YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO…. । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I know you feel lost amidst the

storms of life the path ahead seems

filled with obstacles and fear breaths

indecision within your

heart but take comfort for I Am With You

Always though the way may seem unclear I

will light your steps if you but ask my

promises stand sure simply trust in me

the enemy Whispers lies and Stokes the

fires of anxiety but his words hold no

truth fix your eyes on me instead and

walk in faith through the triumphing

hope I freely give I crafted you with

purpose for this very hour you need not

strive only believe my plans for you

outstrip your wildest dreams for I mean

to show my glory through you I will turn

every struggle to Joy and use each one

to prepare you for the blessings to come

have I not said that all things work

toward the good of those who love me

rest in this

the next season fast approaches ripe

with long- awaited favor but patience my

child wait on my perfect timing with

expectant Joy fear breathes in action so


courageous boldly Follow My Lead though

the way veers from all you’ve known for

my thoughts Eclipse your thoughts as the

heavens eclipse the earth trust The

Whispers of my spirit over the sight of

your eyes soon you will look back on

this season and rejoice for all that

seemed contrary will prove preparation

for the Wonder I am

working come to me often beloved one

unload your cares and unmute your

prayers speak freely all that weighs

upon your soul holding back no thought


desire have we not the most intimate

friendship you and I how I Delight in

the simple Act of your presence with me

for even quiet communion with an open

heart brings me joy Jo you needn’t

perform only come as you are in

Stillness my peace will guard your mind

and my grace will restore your soul the

clamor of fear and anxiety will drain

away amidst the comfort of my friendship

you will gain strength to walk the path

I’ve called you

to for I mean to use your unique story

to bless others who walk where you now

walk your pain will redeem their pain

when my glory is revealed in

you this time of testing will pass my

child I swear it on the Integrity of my

name even now the dawn breaks keep your

eyes fixed on me alone and bald faith

will displace fear I’m able to do far

more than you ask or imagine as you hope

in me Rivers of Life Will Spring forth

new dreams new passions New Joy you will

run with fresh Vigor after my heart have

I not carved my promises on the tablet

of your heart

hold fast to them for I am watching to

perform my word step out in Courage

fixed on my truth

alone soon you will see the Desert

Blossom into streams of abundance Beyond

Reckoning yes Beauty will rise from

these ashes hope will flare into a

confidence nothing can shake and my

glory blazing in you will draw many home

to my heart you were made for such a

time as this beloved my child do not

mistake the silence for

inaction though the way seems long and

your prayers Echo unanswered I am

working still my plans for you take

shape Beyond the Veil even when overcast

Skies block the

sun I see the despair that haunts your

footsteps and the unbelief crouching at

the door but greater is he in you than

he in the

world the seed of faith I planted cannot

be uprooted so let it grow strong

nourish confidence daily through the

Living Water of my word the truth you

etch on your heart will illuminate path

and purpose when the way grows

dim beloved you play a pivotal role in

what I am building though obscurity

shrouds your place for now content

yourself with fostering secret growth as

you walk in tandem with me the hidden

nurtures the visible into being like the

seedling shooting roots in Winter’s

Barren soil

green life grows in you though chill


blow I Shield the tender Shute till

conditions ripen to

emerge but patient trust must Pace the

journey into

Destiny I perfect sensitivity before

entrusting you with

authority my spirit schools your spirit

in lessons of yielded to walk in sync

with my heart’s

desire this training in the mundane and

mute will one day give voice to my my

glory through you do not despise the day

of Small Beginnings or neglect the

mundane great purpose ripens through

perseverance in the ordinary

routine here is the Paradox beloved life

Springs from Death gain emerges from

loss attempting creates

ability in solitude character

strengthens to shoulder the weight of

community needs in days to come do not

fear walking alone when I have promised

to walk with you

the loneliest valleys teach the deepest

truths if we will quiet our souls as we


through listen for my voice in Stillness


Solitude as you yield to my whisper I

will impart secrets from my heart and

access to my power when the time comes

you will recognize it until then be

faithful with the small and keep in step

with my spirit

today ignore the restlessness of

ambition or the p massive drift into

complacency neither will red you for

partnership with me in

Destiny discipline the habits of your

soul and invest well the currency of


days this wise building will yield

Eternal reward do not grow anxious my

beloved have I not said that no one who

waits for me will be put to shame take

great courage from this unfailing

promise I know the desire of your heart

and the destination I have prepared for

you simply fix your eyes on me alone and

follow in childlike

trust I will teach your heart patience

as I develop a tenacious hope within

you here and now the foundation sets

build upon it in confidence by living

fully to my glory today for my delight

is to reveal my power through those who

love me as they walk in Integrity of

heart persevere in Purity and singleness

of focus the testing and stretching of

today will give rise to the enlargement

of tomorrow as iron sharpens iron

Beloved the friction you feel refines

your edges do not lose hope or shrink

back for much much more awaits you lift

up your head and set your Gaze on things

Eternal then you will gain perspective

on today’s Journey one day soon Heaven’s

realities will intersect Earthly

hardships bringing my glory to bear on

the work of your hands

you play a part no one else can play in

what I am building have I not said the

first would be last and the last first

in my kingdom the path to Greatness lies

in Walking The Hidden path of

servanthood and

sacrifice but take heart in this beloved

child the glory set before you far

eclipses present loss and

suffering fix your eyes on the Eternal

weight of Glory I am fashioning through

momentary light

Affliction I am working a weighty glory

in and through you my child one day my

extravagant power poured out on the seed

of your surrendered yes over long years

of unseen growth will explode into

history your patient laboring in

obscurity watered by tears and faith

will bear Eternal fruit rewarding your


richly but you walk in the in between

for now stay the course keep your gaze

fixed on me

alone the richness of what grows through

your perseverance is worth infinitely

more than the struggle

required for my favor will open doors

and enlarge your influence Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams the raw material birthed

in Hidden days with me I am proud of you

my dear one my heart thrills as I watch

you grow strong in the Unseen place for

the courage and surrender you live out

in mundane faithfulness sings deep

harmonies with my spirit and sets events

in motion

eternally ahead lies all you have longed

for prepared in love since before time

began even Sorrows past present and

those yet to come cannot compare with

the glory I have set before you the

night advances as day is soon to

break beloved many dear to my heart

walked paths like yours to play their

part in my story long ago their

whispered yes through tear stained Faith

still echoes in each eternity align your

heart with those who went before you for

their lives map the way forward and stir

courage for your soul when courage runs

low consider my servant David a man

after my own heart I trained his hands

for war in the mundane chore of

shepherding from the pasture to the

Palace he walked a path designed to

Humble dependence and forg tenacious

trust I grew strength from weakness in

the man IID ordained to lead and my

spirit’s fire welded Destiny in The

Crucible of

adversity remember too my courageous

Esther whose obedience framed the fate

of Nations an orphaned Exile she

remained adopted as royalty for such a

time as this she chose risky

obedience understand this truth my child

the path I walk with you flows not from

my wrath but my jealous love for all my

helpless children I long to lavish my

grace but jewel-like Beauty only forms

under pressure and time you were made

for this beloved child to Steward storms

that stir the longing for

Dawn the cost seems great but cannot

compare with the glory soon to show

through you lift up your head Redemption

draws near

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