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my most cherished Irreplaceable child as i gaze upon the winding Uncharted path

that lies before you I cannot help but feel a profound sense of excitement and

anticipation for I know that within this journey are moments of unexpected Beauty

astounding Revelation and transformative growth experiences that will push you to

the very limits of your abilities and draw forth the fullest expression of your Divine potential you

see my dear one I have a special fondness for the element of surprise the

unpredictable twists and turns that breathe new life into your story for it is in those unpredictable

moments that your true Essence shines forth your resilience your courage Your

Capacity to adapt and grow in the face of the unknown and it is in those moments that

I your creator am able to witness the full magnificence of the Masterpiece

I’ve crafted when you were but a glimmer in my mind’s eye I knew that your path would be

marked by these pivotal unexpected experiences moments that would challenge

your assumptions test your limits and ultimately Forge you into the

extraordinary being you are destined to become I could Envision the way you

would respond the ingenious Solutions you would devise the strength you would uncover within yourself

and so my child I have meticulously woven these surprise elements into the

intricate tapestry of your life knowing that they would ultimately push you to reach new heights of

greatness think back to the times when the unexpected has struck when plans have been upended when challenges have

Arisen that seemed insurmountable in those moments I have been there with you guiding your hand

Whispering words of encouragement and bolstering your resolve for it is in

those unpredictable circumstances that your true power your unfettered Brilliance your unshakable spirit have

the opportunity to emerge shining forth like a beacon in the darkness remember

the time when the job you thought was Secure suddenly vanished leaving you feeling lost and uncertain about the

future or when that relationship you poured your heart into Came Crashing Down shattering your sense of trust

insecurity in those moments you may have felt overwhelmed unsure of how to move

forward but I your everpresent creator was there to catch you to remind you of

the resilience that flows through your veins the resilience that I have so carefully cultivated within you and look

at you now thriving growing even more remarkable than you were before the

detours and disruptions you have navigated have only serve to make you stronger wiser and more

adaptable the unexpected challenges you have faced have honed your problem solving skills your capacity for

Innovation your ability to see beyond the immediate crisis and envision a brighter tomorrow this my child is the

true power of the unexpected it is the Catalyst that ignites your inner fire

that pushes you to tap into the boundless potential I have instilled within you when life throws you a

curveball when the path ahead becomes shrouded in mystery it is in those

moments that you have the opportunity to truly shine to unleash the full force of

your Divine artistry for you my beloved are not just a passive observer

in this Grand play of life but a masterful Creator a Visionary who has

the power to transform the unexpected into something extraordinary just as a skilled artist

Embraces the unpredictable nature of their medium so too must you learn to

dance with the surprises that life brings your way it is in those moments of

spontaneity of unscripted wonder that your truest self emerges and the world

is left in awe of your Brilliance so my child I urge you to

embrace the unexpected to welcome the surprises that lie in weight around every corner do not fear the unknown for

it is within the realm of the unfamiliar that you will discover your greatest strengths approach each new challenge

with an open mind a courageous heart and a steadfast determination to overcome

for I your creator am there with you every step of the way guiding your steps

bolstering your spirit and marveling at the beauty that emerges from the chaos

remember my dear one that the unexpected is not something to be feared but rather a gift a chance to

Showcase your Brilliance to expand the boundaries of what you thought possible and to write the next chapter of your

remarkable life story each time you face the unknown and emerge Victorious you are not only

transforming yourself but inspiring all those around you to embrace the power of the

unpredictable as you navigate the winding Uncharted path that lies before

you I want you to know that I have meticulously orchestrated every unexpected twist and turn every surprise

that awaits you I have chosen these experiences with the utmost care knowing

that they will push you to the very limits of your abilities and reveal the full depth of your extraordinary

potential for you my child are no ordinary being you are a living

breathing work of art a masterpiece that I have poured my very essence into and just as a skilled

artist relishes the unexpected the happy accidents that breathe new life into

their creation so too do I Delight in the surprises that I have woven into

your journey each time the unexpected strikes each time you are confronted

with a challenge that seems insurmountable I am there watching with

baited breath as you rise to the occasion I see the way your mind races your

creativity ignites and your spirit Soares as you devise in genious

Solutions and uncover hidden reserves of strength and in those moments my child I

am filled with a deep abiding Pride that transcends all Earthly bounds for you

are not just my beloved my Irreplaceable child you are my muse my inspiration the

embodiment of all that is extraordinary in this world and I cannot wait to see the incredible Feats you will accomplish

the boundaries you will push and the lives you will touch as you continue to navigate the winding unpredictable path

