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my dear

child today I’m coming over to your

place and I’m about to change things up

for you your prayers full of belief and

honesty have called me here just know

I’m here to help you out because I’ve

got the strength and determination to be

the one who makes miracles happen your

belief is important but you got to know

I care about you a lot no matter what’s

going on you can always count on finding

comfort in me my love rap around you

fixing you up without pointing

fingers I’m here surrounding you with my

caring company no scolding involved you

need someone to talk to who won’t cut

you off share what’s really on your mind

your own toughness can only go so far

it’s time to admit you need help I

understand you and your family are going

through a rough patch feeling deserted

and losing

hope your spirit craves love because of

all the hardships you faced the road is

is tough and you’re crying out as you

step on the blazing hot stones that make

you cry in pain I get it you keep going

trusting that even in this suffering I’m

here to support

you still I’m here to Shield you from

the foes that attack and hurt you what

you’re going through now is just a way

to cleanse yourself like how gold gets

its shine after going through fire you

too will shine and get rid of any

negativity hanging around

you I’m not saying this to put down your

sibling but to urge you to reach out and

lend a hand to those who’ve stumbled let

go of anger Pride fear uncertainty and

any lack of belief don’t dwell on the

past because whatever happened there

can’t match the happiness waiting for

you from now on look for the little and

big things in your life that you’re

thankful for keep a clear conscience

holding on to my good qualities in your

heart you’re worth more your family’s

worth more and your future is worth more

than money stuff Homes careers jobs fame

or being

popular don’t worry about losing stuff

and don’t cry over it what really

matters most is your love for me look

for me with all your strength because

I’m the one who takes care of you and

now I’ll give you what you need I’ll

make sure you’re happy with real

blessings open up lots of opportunities

for you and give you some good

chances you’ll be showered with

blessings Galore

keep an eye on what’s happening around

you remember I can turn bad stuff into

good for you so don’t lose hope if you

run into problems at first you don’t

realize that behind every problem and

annoyance I’m hiding lots of good stuff

and blessings for you get ready to

handle what I give you with

wisdom look for guidance in my teachings

to make the most of the gifts and

talents I’ve given you don’t get tempted

by stuff fame or feel like you need to

go into debt to get things just to

impress others concentrate on what’s

really important work on taking your

spiritual life up a notch put in the

effort to understand my teachings and

get to know me better I’ll show you lots

of things I want you to see amazing

Miracles and take good care of your

health and family don’t put anything off


later I’m giving you the power and

smarts to handle different situations

today I don’t want you to panic at the

th Hour mess things up because you

didn’t listen to my advice or feel

crushed by frustration get up and get it

done take the leap you’ve got a brave

heart and I don’t see any cowardice in

you even if you’re feeling uncertain

keep doing the right things and don’t be

afraid you won’t lose or be short of

anything and if you do lose something or

people get mad at you for trying to

better your situation and make good

decisions leave them to me pray for them

but don’t listen to their advice or

complaints those heading toward trouble

can’t give you any

help I’m here to help you with

everything but put me first I’ll not

only help you but I’ll also make you

successful and pour blessings on you

worth more than gold even if you feel

beaten down and discouraged I’ll revive

your will to live and make you

stronger everyone around you in many

generations to come will see just how

much I’ve blessed

you I’ll give you new clothes honor you

and make your paths smooth your place

will be full of my glory trust this

because it will happen if you’re in a

rush just remember these words but if

you’ve got a minute take in this message

that’ll bring you lots of Joy I’m really

pleased with

you you’ve really moved me despite all

the challenges you faced you keep

believing in me and haven’t given up so

today I promise to shower even more

blessings on you and your family don’t

lose hope don’t quit keep pushing

forward and don’t be

afraid keep reaching out to the sky even

when you’re exhausted along your journey

take a moment to sit and talk to me in

your own

words share your thoughts with me your

plans what’s in your heart let your

feelings out remember you need more than

just food to live you need every word

that comes from me the bread I’m

offering you now is for your good giving

you comfort peace and Assurance I’m

leaving my peace with you and you’ll

feel it in your heart when you feel like

you can’t go on anymore remember that my

love Burns within you reminding you that

I’m always by your

side don’t rely too much on people

because they can let you down don’t let

your happiness depend on the love and

approval of others it’s true that I made

you to love and be loved but the only

love that will last forever that you can

always count on is my

love it never fails and it’s always

there there for you don’t give your

heart to those who might leave you don’t

trust your future to those who stop

loving you after they’ve gotten what


wanted I’m the one who takes care of you

the fire that lights up your love for

Life getting rid of Despair and bringing

back your love for your

family don’t give in to despair don’t

betray the trust of those who love you

don’t entertain thoughts that tie you

down and don’t keep secrets inside you

that eat away at you I’m your father

your God my love is clear in this

amazing chance I’m giving

you I’ve loved you and I still love you

Flaws and All I’ll keep on blessing you

it’s time to make a change to step out

in faith into a life of Freedom this

message is just for you I love you and

today you can feel it come back tomorrow

because there’s a lot more I want to

share with

you now tell me me that you love me amen

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