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my beloved child listen attentively for

I bring forth a solemn message that

pierces through the illusions of human

arrogance and misguided

Assurance the people of this world have

become ens snared in their own

self-created narratives believing that

the future holds only brightness and

prosperity from the

Divine they associate themselves with a

false sense of security acting as those

who confidently Proclaim their plans for

tomorrow envisioning distant lands

worldly Pursuits and material

gains yet they fail to realize the true

nature of their actions for it is

written that such presumptuousness is

deemed as evil in the eyes of the

Divine how can Mortals presume to know

what lies ahead even in the next


moment they have arrogantly crafted

elaborate dreams and SCH seems without

consulting me without seeking Divine

guidance they have become captivated by

their own illusions of control and

certainty disregarding the reality that

lies beyond their limited understanding

my child heed my words and let them

penetrate the depths of your souls it is

not for Mortals to plan their lives with

absolute certainty as if they possess

complete knowledge of the future such

presumptuousness is a manifestation of

pride and a departure from the Divine

path surrender your plans and

aspirations to me for I hold the

ultimate authority over your destiny do

not be deceived by the Allure of worldly

success and material gain for they are

fleeting and perishable instead seek my

will in every aspect of your lives

acknowledging that your future is held

in the palm of my hand embrace the

humility of recognizing your dependence

on me your Creator and sustainer

my child let go of the illusion of

control and the fantasies of self-made

plans Embrace a posture of surrender and

Trust in my Divine

Providence seek my guidance in all your

endeavors for only through me can you

find true fulfillment and

purpose remember the future is known

only to the Divine and it is through a

humble and surrendered heart that you

will find true alignment with my Divine


Let My Words resonate within the depths

of your being for I bring forth a

message of Truth and wisdom it is indeed

a great Folly a profound foolishness to

disregard the one who is the creator of


things in doing so one distances

themselves from the very essence of

Truth veering off the path that leads to


fulfillment even those who profess to be

my people who claim to follow my

teachings often make plans and decisions

without seeking my Divine guidance they

fall into the Trap of self-reliance and

self assuredness thinking that their own

understanding and limited perspective

are sufficient to chart their course in

life but I tell you my child that such

actions are a departure from the truth

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