God is saying to you today make sure you watch the whole video before we start like and share the

video so that this message reaches more souls in need my beloved child I am your heavenly

father who loves you with an everlasting and perfect love my heart overflows with

affection for each one of you you are the apple of my eye the precious ones

for whom I sent my only son to to redeem I see your struggles I hear your cries

and I long to draw you closer into my eternal Embrace today I wish to speak to

you about the times when it seems that I am making you wait when your prayers feel unanswered your circumstances feel

stagnant and your hopes feel deferred my children you must understand that I am

never late though from your limited human perspective perspective it may appear that way at times I am the

Eternal one dwelling outside of time itself I see the beginning from the end

and hold all things in my mighty Loving Hands when it feels like I am making you

wait it is never due to a lack of care oversight or inability on my

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real reason is this I am working out an eternal purpose weaving together the

threads of your life into a beautiful tapestry that will ultimately bring me glory and bring you into deeper intimacy

with me you see my children I am the master

Weaver crafting something of breathtaking Beauty meaning and

significance in your lives and the seasons of waiting are critical parts of my work like the negative spaces in a

masterpiece painting that allow the positive elements to shine forth in all their Brilliance my children one of my

greatest desires is for you to learn to fully trust in me with all your

heart the more you depend on your own strength wisdom and resources the less

you will experience my fullness I carefully appoint seasons of

waiting to wean you from self-reliance and to teach you to lean wholeheartedly upon me in those times of delay and

seeming Silence from me you are being invited to cease from your own strivings

and to Simply abide in me the True Vine It Is by abiding resting trusting and

delighting in my presence that you gain the nourishment and strength to

flourish the greatest Eternal rewards come not through self-sufficiency but

through childlike dependence upon your father beloved ones I am the

Refiner’s Fire and the Fuller’s Soap type if you believe in Jesus just as

precious metals must pass through the Blazing Crucible to burn away

impurities so I use the sacred furnace of waiting to purify your heart’s

motives and desires what seems like an agonizing delay is actually a merciful

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