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my precious one I see the longing that fills your heart the dreams and desires

that stir your soul I know the vision I have placed within you the promise of

something greater hovering just beyond your grasp even now I am moving on your

behalf the wheels are in motion behind the scenes as I prepare an abundance of

blessings to pour upon your life the shift you have been praying for is coming into alignment

can you not perceive it in the spirit the atmosphere is charged with breakthrough and destiny pay attention

and you will notice my fingerprints upon the happenings around you yes a mighty outpouring is imminent even now I am

rousing gifts within you that have laid dormant for too long gifts to inspire

your community stir hope in the downtrodden and release captives from oppressions grip for I Has Not Seen Nor

Ear heard all the wondrous works I have in store for you my beloved Come Away With Me a while into the secret place

and let us Fellowship together be still and know that I am God for I desire

truth within your inward Parts wisdom in your inmost being not for vain Glory but

for selfless service not for accolades of men but for Eternal reward for wide

and Untamed is the path of selfish ambition and many Stampede towards it

Hollow Promises of prestige but small is the gate and narrow is the way leading to Abundant

Life a life laid down for others born again to turn Hearts back to me will you

choose then the surrender that leads to exaltation the way of humility rather than Pride if you desire greatness In My

Kingdom kneel low before your brother’s feet and wash them with compassion heal

their wounds with kindness carry their burdens with love love feed those who hunger free those held captive stand up

for the oppressed give voice to the voiceless and if you yourself should

stumble under judgment’s crushing weight repent and return quickly to the fold

for there awaits abundant grace tender mercy and redemption’s Open

Arms did I not teach that a thousand may fall at your side , at your right

hand yet no evil Will Conquer you nor any plague come near your dwelling then why do you fear failure

when I am ever by your side my passionate child take confidence that your mistakes do not define you for my

strength is made perfect in weakness see every shortcoming as an opportunity to

make my forgiveness shine all the brighter let weakness draw you into deeper trust allow insufficiency to

magnify my sufficiency then take my outstretched hand ready to be raised upon On Eagle’s

Wings from Glory unto glory be anxious for nothing as you step out in faith

believing my promises over fears taunting lies take charge over your mind bringing

each wandering thought captive in obedience to my truth yelled imagined outcomes into my capable hands

exchanging uncertainty for faith and trust my plans stand irrevocable

undeterred by raging storms or contrary schemes of men what I have purposed I

will perform what I have spoken shall come to pass not one of my promises will fall

void but will accomplish all it is sent out to do therefore lift your gaze Beyond

present circumstances which are subject to change look instead to me the same

yesterday today and forever be steadfast immovable always abounding in my work

even when the results seem fruitless for your labor in the Lord is never in vain

so liberally then into every Kingdom Endeavor I set before you scatter seeds of faith and righteousness from a

bountiful hand not weighed down by doubt or calculation for the size of your Harvest

depends not on what you can give but on how fully you trust the inexhaustible source of Supply he who Waters will

himself be watered in turn by rivers of Living Water and eternal riches Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams await the those who invest generously into that which endures so hold each Earthly possession

Loosely determines that moth and rust will not corrode your true inheritance

instead fix your eyes on the Unseen World where rewards await unparalleled store up Treasures in

Heaven that no Thief can steal for where your treasure is there your heart will be also and a heart aligned with my

kingdom reaps bountifully not just in this age but the age to come imperishable you sow imperishable you

shall reap yes a Reckoning hastens where all works will be made manifest exposed

by Fire’s purifying flame and you will rejoice to see every labor born of my

spirit abide and bring Everlasting glory to me while all self-seeking all vain

ambition turn to Ash and fleeting rewards Fade to nothingness so abide in the Vine beloved

one that you may bear lasting fruit nurture intimacy with Me Above All

Else communing in my presence night and day for apart from me you can accomplish

nothing of worth but in the center of my will is abundant provision joy

unspeakable purpose and productivity that will remain stay near the Heart of Jesus Take Shelter Beneath My Wing be

known as one who pursues my desires rather than selfish gain

one whose purified heart flows from a whole and undivided devotion then watch as I trouble Waters

