivial matters

divert your attention from the path I’ve

set before you when you feel overwhelmed

welmed and besieged by life’s conflicts

remember that you can turn to me for

guidance and solutions I do not desire

for you to be enslaved by anxiety or

Paralyzed by unfounded fears you’ve

placed your trust in me because you know

I will not disappoint you do not forget

my word store it deep within your soul

keep it close to your heart reflect upon

the Miracles I performed in your life

rescuing you from adversaries saving you

from Peril extending my hand to deliver

you from danger even in the darkest

hours when you believed all hope was

lost I manifested my powerful word and

worked wondrous Deeds there are

countless blessings I can still bestow

upon you UST your heart to me with

unwavering confidence allow me to

continue guiding and safeguarding you

day and night I am your ever watchful

Guardian do not allow despair to take

root in your soul for I cherish you

deeply my desire is for you to receive

my peace and experience true happiness I

see your tears hear your prayers and

acknowledge your please to care for and

Aid those you hold dear many times you

kneel before me imploring my blessings

upon others yet neglect to request

anything for yourself your attitude of

worship and gratitude brings me immense

Joy when you stand before me focus on

offering praise and gratitude for all

the blessings bestowed upon you I

appreciate your reverent demeanor and

even when you refrain from asking for

your own needs know that I will shower

you with blessings greater and more

marvelous than you can fathom maintain

your unwavering faith I will fulfill

every promise I make to you to not be

disheartened when obstacles attempt to

block your path your destiny lies within

my grasp and he will reach your goals

realizing the dreams that reside within

your heart nothing and no one can steal

your blessings but it is imperative to

uphold your faith loyalty and sincerity

seek me in the morning as you awaken and

as you open your eyes let your lips be

filled with words of Thanksgiving and

praise do not allow negative words to

overshadow the light that brightens your

days cultivate appreciation for the

opportunities I bestow upon your life I

will grant you the supernatural ability

to perceive beyond the surface

understanding the plans and benevolent

thoughts I have in store for you I am

aware of the recent tribulations that

have weighed heavily on your spirit

causing confusion and despair at times

but this is why I speak to you now

assuring you that no harm shall befall

you you will not be put to shame you

will triumph over your adversaries and

Conquer every challenge the time has

come for you to recognize your true self

a cherished child of the almighty God no

force can wage war war against you or

stand against you for you are already

victorious in all things acknowledge

your Triumph embrace your Victory I will

move mountains and you shall rise with

unwavering Faith pray with conviction

knowing that I will answer walk with

confidence and strength in your heart

there is no room for discouragement or

sadness any

longer I understand the distress you

feel regarding family matters that cause

you pain sometimes you require a period

of Solace rest and prayer Embrace

moments of silence and Solitude for they

are nourishment for your soul my Holy

Spirit the comforter and healer did not

come to watch you suffer in tears

mistakes and failures despite your

suffering and tears my love for you


steadfast you may feel that you cannot

endure but I come to uplift you you will

not live defeated your heart heart is a

beacon of beauty and Purity do not keep

it hidden in darkness step into the

light let your countenance radiate and

let others witness your joyful Smile as

you Proclaim my name Jesus you are my

cherished child a reflection of my

boundless love I have done countless

wonders for you and I shall continue to

perform Supernatural miracles to

demonstrate your significance to me I’ve

been emphasizing that you no longer have

room for discouragement or Retreat you

are like the tip of a spear breaking

through the winds and forging a path

into the land of blessings I have

prepared for you I will enhance your

spiritual understanding so that you may

realize your role as apparent to Future

Generations many will follow in your

footsteps and be blessed by your

unwavering Faith do not concern yourself

if others currently Overlook you do not

be disheartened by the blows you endure

even if they sting do not neglect the

gifts and blessings I bestow upon you

everything has a purpose I have complete

control but as always your attitude is

Paramount maintain your faith loyalty

and sincerity turn to my word when you

feel weakened kneel before me even when

you believe you can go no further gaze

Sky I am there dwelling in your heart my

blessings are not distant they are

before you your salvation is at end and

your mountain of challenges shall

crumble your enemies have been

vanquished answer me now do you believe

and love me upon receiving your response

I shall work A great miracle within you

