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my beloved child understand that each

step you walk and Every Breath You Take

is imbued with my enduring love and

blessings you may attribute your

fortunes to luck or coincidence but know

that it is I everpresent guiding and

caring for

you in moments when you feel a drift in

darkness and uncertainty hold on to the

truth that I am beside you illuminating

your path and providing the strength you

need to rise above even in those Quiet

Moments when nothing much seems to be

happening that’s when I’m there

showering you with my love and

kindness when you whisper my name in the

Stillness of the night or look for me in

the early morning light I’m listening

and I’m right

there my love for you is as real as the

morning sun and as important as the air

you breathe you might not see me but I’m

always there wrapping you in my care

making making sure you’re safe and

guiding you along this beautiful Journey


Faith nothing was mere chance I bestowed

upon you my blessing extending my hand

with my divine power over your life I am

the one who rescues you from the abyss

when you find No Way Out guiding you

toward the path of light in the darkest

of nights everything that has transpired

in your life is Not Mere luck it all

stems from from my divine power I remain

present even in the smallest blessings

that surround you in those minor events

that reveal my grace and

kindness you seek me and you find me in

the Silence of the night and I respond

to you at

dawn I am as real as the sun you see in

the mornings as essential as the air you

breathe you may not see me but you can

feel my presence guarding you in every

step you take serving and as your guide

and Compass to ensure you don’t lose

your way on the path of

Faith the world has attempted to seduce

you leading you to believe that you are


discouragement has tempted you to

abandon your faith however in spite of

everything you continue to believe

unwaveringly praying and reading my word

nourishing yourself daily with my


promises every word you read my Sacred

Scriptures is the truth beloved storms

may assail your being with a chilling

wind making you feel as though I am

distant from you but this is the work of

the malevolent one who seeks to make you

fall and deviate from my will for your

life his schemes May promise you riches

and luxuries but his paths lead to

Desolation never place your blind trust

in the Narrow Path the wicked may offer

you for their deceit seful lips are

enticing the righteous are wise and

prudent in choosing their path my

promises transcend all Earthly

advantages everything on this Earth is

transient but my will for you goes

beyond your desires do not lose your way

follow the path I have laid out for you

take the first step and do not break the

Covenant I have with you I am calling

you leave everything you are doing in

this moment abandon distractions and

thoughts that distance you from my

presence listen to what I wish to tell

you I bring you my love and forgiveness

I will grant you renewed strength you

will soar and not grow weary and you

will walk and not

faint you may be wondering why your

trial is so severe even though you have

done everything right and things haven’t

gone as you planned but have Faith keep

believing remember that grapes must be

crushed to make wine diamonds are formed

Under Pressure olives are pressed to

release oil and seeds grow in

darkness even when you don’t understand

what is happening I am working in your

favor for your benefit I want you to

know that you are loved I know every

detail of you in your weakness I am your

strength when you pass through hardships

I am your

breed in sness I am your comfort in

weariness I am your energy I am

everything you need to move forward I

tell you once more everything will turn

out well because you have chosen to

believe and my response has arrived I

will not let you go I hold your hand you

will pass through this dark path with my

hand guiding you through all the trials

and you will emerge

Victorious you may be in a place you

don’t want to be right now now but

remember everything is

temporary the path may seem confusing

and blurry but your destiny is one of

Triumph the decisions you make today

will influence your

tomorrow I give you the opportunity to

be wise and turn everything toward

good I am not lying when I say I will

help you tell me what you believe calm

your soul fill your faith with trust

Tranquility you already told me what is

happening to you and I have listened the

difficult time has passed now it’s time

to act and not stumble upon the same

Stone you have learned the lesson now

catch your breath and keep moving

forward you are starting a new but this

time it’s with my guidance and

assistance keep these words in your mind

when your trial

comes that day is near but do not fear

for I have sent my angels to protect you

the enemy’s Army cannot harm you or your

loved ones my grace and protection are

with you now tomorrow and

always have faith everything happens in

its own time let go and Trust keep your

faith burning and be patient remember

that my timing is perfect do not rush

into the future nor cling to Vain and

fleeting things that only bring

discomfort to your life let go and rid

yourself of anything that hinders my

blessings upon you distance yourself

from the unbelievers and persist in

prayer trust in my timing and do not

