my beloved child it’s not a coincidence

for you to come across this video

today I am aware of how much is on your

mind you struggle daily to provide for

your family and preserve your

Tranquility you have the impression that

the entire world is bearing down on you

never forget that you’re are not by

yourself bring all your worries to me in

prayer PR I’ll

Supply I’ll clear the path for you the

resources of Heaven are behind you

there’s no reason to worrying I’ve got

your back I hereby Proclaim that you

will get wonderful news about something

you have been waiting for with patience

God will make things happen for you

he’ll let you through new

doors you’ve demonstrated patience

you’ve put up a valiant fight every day

you try it’s your moment to begin

receiving now prepare for an unexpected

breakthrough the moment to give up is

not now I am aware that you are

concerned about your health finances and

possibly your next

move keep in mind that I always work for

you I will grant you try Triumph healing

and serenity give up worrying about

today you will receive more blessings

than you can ever dream be believing and

have faith I’m at your

side if you desire Miracles watch this

video through to the

end listen up on the contrary discourse

my name is I and I am the god of all

time and everything you should look for

me not only in the Stillness of the

morning but also gradually during the

day you must not allow foreen challenges

to divert your attention away from my

presence on the contrary discuss

anything and everything with me and

watch with complete Assurance to find

out what I mean to do dot you do not

have to let adversity prevent you from

having communion with me for the most

part when things go wrong you behave as

if you are being

punished instead of reacting in a

negative manner you should make an

effort to see challenges as blessings

disguised as challenges make me your

Safe Haven by putting all of your

confidence in me and pouring out your

your heart to me with complete

abandon have no expectation that you

will be treated fairly in this life you

will be subjected to unpleasant words

and actions from other people which you

do not deserve when you are mistreated

by another person make an effort to see

it as a chance to develop Your

Grace see what is the speed with which

you are able to forgive the person who

has been hurt it is you ping the record

straight is not something you should be

concerned about instead of becoming

preoccupied with the thoughts that other

people have about you keep your

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