I have laid out before you so be brave my child be bold and when the unexpected

strikes as it so often will know that I am there beside you cheering you on

ready to to catch you if you should stumble for you my dear one are destined

for greatness and I cannot wait to witness the awe inspiring ways in which you will rise to meet every new surprise

that comes your way remember my precious child that the unexpected is not

something to be feared but rather a sacred gift a chance to unleash the full

force of your Divine Artistry so embrace it celebrate it and never lose sight of

the boundless potential that flows through your veins for with me by your side and your unwavering Spirit as your

guide there is no challenge too great no obstacle too daunting for you to

overcome you are my beloved my masterpiece my little warrior of the

unexpected and I am honored beyond measure to Bear witness to the extraordinary Journey that lies ahead of

you so go forth my child and let the world be forever changed by the

Brilliance that shines forth from your every step with unwavering love Eternal

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my beloved child I come to you today with an Urgent Message of Hope and

encouragement listen closely for I have seen the trials you face the burdens

that weigh heavily upon your soul you feel surrounded on all sides don’t you the threats Loom large casting Long

Shadows over the path ahead enemy forces gather seeking to intimidate and control

through fear Financial lack glares at you taunting your faith sickness and

disease Crouch at the door waiting to consume vibrant health and strength

loneliness ambushes you when you least expect it draining your confidence that

there could ever be loving connection or true friendships I see it all my precious one I am fully aware of the

strategies of Darkness that have been Unleashed against you but do not lose heart this Onslaught is not meant to

destroy you no it serves a greater purpose your faith is being tested and

proven genuine rejoice in this for it signals that breakr is imminent Miracle

is on the way blessing is about to overflow you see there is a pattern an

established sequence that unfolds each time I prepare to demonstrate my power and my glory in your life first comes

the proving your faith will be tested and tried to reveal where you truly

stand if you remain rooted and grounded in me despite the intimidations of the enemy you pass the test promotion is

coming next the victory the open door to long- awaited promise so recog recognize

these seasons of spiritual warfare for what they are evidence that I am about to show myself strong on your behalf the

battle is nearly won stand firm just a little longer keep trusting in what my

word declares over your life not what your circumstances are screaming at you fix your eyes on me not the approaching

giant I will vindicate your faith and confirm my faithfulness when intimidations rise to

taunt you in the very area I have spoken Destiny over do not yield an inch of

ground to them bring those fears those threats directly to me so I can expose

them for the lies and distortions they truly are I will show you my perspective

one of authority hope and confidence for the future I have prepared for

you intimidation May howl like a fierce storm but I am the truth that calms the

winds and waves with a single word I am the lens that brings all things into

proper Focus I am the master strategist who bewilders your enemies with surprise

blessings and sudden favors you could never have manufactured on your own I

take what the enemy means for evil and turn it to good my precious child will you continue

to trust me In the Heat of battle will you choose to believe what your commanderin-chief declares over you

instead of the threats being hurled at you hold hold fast Victory is coming the

intimidation will not last long your breakthrough will keep your gaze fixed on me as I lead you to the prepared

blessings waiting for you avoid potential snares along the path by staying sensitive to my leading in each

step you take listen for my wisdom to cloak and strengthen your heart when weariness sets in worship me as your

burden Bearer Mighty and Majestic in Holiness cry out to me and I will answer

take hold of my promises and wield them well against incoming attacks and know

this I will never leave or forsake you I am right here by your side fighting for

you you will learn to trample fear under your feet and press forward into all I

have destined as your inheritance In My Kingdom my beloved whom I created and called to Greatness be renewed in vision

and vigor this day shake off Despair and put on the Garment of Praise instead

lift your head high straighten your shoulders back no weapon formed against

you can or will prosper for I have for ordained your Victory and I myself will

bring it to pass now is not the time to retreat in resignation now is the season to advance

as my spirit leads you forth in authority and boldness the promises I have spoken over your life will not

