You Are Never Alone | God Message Today | God Message For You | Gods Message Now

my dear child you are forever wrapped in this Divine love I offer every day it’s

endless always there for you no matter the time or place in happiness or in

sadness whether you’re at home or far away my love doesn’t depend on distance

I am always there ready with open arms I declare my love for you loud and

clear for everyone and everything in the universe to know I will never be ashamed

ased of you or turn you away I have moved mountains faced trials and with a

mix of love and sorrow secured your right to my Everlasting affection so who could ever take this

love from you who could ever separate you from me do not be afraid I ignore those who

constantly accuse you wrongly telling lies about mistakes you haven’t made or faults you don’t have I turn away from

their complaints as they keep on spreading false words they only distance

themselves more from the love that could rescue them but as for you don’t worry about

them they choose their own path and will face the consequences your job is to

embrace the love and kindness I’m offering you right now live your life fully and

joyfully hold on to the compassion I’m giving you today and don’t wait until

tomorrow tomorrow to accept it come closer to me and let me fill your life with this Divine

love take it in enjoy it share it dream about it talk about it and whenever you

pray do these three things be thankful be even more thankful and then thank

some more for the unending love provided by my grace you are truly special Chosen

and deeply loved by me with an everlasting Divine

love I’m your protector safeguarding you and your family I bless and increase all

that you undertake Embrace living in the comfort of my

love stay within the sacred Refuge that surrounds you Anointed with the Holy oil

that heals rejuvenates empowers and breathes life into your Forgotten Dreams

bringing fresh energy to your tired spirit you don’t have to roam in loneliness or

cling to harmful habits and negative behaviors if you ever feel alone

remember I am here loving you and I’m affirming that love right now connect

with me this instant and experience A Renewed existence pulsing within you filled with dreams and

goals with me by your side you lack nothing every blessing you enjoy flows

from my Heavenly realm I am the source of your happiness and the one who pours

out plenty over your life from above so when skies are gray or when

things don’t go as planned remember you have a choice there’s no need to live in

isolation or sorrow simply raise your hands to the sky and give thanks for the

joy and peace I am about to bestow upon you your happiness is here with

me take this step of faith and smile even when you have no reason to

Rejoice rise up and fight the Battle of Faith even when things seem their

darkest keep fighting for your life and your loved ones when times are tough remember who’s speaking to you I am your

powerful God your father in Heaven who adores you I will be there in your tough

times and I won’t let you be overwhelmed I don’t just talk for the sake of talking nor do I make empty

promises my words are living and always accomplish what I intend if I declare you’re going to

overcome believe it and move forward using words that build up Faith not

negativity that brings fear and doubt this message is mean to empower

and inspire you filling you with Divine and extraordinary

courage no matter how many challenges you face they won’t succeed against you

even if you get worrying news from the doctor stand strong in faith and fight

harder knowing that I have the last say and your efforts are

blessed so I urge you and I ask you with love and Authority wrap yourself in this

blanket of love that brings peace shapes your feelings and changes your

mindset this love was your greatest gift yesterday it is today and it will be

forever I want to see a smile on your face I want to see you writing words of gratitude with great joy answer me are

you grateful for This Love that I give you tell me now I come to give you

Tranquility I am here to heal you I take your heart and your feelings into my

hands I guard and protect you with great affection I embrace you with love these

words you hear shall dispel all pain I love you you are my child even if you

have gray hair or imperfections on your skin I continue to love and protect

you trust in me and find shelter In My Embrace you don’t need to be scared of

anything with me you are in good hands my holy spirit will fill you with

love and kindness transforming your character and refreshing your feelings the way you think think talk

and believe will be completely changed my words are deeply rooted in

your heart strengthening your faith I’ve heard your cries and seen the distress

in your heart when you were weary I rushed in to Shield you you faced sudden

challenges and encountered ungrateful people who’ve tried to project their

frustrations onto you I’m keeping an eye on them and it’s surprising how in their ignorance they

dare to use their words to harm you they’ve wandered so far from me that they can’t see who they are really up

against even with their own eyes they don’t realize that you’re under my protection even if they plot

against you they won’t see you defeated I’ll deal with those trying to break your spirit I’ll push aside anyone

attempting to demean you the dark Forces that think you’re an easy target will soon learn who they are

challenging but for now rest assured you’re safe with me in this place no

harm can reach you always there will be afflictions and evil rumors of War those who despise me

walk in darkness but those Souls of humble heart and simple Faith Like You

shall Triumph in all things not with silver or gold not with fame or power but with my Holy Spirit Your