allow me to reveal to you three steps to

calm your soul and dispel your anxiety

listen closely to your surroundings let

these words resonate in your soul

throughout the day ushering in peace the

First Step surrender your entire heart

to me without reservation or fear my

purpose is to Grant you eternal life and

happiness I never intended to subject

you to punishments and trials that bring

pain my plans for you are filled with

prosperity and blessings a life rich in

love and affection I long to surround

you but I require your heart to kneel

before my Throne daily prepared to

fulfill my will nourishing itself with

my word and placing unwavering trust in

me doubts may come and go and challenges

will arise but my written word is the

anchor of your faith providing the

strength to persevere if you choose to

follow the path of others only

surrendering your heart partially or

when it suits you your faith May waver

without a solid anchor your ship will be

tossed by the waves during storms

leading you to the land of

discouragement and doubt I shall speak

to you tenderly but your ears must be

attuned to my voice be mindful of what

you consume for your thoughts shall run

rampant and your emotions may fluctuate

one day Elation may fill your heart

while another day sadness May descend

without a throne in your heart for me

double-mindedness May dominate your life

suffering need not be your constant

companion I simply ask that you

surrender your heart to me and place

your uniring faith in my my hands let

your loyalty remain steadfast let your

faith stand Resolute decide now take

this step today commit your life to me

for eternity each day that passes is not

one less but one more because you shall

be with me eternally sharing in the

marvels of the universe everything shall

exceed your expectations more beautiful

and abundant than you can imagine

blessings shall abound in your life and

your family shall stand United

harmoniously facing life’s challenges my

blessing shall Encompass you and those

who seek to trouble you shall flee the

reward for those who choose to follow me

is eternal Victory already secured your

part is to surrender your heart your

faith your loyalty today I ask one more

thing of you if possible lift your hands

or close your eyes and devote some time

to silence Begin by offering heartful

gratitude compile a list of your

blessings those you anticipate those

received yesterday even the seemingly

insignificant things that offer you

strength and purpose to

persevere they offer you the strength to

rise each morning and persist despite

setbacks and challenges there may be

setbacks and trials but if you look

closely you shall recognize the wisdom

and resilience you have gained through

each experience and your faith shall

flourish now turn your gratitude towards

me let me hear your voice and your

beautiful words thank me for life for

the air you breathe for your family for

your current circumstances even if you

may wish to be elsewhere cultivate

gratitude soon I shall provide the

answers to your prayers A New Path and

the guidance you need to reach your

destination but for now practice

gratitude In This Moment be thankful

when you are elated and give thanks when

your soul weeps Express gratitude for

challenges for failures for the trying

processes look into the mirror and give

thanks for yourself your attitude of

gratitude is a powerful force and today

you shall begin to witness Miracles and

profound changes in your life

furthermore share these words with

others many around you may wear Smiles

on the outside but carry inner burdens

struggling to find a reason to Pur

persevere share this miracle of Love

occurring within your heart with them

speak to them of the happiness that

fills you and the positive

Transformations my presence can bring

into their lives as you share love I

shall envelop you in peace Harmony

prosperity and blessings there shall be

no anxiety or doubt as the dawn breaks

know that I heard your prayer uttered

before you drifted to sleep last night

you lay in bed tears concealed Within

your pillow Overcoming By fear

beseeching me for courage strength peace

and Assurance to confront life’s

challenges look at you now opening your

eyes to a new day here you stand

fortified and renewed your spirit

rekindled you are no longer weak or

disheartened you possess the courage to

confront any Giants that cross your path

where fear once resided Faith now Reigns

where you once felt timid you now exude

bravery yesterday your legs quivered at

the thought of impending hardships but

today you stand Resolute ready to

conquer rise and move forward for I am

instilling within you a fervent desire

to succeed believe in my power for if I

have brought you this far it is because

I not only guide your steps but also

provide you with the strength to face a

thousand Giants obstacles May L large

along your journey but remember remember

nothing surpasses my power I have

brought you to this point and I have

never abandoned you I shall always Stand

By Your Side through every struggle

battle and War you encounter in this

life you are more than a conqueror

