today God is speaking to

you my beloved child doubts about some

things can occasionally lead to doubts

about my plans otherwise you might start

to question my presence you might

occasionally ask me why this is

happening in my life when will this end

and I be free of this when will my

petitions be heard by

you when will the way be over however

you are aware that anything I do for you

would be beneficial and you still

strongly believe that and you continue

to declare my God will provide

everything that I need in its time

living a life of Faith and Hope so why

whenever you have

doubts do you still worry you still

believe in the same God which is me I

had plans in place long before your

circumstances to complete the work I had

started so trust me and don’t be alarmed

today God is speaking to

you if you have faith in God please like

and share this video I am always in

contact with you it is in my instinct to

speak albe it not not always with words

I throw beautiful sunsets into the sky

every single day I communicate with the

voices and faces of those I adore I blow

you a soft Breeze that makes you feel

happy and

refreshed I speak softly from my new

home in the recesses of your spirit

every instant that you have eyes that

see and ears that hear you can locate me

seek my spirit to hone your spiritual

ears and vision every moment you

recognize my presence I

Delight during calm moments practice

looking an listening for me you will

eventually find me and an increasing

number of your moments when you put your

search For Me Above anything else you

will find me some something new is being

cultivated In You by

me a glistening spring of joy that

overflows into the lives of others

please don’t try to claim credit for

this Jo mistake it for your own rather

Rejoice while my spirit Works through

you to help others allow yourself to be

a storehouse of the fruit of the

spirit living near to me and being

receptive to all that I am doing within

you is your responsibility do not

attempt to manipulate my spirit

strengthening bya you just remember me

as we go about our day together Savor

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