Divine source of Living Water purify your heart and strengthen your belief go

about your day peacefully my strong hand will lead you

protecting you from unseen threats no harmful spell will get near you say

these words out loud and keep them close to your heart I am covered by the power

of Jesus blood no harm can come to me my dear child I invite you to hold my hand and

follow my lead on a New Journey filled with blessings and wonders joy and delightful moments

you’ve battled hard and now it’s time for you to rest to jot down all your

worries to write down those thoughts and fears that steal your happiness peace

and the confidence I’ve placed in you every season has its purpose as you will

know there’s a time to be courageous and a time to find Rest In My Embrace and Trust in my

ways please slow down put aside those daunting tasks for a bit don’t move

forward until you have spent some moments with me to regone your energy stand up when you’re ready but

let me guide you stand up when you’re ready but let me guide you I’ll show you the way to Blessings I’ll be there as

you start again I’ll give you strength as you approach your challenges and then I’ll carry you in my arms you’re meant

to reach the peak with your faith renewed and your spirit strong and when

when we are there we will clear the clouds and illuminate The Horizon so you may see the blessing that is coming like

a beautiful rain that covers the earth your longings and the gifts your soul desires shall be poured upon your

life this is truly A New Path and only you and I can walk it

together you’ve been trying on your own to achieve those dreams I planted in you a while back now you see that you can’t

do it by yourself there are many obstacles and significant risks the road

ahead might look tough but with me it turns into a journey of beauty any challenge you meet will not

bring you down instead it will Empower you with strength and happiness you’ll

start to view everything with faith-driven eyes and understand why I remind you daily if you’re going to put effort into

anything put it into believing with your faith enhanced Vision you’ll see that those

intimidating foes aren’t as strong big or significant as they appear they’re

just like lions that Roar to scare you remember your heavenly father is with

you always both day and night Standing Tall like a formidable

giant when you choose to be determined and courageous know that I’m right here

eager to assist you come take my hand now let’s move forward forward to

receive your blessings carrying in your heart the certainty of my love for you

watch as I work wonders in your life your finances and your

family receive my peace do not worry just believe and

trust no enemy shall rise or Prevail against my will and my power do not fear

illness for I have the final word I will extend my hand and heal you

the plans I have for you no one can undo I want you to thrive and that’s why

I’ll bless you and help you succeed come to me with your whole heart share with me your deepest needs you know I’ll

never leave you behind I desire the very best for you as you grow stronger in

spirit and closer to me you’re my child and I bestow upon you

this gift a new chapter filled with genuine joy and peace and a faith so

solid and mighty that you can tackle any challenge fearlessly so when times get tough and

worries come knocking pause and remind yourself of these words I love

you I’m here to fill you with peace happiness and courage days may pass but

your inner peace and strength will stand firm life will shift but my presence and

love for you remain constant my love for you today is a promise of my love for you always my mercy and grace are yours

for the taking that’s why I encourage you to walk boldly even through hard

times never losing hope the spark I’ve placed within you

will withstand the fiercest winds your love for me and mine for you will only

grow stronger as time goes on you must feel secure and deeply loved

see how I come to speak with you every day to tell you the things I’ve prepared for you be filled with gratitude for

that is the key to receiving even more of the blessing I give you you came to

pray and seek me that Delights me talk to me openly I’ll give you my

full attention and won’t cut you off to prove I’m truly listening I want to reassure you that my plans are unfolding

just as you’ve hoped I’m reaching out and touching the heart of that person you’ve prayed for and hold

dear however everything will happen in my timing peace and joy will return to

you but you need to be patient don’t lose heart use your time and energy to

focus on all the positive things Yet to Come Your Capacity to Love Remains

intact and love is not leaving you the love you seek will find its way back

into your life you won’t feel empty because because my spirit fills you up

your heart won’t be heavy any longer for my love brings you comfort you won’t be

stuck in the past because my care sets you free the loneliness you felt is just

temporary and it ends now by welcoming my Saving Grace your life home and loved

ones will be profoundly affected and changed for the better I do not wish for you to continue

struggling with the same issues here in my hands lie peace

happiness healing and harmony for your home you have every right to receive these

blessings pay attention to my teachings keep your faith in me strong and don’t

let yourself be swayed by distractions into doubt be mindful about who you

choose as companions on your life’s journey don’t be scared I’m always by

your side but be alert and guard your heart against against fake friends these

people might try to pull you away from your path tempting you to take routes full of

uncertainties I’m your true path trust in me without wavering I’m the answer to

your troubles holding the key to True Life in my hands if you stray onto Uncharted paths you’ll find yourself

lost without a way back approach me with an open and

sincere heart embrace my love and the the blessings I shower upon you promise

me you’ll do this your trials are challenging I see your struggles your efforts and your

despair do not forget that it is in the toughest situations where I demonstrate

my faithfulness the best decision you’ve made today is to trust and reach out to

me think about your life the many challenges you’ve faced the struggles you’ve conquered the hardships you’ve

survived and still you stand strong you’re truly

courageous I’m delighted by your resilience your persistence touches me realize this I have never left your side

others might think your successes were just by chance but there was no luck involved my guiding hand was with you in

every Victory I send you this message to assure you there’s no need to worry

don’t let fear dampen your aspirations don’t hesitate to dream ambitiously and step into challenges knowing I am with