once turbulent with promise reverse barrenness to overflow and decorate you

in Beauty for my glory indeed I will yet cause streams to run through desert

places as signs and wonders testify to my faithfulness no longer will you be

termed forsaken but delighted in desired one sought after and City no longer

deserted I will turn your mour into gladness anoint you fresh with the oil

of Joy instead of grief never again will slander or contempt be heard among you as I restore

judges as at first and counselors as long ago instead of Shame you will have

double in rejoicing that lasts forever for I love Justice and hate plunder I

will Faithfully reward you with peace and prosperity come then as my beloved and partake joyfully of these promises a

banqueting table laid out just for you I will abundantly bless all the work of

your hands and satisfy your soul in drought so you are like a well-watered garden like a spring whose Waters never

fail those from you will rebuild ancient ruins raise foundations laid ages long

you will be called repairer of Broken Walls restorer of livable streets your

light will rise in darkness your night glow bright as Noonday I will always

guide you provide for you and renew your strength you will Thrive like a

well-rooted tree planted by Living Waters ever raining down blessings of

nourishment that all may find healing in its shade so lift up your head beloved

child remove grief’s mourning Garb and clothe yourself in glorious Splendor fit

for royal y drink deeply from Wells of Salvation as the lowly are lifted

high for now you walk in my redeeming light and sin’s Gloom flees away the

long night has passed awake awake clothe

yourself in strength now as I raise up kings and queens across this realm arise

Shine for the glory of Yahweh arises upon you in Radiance and Brilliance for all eyes to see

pay attention listen carefully now is time for extravagant

restoration by The One enthroned Forever stand up have courage keep eyes fixed

above do not waver or lose heart do not doubt or grow weary resounding promise Echoes through

Heaven’s portal get ready and brace yourself as outpourings flood parched ground The Best Is Yet To

Come My Precious Child as you turn your heart towards me know that I am here to

envelop you in an Embrace of divine love and comfort you are a treasure to me

lovingly crafted in my image destined for a deep and intimate friendship with your maker in your presence joy and

peace fill my heart your soul beautiful and cherished is a source of great

Delight in the Heavenly Realms feel the Jubilation that Echoes through the heavens as the Angelic hosts celebrate

each step you take towards me your affection your companionship your unconditional love bring me profound

pleasure your words like a soothing balm have the power to heal and refresh to

bring light into the darkest corners know that your whispered prayers the

soft utterance of I love you father are like sweetest perfume to me Rising above

the clamor of the world they are a fragrant incense pure and pleasing

cutting through the chaos and reaching my heart and in that sacred moment I

hold you close Whispering back and I love you my child so very

much in this Divine exchange feel my enduring love and grace enveloping you a

testament to the unbreakable Bond we share beloved I crafted your frame to

house desires for purpose and Destiny far exceeding this fleeting world’s empty promises caught between two Realms

you Glimpse faint faint Shadows of the greater realities I intend for you to grasp but child you were designed for so

much more to explore exhilarating Heights and fathomless depths of our love

relationship this alone fully satisfies soul longings for

significance set aside frenetic striving for self-sufficiency cease building towers

of human achievement destined to crumble instead yield your dreams into my hand as an offering of worship

surrendering outcomes and a claim for when you entrust yourself fully to my sovereign plan abandoned to

my purpose I Covenant this promise you will complete the works I prepared for you long before this world’s Foundation

no striving no tears just joy and Shalom permeating all you undertake at my

prompting for I am the way the truth the life your portion of gladness your exceedingly great reward I I Crown your

humble head with loving favor and tender Mercy ever beckoning you deeper still

into floods of Grace Glory without measure take my yoke and learn abide in

the vine that you bear fruit Eternal not by might nor power but by my spirit

beloved you were fashioned to flow in sync with me to walk in tandem with your

maker Fully Alive to sounds of my heartbeat all around you attune now your

ear to Heaven’s frequency its overtones resonating in key with your

spirit listen for my melody singing over you then add your voice in notes of one

Accord as it joins the grand Symphony of the Saints yes you alone sound the chord I

wish revealed through your unique design a chord resounding through Realms Eternal though only faintly echoed here

so sound it boldly declare Praises that testify to my great works of on your behalf my child announce to all who

gather that the Conqueror of Calvary has defeated the darkness forever proclaim

the year of my favor Herald the day of my Vengeance raise High the banner to

Rally end time Harvesters sound the alarm to awaken those asleep that they

make haste toward home for soon I return as a roaring lion rather than a lowly

lamb then every knee will bow every tongue confess what you now proudly

Proclaim Jesus the anointed one Reigns Victorious forever his rule established as Holy

