Your pain matters | Message From God | The Blessed Message

son today I come to you not only as the

creator of the universe but as the

father who knows every beat of your

heart and every tear that falls from

your eyes you might be wondering at this

moment God do you really care about my

pain do you see the tears I shed when

I’m alone at night do you understand the

agony I feel when my soul is in

pieces let me tell you my beloved child

your pain matters to me more than you

can imagine I am not a distant and

indifferent God I Am The God Who leans

in to hear the sigh of your heart I feel

every wound you carry every hurt that

wees down your soul when you cry I cry

with you when you feel lost in helpless

I reach out my hands to wrap you in my

eternal love there is no loneliness you

can experience that I do not share with

you for I am the god who is always

present even in the darkest moments do

not fear bringing your pain before me no

matter how deep it is I do not judge it

I understand it I embrace it in my

loving arms and transform it into a

source of healing and growth for it is

in the depths of your pain that you will

find my abundant grace my unshakable

strength take a moment to rest with me

do not worry about the uncertain future

or the world’s troubles focus on what

truly matters your family your spiritual

life and nurturing your soul with my


pray do good and have mercy on those who

may have wronged you even if they

continue to treat you poorly show them

that your love is deep just as I gave my

life for my children you are also

willing to fight for your family know me

to receive blessings and experience

Freedom while the world faces turbulence

and rumors of War pray for your loved

ones and share with me your hopes and

desires for them though I already know

your lives and thoughts I want you to

activate your faith to learn to pray for

what truly matters While others may be

shaken by the signs they see you and

your family need not fear for I will

never leave you trust in my word for

nothing is impossible for me I love you

deeply and rejoice in hearing your love

for me trust me and give me your hand

during this time of preparation

understand my child that your pain is

not in vain every tear shed for it is

through these moments of vulnerability

that you grow that you become closer to

me trust that I can turn your pain into

Joy your tears into Smiles for I am the

god who makes all things new the God who

transforms sadness into happiness and

peace do not let your pain Define you

but allow it to be a testimony of my

unconditional love for you for it is in

your weakness that my strength is

manifested most powerfully as you listen

to me now know that I am by your side

with my infinite love it is no

coincidence that you are here in this

moment feeling my presence through this

message that I have brought especially

for you I know every detail of your

journey every obstacle you have faced

and every Victory you have achieved I am

your safe Refuge your shelter in life

storms when you feel your strength

waning remember that I am the boundless

source of strength dwelling within you

perhaps you are wondering how to

overcome the pain that has consumed you

lately let me tell you that the answer

lies within you I have placed within you

an unimaginable strength a resilience

that makes you capable of overcoming any

challenge do not underestimate the power

of your own story my beloved every

chapter every twist has shaped you into

the incredible person you are today

understand that your pain is not the end

of your story but rather the beginning

of a new journey of healing and

transformation allow yourself to feel

allow yourself to heal do not be afraid

to seek help when needed for I have

placed loving and compassionate people

around you who are ready to walk

alongside you I see the potential you

carry within you my child you are

stronger than you imagine do not let the

voice of fear stop you from moving

forward listen to my voice Whispering

words of encouragement and hope in your

heart no matter what happens remember

that I am always here holding your hand

and guiding you on the path of peace and

happiness notice a glimpse of my divine

presence in your life even in the

simplest moments of your everyday life

have you ever stopped to observe the

beauty of a sunrise when the first rays

of sunlight paint the sky with vibrant

colors know that it is I who bring light

to your day renewing your hopes every

morning when you gaze at the Starry Sky

on a quiet night remember that each star

is a manifestation of my love for you a

reminder that I am always present even

in the darkest hours of your life when

you feel the warm embrace of a friend or

the smile of a loved one know that it is

I who is acting through them enveloping

you with my unconditional love and

comforting you in times of distress even

in the small joys of everyday life such

as the aroma of a hot cup of coffee or

the comforting sound of rain tapping on

the window I am present reminding you

that every detail of your life is

carefully planned by me

when you feel lost or discouraged

remember the words of my promise for I

know the plans I have for you declares

the Lord plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future Jeremiah

no matter how dark the days you

face never doubt my love for you for I

am the god who turns tears into Smiles

sadness and joy I am the god who turns

the desert into Springs of fresh water

the rough path into a road of endless

blessings trust that I am working behind

the scenes setting the stage for a

future full of Hope and fulfilled

promises for everything you are facing

now pales in comparison to the glory I

have reserved for you son it is crucial

that you pay attention to the signs I

place in your path often I speak to you

through small details through people and

situations that cross your path

indicating the direction you should take

you may have faced disappointments that

left you hurt and discouraged perhaps

you have been betrayed by those you

trusted or faced setbacks that seemed

insurmountable but know that I have not

abandoned you and I have a solution for

every problem that troubles you open

your heart to me whenever any problem

arises in your life pray and seek my

guidance every day when you wake up

connect spiritually with me be grateful

for all the blessings I have already

placed in your

life give your first moment of the day

to me for I am the being who loves you

more than anything be attentive to see

the signs I place before you pay

attention to the opportunities that

arise to the advice you receive to the

coincidences that seem more than mere

chance for often it is through these

signs that I am guiding you toward the

solution you

seek sometimes the solution may come in

the form of a person who enters your

life at the right moment bringing with

them the answers you

seek other times it may be an unexpected

change of Direction that leads you down

a path you never imagined taking but

proves to be the best for you do not

fear following the signs I place in your

path even if they seem contradictory or

scary for I know the plan I have for you

A Plan full of Hope trust that even in

the most difficult situations I’m

working for your good but remember my

beloved child that Understanding God’s

signs requires humility and a

willingness to listen to my voice be

willing to to seek me in prayer to open

your heart to receive my guidance for it

is only through communion with me that

you will be able to discern the signs I

place before you when you need me

especially when your heart is shees and

your soul Crees out open your eyes with

hope for tomorrow I have not failed you

in the past and wish never to fail

believe in me I have a future of peace

and joy reserved for you blessings will

be bestowed upon you have faith amen if

you believe in these words leave your

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