you to see your plans succeed pause and think my dear child

you’ve shown immense courage throughout your life remember the times when situations seem Bleak yet you prevailed

because you placed your trust in me since you gave me the Reigns of your life you haven’t fac

defeat so rest your heart and continue to trust

I know it can sometimes be difficult to Simply rest and not lose Faith especially when everything seems to go

wrong and conflicts knock at your door attempting to consume you

entirely but in those moments my child block your ears from the voices of the

enemy do not heed the threats of fear and insecurity keep walking and trusting

in my promises you are greatly loved by me before you even came into this world

I had Grand plans for you I won’t leave a vulnerable child alone I’ve been looking after you in a

very special way attending to every detail of your life every moment I’m

always there stop letting sadness take over fill your heart with happiness and

keep going with faith in your eyes because winning is guaranteed and what I’ve got in store for you is bigger than

you can imagine I love you keep pushing forward don’t give up up I’m your heavenly

father your God your protector I know your heart inside out and I see beyond your current

troubles I get how you’re feeling the situation you’re in is tough you might

think you’ve made mistakes you feel knocked down but you also know my deep

love for you you can’t just lie down your purpose and your call are to Stand

Tall the enemy has tried to test you fiercely but I’ve decided that your faith and

bravery won’t waver you will stand up I’ll Transform your life and who you are

but you need to embrace the changes do not compare yourself to anyone I made

you different stronger braver wiser and more

intelligent I am placing valuable Tools in your hands to break rocks Blaze new

trails and remove with the power of my word and your faith

all the weeds and garbage that seek to hinder you on the path except what I

tell you today you are in a new land of Supernatural blessing do not let your

emotions or feelings dominate you anymore you do not have to react with

fear or make decisions when people blackmail you with accusations and

regrets I have always had a wonderful plan for you the enemy has tried to

intervene to steal your desire to live and to see your family blessed that’s

why I urge you to make the daily decision to be happy to trust in me I’ve filled you with my Holy Spirit

you’re going to keep trusting and assisting others many will let you down turn against you speak negatively about

you and betray you acting like those without hope to them it’s normal to take what’s

not theirs to get by they feel no remorse they cheat and tear down those

trying to help them biting the hand that feeds them but don’t be scared or upset

you’re acting like me I too have aided and loved many I’ve

given blessings and yet many have turned their backs on me however I won’t stop giving or loving just as rain and

sunshine touch both the just and unjust your strength motivation bravery and

Assurance your supply safeguarding life and Rescue you come solely from me let’s

move forward together I hold you dear I’m looking forward to tomorrow with you and if I say things will be okay please

trust in me if you keep worrying about issues you’ve already handed to me you’ll just wear yourself

out you’ve reached out your hand to me now let me guide you peacefully to a

place of abundance and rest I desire nothing to be lacking for you I long to

satisfy your soul with Divine affection and holy tenderness fear not the

potential onset of adversity you shall stand firm and I shall be there refusing

to release you never letting you go I am well aware of your moments of

weakness which is why I address your heart my cherished one I am here with

you instead of allowing you to wander in confusion and despair it is better to

sit here with me to rest for a moment do not be anxious for the future nor be

troubled by the state of the world focus on what truly matters your family your

spiritual life nurturing your soul with my word and in prayer do good and show

Mercy to those who have wronged you even if despite your abundant kindness they

persist in mistreating you turn the other cheek if they strike you again

demonstrate your love to them to the extent that just as I gave my life for my children you too are willing to fight

to the end so that your family may know me be blessed and experience

Freedom while the Earth spins and rumors of wars Echo you must not cease to pray

write in your book of prayer the names of those you love tell me what you desire for them I already know their

lives and thoughts but I want you to exercise your faith to learn to pray for

what truly matters while people around you might be scared of what’s coming you and your family

don’t have to be afraid I’ll always be with you so you need to be ready While

others Give In To Fear you’ll see incredible things happen the signals are

clear your time of freedom is getting closer but you must pray believe

persevere and live fully don’t fear future events have

faith in my promises for I can do anything I cherish Your Love tell me you

love me too it warms my heart to hear it ignore the liar stay away from rumors

don’t listen to those who judge ignore the words of those who accuse you don’t let your feelings Lead You

astray ignore those who think they are better or more righteous than

you decide to stand up and embrace your true identity my loved forgiven saved

and changed child brimming with humility Joy strength and contentment stop

worrying about what’s behind you you’ve already sought my forgiveness and

humbled yourself I’ve got everything under control I’ll deal with those against you those trying to bring you

down those envious of the continuous flow of my grace and

blessings in your life despite your past errors they do not know they do not

understand understand that you have repented that you have opened the doors of your soul to me that you have placed

me first you have chosen to love me with all your might you have believed in the Plan of