Fire devours all competing Thrones but you my beloved you will

remain en raptured at my side safe in the shelter of my wings when judgments rain down oh let your soul then exalt

greatly in your savior and King cry out Praises with exhilaration and Delight

for this honor I bestow joyfully upon the faithful ones who forsake all to follow me even cities once destitute and

abandoned I make team with Children Of Promise Symphonies ReSound where only desolation echoed streams now flow

freely through lands left parched yes I am your high tower your

strong deliverer in whom you take refuge I lift you up tenderly when you stumble

gently bind wounds of your heart still raw and aching with compassion’s balm I soothe

old injuries erase lingering scars of past abuse then Garland your head with

mercy and steadfast devotion as I restore your dignity significance and purpose I come to wipe away every tear

still trailing down careworn cheeks beloved one to silence the cruel voices

echoing lies in your mind to Route the enemy lurking await in openings to

sabotage our love and defile what I declared beautiful to demolish their

accusations once and for all by my blood’s power and Victor’s Authority so cling tightly to my

promises which nullify these threats my child raise High The Shield of Faith to

quench every flaming missile hurled your way wield confidently the sharp sword of

my spirit my word of truth that countermands their deception their taunting grows most

vicious when you you draw close to me so press further in my warrior Brave and

true you will know the battle is nearly won when there shrieking voices Scream the loudest for Satan rages when he

knows his time runs short yet greater still is my Spirit Alive within you

precious one infinitely greater than any opposition you face did I not State no

weapon formed against you can succeed no evil Prevail against my anointed ones

so wield my power and command Heaven’s resources to enforce your god-ordained destiny Victory is assured for those who

Dawn the armor I provide and refuse to flee the field courage my Champion raise

your battlecry and charge forth boldly with me leading the way I ride ahead to

secure your Conquest as you follow in my wake we will plunder hell’s Gates and

free captives held hostage by deception and fear we will tear down strongholds

once formidable that defied my righteous rule for the Earth is the Lords and everything in it all dominions will bow

exalting my reign through yielded lives like yours beloved so steady your gaze ahead ever

fixed on me shake off failed attempts past mistakes that aim to entangle your feet slow your

advance I determine your steps and establish your course yesterday’s errors

and shortfalls now Fade Away in rear view as you gain ground for my promise stands ever

true I complete and perfect all I begin in you I will provide rivers of wisdom

in your innermost being Wellsprings of Revelation and vision from on high I

teach Your Hands to War and arms to bend Mighty bows of bronze where once bullets

pierced your frame now healing streams flow freely in their wake Beauty for

Ashes gladness for m morning yes the time has come for extravagant recompense

by my hand I am who I declared myself to be The Great I Am moves to fulfill his

word on your behalf behold Miracles and wonders long for told now bursting forth

anticipate ever increasing outpourings of my spirit as this age draws to its

climax my love you will dream dreams see visions prophecy mightily in my name

many destined for Devastation will find Redemption under your voice the scales

will fall from blinded eyes through your witness broken lives find wholeness

through your transparency and victory for I am raising you up beloved you and

countless others across this realm to declare my kingdom manifest on the earth in these latter days to announce that

the dark of night has passed a new day now dawns the Morning Star arises as the bright

Rays illumin all hidden crevices my glory bursts forth in Radiance long concealed by enemy spells

of deception and occult controls but no longer no longer will

Darkness dominate the land the lion of Judah Reigns Victorious I establish righteousness and

justice for the oppressed through yielded Hearts Brave and true who carry my Redemption far and wide

arise then my bright and Beautiful One Shine for all to

behold my Splender and Grace at work in you take no heed for past Sorrows nor

feed fears of future unknowns my spirit’s down payment guarantees your full inheritance

assuring your future blameless and secure within the veil so enter my

courts with joy and Thanksgiving all your days rejoice in the honor I grant you to serve me this day a new song is

sung over your life I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end in

my boundless realm I have observed your journey my child hear now my words for they are the Whispers of the Winds and

The Echoes of the Eternal I am the architect of Salvation the Unseen Shepherd guiding you through the

