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God is saying to you

today after the next minutes you will

experience a profound presence that will

leave you with no doubt that the Divine

is watching over

you so my dear friend do not squander

these Precious Moments and make sure you

complete whatever task you have at hand

trust me you will be left in awe of the

immense power that surrounds you watch

this video till the end if you want a

miracle in your life



carefully God is talking to you through

this Bible

verse do not be anxious about anything

but in everything by prayer and

supplication with Thanksgiving let your

request be made known to God then you

will call upon me and come and pray to

me and I will hear you the Lord is near

to all who call on him to all who call

on him in truth and this is the

confidence that we have toward him that

if we ask anything according to his will

he hears us rejoice always pray without

ceasing give thanks in all

circumstances for this is the will of

God in Christ Jesus for you share this

video with five people you won’t need to

do this my precious little one fear not

for I am Forever by your side a watchful

presence who will guide you along the


path you are a stunning Masterpiece of

my creation cherished beyond measure and


unconditionally keep this truth close to

your heart always God says fear not the

challenges that come your way for I

Stand By Your Side to help you conquer

them place your trust in me and believe

with unwavering faith that every

obstacle is an opportunity for growth

and that the Universe conspires in your

favor to bring forth the best possible

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attract opportunities for financial

growth and success I am capable of

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attract money let your love and kindness

be like a sweet Aroma that fills the air

reaching all those around you and

Illuminating their hearts like a shining

Beacon of

Light release the burden of resentment

and forgive those who have wronged you

just as I have forgiven you may your

compassionate Spirit Inspire others to

do the same spreading the light of love

and forgiveness to all corners of the


world may my blessings be a constant

companion on your journey of kindness

and empathy hearken to me my beloved

child for I your heavenly father make a

solemn vow to you in times of

tribulation Temptation and adversity I

will not abandon you nay I shall lift

you up with my unwavering spirit and

guide you through the trials that beset

you when you feel as though All Is Lost

and Hope Has

fled know that my promises are steadfast

and true my love for you is unshakable

and I shall not fail you I will be your

refuge in the storm and your rock in the

midst of chaos trust in me and I shall

uphold you

always take power man if you believe in

God God says allow me to be your Ally

and I shall bestow upon you the gifts of

strength peace peace and courage in

moments of distress I will provide you

with comfort and reassurance and I shall

remain vigant watching over your every

deed allow me to be your trusted

companion when life’s obstacles stand in

your way I yearn to Journey alongside

you as a devoted friend who has your

best interests at heart together our

connection will ensure that every step

of your life’s journey leads to the most

favorable outcome

possible rest assured my dear friend for

I am not one to falter and disappoint

you can place your trust in me with

certainty knowing that I will remain

steadfast by your side and never abandon

you in your time of

need let me be your ally in conquering

the obstacles that cross your

path allow me to equip you with the

tools and resources necessary to thrive

and achieve your dreams dreams take

power man if you believe in God my heart

swells with an unbridled love so intense

that at times it stings with a

Bittersweet yearning witnessing the

struggles that encumber those around me

I can’t help but feel a twinge of pain

deep within yet even in the midst of

this anguish I know that my presence

serves a vital purpose for without my

guidance and unwavering support those I

hold dear would be a drift in a sea of

confusion and

despair God has an unimaginable

abundance of blessings and opportunities

in store for us beyond our wildest

dreams but often times we find ourselves

weighed down by the burdens of our past

and it’s

tempting to Simply give up and surrender

to the pain however if we have faith and

trust in him God can guide us towards a

future that is entirely different from

our current reality one that is filled

with hope joy and

fulfillment all we have to do is let go

of the past and allow him to lead us

towards the bright and beautiful future

that he has planned for us take power

man if you believe in God you are

holding the greatest gift of all the

gift of

life as you unwrap it you’ll find that I

have already provided everything you

need to be happy the only thing that

remains is for you to unleash your

creativity and make the most of it so go

ahead dive into the adventure of life

and paint your own

Masterpiece they hold by the bestower of

gifts have bestowed upon all that is

good friends family possessions and

opportunities but lo I do not wish to

dictate thy Destiny for I’ve granted

Thee the gift of freedom to choose thine

own path thus I entreat thee to ex

exercise discernment and Choose Wisely

for the choices thou makest shall

determine thy fate take power man if you

believe in God says you my creation are

a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece that I have

carefully crafted in my own

likeness your uniqueness is what sets

you apart and makes you truly special to

me I have imbued you with my own traits

and qualities and I want nothing but the

best for you you are my pride and joy

and I will always cherish and care for

you my dearest son your soul is not only

important to me but it is also a

precious gem that I hold dear I love you

more than words can express and my

deepest desire is for you to experience

the very best that life has to offer

that’s why I have bestowed upon you

certain gifts that will help you grow

into a better version of yourself a

reflection of The Very Best of Me these

gifts are like Treasures that are always

within your reach waiting to be

uncovered so don’t hesitate to ask for

them my dear son for they are yours for


taking Vine Creator in this moment of

uncertainty and doubt I come before you

feeling lost and without wrap your

loving arms around me I pray guide me

through the darkness show me the way

when the path ahead SE seems unclear and

I’m consumed by fear grant me the

strength to persevere and Let Your

Presence draw near illuminate my soul

with your light banish the shadows of

Doubt from sight lead me to the peace I

seek and help me find the courage to

speak may your wisdom be my compass in

this journey filled with


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