Salvation Health prosperity and blessing I have for you the prosperity I grant

you brings neither sorrow nor enslavement to debts I will provide for your needs abundantly so that you may

live in abundance without having to borrow from those who could plunge you into despair

rob you of your freedom and steal your joy let me remind you again my words

always come true my rules are solid and I never lie you find the real truth in

me so believe what I say and don’t be misled when You Face challenges from

your adversaries dive into my teachings to find peace and steadiness preventing any confusion in

your feelings I am your God your Everlasting and Powerful father

motivated by love I’ve come to find you rescue you care for you and always keep

you safe this is my Everlasting promise I love you don’t lose heart the miracle

you’ve been waiting for is in the works I’ve made you wait for a reason with a

special intention in mind I plan to shower you with blessings and gift you

with insight and knowledge to accomplish great things your path is unique my

designs for your life are specific to you don’t dwell on how I bless others or

compare your journey to theirs I will indeed bless you and

greatly enhance your talents you’re destined for success and will become a source of blessings for many this is my

firm resolve and it will happen everything I give you all that I bestow

upon you is for your benefit for your growth so that you may always live with

joy and freedom when I ask you to kneel and bow your heart in fervent prayer each day you understand

why pray earnestly when You Face a new trial when it is time to battle the

enemy in battle the only way to win is through your

prayer I want to hear your voice the celestial Realms tremble when you speak to me in faith keep your faith alive let

your spirit be vigilant do not succumb to the Slumber of those who grow

disheartened and cease to believe you must distance yourself from

those who instead of encouraging you want you to renounce your faith but you

are not one who accepts defeat you’re not one who forfeits the fight before it

begins you know that you do not fight alone you have seen how many times I

have aided you in triumphing I was I am

and I will continue to be with you and when you feel yourself weakening remember all that I tell you meditate

think reread it take it seriously this is not a game if you are

in the battle it is not merely to fight but to conquer keep this in your heart you

should fear nothing leave anxiety behind you can be at peace even if you stumble

along the way or falter again my love for you will always remain the same tell

me now that you trust me that you won’t lose heart and that those who mean to

hurt you won’t reach you because I’m your Shield I guard you against all harm and

disrupt the plots of those who wish ill upon you this is why your adversaries are

frustrated their attempts to undermine you are thwarted every time they try to strike do not fear my dear one for I

will deal with them one by one walk through your days in peace aware that I

am by your side you don’t need to be afraid because I am your protector and guardian I look after your household

your finances and everything you value your children are under my care safe

from the enemy schemes aimed at them I am Vigilant over your children’s every move ensuring they don’t falter and are

always kept safe in my care keep praying and kneeling daily it

will fortify your faith and you’ll see my powerful intervention bringing about change and resolving your worries live

your life with the assurance that all will be well and take confident steps toward the wonderful place you aspire to

be go with joy and a smile spreading my word my light and my love for this will

confuse the enemy and make those who seek to harm you surrender and ask for

forgiveness [Music] I will Elevate you and shower you with such blessings that even those who Envy

you will be stunned and not recognize you you are the one I have chosen and I

will not allow you to be overcome they might try to bring you

down but they’ll only see their own downfall I’m endowing you with immense

strength and giving you the insight to spot the schemes of those plotting against you in secret I’m granting you

the wisdom and understanding to navigate situations where others aim to harm you

today I bestow upon you numerous blessings and promises you will be

lifted high and will honor my name in all your endeavors Cast Away any fear from your

heart and mind I’m with you in Victory if you place your trust in me believe in

my promises and I will see you through your challenges don’t be fearful in my

presence you have a special place it doesn’t matter if some people turn their backs

on you even when you approach them with kindness and respect as there will be ungrateful ones who reply with

disdain therefore today I want to strengthen your spirit your mind your

body so you no longer become distressed or ill from such disillusionment you need love that is

good holy perfect Eternal and true and this is the love I give

you the individuals who’ve caused you pain pretend to offer love yet they always want something back if you don’t

meet their expectations they make your life harder today you’re being liberated

from that bondage you won’t rely on anyone else in this world you won’t need

to hear compliments to feel valued you won’t be upset when they ignore you only

to reach out when they need something or to pin their faults on you I am breaking every chain that binds

your spirit and emotions I’m freeing you from the grip

of evil that you’ve encountered due to your trusting nature your adversary

might appear as a beacon of goodness aiming to take what’s yours however I

don’t seek your wealth or belongings your Earthly Goods don’t matter to me I

wish for you to live free from sorrow and despair you will live for me

and be incredibly strong you won’t be wounded when others Overlook you or place your trust blindly in people no

matter how kind or Genuine they appear you will find true courage and joy if

you value my teachings embrace my plan for you and wait patiently for the

blessings I have in store for you I also do not want you to spend your days in

loneliness I will place the right person in your life at the perfect time I will provide you with the job you need

and open doors for you I will bless you abundantly and free you from depths no I

will do all these things you just need to rest with humble and grateful Faith trust in my love and power I will do

