Yield to me | God message today | God message for me today | God’s Message Now v40

after a while

you may locate yourself feeling that god is around you

watching over you

so don’t forget about these moments

don’t allow them to go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change

after listening to this message from god

make sure to observe the whole video

every word spoken here lays a direction on

your brilliant future

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if you are geared up

god is speaking to you today

hear me have faith

my dear baby

for all things spread in their own time

let cross of your worries

and agree with inside the technique

nurture your faith and practice patience

understanding that my timing is perfect

resist the urge to rush closer to an unsure future

or hold to fleeting

empty pastimes that carry soreness to your existence

release something that obstructs

the waft of my advantages upon you

keep a distance from those who lack faith

and persevere to your prayers

confide in my timing

and do not provide into melancholy

many benefits will Grace your life

and difficult

occasions will sooner or later be left in the back of

maintain your endurance and worry now not

for I am with you

do not suppose that I am ignorant of your wishes

I am fully acquainted with every factor of

your existence

I see the burdens you convey inside your coronary heart

the misery that engulfs you

for the duration of economic struggles

and moments of contamination

but right now

in this very second

open your coronary heart to my guarantees and guidance

embrace my phrase

are seeking it diligently

trust and bask in my presence

all matters will come to fruition

of their very own time

I will infuse your life with peace and Serenity

and I will bathe you with benefits as a reward

in your unwavering except

as true within me

always recall that I am a god of strength and miracles

I am now not simplest

bestowing advantages and healing upon you

however upon your own family

your youngsters

and your dad and mom

as lengthy as you accept

as true within my divine timing

showcase patience

do no longer lose your sanity

or are trying to find shortcuts

for they’ll lead you off beam and cause damage

continue on your prayers

delve into my teachings

and refrain from hasty hobbies of cloth possessions

keep in thoughts that what the Arena gives is brief

whilst what I provide is everlasting

in a supply of blessing

on your lifestyles

maintain your

believe in my promises

for the entirety will come to fruition in due path

I never postpone or neglect

and I am and will stay

attentive to every of your desires

do no longer melancholy

for I am at your facet

do not be hasty due to the moves of the wicked

and do no longer envy

folks who have interaction in wrongdoing

they shall soon wither away like grass

and prefer soft herbs

they shall wither

place your trust entirely in me

and permit your moves

be guided by means of righteousness

dwell on this land of existence

and take pleasure in my unwavering faithfulness

delight on your reference to me

and I will supply you

the dreams that reside deep inside your coronary heart

entrust your adventure to me

have unwavering religion in me

and I will carry your aspirations to fruition

I will shine upon your righteousness

just like the radiant mild of day

and your justice will shine as brilliantly

because the noonday sun

find your relaxation in me

and patiently anticipate my steerage

do not allow the fulfillment of the depraved

disturb your peace

even when they prosper

in their depraved methods

let move of anger

and forsake the root of wrath

for its simplest leads to damage

know this evildoers can be reduced off

but folks who patiently wait upon me

will inherit the very earth they walk upon

in only a little

even as the depraved shall be no extra

you can searching for their region

but it will be empty

yet in that time

the meek the common

or garden of coronary heart

will inherit this earth

and revel in an abundance of peace

beyond degree

the depraved might also scheme

and gnash their tooth in useless

against the righteous

however I your lord

chortle at their feudal efforts

for I see that their day of reckoning is drawing close

to the wicked

may additionally draw their swords

and bend their bows

with the reason to damage the negative and the upright

however their weapons shall flip upon themselves

their swords will find their very own hearts

and their bows shall be shattered

know this fact

the little that a righteous

character possesses is extra precious

than the big wealth of many depraved

for the palms of the depraved will be damaged

whilst I the Lord

shall uphold the righteous

I realize the times of the innocent

and their inheritance

is an eternal one

they shall now not know shame

in times of hassle

or even in days of famine

they shall locate pride

as for the depraved

they shall perish

and the enemies of the Lord

like the fleeting beauty of the meadows

shall vanish into thin air like smoke

over excited

by using the wind

the wicked might also borrow

and fail to pay off

however the righteous show mercy

and give generously

those who are blessed through me

shall inherit the earth

at the same time

as the ones cursed

with the aid of me

will be cast apart

the steps of a terrific person

are ordered

with the aid of me

and I pride in their adventure

even after they stumble

they shall now not be fully cast down

for I the Lord

uphold them

with my hand

I actually have watched over my