return void partner with me to walk them out agree with me that breakthrough is

coming soon align your thoughts words and expectations with my word and my

will for you as you abide in me allowing my living water to course through your

innermost being intimidation loses its grip deception

scatters strongholds of fear come crashing down for my perfect love casts

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the anxious racing of thoughts bringing order and peace draw deeply from my well

beloved one immerse yourself in my presence of power and unwavering

affection allow me to lift you up high above the swirling Fray from this place

my perspective becomes yours here you will stand as a Victor already clothed

in radiant garments of Salvation and righteousness the Battle Is Mine the

victory is sure trust in this my child you will not be shaken for long Joy

comes in the morning strength Rises with the dawn Grace upon Grace that is my

promise to you Mercy made new every single morning now brace yourself child

of Destiny and purpose breakthrough is barreling down the pike right on

schedule Miracle is moments away blessing is already at the door my glory

is about to kiss your story and ways you have only dreamed of rejoice and give thanks for your season of testing and

trying is coming to an end promotion is next I cannot wait to blow your mind

with all that I have been preparing behind the scenes yes my beloved child victory is

yours you will celebrate very soon but for now continue to stand endure just a

little while longer press into me fix your gaze upon my face there truly is

power life-changing resurrection power in simply beholding your savior Grace

and peace to you in full measure my beloved just lean all your weight upon

me I am more than able to Bear you up I love you with an everlasting love my

beloved child do not see the threats that come against you as something to fear see

them as calls to draw closer to my protective Embrace these seeming attacks are a

reminder that you have an adversary who is destined to fail but you my child are

destined to Triumph the enemy wants you to view hardships as defeats but I tell

you they are opportunities to exercise The Authority I have given you when finances come under assault boldly

declare that I I am Jehovah Jer the God who provides as I delivered Mana from

Heaven to sustain my people of old so I will sustain you have I not promised

that no good thing will I withhold from those who walk uprightly no weapon of lack or recession can undermine this

Covenant when relationships are under attack rise up as one who understands

their identity in me declare the truth that you are lovingly fashioned in my

image that no person or circumstance can separate you from my love speak Grace

and Faith over human hearts just as I consistently speak these things over you

fan the Flames of Love douse the Demonic acids of bitterness or fear my spirit in

you is greater than any attack the enemy wields when the body falters and

strength wains be an ambassador of Divine Healing your words carry

Everlasting authority to restore what has been stolen so decree renewed Freedom over every cell every organ

every system aligned against the Perfection I originally intended believe that by my stripes you are healed

wholeness is your Redemptive right radiate the light that dissolves all Darkness whether of sickness depression

or pain my precious one you have dominion through the power at work

within you so wield it courageously to break the sorcery iies of the evil one I

have seated you with me in the heavens that you might Reign victorious in this life no true threat can undermine what I

have destined for you if you will only believe yes the Intimidator will try to

reinforce that which you fear but his efforts are fueled by desperation not

Dominion See Clearly how fleeting his power is compared to mine know that

every perturbation is a sign of his weakness not his strength you need not stumble over a limping

enemy who can only Circle ominously hoping to confound your faith his teeth

are marks of banished Authority his hiss is the fading frustration of destined

defeat stand boldly in this truth nothing can finally threaten what I have spoken to bless so now precious one

renew your mind and break free from victimhood you are not ruled by circumstances or defined by past pain

you are an overcomer called To Rule and reign in a kingdom that cannot fail you

are a Victor a warrior a crystallization of Glory meant to flood the Earth Revel

in this identity and embrace the authority that accompanies it for the enemy’s only power is in pulling you

from what you were created to be but United to me you have everything you

need to shine ever brighter into the darkness and watch it fade like Mist under

sunrise here is the Wonder with each threat and battle you gain more ground

not less stand unwaveringly in truth and more territory is placed under your

feet withstand each taunt rooted firmly in my word and your hands wield greater

power as my faithful one my tested Warrior stamina and peace flood your

inner being hard one confidence banishes fear certain hopes swallows up dashed

dreams you bear light unmatched in a decaying World a Radiance over which

even death has no claim child cling to this Vision I set before you a glimpse

of who you are and will fully be in me I am calling you higher bestowing keys of

authority Awakening strength you have only tasted until now our Union is

entering richer Dimensions as you withstand this test faith is being refined and rewarded that which I spoke