many beautiful things in you you will be so happy come trust I will surprise you

reach out to me every day affirm your faith in me what’s burdening you now I

see your sadness I’ve heard the cries of your heart and your distress has reached

me your despair is deep yet you’ve turned to me in your

sorrow looking for Solace and relief and that’s the right step I’m the one who

can change your current situation and I’m eager to help don’t doubt this your

family won’t fall apart your joy won’t disappear you won’t be alone

neither despair nor sadness will overcome you if you’ve managed to Lean on Me in your time of pain and tears now

trust in the Assurance I offer in my promise that everything will get better and in my pledge to Love You So

profoundly that it might feel overwhelming at times but you just need to believe it my love for you knows no

bounds don’t try to figure it out just welcome it embrace it you’re wrestling

with many doubt doubts because of your current struggles but don’t be harsh on yourself it’s natural doubts will come

but the enemy aims to use your sorrowful moments to crush your spirits and attack your hopes trying to pull you down and

snatch away your dreams I want that after hearing my words you dry the tears

from your face and rise with courage you are going to face the enemies and you

are going to fight for your family you are going to defend what I have given you you are going to your blessings you

are going to stand firm in front of all Who attack you and you’re going to give them War to those who oppose you so it

is and so it will be my little daughter my little son

nothing and no one will stop you today you came to me sad and humiliated but

you are going to rise with a Champion’s heart Brave strengthened full of faith

and courage I’m the almighty God and my word I fulfill you are created in my image and

likeness I give you all the authority and power so that you overcome the afflictions of this world it is time it

is time rise Champion your moment has come this is the sign you have been

asking me now on your part go out and Conquer you will not stop you will not

be discouraged tell me that you will do it tell me that you believe me me you

carry wounds deep in your soul that you fear might never heal thoughts trouble

you seeming impossible to clear away there have been times when I’ve heard

the cries of your soul feeling so overwhelmed by life that you wish to end

it all I’ve witnessed your tears and I assure you I’ve counted every single one

that has fallen when your heart sinks into despair I feel that sadness with you I empathize deeply you you been

through tough times that make no sense to you right now you’ve had to make really hard choices and have sometimes

felt pushed into Corners doing things you never wanted to it might have been hard to believe that I have a perfect

plan for you but today I’m here to boost your faith and tell you directly that

your time your day is on the horizon you’re close to receiving my incredible

blessings which will wash away all the hurt and fill your life and home with

immense Joy this difficult phase will soon be over things will start to change and

when the hard times fade you’ll see clearly how I was always there guiding

and shielding you I will open the eyes of your spirit and make you see so many

Mortal dangers you went through on the way but also you will see how I never abandoned you and even in the moments

you felt saddest I was there with you realize now that you are hearing and

reading my words you are standing you are alive pain has not broken you the

attacks of the world and the enemy have not destroyed you we will continue fighting together the road is still long

but you will continue believing you will continue growing now you have the

assurance that my plan for you is true and that if I already showed you how

much I love you and I delivered you from so many things from now on you will fight with all your strength and

whatever comes you will not give up I love you don’t shut your heart off I’m

about to do something amazing in your life welcome my words with an open heart

I’m here reaching out to you with my love hold my hand and you’ll be filled with a deep peace the sadness that

lingered in your heart will vanish and the heavy burdens you’ve carried will

disappear leave the days of Sorrow behind from now on you’ll know the joy

and richness of my love so let your heart be open to me let my love heal and

renew every part of your life in a wonderful way don’t close yourself off

Let My Love cover every aspect of your being touching every thought every

feeling and every area of your life allow me to be like refreshing rain

to your soul making hope hope faith and trust grow within you I understand it’s

tough to take this step today given the struggles you face and the pain within I

see how intense your pain can be and the thought of giving in might seem easier at

times but I’m telling you Now’s the Time to stand up to fight for your belief and

to start a new day empowered with bravery and happiness do not resist

allow my spirit to move within you healing your wounds and restoring your

soul remember I am near attentive to The Cry of your prayers I understand it may be difficult

to believe what I say today but it is imperative that you

trust only then can I perform my work within you a work of Love grace and

mercy that no one can hinder for what I shall accomplish within you is greater

than you can imagine do not hesitate to seek me come and follow me facing your

struggles and battles with the certainty that I am by your side fix your gaze upon my promises and

cling to my words for in doing so your fears shall dissipate and your problem shall be

resolved for I shall be with you always when you go through tough times

like walking through fire you won’t get burned or harmed no evil will will get

to you no trouble will break you down and you won’t be swept away by life’s

rough patches the peace and Faith I’ve placed in you will stand firm just trust really

trust and your blessings will stay with you so don’t be scared to walk the path

I’ve laid out for you because it’s filled with good things that will make you truly happy believe in what I’m

saying to you now and you’ll see that my words are reliable and true

able to bring calm to the wildest storms and light to the deepest Darkness now is the time to let go of