through my love and power with these

words I invite you to embrace the light

the love and the boundless blessings I

offer Surrender Your Heart cultivate

gratitude and share the message of love

with others through unwavering Faith you

shall triumph over every Challenge and

emerge victorious in all things every

formidable giant that rises against you

does so only to be ultimately vanquished

I bestow upon you the steadfastness and

determination required to conquer any

conflict that stands in the way of your

goals surmount every challenge that

arises and thus you may dwell with an

abundance and complete Serenity it is

imperative at this moment that you

divert your gaze away from your worries

and fix it upon me all of this is part

of a process nourish your faith with my

words fill your mind with my promises so

that all fears May dissipate in the

presence of my love in your heart with

my guidance you can confront any

adversary emerging victorious in every

ordeal rise and proceed with your heart

fortified by my love at the end of this

day talk to me once more let us Converse

for a while and I shall bestow a special

blessing upon you rise and walk fight in

the power of my Holy Spirit when you

must engage in battle no one shall be

able to defeat you you are not weak you

are strong you possess my love and

remember this everything is possible for

those who believe I love you and you

will be just fine trust in me my timing

is perfect and if I intend to bless you

I am preparing the way and arranging

things so that when the time arrives you

can receive the blessing you have been

waiting for without hindrance I am

granting you peace and patience make use

of them do not react impulsively to

situations driven by your emotions do

not make significant decisions without

consulting me I do not want you to get

in Tangled in complications and

misunderstandings and I will remove your

pain pain fears anxieties and

afflictions they will all dissipate

because even the entire Heavens obey the

sound of my voice I’m speaking to you

clearly because I want to see you happy

at peace and with a sense of security in

your soul knowing that you have a future

and a new life ahead when you spend time

with me you give me the opportunity to

embrace you make you feel that I am real

that I love you deeply and that I am

protecting you from harm this is the

inheritance I want to give you in life I

want you to believe in me today with all

your faith and receive it your strength

is prepared and ready for you to take

hold of it to clo yourself in it the

healing and transformative anointing of

my Holy Spirit are now at your disposal

you cannot continue walking burdened by

thoughts of pain believing that you

deserve the terrible consequences that

your sin has left you with you may live

in a world of affliction but it is a

defeated world you are a child of the

almighty God and he has promised it to

you you must trust and believe in me

with every step you take and you will be

able to overcome this world and its

afflictions I see that you still spend

hours crying and sometimes do not even

know why let me tell you what it is it

is a deep longing to return to me your

heart misses me your spirit Longs for me

and your entire being nose that’s

separated from me you can do nothing it

seems as though life is slipping through

your fingers and you have not yet seen

the peace and happiness you have been

waiting for your loved ones appear to

grow more distant with each passing day

but pay attention I’m standing here and

next to me there is a spring from which

the Waters of blessings flow quenching

your life and your soul removing all

sorrow take from this water what your

your head wash away those thoughts of

sadness and you will never be thirsty

again I promise you this your faith has

yielded results my word is enough and

today I have healed you you have opened

the door for me and I have entered your

own here I will remain I will watch over

and bless your family and I will bless

you even more than you can imagine today

you may be feeling a little sad I

noticed your downcast face and realize

that you need strength to continue on

your journey with enthusiasm come to me

with confidence there is no need for you

to go through your days without

motivation or hope after all I am your

father and I do not receive to a distant

place where you cannot reach my love I

am right here beside you where I have

always been although you sometimes

forget it a little give me your hand now

and let’s get up I want us to walk for a

while on the paths of your thoughts and

you can tell me what you fear why you no

longer want to live and why you want to

throw away your destiny it is true that

the world is cruel when you were a child

your eyes were filled with curiosity

anticipating the best that life had to

offer your pure smile extended in

Friendship to those you called friends

but lies and betrayals later annihilated

your hope extinguished your laughter and

desire to live and darkened your love

you stopped trusting and you stopped

believing in me but now believe me when

I say that I understand you and know you

as well as I know the sky just as I call

