You Are BLESSED If You FOUND this VIDEO | The Prophetic Word of WEALTH TRANSFER

my beloved child your eyes are not on

these words by chance this Divine

encounter is no accident or coincidence

I have drawn you here today to share an

important message a message of Hope

encouragement and affirmation of my love

you may feel lost in uncertainty weary

from battles or disheartened by trials

the path ahead may seem dark and your

spirit burdened but take heart I know

the plans I have for you I see the full

picture while you grasp only a fragment

trust in me lean into me take refuge in

my Everlasting Arms I will carry you

through you have so much to offer this

world unique gifts talents and a heart

of compassion you were created for a

purpose placed here for such a time as

this but the enemy Whispers lies that

you are not enough that you lack what is

needed I say to you refuse those lies

you are exactly who I lovingly crafted

you to be hold your head high my child

victory is within your reach I know that

life on Earth can weary even the

strongest of Hearts challenges arise

that tempt you to give in to fear and

doubt but cling to me your anchor in the

storm I will show you the way through

impossible seas turn weeping into

gladness of heart the light still shines

bright even when clouds cover the sun

you may feel alone and wonder if I still

hear your prayers but I assure you I am

closer than your breath talk to me as

you would a friend for I am your

comforter counselor Confidant my wisdom

is yours for the asking my strength

pours into your weakness you are never

alone take comfort in The Community of

Faith I have provided join hands and

hearts with others seeking my face

encourage one another pray for one

another share stories of my goodness

together you will see my transforming

power alive and active in your midst all

things are possible with me fill your

heart with praise prise and gratitude

for it opens your eyes to behold my

blessings even in Brokenness I bring

healing even in Stillness I bring New

Life Lift Your gaze to the Wonders

around you signs of my love are

everywhere the dawn breaks revealing a

new day filled with promise rejoice in

this gift I know the trials you face

seem overwhelming but remember I measure

strength differently than mankind what

the world calls weak I call strong The

Humble tender heart is more courageous

than the prideful and harsh my power

shines brighter through vessels emptied

of self filled with my spirit you have

endured much but brighter days are

coming do not despair or grow weary I am

the restorer the Healer the Redeemer I

make all things new The Tide is turning

the season changing rebirth follows

Death Joy follows sorrow light swallows

Darkness Victory is assured for those

who walk with me abundance overflow

Flows In My Kingdom yet many live in

lack not realizing the riches I long to

pour out come to me beloved Child open

your hands and receive my outpouring you

are worthy valued seen you are free to

live abundantly Unchained from anxiety

and fear accept this gift I offer you as

my precious child my dear child do not

lose hope or give up when the journey

becomes difficult I am with you through

it all even when you feel you have hit

rock bottom keep your eyes lifted up to

me the author and perfector of your

faith I will give you the strength to

take the next step and the next you may

not know what the future holds or how

your prayers will be answered but trust

that I am working all things for your

good my timing is perfect even when it

doesn’t align with your desired timing

rest in the knowledge that I know the

full picture while you see only a small

part when adversity comes do not resent

the test for it is in the trials that

your character is refined your faith

matured your spirit strengthened silver

must pass through fire to reveal its

Purity and Brilliance stay steadfast

through the Heat and you will emerge

refined like silver surround yourself

with those who fan the Flames of your

faith rather than dampen your spirit

fellowship with other believers

strengthens your walk and encouragement

together through prayer and worship you

lift each other higher listen for my

voice of wisdom and Direction often it

comes as a whisper easily drowned out by

busyness and distraction set aside quiet

time each day to shut out the noise and

be still in my presence my sheep know my

voice and follow me I will lead you to

Green Pastures and Still Waters when

fear looms like a dark cloud counter it

with praise sing in the darkness and my

light will burst through scattering the

Gloom shout Victory from the valley and

Heavenly perspective will carry you to

the Mountaintop where there is sincere

Thanksgiving Joy follows never forget

how fiercely I love you child it is an

everlasting love born out of nothing you

did or will do simply because you are my

creation my child I loved you before you

were born I love the you behind the

masks and titles the real you is

beautiful valued seen don’t hide walk

boldly in your true identity as my

beloved the enemy’s lies may be loud but

my voice Rings louder you are chosen you

are called you are equipped and anointed

you lack nothing all you need is within

your reach because my spirit lives in

you you have everything required to walk

fully in your purpose believe this truth

sometimes my path for you leads into the

Wilderness the fear of isolation May

tempt you to choose easier roads but

great things are birthed in desert

places Moses encountered my fire in the

backside of the desert take courage for

in the wild lies wonder your story is is

unfinished the brush has left the canvas

partnership with me crafts a life more

wondrous than you can fathom take my

hand surrender your need for control

together we will create something truly

breathtaking my beloved child we have

walked together through this journey of

encouragement and inspiration as we

close this message of hope I want to

leave you with a final reminder I am

guiding your steps each day the path

stretches out ahead of you unknown and

uncertain take comfort in the promise

that I know the way I go before you to

light your path follow me wholeheartedly

take my hand and I will lead you home

the storms of life rage but I am the

calm within the chaos when anxiety and

fear threaten to overwhelm you come to

me my perfect love casts out all torment

of Mind and Spirit rest in my presence

and be renewed though weeping comes in

the Night Joy arrives with the dawn

light always triumphs over Darkness

after sickness comes healing after the

barren winter blooms the Vibrance of

spring believe in the promise of New

Life do not focus on how great the need

is or how inadequate you feel for it is

not by human might or power but by my

spirit that mountains move and victories

are won your weakness is the very place

for my strength to shine share with

others the love joy and wisdom I have

poured into your life it is in giving

that you receive scatter blessings

everywhere you go the seeds of kindness

and compassion you plant will bear fruit

to nourish many lift your gaze often to

the one who Ador you feel me smiling

down on you beaming with delight over

you no detail of Your Life Escapes my

notice or concerns you are safe in The

Refuge of My Embrace beloved child of

mine your story overflows with

possibility The Best Is Yet To Come say

yes to the adventures and wonders I have

have in store take courage stand tall

and walk boldly into your future I go

with you each step of the way and to all

who have listened to this message do not

keep it to yourself share these words of

inspiration and hope with others let it

lift their spirits and renew their faith

when you pass on blessing it will return

to you multiplied now go in peace

comforted in the knowledge that you are

deeply loved and cared for I am your

Firm Foundation now and always May My

Hope shine bright within you every step

of this journey believe and receive all

the good gifts I have prepared for you

my beloved

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