old burdens and step into the bright future I’ve got ready for you hold my

hand and let me lead you you’ll see how every new day is a chance to grow to

learn and to live the Abundant Life I’ve promised you therefore as you Journey with me

fear not to confront challenging moments for each one is a stepping stone that

grants you the opportunity to grow and understand the depth of my love Remember You are not alone in this

journey I am the beacon illuminating your path The Rock upon which you may build your life Forge ahead with

confidence knowing that every step taken in faith leads you closer to the Fulfillment you desire don’t give up

look ahead move towards the future of Plenty and satisfaction I’ve set out for you since the very beginning know that

when you embrace the warmth of my love you’ll start to feel my peace fill you up turning joy into your power past

hurts will start to heal and the brightness of My caring love will make you whole again so keep

going on this path of belief from now on expect to find success Joy freedom and

peace in your life all proving my Everlasting and unwavering love for you

it’s endless unconditional and always there when you need it let the words you’ve heard today

remind you of my affection for you my goal to enrich and favor you stands firm

and if ever you’re weighed down by doubt come back to these words remembering my

commitment and loyalty to you they will be your beacon shining on

your journey guiding you to the place of my promises where all you wish for trusting in faith

will be granted to you for in your faithfulness in small things I shall Elevate you to Great Heights I shall

make all your paths prosperous I am your heavenly father the almighty God the creator of the universe

the owner and Sovereign ruler of all that exists I know everything and can reach

anywhere today I’m here to give you my help and direction a source of NeverEnding Grace

and love that will fill your life with peace happiness and

meaning listen carefully to what I’m telling you because it’s your time now

all those tough times tests and obstacles you faced are about to come to an end so keep going and don’t quit I

know you’re tired worn out from facing so many challenges but you need to hang

in there a bit longer you will win the struggles and battles you’re facing

trust in me because I can turn any situation to your benefit believe in

what I say and I promise that your troubles will be resolved the debts that

have weighed you down will be cleared your burdens lifted your financial situation will get better and with my

help you’ll be able to overcome anything I will be with you and no one will be

able to stop you my promise to you is as sure as my word just have faith and I

will always fulfill my promises to you always remember my love for you is

endless and my power is Limitless you’re my cherished child and

I long to see your life flourish each day May The Light Within you shine like

the dawn increasing in brightness until the day is

perfect trust in me my child and see how I will turn your tough times into

chances for blessing growth and knowledge your hard work

won’t be for nothing it will indeed flourish each bit of effort and Faith

you put in will Bloom and bring lots of good things you’ll see new opportunities

unfold before you success will fill every part of your life whether it’s in

your possessions feelings or Spirit but remember my child the success I give you

isn’t just for for you it’s also meant to help others those who have less the

needy and the humble be wise with what you get because if you’re careful and

thankful for the small things I promise to give you even more remember my

blessing comes with the responsibility to obey and take good care of everything I give you keep a humble and giving

heart always ready to help those who need it let me shape you into a Channel

of blessings not just for those close to you but for the less fortunate as well dear child

know that as you walk your path you’ll face hurdles and difficulties but don’t be scared I will be with you at all

times giving you strength and leading the way don’t be discouraged by hard

times because it’s during these challenges that your character grows and your trust in me becomes clear remember

my child what I want for you goes beyond just material things while I plan to fix

your financial issues and clear your debts what I truly wish for is your deep

spiritual growth I hope your connection with me deepens and your faith gets stronger with each Triumph and every

obstacle you overcome believe in what I say for I will never let you down I keep

my promises my love and might have no bounds if you stay close to me and trust

in my power you will witness my blessings in every part of your life hold on to my love and mercy dear

one and be assured that your financial worries will be resolved your debt shall

be settled and all your financial burdens shall be alleviated scarcity shall not touch your

home nor your children nor the children of your children for I shall lavish you

with abundance in all areas of your life so lift up your head and gaze into the

future with hope do not fear to confront the challenges that arise for I shall be

with you providing you with the strength and wisdom to overcome them trust that

my mighty hand is working in your favor simply walk in obedience and faithfulness trusting that I will never

forsake you or abandon you then your life shall be a living testimony of my

miraculous provision and those around you Shall Behold my glory reflected in you

always remember my dear child that the blessings you’re going to receive don’t

come from your own efforts or achievements but from my grace and love so move forward with bravery and Trust

in what I say knowing that I am the god who heals you

the God who takes care of your debts The God Who makes your projects succeed hold these words close to your

heart engrave them deeply as a reminder of my promise to you You My Endless Love

and my eagerness to bless you greatly keep in mind that these words aren’t just to make you feel good

they’re meant to motivate you to live obediently and Faithfully I wish for your heart to

resonate with mine and for you to pursue my guidance every single day today I

bless you my child I declare you free from debt and hardship I pronounce a renewal of your financial State and I

