You Can Get A Miracle In 3 Minutes After Watching This | Powerful Prayer For Protection And Blessing

the world can often appear as a perilous

place every day we encounter fears

stemming from circumstances beyond our

control such as pandemics Wars and

spiritual battles our desire is to

Shield our loved ones and ourselves from

physical and emotional harm prayer

serves as a potent tool through which we

can seek God’s protection and saf keep

keeping God is always attentive and

assures us of Sheltering us under the

shadow of his wings when we pray for

protection we can do so with the

knowledge that he is caring and capable

of providing for us however we may find

it challenging to articulate our

requests for safety and protection from

the Lord we might feel too apprehensive

to find the right words or be uncertain

about what exactly to pray for even

though the holy spirit intercedes for us

in our prayers we would like to offer

some example prayers on how to seek the

Lord’s protection during times of

uncertainty regardless of whether you

feel vulnerable emotionally physically

or spiritually God is there to offer you

protection let’s join in a prayer for

protection today to help Safeguard your

mind and heart heavenly father I seek

your protection today for my life you

are my refuge and my safe haven in you

alone I find security please have mercy

on me oh lord for I take refuge in you I

will seek shelter in the shadow of your

wings I ask for your protection

protection from the wickedness of the

evil one you are the almighty God and

the power of the wicked is no match for

your might I come to you with joy

seeking Refuge from the attacks of the

devil protect me from the cunning of the

enemy and save me from his evil schemes

surround me with your presence when I’m

weak so that he will flee from me Shield

me Lord from the violent hands of the

wicked I pray that you guide me away

from the influence of evil people as I

go about my day keep me far from their

harmful intentions and cradle me in the

safety of your loving arms grant me

wisdom so that I may always be safe lead

me away from confrontations with those

who may provoke me to respond

inappropriately rely help me Lord to

handle unavoidable situations with Grace

and gentle words that bring glory to our

faith I pray that you protect my

physical mental emotional and spiritual

well-being at all times do not allow the

enemy to gain a foothold in any aspect

of my life help me Lord to continue

trusting in you acknowledging your

victory over the devil and finding

strength to resist him the book of


Thessalonians – assures me that the

Lord is faithful and he will strengthen

you and protect you from the evil one we

have confidence in the Lord that you are

doing and will continue to do the things

we command may the Lord Direct your

hearts into God’s love and Christ’s

perseverance strengthen me daily with

your right hand as you guard me with

your presence keep me close to your

heart with my focus always on you Lord I

pray that you guide me away from

Temptation and help me to remain

Vigilant against my enemy attempts to

distract deceive or discourage me they

thank you Lord for your promise to Bear

my burdens and lighten my loads in

life’s daily battles Psalm

reassures me that he shall call

upon me and I will answer him I will be

with him in trouble I will deliver and

honor him thank you Father for your word

the passage from Psalms – Express

presses the plea for divine intervention

and protection plead my cause O Lord

with them that Strife with me fight

against them that fight against me take

hold of your shield and Buckler and

stand up for my help draw out the spear

and stop the way against them that

persecute me say unto my soul I am your

salvation it’s a call for the Lord to

defend against adversaries and deliver


persecution father protect me and thwart

every evil attack of the enemy against

my life help me discern the enemy’s

tactics and shield me from their

assaults I recognize that I am

contending with a powerful unseen

adversary and I seek Refuge under your


I ask for your defense as I navigate the

challenges of this world I confront

every evil force in the name of God and

rebuke any principality that seeks to

undermine your protection over my life I

declare my Safeguard through the power

of the blood of Jesus I align with the

promise in Isaiah do not fear for I

Am With You do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you and help

you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand Please block the enemy’s

attacks and provide Divine

protection you are aware of the

struggles I face and I implore you to

intervene Release Me From opposition and

break the chains that bind me keep me

safe from trouble and from the influence

of the wicked your word in Joshua

instructs to pursue and overcome

enemies I pray that you will grant me

victory over my adversaries and shield

me and my family from their reach build

a protective barrier around me driving

away the enemy as Psalms vers two

reassures when evildoers Came Upon me to

devour My Flesh my adversaries and my

enemies they stumbled and fell guard me

both day and night O Lord for you are

the preserver of humanity and the keeper

of Our Lives entrust your angels with my

well-being guiding me in all my ways let

no harm befall me and keep my dwelling

free from danger in the face of

uncertainty grant me the Readiness to

face any circumstance with patience and

understanding I seek protection from

evildoers in all my

Journeys heavenly father I implore you

to watch over me every day of my life

envelop Me In Your Precious Blood

grateful for the times you’ve shielded

Me unknowingly Be My guardian and keeper

extending your protection to my family

and loved ones shielding them from the

grasp of evil

forces protect me oh Lord from the

arrows of sickness and pain that the

enemy may attempt to launch grant me

strength to withstand trials and

temptations that seek to undermine my

faith I nullify every Misfortune that

may arise against me as I commence each

day as Timothy verse assures the

Lord will rescue me from every evil

attack and bring me safely to his

Heavenly Kingdom Rescue Me O Lord and

bring peace to my troubled heart lead

the way before me and stand beside me

wherever I tread I applaud Li the blood

of Jesus on the doorposts of my home


protection keep me secure Beneath Your

Wings guarding against

destruction fill each day of my life

with your goodness and mercy erasing

worry and fear from my heart Deuteronomy

encourages me to be strong and

courageous assuring that the Lord will

never leave or or forsake me I implore

you not to forsake me guiding my steps

each day in the right direction

intervene and Deliver Me from the wicked

schemes of those who mention my name for

Evil recalling Samuel to I

declare you as my rock Refuge shield and

salvation thanking you for saving me

from my en enemies may your faithfulness

be a daily shield around me I boldly

Proclaim my protection everywhere I go

as the enemy holds no power over me I

rest safely under the wings of Christ

every day of my life I seek your

protective shield against all forms of

evil Ephesians

advises taking up the Sheep Shield

of Faith to extinguish the Flaming darts

of the evil one in all

circumstances equip me with what I need

to defend against the enemy and let your

words strengthen my faith and trust in

you cover me with your feathers

providing Refuge under your wings save

me from my enemies and their harmful

intentions grant me discernment to

recognize ill intentions and guard me

from the surrounding evil bestow upon me

your Shield of Safety and Security keep

my heart fearless and fill me with a

peace that

surpasses understanding you are my

everpresent help in difficult times and

I will not fear the dangers of the world

through your

faithfulness be with me wherever I go

and cradle me in your loving arms

surround me with your presence causing

evil to flee despite the dangers and

evils in the world I believe in your

protection as I live faithfully and

trust in you Isaiah

reassures me not to fear for you

are with me strengthening and upholding


Shield me from the wicked schemes of

evildoers and establish your guard

against the evil one grant me strength

and courage in the face of danger

knowing that you have overcome and will

ultimately Rectify all

injustices help me find Rest In Your

Shadow and recognize that the only safe

place is in Jesus remind me that my my

Earthly home is temporary and Surround

Me with Your Light and love in Psalm

to I call upon you to keep me as the

apple of your eye hiding Me In The

Shadow of Your Wings deliver me from

evil Lord Almighty rescue me from

dangerous attacks and bring me safely to

your heavenly Kingdom watch over my

coming and goings both now and

forever Psalm to affirms that you

Lord are my shield and the one who lifts

my head high I am grateful to have you

as my shield and protection as the evil

one holds no power over me thank you

Lord for your protective hands over my

life in jesus’ name I pray


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