despair for many blessings will come

into your

life adverse situations will soon be

left behind just be

patient do not lose your composure or

seek easy paths as they may lead you

away from me me and eventually destroy

you keep praying keep delving into my

word so that you will never be deceived

by false

doctrines do not be anxious about


possessions remember that what the world

offers is

temporary while what I offer is eternal

and filled with blessings for your life

continue to have faith in my promises

everything will come in its own time I

never delay or forget I’m always ready

to meet each of your needs do not

despair for I am with you do not be

impatient because of the wicked or

envious of those who do evil for they

will soon be cut down like grass and

wither away trust in the Lord and do

good you will dwell in the land and be

fed in truth Delight in the Lord and He

will grant you the desires of your heart

commit your way to the Lord trust in him

and he will act he will bring forth your

righteousness as the light and your

justice as the Noonday be still before

the Lord and wait for him do not fret

over those who prosper in their ways or

over those who carry out evil

plans cease from anger and forsake wrath

do not fret it leads only to

evildoing for the evildoers will be cut

off but those who wait for the Lord

shall inherit the land for in just a

little while the wicked will be no

more though you look carefully at his

place he will not be there but the meek

shall inherit the land and Delight

themselves in abundant

peace the wicked plots against the

righteous and nashes his teeth at him

but the Lord laughs at the wicked for he

sees that his day is

coming the wicked draw the sword and

bend their bows to bring down the poor

and needy to slay those of upright

conduct but their sword shall enter

their own heart and their bows shall be

broken it is better to have little and

be righteous than to have the riches of

many Sinners for the arms of the wicked

shall be broken but the Lord upholds the

righteous the Lord knows the days of the

blameless and their inheritance will

last forever they shall not be ashamed

in the time of evil in the days of

famine they shall be satisfied but the

Wicked Will perish the enemies of the

Lord are like the glory of the pastures

they vanish like smoke they vanish

away the wicked borrows but does not

repay but the righteous is generous and

gives for those blessed by the Lord

shall inherit the land but those cursed

by him shall be cut

off the the steps of a man are

established by the Lord when he Delights

in his way my beloved child listen

closely for I speak to you with a heart

full of love and

understanding in your journey through

life you may stumble and fall but

remember this I am always with you ready

to lift you

up I’ve seen the span of many lives from

youth to old age and I assure you those

who walk in righteousness are never


my blessings and mercy flow ceaselessly

providing for you and your loved ones I

urge you turn from the paths of

wrongdoing and embrace

goodness by doing so you will find a

home in my eternal Grace for I cherish

what is right and just and I never turn

away from my devoted ones they are

protected forever while those who choose

wickedness find their legacy lost the

earth and its richness are a promise to

the righteous a place for them to

flourish the words of the righteous are

filled with wisdom and fairness their

hearts are Guided by my teachings

ensuring their steps are steady and true

though the wicked May lie in wait

seeking harm I will not allow the

righteous to fall into their

grasp in times of judgment my protection


assured stay patient and follow my ways

in doing so you will rise and inherit

the Splendor of creation you’ll witness

the downfall of those who Embrace sin I

have seen the wicked appear strong like

a flourishing

tree yet in a blink they vanish leaving


Trace observe those who live with

integrity and those who walk

uprightly their Journey leads to a

peaceful and joyful

conclusion but those who stray into

iniquity will find themselves

lost remember the salvation of the

righteous comes from me I am their

stronghold in times of trial I will

always be there to help and rescue them

for their trust in me is their greatest

strength trust in me my child and find

your refuge and hope I will watch over

you and be your Eternal support you need

only trust me with all your heart and

surrender everything into my hands in in

me need and scarcity shall not harm you

for I will make your dreams and desires

possible I will improve your finances

and prosper your familial

relationships please place your trust in

what I tell you today for I’m not one

who promises happiness and then fails to

deliver I am your father and I have

loved you from the beginning of time I

desire for you to receive my love in

your heart and embrace the grace and

favor that I bestow upon your

path it is time to trust with your whole

mind heart and

being let go of those feelings that only

cause you pain and Lead You

astray abandon those worldly anxieties

that prevent you from truly living and

torment you from within for when you

gave much of yourself you received pain


return but in me you shall suffer no

more I love you you and even though it

may be difficult to comprehend I ask

only that you believe and

receive I love you so dearly because you

are my greatest treasure my child my

