YOUR DESTINY IS IN GOD’S HANDS! HIS WILL BE DONE! god message now | god message today | god says

[Music] my beloved child I ask you to pause and

listen with all your heart grant me a moment of your precious time for I have

something important to share with you Let My Words fill your soul and let go

of any distractions what I wish to convey to you today is of utmost

significance stay with me a little longer and let me know how you feel

allow me to reach into the depths of your soul pulling out any pain or sorrow that weighs upon your

mind I embrace you with unending love and offer you a Serenity like no other

come closer give me your heart and let yourself be enveloped by my love I am

faithful to my promises I do not speak in vain my purpose in coming to you is

to lift you up to paint a smile on your face each morning as you seek me

my love for you is boundless and I want you to experience it deeply so that you

may find happiness once more understand this I have never left

your side and I will never forget you I hold you in the palm of my hand

providing you with steadfast protection your path is secure trust in this truth

with all your heart my arms are always open to receive you I am attentive to

your cries and prayers each morning when you begin a new day open your eyes take

a deep breath and sense my presence surrounding you I rejoice when you

approach me addressing me with confidence and trust you know that I listen to you and

answer your earnest requests it warms my heart when you intercede for your loved

ones for this act holds great significance in moments of adversity do not let

trivial matters divert your attention from the path I’ve set before you when you feel overwhelmed and

besieged by life’s conflicts remember that you can turn to me for guidance and

solutions I do not desire for you to be enslaved by anxiety or Paralyzed by

unfounded fears you’ve placed your trust in me because you know I will not disappoint

you do do not forget my word store it deep within your soul keep it close to

your heart reflect upon the Miracles I’ve performed in your life rescuing you from

adversaries saving you from Peril extending my hand to deliver you from

danger even in the darkest hours when you believed all hope was lost I

manifested my powerful word and worked wondrous Deeds there are countless blessings ings

I can still bestow upon you entrust your heart to me with unwavering confidence

allow me to continue guiding and safeguarding you day and night I am your ever watchful Guardian do not allow

despair to take root in your soul for I cherish you deeply my desire is for you to receive

my peace and experience true happiness I see your tears hear your

prayers and acknowledge your please to care for and hate those you hold

dear many times you kneel before me imploring my blessings upon others yet

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