each Star by its name I know every

burden in your life every wound even

your smallest pain we speak the same

language and I know exactly what will

bring you comfort give me your hand and

as we walk I want to tell you about a

place where you are greatly loved where

you wear Royal garments where your name

is known appreciated and admired from

there a gaze is fixed upon you every

minute of your life day and night in

that place like a hungry little bird

your soul is nourished and strengthened

there you are truly who you are a child

of the almighty made in the image and

likeness of the creator of the universe

do not forget this if you ever stumble

again remember that in the most

beautiful place in the entire universe

you have your own place solely for you

and nothing and no one can ever take you

away from you look deep into my heart

the place where you are protected where

with all your rights as a child you can

come and talk to me every morning even

if you feel unworthy do not be deceived

by lies with my blood I have cleansed

your life with my spirit I have filled

you I have given you the power to be

victorious in everything as long as you

cling to me with a sincere heart take

refuge in my love always and in this

hour as you receive my word be sure that

even your own mistakes will be turned

for your

benefit you will not suffer anymore your

family will be well as the days continue

to pass you will see how you keep

progressing in achiev achieving the

dreams you had longed for in fulfilling

the plans I have for you at some point

you may feel tired and that is normal

when problems seem so dark that they

blend in your eyes and you cannot see

where you are going you may even feel

defeated but this is not true I am

leading you by the hand even in the

darkness do not fear my child your

father who loves you will never abandon

you now tell me that you believe in me

and that you feel safe in my arms I am

the only holy and Supernatural remedy

for all your afflictions I am your God

your healer the one who opens doors and

clears your paths I am your provider

your protector and I hold your life and

your future as well as your family in my

hands you are covered by the mantle of

my love today you feel my presence in a

real and Powerful way and you have been

waiting for me to speak to you you have

come with a humble and grateful heart

ready to listen to me receive these

words treasure them and let them fill

your mind casting out all the worries

that troubled you before you walk with

confidence and Faith even though you

cannot see me with your natural eyes you

can feel me believe in me and Trust

firmly in the Miracles and wonders I can

perform in your life and your family

give me your hand to guide you patiently

and gently along the path of Holy Love

where my will rains storms will subside

and the Seas will calm when they hear my

voice you walk covered by a protective

cloak and your peace and security are so

great that the noises of the night no

longer frighten you I want you to know

that you are never alone in this world

no matter how confusing or challenging

it may seem I am always here holding

your hand and I will never let you go

each new day is a precious opportunity

for you to face the trials and

tribulations of life with strength and

determination don’t carry the burdens of

the past with you leave them behind and

step into the light of a new beginning

start by changing your way of thinking

and be mindful of the words you speak

your words have immense power so use

them wisely avoid speaking negativity

into your life for words can harm not

only yourself but also those around you

instead let your words be a source of

wisdom growth and encouragement don’t

let the enemy convince you that change

is impossible or that your future is

doomed to be filled with defeat and

despair remember that with me there are

no impossibilities hold on to this truth

no matter what challenges come your way

your life your character your

relationships and your circumstances can

all be transformed starting today if you

ask for my help I want you to understand

understand that I love you deeply and I

desire nothing but the best for you I

can work miracles in your life but I

don’t promise that the journey will

always be easy what I do promise is that

you will have my unwavering support

guidance and strength every step of the

way believe in my power and my love for

you when I carried the cross and

endureed the most excruciating pain I

did it with a purpose in mind I knew

that one day you would be born and Fa

face your own challenges and trials you

have endured so much suffering at the

hands of others but I am here to remove

the discouragement and frustration from

your heart I suffered gave my life and

rose again so that you could have the

opportunity for an abundant free and

joyful eternal life please my child love

and forgive yourself I have already

forgiven your mistakes and I want you to

follow my path with your heart and your

eyes fixed on me your journey may be

filled with battles but my blessing is

your destiny

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