Creation in my own image you are the

price of my precious

blood I want you to understand that my

desire is to guide you to the destiny I

have for you a path of favor and

blessing where everything will go well

for you may you have a prosperous

present and future

furthermore understand that following my

will will bring only Grace and happiness

to your life and to every member of your

family know that you can confidently

wait for me for I will answer your

prayers the doors of my heavenly Throne

will always be open to you you can come

to me freely securely and with trust for

I do not disappoint those who place

their trust in

me when the enemy seeks to steal your

faith and conf confidence do not allow

it do not listen to his voice or heed


accusations do not be afraid or dismayed

be strong and courageous and I will

bless you abundantly with goods and

mercies remember that my grace and power

are always on your side I will be there

with you guiding you transforming your

problems into blessings your sorrow into

joy and your weeping into rejoicing

my child I love you and I will always

watch over

you do not forget that I am thinking of

you even in these

moments please trust in me and leave

everything in my

hands I will ensure that in me you have

a path of well-being prosperity and much

happiness receive it and believe it you

have called upon me in your prayers and

I have heard

you that is why today I will visit your

house and change your

destiny I know that you are suffering

and that you need my help prepare

yourself for I am your Mighty God the

doer of Miracles and today I come to

give you the courage and strength you

need to overcome this trial you are

facing do not fear I know how you feel

this is the moment to acknowledge your

need I know that you and your family are

going through a great desert where

Solitude dries up hope and the journey

through this desert Burns and Makes You

Weep in

pain I know it is challenging to keep

walking and believe that even in the

midst of this suffering my hand will


you but it is necessary for you to

understand that the key that unlocks the

door to Miracles is and always will be

your faith therefore I want to tell you

that everything you are going through is

just a process

just as gold only shines when it passes

through fire and is





so shall you shine and be purified from

the negative things that still exist

within you it is time for you to abandon

anger vanity fear doubt and lack of

faith never look back for nothing from

your past can bring you closer to the

joy and blessings that I will bestow

upon you my dear child let not your

heart be troubled by the trials you face

nor grow impatient in the midst of them

know that you are not alone in this

journey I Am with You guarding you

against those who wish you

harm do not dwell on the loss of

material things or mourn over them

insteed priori is what truly matters

your love for me and your earnest

pursuit of my precense remember I am

your God your provider I have a multitud

day of miraculous awaiting you and my

power to bless you is as strong as

ever trust in me to fill your life with

genuine blessings and open doors to new

possibilities I will shower you with

blessings in

abundance be assured that I can turn

around any negative circumstance for

your good so do not lose

hope behind every Challenge and

frustration behind each hurdle you face

there lies a wealth of blessings and

prosperity it that I have prepared for

you ready yourself to receive and wisely

Steward these

gifts understand that the happiness you

find in me transcends your current

situation in my presence there is a

richness of joy that is constantly with

you for you are never apart from me as

you navigate the Journey of your day

earnestly seek me I take great pleasure

in revealing myself to you in various


sometimes my communication is Grand and

unmistakable remarkable coincidences

that clearly bear the mark of my

intervention other times I make my

presence known subtly in ways deeply

personal to you perhaps imperceptible to

others these gentle signs are special

gifts meant to bring a profound and

intimate joy to your soul the more

attentive and where you are the more you

will find me in the smallest details of

your life so remain Vigilant and

continuously watchful for my presence in

all things keep your mind and heart

saturated with scripture where I reveal

my nature and my promises most

clearly let these promises shape your

thoughts and keep you in close communion


me listen for my voice it is familiar to

you for you know me and follow my

guidance I grant you the gift of eternal

life and you are securely held in my

hand beyond the reach of any Force









and be glad celebrate the joy of my

constant presence the Assurance of my

love and the security of my eternal

promise know that in every moment

whether filled with grand gestures or

quiet Whispers I Am with You guiding

loving and revealing the wonders of my

kingdom in both the Magnificent and the

mundane let this knowledge fill you with

Everlasting joy and peace seek me

wholeheartedly cherish my word and never

cease to pray for the Wonders I have in

store for you are far from exhausted

concentrate on what truly matters be

Valiant and bold on this walk of

faith for by doing so I will bless you

abundantly and bestow upon you blessings

and Miracles more precious than gold




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