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my beloved I am your strength and your

shield and I’m constantly at work often

in marvelous ways to revive you and

protect you the more you trust in me

with all your heart the more your heart

can dance with joy I want you to have

unwavering trust in me resting in my

sovereign control over the entire

universe when life seems to spiral out

of control cling to me knowing that I am

in charge I orchestrate every moment of

your life for your good both in this

world and the one to

come in the midst of adversity your

greatest test is to continue trusting

that I am both Sovereign and good you

may not always comprehend my ways for

they are as high above yours as the

heavens are above the

earth when you respond to troubles with

a heart full of gratitude believing that

I can bring good even from the most

challenging situations

it brings me great

joy this Act of Faith not only

strengthens you but also glorifies me I

rejoice when my beloved children offer

up songs of Thanksgiving in the midst of

their struggles stay vigilant and

persistent in your prayers with the help

of my spirit you can learn to be

increasingly aware of my

presence this isn’t an easy task as the

world is designed to divert your

attention away from me with its noise


distractions but remember I’m always

close by as near as a whispered

prayer people in love yearn for aone

time to focus entirely on each

other I am the lover of your soul and I

long for you to spend time alone with

me when you shut out distractions and

fix your Gaze on me your soul awakens to

the joy of my presence this deepens your

love for me and keeps you spiritually

alert prayer becomes effortless when

you’re aware of my radiant presence

remember your prayers not only bless you

but also offer a way for you to serve me

Rejoice that through prayer you can

partner with me in establishing my

kingdom on

Earth learn to lean on me more and more

I fully understand the extent of your

weaknesses and it’s in those very places

where my mighty presence meets you your

weakness and my strength fit together

perfectly creating a beautiful Synergy

designed long before your

birth my power is most effective in your

moments of

weakness this truth may seem

counterintuitive and mysterious but it

is absolutely

real when you feel inadequate or

overwhelmed lean on me remind yourself

that together you and I are more than

sufficient picture yourself holding my

hand for I am the one who takes hold of

your right hand and assures you do not

fear I will help you I want you to rely

on me even when you feel capable of

handling things independently this

requires an awareness of both my

presence and your dependence on me my

wisdom is Limitless so let me guide your

thoughts as you make plans and

decisions leaning on me Fosters a warm

intimacy between us the intimacy of the

one who will never leave you or forsake

you guard against attaching your

selfworth to your

performance when you’re dissatisfied

with something you’ve said or done talk

to me about it ask for my guidance in

distinguishing what is genuinely sinful

from what is not confess any sins you’re

aware of and receive my forgiveness with

gratitude live in the freedom of knowing

you are my beloved child forever

declared not guilty

there is no condemnation for those who

belong to me you are precious in my

sight so refuse to condemn

yourself your imperfections serve as a

reminder of your humanity and humble you

making it easier for you to identify

with other flawed

individuals Embrace The Humbling for

it’s a blessing that keeps Pride at Bay

thank me for circumstances that diminish

your pride and draw you closer to me

me accept my Priceless unfailing love in

all its

fullness I desire you to be increasingly

preoccupied with

me the default tendency of most people

is self-absorption and even my followers

can fall into this trap hindering their

growth in Grace when a man and woman are

deeply in love they can’t help but be

preoccupied with each

other likewise your journey to

preoccupation with me begins with loving

me wholeheartedly with all your heart

soul and

mind this is the greatest commandment

and it’s a noble

goal you may not achieve it perfectly in

this life but the more you understand

and Delight in the incredible unfailing

love I have for you the more

passionately you can respond to me ask

my spirit to assist you on this

beautiful Quest this adventure has two

facets deepening your reception of my

love in its depth breadth and constancy

and responding by loving me more and

more in doing so you break free from the

chains of self-absorption and become


preoccupied with me I find immense joy

in setting you free train your mind to

dwell on thoughts of me many Christians

are defeated because they focus too much

on less important matters the news the

weather the economy loved one’s problems

their own problems and so on while it’s

true that you will encounter trouble in

this world don’t let it consume your

attention remind yourself that I am with

you and I have overcome the

world I am closer to you than the very

air you breathe and yet I am the

infinite god king of kings and Lord of

lords I am also your loving Savior and

faithful friend

one of the most profound ways to

heighten your awareness of my greatness

is through worship worship connects you

with the godhead father son and spirit

in a glorious way true worship expands

My Kingdom of Light pushing back the

darkness a beautiful way to praise me is

to read or sing the Psalms filling your

mind with Biblical truth will help you

resist discouragement when trous assail

you make an effort to meditat on on who

I am your Savor and friend who is also

almighty God ask me for wisdom beloved I

know you need it

desperately King Solomon asked for a

Discerning heart and received wisdom in

abundance this precious gift is vital

For You especially when you face

important decisions and

plans so come to me for the wisdom you

require and trust me to provide it

generously wisdom and includes

recognizing your need for my help in

everything you

do when your thoughts become sluggish

it’s easy to forget about me and plunge

into your tasks and activities

independently but inevitably you’ll


obstacles then you’ll face a critical

choice either to press on relentlessly

on your own or to pause and

seek my insight understanding and