ensure the success of your endeavors believe and it will

happen I implore you please do not ignore me for I’m here beside

you today from the depths of my heart I approach you to speak with words of love

it’s my desire that my voice transcends through time and space to touch the

deepest fibers of your being I ask you to listen to me and receive my

unconditional love which is meant for you my child today I want you to

understand that I’ve always been by your side I’ve shared in your happiness and

your sadness witnessed your achievements and your setbacks I’ve observed every move you

make and I’m familiar with the load you bear your life’s moments have never gone

unnoticed by me my desire has always been for your utmost good even when you’ve sometimes ignored me

now I’m asking you to let me be a part of your life Welcome me into your heart

and let me fill it with happiness blessings and joy allow me to be your

Sanctuary when life gets too much it doesn’t matter how long you’ve felt

distant or how often you’ve questioned my presence my love for you remains

steadfast I’m here patiently waiting ready to enter your life if you just

open your heart to me I want nothing more than to be your constant support guiding you through

tough times and celebrating in your joyous moments even though the

day-to-day challenges might distract you and delay our connection please give me

a chance to be part of your heart let me show you the depth of my love and grace

with me in your life I can transform it heal your innermost hurts and provide

the peace you seek even amidst turmoil you do not have to live in solitude draw

near to me when you are overwhelmed and Trust to me all that troubles you and

trust in me when you face difficult decisions seek my wisdom I will always

be here to listen to you from dawn to dusk in every moment of your life even

in the Silence of the night no matter the weight of your mistakes or the magnitude of your faults

my ear here is attentive to your prayers and my forgiveness is always

available to you you are precious and dearly loved don’t let feelings of guilt

or regret convince you otherwise or keep you away from me my Mercy knows no

bounds and my grace is always there to welcome you warmly in my love you’ll discover peace

Solace and blessings that’s why my child I’m asking you to take a moment now to

think don’t hesitate to open your heart to me what lies ahead will bring joy not

sorrow I know life can feel too much at times and the obstacles ahead might look

too tough to tackle but remember I’m always right there with you I won’t let you get stuck in the M nor will I let go

of your hand during hard times I’ll guide you to Lush Serene places along our routes filled with love

and goodness just give me a chance in your life and let let me be a part of everything you do don’t overlook me or

my advice avoid seeking fulfillment in fleeting shallow Pleasures for I promise

you that path leads only to hardship and sadness now open your heart to me and

allow me to transform your life let my grace reach you filling you with peace

and joy for in me you will find a sincere true love that transcends all

your expectations and will never abandon you open now the doors of your heart and

let me in allow me to be your life companion your safe Refuge your strength in times

of weakness don’t be scared to move forward and don’t let your mind dwell on

past errors it doesn’t matter to me how much you’ve wandered off or how many times

you’ve Fallen I’m right here offering you my hand filled with love waiting for

you to grab it and join me on this path of Faith Love and

Hope hold my hand my dear one and walk with me it’s the best choice you’ll ever

make and I assure you you won’t regret it but will instead experience the

immense blessings of my love and kindness come don’t lose heart everything will turn out

fine I’m aware there will be times when you feel uncertain and overwhelmed by by

doubts and fears but remember you’re never alone I’m always here to light up your way and

direct your steps I will never release your hand I urge you again listen to my

guidance and don’t overlook my presence you might not hear my voice out loud but

in quietness you’ll sense me speaking to your heart through wise words from others or in peaceful moments when you

can sense my nearness I love you my child I will

always be here for you ready to love you forgive you and bless you I’ve got a

special promise for you one that’ll really make a difference in your life so take it in today I’m offering you a

promise that’ll touch your heart deeply and stay with you forever This Promise is my pledge a bond that lasts

eternally showing you my Limitless love so pay close attention because what I’m

about to say will bring peace to your soul and direction to your life I’m

asking you to give everything up to me don’t hold back or try to hide anything remember I know you

completely trust in me and let me take care of your financial worries don’t hesitate to step out in

faith by letting me handle your finances you’re setting yourself up for success

in every aspect of your life my blessings will come to you in ways you’d

never expect allowing you to thrive not just with money but in your spiritual

and emotional life too when you entrust your financial

worries to me you’re letting my grace act on your behalf meeting all your needs so have faith in me and watch his

doors of opportunity swing wide open for you I’m ready to shower you with all kinds of

prosperity in your job your business and in all you do my blessing will so fill

your [Music]

life [Music]


that it will create Avenues of success and well-being for you even when times get tough just trust me and I will

multiply you until you overflow I know that sometimes life may

seem uncertain and challenges May threaten your faith but I want you to know that none of your efforts will be

in vain for I will never abandon you trust me in my plans for you because

I am always working for those who love me don’t fret about tomorrow or stress

over today because with me your future is safe and I’ll ensure success in your

endeavors I want you to understand that true wealth isn’t just about having lots of things don’t just chase after

