this is what God is speaking to you


now my cherish

child there are moments in your life

when you may not fully comprehend the

necessity of my

presence but it is precisely in those

moments that I need your attention the


I need just minutes of your time right

now for in those brief moments I can

show you the depth of my love and the

importance of your

relationship with

me at times you may feel

self-sufficient relying on your own

strength and understanding to navigate

the challenges of life

you may not sense an immediate need for

me because everything seems to be going

smoothly but my dear child it is during

these moments of apparent ease and

comfort that you are most

vulnerable life has a way of lulling you

into a false sense of security

leading you to believe that you can

handle everything on your

own but the truth is you were never

meant to walk this journey

alone you were created for fellowship

with me to rely on my wisdom guidance

and strength in every

circumstance so even when you feel like

you have everything under

control there are unseen battles raging

around you spiritual battles that

require my

intervention and

protection the enemy of your soul is

constantly seeking to undermine your

faith to distract you from your purpose

and to lead you away from

me and though those precious minutes I

can open your eyes to the reality of

your need for

me I can reveal to you the depths of my

love and the magnitude of my grace I can

show you the beauty of surrendering your

burdens to me and the peace that

surpasses all understanding that comes

from trusting in my plan for your life

you may wonder my child why I ask for

just minutes of your time it is

because I know the business of your

days the demands of your shedule and the

distractions that why for your

attention yet in the midst of it all I

long to commune with you to speak to

your heart and to fill you with my


so my beloved

child I urge you to set aside the cares

of this

world quiet your mind and open your

heart to

me in those precious moments I will draw

near to you and you will experience the

fullness of my

love and the peace that comes from

resting In My

Embrace do not delay come to me now and

let me show you the immeasurable Riches

of my grace and the depth of my love for

you with all my love your heavenly


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