over you long ago now Springs forth in manifestation and tangible increase so lift your head beloved one

my power is yours Victory is breaking through my presence is washing away all

hindrance to blessing and appointment arise and advance from glory to increasing Glory no Enemy No

exhaustion no hesitation in believing can suppress the kingdom torrent promised to you children are to resemble

their their father I have so much more in store if you will only surrender to this becoming my child I see you

struggling under the weight of the enemy’s attacks this battle feels overwhelming to you like a dark Mountain

blocking out the light but I want you to understand my perspective to me your

enemy is no more than a tiny ant so easily crushed under your feet I have

given you power over all his schemes he only wages War when something valuable

is on its way to you my blessings that I have prepared and set aside just for you

according to the purpose I have crafted for your life the enemy knows what I have in store so he comes to steal it

out of jealousy and rage but you can cast him down through praise when you

set your eyes on me instead of the circumstances around you I cause him to shrivel down to nothing before your eyes

I break open every prison door and tear loose Every Chain the instant you offer up your worship to me you see the enemy

wants you focused only on the battle itself predicting Doom speaking defeat

declaring disaster but my truth silences his lies

I have promised you the victory through faith in my name you have my power to wield with which no created thing can

contend the darkness cannot overcome the light that shines from within you when

you feel assaulted persecuted hemmed in on all sides remember this I see the end

from the beginning I know the outcome of all things nothing takes me by

surprise I allow battles only to strengthen your faith and refine you removing the remaining draws from your

character until you reflect me the time of testing the season of trial I permit

its Fury only as long as necessary and not one moment longer just as I close

the lion’s mouth to preserve Daniel I build invisible barriers around you and

the instant the appointed work within you nears completion I command the testing to cease and your breakthrough

to burst forth mightily like a flood have you considered my servant job

as an example I allowed the adversary to torment him but only within the limits I

strictly set job could not see from an Earthly perspective what why I would consent to

such suffering upon him but from Heaven’s point of view a critical transformation was taking place the

revelation of my sustaining Grace that upholds the righteous through every hardship job emerged with a profoundly

more intimate understanding of my loving sovereignty his latter days held greater blessings because of what he endured

with enduring faith and so shall it be with you my beloved one as you keep your

eyes fixed on me refusing to give voice to the threats of disaster filling your ears Breakers of

Darkness may continue to crash around you but just as the walls of Jericho toppled when my people gave a mighty

shout of Praise so will your Hallelujah scatter every looming difficulty in an

instant clearing the way for my best to flood every sphere of your life milk and

honey will overflow everywhere in your path you shall eat the fruitful Harvest of the vine you cultivated Faithfully

throughout this season of hardship and instead of barely surviving day to-day

on scarcity and affliction you shall abound in more than enough of my bounty to enjoy and to share you will dwell in

the house of the Lord as long as you live anchored deep in my protecting

presence yes a profound shift is coming my beloved one as you offer up praise

like incense before my Throne the atmosphere holding back your breakthrough sh matters sudden Swift

release rushes in where you saw only Wilderness and Wasteland before you will

stand amazed to find a garden vibrant with life springing up on every side streams are gushing in the desert places

new wine and oil flowing bountifully where you had nothing at all just moments ago I am bringing restoration of

all that was taken from you healing for your body mind and soul and wealth

immeasurable for you to Steward and part partnership with me all that was dead will live again at my command ruins

shall be rebuilt stronger than before Beauty shall emerge From the Ashes of Broken

Dreams laughter and joy overflow where once were only tears the intense fire of testing has

purified you prepared you as a vessel worthy to carry my glory to desperate Souls still trapped in darkness and not

only will I restore what was taken but I will pour out fold fold until you have such

abundance that you must give continually just to make room for more never will you lack ever again because from this

day forth I will pour out Heaven’s riches wherever I see need in my kingdom

every obstacle crumbles before you as you walk in the authority I have given you the trajectory of your life takes a

dramatic turn upward through my BL bling and favor such as you have never known

does this seem too astonishing too difficult to believe after so much lack and Trauma and opposition my precious

one you have endured the darkness now it is time to embrace your destiny as my child and The Light Within

