You will regret it later if you ignore me again|God Message Today ForYou|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my dear son you are very special to me

like a precious treasure I know

everything about you every difficult

moment you faced every challenge you’ve

overcome however my love for you never

changes I feel compassion for you and

always think of you even when you feel

down or ashamed to me you are like a

just redeemed and forgiven son you have

immense value to me so much so that I

even sent my son to pay the highest

price for you to me you are like someone

dressed in Robes of Salvation you no

longer need to worry about doubts

because my love for you has freed you

from them if you ever feel forgotten

unworthy or unloved remember that to me

you are always remembered valued and

deeply loved you are mine you have my

full approval I sing songs of Liberation

over you because you’re mine I know the

burdens you carry which may seem heavy

but I want you to give them to me I

never Tire my eternal arms can lift and

hold whatever is too heavy for you find

rest in me where your soul finds peace

you know I am near to the Brokenhearted

when you are distressed and everything

seems hopeless open your heart to me my

perfect love drives out all fear you’re

safe under my care even in the most

violent storms keep your focus on me for

I am your anchor I will never let you be

swept away by the storm my loyal love is

your Refuge I never leave you wherever

you are I am your daily companion your

comforter you bring me joy and smiles

you don’t need to earn my grace and

mercy I have special plans for you every

new day without asking for anything in

return come and receive from me

Supernatural strength to move forward

with hope and courage my plans for you

are good and I know what lies ahead even

when the path seems hard to see trust my

heart toward you even in times of

uncertainty and change I am committed to

your growth and well-being the wounds

caused by others may be deep but I am

eager to heal them do not be discouraged

or give up let me help you carry your

burdens and my love will envelop you

like a gentle bomb I restore what has

been broken when condemnation tries to

creep in reminding you of your past

mistakes remember this you have been

forgiven and redeemed you are clothed in

my righteousness and the accuser no

longer has power over you every morning

you are renewed with new mercies I

Delight in blessing you my beloved

beloved you are part of the royalty in

My Kingdom ask for what you need and you

will see my hand provide for you I

desire to flood you with spiritual and

material abundance come to me when you

are weary and burdened and I will give

you rest if you’re ready for divine

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