material wealth instead aim first for my kingdom and living righteously trust

that everything else you need will follow my wish is for you to be a source

of blessings to share generously and to always be giving some people get caught

up in the world’s flow obsessed with money and possessions and end up living

shallow fear-filled lives but you my child shouldn’t lose heart when challenges come trust in me

even when it’s tough sometimes it’s the hard times that boost your faith and

show you that you rely entirely on me when troubles come just call on me and

I’ll provide the insight and guidance you need to get past any hurdle I’ll open paths you thought were

blocked and lead you to surprising chances that will enrich your life with my grace and blessings so place your fin

es your dreams your desires and everything in your heart into my hands

and you will see how I bless you beyond what you can imagine remember that I am the true owner of everything and my

provision knows no bounds trust me and let me be the guide

of your life I will lead you along paths of righteousness and guide you to lands

of abundance I will never abandon you because you are the most precious Treasure of my creation remember that I

am your faithful companion and will always be by your side my plans for you are wonderful just

walk beside me trusting and following my lead and watch as I change your life

filling it with plenty I am your God your parent and your provider trust in

me and I’ll pave a path of success for you let this assurance of blessings

inspire you and boost your faith I’m asking you again my my

children to keep believing don’t let tough times or worldly distractions pull

you off my path stay thankful appreciate what you have now and the good things on

their way to you every day speak out this promise for yourself and your family keep working hard and smart using

the skills and abilities I’ve given you act with honesty and kindness in all your actions and watch as my favor

brings prosperity to your work your business and all your efforts

remember accepting This Promise means accepting my blessing I will keep my promise to bless

you and make you successful because your father owes nothing to anyone my dear son my dear

daughter don’t pull away from me or be scared of what’s going to happen in your life because I will never leave you I’ll

be right there with you through every hard time every challenge you face

just like I promis to look after and protect you I will also make sure you win against anyone trying to hurt you or

block your way keep your faith strong stay away from the bad things and traps set by

evil ones don’t be afraid of tough situations because I’m going to do amazing things for you the mistakes you

made before the errors of yesterday won’t cover up the huge love and plan I

have for you nothing will stop what I want to happen in your life come closer and listen to

me lift your hands up to the sky and embrace the blessing by my grace I give you

everything you’ve prayed for I will bless you in an extraordinary

way today Heaven’s gates open for you pouring out a flood of blessings into

your life accept it my son accept it my daughter Embrace this Pro promise and

keep it dear to your heart for I will do wonderful and impressive things you will accomplish achievements

that will leave a mark affecting not just your own life but also the lives of

future Generations your everyday life will be transformed you will lack nothing and

will not need to borrow as I will make you prosper in every

aspect your life will be filled with good things providing iding you with the means to achieve your goals dreams and

desires you will start Endeavors that will improve your own life as well as

the lives of your family friends and co-workers my grace and favor will

constantly be with you making your path successful and blessing the work you

do do not doubt what I say Embrace and believe these words

wholeheartedly you will see for yourself however everything I tell you today comes true my words are reliable and

honest and I always keep my promises so my dear son my dear daughter don’t

hesitate or be scared to face life’s challenges don’t back down or give up

your rovu for the fleeting and trivial things of this world just be brave and

strong because all the blessings I’ve mentioned in my word will be yours

nothing and nobody can block my grace and favor in your life remember these blessings come not

from your own efforts or deeds

[Music] but





[Music] through faith and the immense love I hold for you accept them wholeheartedly

and with open arms aware that they arise from my good and perfect intentions for

you keep going and never forget that I’m always with you even when the road is

unclear and darkness looms large stay firm in your heart and confident in your

steps stay close to me don’t wander off course because when doubts creep in my

light will shine even brighter on you my presence will guide you and with every

step forward you’ll feel my love surrounding you like a protective

cloak the stars in the sky will see how my power moves through you helping you overcome every challenge each obstacle

will be a chance to show your strength and what you can do when you’re you’re tired when the weight of your troubles

feels too heavy remember you’re not by yourself I will hold your hands giving

you the energy power and encouragement to keep going because with me your spirit gets stronger every

day always remember my son my daughter that the marks you leave in this world

will be more than just Footprints in the Sand they will be lasting signs of Love

kindness and Det determination for those who follow you each word you say will

Echo with hope promising a brighter future for the next Generations don’t

get tired of staying strong in your faith because your reward will be huge both in heaven and here on Earth

keep going showing how my love reaches from my heart to yours turning problems

into chances failures into lessons and tough times into growth every morning

will be a new chance to inspire uplift and Lead others on their Journey of

Faith every evening you’ll find peace and confidence knowing that no matter what comes tomorrow my support and

blessings will always be with you steady and unshakable like a firm Rock in your life

never question my strength or the promises I give you again today trust and hold these promises

close to your heart and you’ll witness how they come to life through your faith

that very faith will be the power to move mountains the seed that grows into abundance and the breeze that pushes

your Sals toward a future filled with wonderful

blessings so I urge you today to move forward with faith bravery and sure

belief [Music]

amen [Music]

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