You arise From the Ashes of this past season take my hand and walk boldly

toward the doors I am throwing open before you the opportunity is waiting for you through my grace receive Joy

choose to give thanks refuse the urge to keep declaring what has been instead fix

your eyes on what is to come worship your way through Wilderness it cannot

contain you long like your father David who danced joyfully despite his son’s scorn let

your praise ReSound as a war cry that scatters your enemies from their hiding places then watch closely for as

suddenly as your midnight arose so suddenly shall your Everlasting daylight

appear radiant glory is here for you at last my child be still and listen for my

voice do not react in fear to what you see in the world around you the enemy

wants you to give power to Illusions by speaking them into reality what I have declared in my word

is the only true and eternal reality when challenges arise even intense

Warfare against your mind body and circumstances recognize these threats

for what they are confirmation that the blessing I have prepared for you is very

near the intensity of the battle indicates the significance of the Breakthrough as you withstand the

onslaught with faith in my promises the victory will be all the sweeter your joy

will overflow as you realize it was my power in you that overcame my plans for you are for peace

prosperity and blessing Beyond Your Wildest Dreams the enemy hurls lies to

make you doubt what I have spoken do not even entertain those false Illusions fix

your gaze upon me my word reveals my heart and my true intent for you I take

great Delight in lavishing my beloved with good things it is my nature for I

am love do not look at circumstances in the natural realm and make declarations

based on what your phys physical senses perceive you have the mind of Christ and Heavenly discernment through my

indwelling spirit you have authority to decree only what agrees with my word for

my word shall not return void bring Heaven to Earth by the words of your mouth aligning with truth the trials you

have endured have served a purpose to strengthen your trust in me for just as a warrior is hardened by combat so too

has your spirit been toughened through testing you have developed spiritual stamina you have learned to wield the

sword of the spirit with skill you have become confident in the authority given you through my name and now my beloved

Warrior the greatest victories of your life are close at hand salvation for loved ones healings

deliverances Miracles provision restoration such wondrous Joy awaits you

as you walk into fulfillment of all you have believed for the desires of your heart now coming to fruition are merely

a small glimpse of all I have planned for our eternity together so rise up now

with strength and vigor for this new day I have created take hold of Hope with boldness and certainty lift your head

Envision my glory surrounding you smile knowing nothing can thwart my purposes

through you sing praise for who I am and all I have declared you to be in my

kingdom for for this is the heritage of my children royalty Authority prosperity

of Body Soul and Spirit this is my heart for you to walk in the fullness of all I

purchased I have given you everything it is already yours in the Heavenly Realms

now believe and receive come now rest in my presence allow me to refresh you and

renew your vision as you behold me you are transformed I see you as already

Victorious empowered radiant reigning in life through the power of my spirit within

you this is the truth what glorious freedom to walk in the reality of who I

say you are you will Blaze a trail across this Earth as you allow me to live through you each moment fully

surrendered to my love I am pleased with your growing Faith beloved one you’re

believing me for bigger blessings than ever before Your Capacity to receive has

expanded as your trust in me has deepened through the trials you have walked through you have seen my

faithfulness you recognize my voice and your yes resonates stronger than before

obedience has birthed courage and confidence you have entered a new season

of Walking In partnership with me to fulfill Greater Works than you imagined I see the deepest desires I have

embedded in your heart I know the passions that keep you awake at night dreaming of possibilities yet unseen I

place those Visions within you now I am Fanning The Embers of those dreams into

flame you feel the burning in your soul compelling you forward this fire is from my

altar I am fueling you with holy passion to launch out in ways that make no earthly sense but aren’t my ways higher

than man’s logic trust in my wisdom and capacity to bring the Unseen into visible form

rest in the comfort of my sovereignty every detail is orchestrated for your good at precisely the right moment I

will show you what part you play in this Grand Symphony of redemption I am composing through your life wait on me

continue yielding yourself fully to my spirit’s Direction One Day at a Time the

Fulfillment of your purpose will unfold gloriously my precious child you have endured bitter losses and

betrayals yet today stands as a Divine Turning Point what the enemy intended

for Devastation I am restoring and redeeming for double recompense as you

choose forgiveness and bless those who wounded you believing my power to transform Hearts the victory is yours

forgiveness breaks feds allowing you to move forward unhindered now is the time

for rebuilding upon proper foundations my love my truth my ways which yield

abundance of life the Master’s Hand is upon you for Designing and establishing sound

structures that stand indestructible through every storm tested character shall arise From the Ashes of expired

relationships and Endeavors like purified gold reflecting my image your

new life miraculously emerges through relinquishing all that did not serve my eternal purpose die to all of self’s

wisdom and demands to be exalted in your life this leap of faith shall prove the very gateway to the life you have

yearned for I see your Brokenness and I meet you in that Holy place of surrendered obedience with Indescribable