youngsters from their youth

and I have never seen the righteous forsaken

nor their descendants

begging for bread

they are always merciful

and willing to lend

and their descendants

shall be showered with my blessings

turn far from evil

and devote yourselves to doing good

and you shall live in my presence


for I the Lord

love justice

and never abandon my saints

I shield them

all the time

but the descendants of

the wicked will be cut off

the righteous shall inherit this land

and abide in it

all the time

the mouths of

the righteous talk information

and their tongues

are ever attuned to justice

my law is etched upon their hearts

and none of their steps shall falter

the depraved might also watch

the righteous

seeking to harm them

however rest assured I

the Lord will

now not go away

them in the

clutches of their adversaries

nor shall I condemn them

whilst judgment is surpassed

wait upon me

maintain alongside

the route I have set before you

and I shall exalt

you to inherit this land

when the wicked

are reduced off

you shall bear witness to my justice

I even have witnessed the wicked

in their days of remarkable strength

spreading themselves

like flourishing trees

native to the land

yet within the blink of an eye

they shall bypass away

and that they shall be determined no more

pay heed to

the innocent

be aware of

the upright

for their destiny

is one among

endless peace

but as for the transgressors

they shall be introduced to

not together

and the future of the wicked

shall be severed

know this peculiarly else

the salvation of

the righteous

comes completely from me the Lord

I am their electricity

in times of trouble

and I will be their refuge

I will resource them

and supply them from

the depraved

for they vicinity

their unwavering

considering me

calm your spirit

my light for

you may overcome

your challenges quickly

you will acquire

the rewards of

your staying power

I recognize

which you are

currently facing

difficult times

and adversities

and the troubles that

confront you

weigh closely on your heart

bringing pain

and steady anxiety

into your life

I understand that

the difficulties

you face have

grow to be a burdensome load

casting a shadow over your days

and filling

you with uncertainty

but know this

my loved one

within the midst of this storm

you are not on my own

I stand beside you


you with love and care

I apprehend that

the load you carry

is overwhelming

and I understand

the tears you shed in

the solitude of

the night as an

expression of your pain

and weariness

but allow me

assure you dear soul

that those trials shall bypass

the darkness

that seems to envelop

you’ll expand before

the appearance of a

new sunrise

for my promise to

you is steadfast and proper

remember that

I have pledged to be with you

at the same time

as you traverse

the valley of shadows and demise

I will never

forsake you

I will constantly

be with you

guiding you

and shielding you

with my unwavering

and unconditional love

so do no longer worry

my loved one

for in every storm

in each trial

I am right here

steadfast with the

aid of your side

like an unyielding rock

and within the midst of turmoil

your trust in me will

now not be in useless

which is why

I want you to

apprehend that my

commitment to

you is actual

and everlasting

I will by no means

abandon you

however will stand


by way of your aspect

in every step

you are taking

in every battle

and mission

in each tear that falls

out of your eyes

I will constantly be there

upholding you

with my amazing fingers

therefore loved soul

do not allow tension to consume you

look beforehand

with desire

for the electricity

you want to

triumph over

each obstacle is within

your draw close

challenge comes from inside

I realize the war

may be fierce

and draining

the paths you tread

can be honorous

to navigate

but you have to take into account

I am your Lord and savior

the guardian of your soul

I am your father

constantly looking after

your safety

and properly being

do now not give up

my cherished

persevere to

your efforts

with courage

and backbone

immerse yourself in my teachings

and seek the Grace of my sacred word

do now not underestimate

the power of prayer

in your communion with me

you’ll discover

the strength

to conquer any assault

that the enemy may

additionally release

in opposition to you

never neglect that

inside you lies

the bravery

and courage

to confront the pains

and tribulations

of this lifestyles

that is why

I inspire you

to preserve

your head held high

and to remain steadfast

to your faith

do not be intimidated by way of

the schemes

of the enemy

trust in me

for I never

disappoint folks

who stay rooted in my love

remember that the faith

you place in me has

the strength

to move mountains

to make the impossible possible

through religion

my beloved you

may acquire

the rewards of your


rewards of benefits

and abundance

so do no longer doubt

my strength loved soul

trust in me

and maintain fast

to my guarantees

like the wind

caresses the fields

I will stumble upon

you want a breeze

that caresses

your spirit

with love and hope

just keep your eyes on me

and stroll with self

assurance for

the sunrise

of a brand new day

continually follows

the darkest night time

move forward

expensive soul

do now not be disheartened by

way of those

problems do now

not yield to adversity

do now not overlook that

you are more potent than

you observed

and that my power

is the guard

a good way to