guidance the closer you live to me the

more readily and frequently you will

seek my

assistance the fear of the Lord is the

beginning of wisdom though I am your

friend always remember who I am in all

my power and Glory this Godly fear

reverential awe and worshipful

admiration provides a strong foundation


wisdom I want you to live without fear

of bad

news the only way to achieve this is by

having a steadfast heart plac ing your

trust firmly in me there’s an abundance

of bad news in the world but you need

not be afraid of it instead rely on me

believe in me find comfort in my

sacrificial death on the cross and my


Resurrection I your living savior am

almighty God I am Sovereign over global

events and I am still in

control when circumstances around you or

in the world appear to be spiraling out

of control

come to me and pour out your

heart rather than worrying and stewing

invest your energy in

prayer turn to me not only for Comfort

but also for guidance I will help you

find your way

forward and remember your prayers play a

significant role in my governance of

your world in ways far beyond your

comprehension do not dread bad news or

allow it to terrify

you keep your heart steadfast and

tranquil through unwavering trust in me

do not let the fear of making mistakes

paralyze you or fill you with

anxiety in this life you will make

errors because you’re human with limited

knowledge and

understanding when facing significant

decisions strive to learn as much as you

can about the matter seek my face and my

guidance in your thoughts and plans I

will counsel you as you think things

over in my presence when the time is

right move forward and make your

decision even if the outcome remains

uncertain pray for my will to be done

and entrust the results to

me fear is closely tied to the fear of

punishment if you’ve been unjustly

punished or mistreated severely it’s

natural to be afraid of making

mistakes in such situations anxiety can

Cloud your judgment and even immobilize

you the solution is to remember that I

am with you and for you you don’t need

to perform perfectly for me to love you

continually absolutely nothing not even

your gravest mistakes can separate you

from my love my judgments are Beyond

human understanding and my ways are far

beyond your

comprehension but despite this trust me

in every circumstance even when you

can’t understand my ways my wisdom and

knowledge surpass human capability for I

am infinite and

eternal I have always existed from

Everlasting to Everlasting I am God yet

I am also the word who became flesh

dwelling among you I identified fully

with Humanity taking on a human body and

enduring a dreadful death to save those

who believe in me my sacrificial life

and death offer you ample reasons to

trust me even when you don’t comprehend

my ways you can rejoice in the knowledge

that your loving Savior and Sovereign

Lord are infinitely wise and you can

approach me any time Whispering my name


love I am always within Whispering

distance now and throughout your

lifetime for all

eternity I am Emanuel god with you and

and I will never leave you I will judge

the world in righteousness and all the

peoples with my

truth This Promise is Rich with

blessings and

encouragement it means that one day evil

will be judged and my perfect justice

will prevail for eternity because you

are my follower clothed in my

righteousness you have nothing to fear

but those who persist in unbelief will

have everything to Fear One day time

will run out and my wrath will be a

fearsome reality for all who reject me

they will cry out to the mountains and

rocks begging them to hide from me who

sits on the throne and from the Wrath of


Lamb I will judge everyone according to


truth the concept of absolute truth is

often challenged but it remains an


reality unbelievers will eventually

encounter this truth whether they

believe in it or not for you and all

believers my truth is a firm foundation






which you can build your lives work play

and offer

praise this is a compelling reason to

sing with

joy the most precious treasure I offer

you is the light of the Gospel of my

glory this is what makes the gospel such

incredibly good news it opens the

pathway to my glory when you placed your

trust in me as your savior I set your

feet on a journey to

Heaven forgiveness of sins and an

eternity in heaven are incredible

blessings but I have even more in store

for you I have caused my light to shine

in your heart illuminating your soul

with the knowledge of my glorious

face I desire you to seek my face

wholeheartedly so you can Relish in the

radiant knowledge of my Magnificent

Presence the word knowledge holds

profound meanings awareness gained

through experience or study and the sum

of what has been

perceived discovered or

learned knowing me involves becoming

aware of me experiencing my presence and

perceiving my

light the God of this world tries to

Blind the minds of unbelievers but you

can know me by perceiving the light of


glory if your primary aim is to please

yourself you’ll find life filled with

frustrations the notion that everything

should go your way is rooted in the

false assumption that you are the center

of your

world in reality I am the center and

everything revolves around me so make

your plans tentatively seeking my face

and my will in all you do it’s a win-win

situation if things unfold according to

your plans rejoice and thank me when

your desires are thwarted turn to me in

prayer and be prepared to submit your

will to mine Remember You Belong To Me

beloved you are not your own this

awareness that you belong to another can

be a profound relief it shifts your

focus away from yourself and your

desires instead of striving to make

things go your way your primary

objective becomes pleasing me you might

expect this to be burdensome







it’s surprisingly

liberating my yoke is easy and my burden

is light knowing that you belong to me

provides profound rest for your soul my

beloved cling to these words draw

strength from them and let my love

embrace you like never before trust in

my wisdom love

unconditionally and let my peace be the

foundation of your life may you walk in

the Assurance of my presence every step

of the way for I am your God your savior

your protector and your constant





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