Wilderness of life in my omnipresence fear finds no sanctuary and in my omnip

Ence your roots shall delve deep into the soils of Faith drawing sustenance

from the rivers of my grace in your heart plant the seeds of compassion for

they shall blossom into fruits of kindness feeding not just your kin but multitudes in their hunger for love and

truth seek not the fleeting pleasures of Earthly love for within My Embrace lies

the essence of a love most pure and everlasting when tears Meander down your

cheeks without summons know that my love is a refuge a Bastion against the storms

of solitude the affections of the world are but Shadows compared to the light of my

love they ask for much and give little masquerading patience for selfish gains

pledging Joy but departing at the first sign of tribulation my love however is a beacon

unwavering a promise Eternal it offers peace healing and

Fidelity without measure meure or cost come my child and be enveloped in this divine grace freely bestowed upon you

seek not to fill my coffers for it is your heart I yearn for your faith your

devotion your resolve to forsake the past and Embark Upon A pilgrimage of renewal with me stretch forth your faith

Envision a horizon bright with hope and with words of conviction affirm Your Allegiance to me in return I vow to

cherish your faith embracing it as a father cradles his beloved child prepare

yourself for a deluge of blessings for my love for you is as deep as the oceans

and as tender as the morning dew disregard the naysayers for through

my Myriad ways I will demonstrate my affection every Dawn your trials and

tribulations have reached their Twilight your journey through the Tempest is at its end with me all things are within

the realm of possibility and my love knows no confines the magnitude of my devotion is

beyond your comprehension A New Day Has dawned heralding an era where blessings and

opportunities abound doors shall swing open friendships shall flourish like spring

blossoms Prosperity shall embrace you and financial wo shall dissipate your

prayers and Endeavors all that you hold dear shall be touched by my

grace for when I decree a promise it is as immutable as the stars in the night

sky fear not for I Am with You A steadfast companion in times of

uncertainty I am your Shield your solace in moments of Despair I shall guide you on the path of

righteousness dispelling any Mists of confusion remember I am everpresent in

your thoughts infusing you with peace that transcends understanding your heart

shall brim with joy and the Sorrows that once caused you anguish shall be no more

my blessings upon you are as Limitless as the heavens for my love is

unconditional present to me your hopes and dreams pure and virtuous and lay your needs at my feet in response I

shall bestow upon you Peace and Freedom enriching your life and guiding your every step

let not confusion or restlessness steal your Slumber for I am a constant in your

thoughts a reminder of my eternal watchfulness I have heard your prayers

your praises and laments your apologies and your cries of gratitude in your

moments of struggle when you lift your voice in gratitude despite the weight of your trials my heart is moved your

endurance facing challenges that have caused you pain and sleepless nights is

a test Testament to your faith when you raise your hands in the midst of strife and declare your love

for me know that it resonates within the depths of my being thank you my child for your

steadfastness though you may not fully grasp it know that all things converge for your good trust in me for I hear

your cries your tears and the sincerity of your heart do not falter for Triumph is

within your grasp you will witness the barren valleys of your existence bloom a new

and resources you thought lost will be restored in abundance be vigilant against the

deceptions of the adversary for they shall not sway you from my blessings should conflicts reemerge in

your life do not succumb to despair call out to me and I shall

respond worry not for my angels are dispatched to guard you providing

security and confidence you have known this seen it with your own eyes hold fast to these

words for they are your armor against adversity through you others will

witness the dissipation of fear as they observe my works you are part of my flock stray not

nor wander aimlessly embrace the unbreakable protection I offer and heed my guidance

when I offer correction listen to my words attentively let not Pride swell in

your heart remain humble and simple the time is ripe to transcend past errors

Faith need not cower lift your head high and anticipate the blessings that

await I your heavenly father have chosen you to be a recipient of my grace in my

presence find Solace and strength you have listened to my

promises now if you truly believe demonstrate your faith stand against

challenges with determination and unwavering belief I am your creator the

sculptor of the universe and my plans are infallible I will walk with you handin hand my Holy Spirit guiding you

the light of my word illuminating your path I will bless your dwelling

showering you and your family with Abundant Blessings allowing you to re the Harvest of your labor in my perfect

timing if these words find you know they are meant for you kneel in reverence for

