YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS MESSAGE | God Sayings | God Message For You

dear my beloved child please pause your steps hastily

set aside the worries of life to listen to me with an open heart this message comes to you not

through thunderous Roars or fearce storms but through the gentle warmth of

sunlight the soothing calmness of a refreshing rain nurturing your

soul expand your heart to embrace you in the endless Arms Of

Love let me soothe your heart taches dispel your weariness and worries

let me Infuse you with more strength of Faith and Hope to Journey on the path of

life I always follow your steps Always by your side in every moment I know you

face many daunting challenges but remember you are never alone I stand

beside you helping you overcome every obstacle trust in me trust in my

boundless love for you I desire nothing but your happiness peace and success in

life open your heart to let me guide you on the path of light the path of love I

will always be here extending my arms to welcome you back with my arms of love

my words to you are words of Love Guidance the light on your

path my cherished child today I shower upon you peace calmness resilience and

insight your earnest prayers have reached my divine presence and I sense

the genuine yearning in your heart calling out to me you stand in Readiness to listen and

Embrace I have selected you for a life filled with blessings though you have

weathered hardships know that you need not confront such trials in solitude any

longer know that you are profoundly cherished just as you are while imperfections May Shadow you I perceive

genuine repentance within your spirit you labor to refine your essence reshape

your perspectives and nurture compassion in your interactions with others I am

endow you with the fortitude to devote yourself to your family wholeheartedly never lose sight of your

Reliance upon me seek my presence earnestly delve into my teachings and

welcome the guidance of my Holy Spirit should your resolve falter recall that

you reside in a world fraught with trials yet for you and your family hope eternally abounds accompanied by a

steadfast Assurance of safeguarding solidarity and overflowing blessings

embrace my affection and love unreservedly now tell me do you accept

this profound blessing with joy and unwavering Faith each morning as you awaken

gratitude fills your heart as you express thanks for your existence in trusting your destiny and every moment

of your days into my loving care you stand unwavering in your faith even as

others ridicule you you and for believing in an unseen all powerful God

I love you dearly and today in Myriad ways you shall feel its palpable

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