protect you from

the arrows of

the enemy and

the adversities you face

rise up now

my beloved and face

the obstacles

with braveness

continue with


and in no way

overlook that

my power and my Grace

will sustain

you even in

the darkest moments

keep your faith

burning on your heart

and by no means

doubt that I

satisfy my guarantees

for I am your father

the creator of

the universe

who will lead

you on your destiny

of abundance

and happiness

I will uplift you

want the Eagles

beloved why

do you doubt

I actually have

displayed my


energy to you

numerous instances

do no longer doubt me

I even have instructed

you repeatedly

that doubt separates

you from me

and impedes

my benefits from

achieving your life

do no longer

allow yourself

to wander from

the course for

the enemy will

try to make

you stumble

he will attempt

to confuse you

that’s why I

say to you do

no longer doubt

keep praying

persevere in my ways

only then will

you acquire

victory in my word

there’s a powerful

verse for you

in Isaiah

verse but

folks that wait

on the Lord

shall renew

their strength

they shall mount

up with wings

like eagles

they shall run

and no longer be weary

they shall walk

and no longer faint

I will renew

the whole thing inside you

I will grant

you renewed strength

I am your sustenance

and your fast

useful resource

when you are weary

I will raise

you up whilst

you experience defeated

you need best

or seeking for me

and you will find me

for all of us

who asks receives

he who seeks

reveals and

to him who knocks

the door can be opened

I accompany

you anywhere

if you discover

yourself in turmoil

simply consider in me

do no longer worry

for I am with you

do now not lose heart

for I am your god

who fortifies you

I will constantly assist

you constantly

support you

with the right hand

of my righteousness

when doubts are

trying to find

to torment you

rebuke them in my name

never cease

in search of me

in prayer constantly

meditate on my word

keep these words on

your coronary heart

loved child

believe in what

I bring to you

beloved daughter

it is time to rise up

release your

excuses and

the entirety

that weighs

in your soul

and coronary heart

you have exhibited

energy I even

have witnessed

all which you

have continued

but it’s time to


do no longer heed

the criticisms of others

steer clear of

the course of

the wicked they

are looking

for to make

you stumble

however they

do no longer

comprehend that

I will raise you up

they do no longer

understand that

my spirit accompanies

you I actually

have located a

legion of angels

to your Protection

they will shield

you and guard

you from all evil

I have organized

a path for you

a route marked

with miracles

and blessings

bearing your name

do now not forsake

my paths do

now not opt

for the clean direction

the slender

direction may


appear tempting

however the

cease isn’t

always favorable

if you adhere

to my principles

the entirety

can be smoother

for you I know

the Christian route

is not smooth

but in the long run

you will triumph

you will witness that


who criticized

you for your

choices might

be silenced

they will fall silent

and renowned

that you have

been correct

all alongside you

want simplest

be patient my infant

you need to

contemplate lightly

beloved daughter

the whole thing

may be unveiled

at the appointed time

your eyes will witness

the whole lot

I even have

reserved for

you my glory

will appear

on your lifestyles

a downpour of

benefits will

shower upon you

open your hands

and get hold

of my promises

into your existence

open your heart to me

so that I can

also reside within you

my presence

will accompany

you in every


of your life

in each moment

whether or not instances

are favorable

or damaging

I will be with you

providing you


you will ascend

like eagles

your adversaries will

now not witness

your downfall

you will upward

thrust with

all your wood

possibly in

the direction of

your aspirations

and dreams I will

manual you and

accompany you on

your adventure

it is critical which

you regularly set apart

a portion of

your life for me

speak with me


your stories

proportion your

problems with me


your wishes

I will supply

what you lack

I will quell

the Hurricane

during trials

I will bestow peace

and tranquility

amidst tempests

do no longer

permit your

heart be anxious

whilst darkness

descends you are

not on my own

to your trial

I am by means

of your facet

perceive my presence

revel in how I

reinforce your soul

how I raise

you and endow

you with the

strength of eagles

you will no longer

develop weary

you will persist

your head held

excessive owning a

effective mindset

your future

is certainly

one of triumph

it is inscribed

in my word that

you had been

born to prevail

you will triumph

on this trial

you will emerge

victorious from

each tempest

believe in what I bring to

you my toddler


my guarantees

cherished daughter

you will see that

your blessings

will come in my

timing simply

retain to believe

retain to hope

with all of

your coronary heart

assure me you’ll

amen I love you

my child type

amen in case

you consider

in God if you

are prepared

type yes take

care of yourself

it’s now not

approximately being

the excellent

it is about

being higher than

you had been

the day past

type I declare it

in case you

obtain this


type yes in case

you’re equipped

and percentage

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