the ground upon which you stand is hallowed I am prepared to manifest Supernatural wonders in your life but I

seek your faith your commitment your loyalty this is a token of my love and

since you have sought it these words are my Covenant with you I love you your

past with its triumphs and failures holds no sway over my affection it is

your heart beating in the present acknowledging your need for me that captivates me your burdens the depths of

your despair are known to me I long for your repentance for it is time to alter

your course turn not back for in this moment I extend my hand to uplift you

guiding you towards a path of righteousness a path that leads to freedom on the

horizon my truth shines brilliantly and I await you with open arms ready to

envelop you in my grace forgive your transgressions and offer you a new

beginning embrace my love renew your spirit and Garner

strength choose to stand firm in my word for it will provide you emotional

fortitude and resilience in the years to come remember this moment etch it in

your heart the day and hour you receive this

message I’ll cherish every moment every day for your love is SLE my

path in everywhere in the tend the touch of your

hand I find the strength to rise and stand through every trial every tear

we’ve shed your love’s been the shelter but where find my

day oh your love been my anchor life stor you see a be a h i need to be

free so I’ll cherish every moment every day for your love I S my

back in every way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share and

strong let this profound feeling become an indelible memory marking the

commencement of a new chapter in your story today you embark on a life filled

with Miracles and wonders scripted with the power of My Sacrifice and sealed by

my resurrection you will uncover new dreams aligned with my eternal purpose

and behold the gates of Destiny opening the future I have ored ordained for you and your family will unfold despite the

lingering challenges I am tirelessly shaping their hearts molding them as a Potter shapes

clay the people you see today will undergo transformation in the months to come within your home will dwell Hearts

brimming with courage and Faith the families around you will Marvel at the Transformations you and others will

bring forth witnessing Miracles Beyond count accept this truth believe it for

change is within your grasp nothing is impossible for me alter your mindset

your beliefs those who Heir today can be transformed tomorrow your character

demeanor and Outlook your spiritual growth all will be renewed from tomorrow you will wake with

thoughts of me filled with fervor you will ponder the victories I bestow upon

you forgetting past failures you will interact with those around you with patience and kindness speaking softly

your voice will not be raised in Anger nor will you wound those you love with harsh words or disdain Joy Harmony and

peace will be reborn in your home I implore you to lay your worries prayers

and anxieties at my feet do not let anxiety consume you nor let anger rob

you of the happiness you seek today I bestow upon you the faith and

determination to overcome illness await your healing with hope

follow the wise counsel of the doctors I have placed in your path I will guide their hands applying

their knowledge to restore your health I will perform the miracle you seek in due

time but for now Play Your Part Embrace these promises and heed my words my

beloved child the plans I have for you trace lines of goodness mercy and

purpose across the land scape of your days each day offers opportunities for

our fellowship to deepen moments await Discovery simple

yet profound where my spirit Whispers guidance to navigate decisions before

you listen for my gentle prompting attune your spiritual ears to

the sound of my voice that you may walk in step with me down Pathways of divine

Destiny there are signs posts All Along The Journey pointing you toward the specific works I prepared for you watch

for them expect to find me in unexpected places and faces remain open and

receptive to perceive my presence manifesting around you in ways easy to discount or ignore


a [Music]


n [Music]


[Music] ask me for eyes to truly see people in

circumstances as I do infused with eternal potential waiting to be awakened

when fatigue weighs heavy and forward progress seems unsteady pause to still

your soul again in my presence as you wait silently I refresh

inner reservoirs enabling you to pour out bountifully into others yield time for us to commune as

together we review the direction ahead sometimes broad horizons visible from the heights reveal aspects obscured when

focused solely on the next practical step wisdom shines greater light on the

path ahead when you seek my higher perspective I desire you to increasingly

view Earthly happenings through the lens of Eternity this lifts eyes from the

natural to perceive the supernatural possibilities Poise to emerge Mysteries once perplexing give

way to Adventure as you learn to partner with my unseen hand orchestrating people and

events expansive life awaits those yielding to my lordship aware that I

oversee all details take each step with attentive trust even when the way seems unclear

initially my spirit lives in you to guide your every move Great Expectations

lie ahead grounded in my great love and as you yield to my great purpose at work

in you arise then beloved and Shine the

fullness of time is at hand

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