Grace I fill your emptiness with more of myself so that your joy may be full come

now and rest beneath the shade of my wing be still for me silence your inner

turmoil with my peace that transcends understanding take comfort in the knowledge that I will perfect all that

concerns you not one detail escapes my sight my arm is not too short to reach

you and hold you steady every challenge is an opportunity for me to remind you who holds your today as well as all your

tomorrows you can release fear because I am already present do not underestimate

the significance of your current placement cultivate moments with me right where you stand though your

preparation ground may seem ordinary profound purpose is germinating within you dear one persevere with joy knowing

my guiding hand is shaping and equipping you for the imminent pivotal hour your current season and tasks are never

insignificant where I lead you I Empower and transform submit to my process in

due time you will undoubtedly yield abundant enduring fruit you will Marvel

one day at how I utilized your present circumstances to elevate you to Greater Heights broader Horizons deeper depths

and overflowing blessings have I not demonstrated this repeatedly throughout your journey with

me I am infinitely resourceful in nurturing my children what seems like

Barren ground today holds the nutrients for exponential growth tomorrow trust

the wisdom of my methods I embrace you just as you are in this very moment

beloved one I Envision all you are destined to become as you yield daily to

my transformative power progress pressing from glory to glory no other

perspective matters let my loving gaze dispel shame and dismantle fear

stronghold you have no need to prove yourself or earn anything in me you are

already accepted cherished whole this unshakable identity equips you to combat

the deceptive tactics of evil forces rise up now declare Freedom over

captives starting with your own mind and heart break away from past agreements forged

with lies that attempted to overshadow my truth hell’s foundations crumble as you

stand firm in the identity I have bestowed upon you exercise the authority vested in you through my name and

accomplished work how I Delight in demonstrating my strength through you

beloved one my cherished child I observe your ongoing perseverance amidst the

intensity of the struggle at times weariness weighs heavily upon you yet

your spirit compels you onward every fiber of your being feels The Strain

longing for rest yet you persist in obedience to my call this labor towards Harvest brings

me immense Joy I admire your resilience your refusal to succumb or surrender in

the face of opposition my passion Burns brightly within you you have provided me with raw

material from which to Fashion Glory akin to extracting new wine from crushed

grapes Beauty emerges from formlessness strength from weakness this

has always been my modus operandi my child breathing life into

barrenness kindling Hope from Shattered Dreams to unveil True Glory I demand

surrendered clay a Readiness to be reshaped and remolded for only through

this process can you fully grasp your identity in me pressure exposes the

hidden gems within you revealing their Brilliance the friction of unwavering

Faith polishes rough edges into facets that reflect Divine Light and in these

intricate facets refinement occurs amidst adversity allowing the radiance

of my light to shine forth unobstructed what the world perceives as weakness Harbors immense strength where

my power and Glory are most apparent allow me to rejuvenate your soul to

embibe deeply of my spirit and live abundantly the victory has already been

secured the battle one lift your head high for you have emerged triumphant

Divine Purpose pulsates within you still you shall yield an abundance of enduring

fruit deeply rooted in eternity no temptation can sway you no Arrow can

pierce your resolve Forge ahead into Realms of authority influence

and inheritance ordained for you since the dawn of time partake now of the Abundant Blessings befitting your

stature In My Kingdom boldly present your request before me petitioning my

throne for every provision necessary for the next stage of your journey with me

Heaven’s treasuries stand open to you awaiting your earnest plea seize the

opportunity for growth in Body Soul and Spirit reap the rewards of my lavish

response to Faith demonstrated amidst adversity the Harvest you have longed for stands ripe and ready awaiting your

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