WILL YOU LET ME HELP YOU? । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I see you have been enduring a

painful season in your life I know it

has felt unbearable at

times but I want you to understand that

I have allowed this season for a

purpose I know the hardship you face

doesn’t make sense

sometimes the loss makes you question if

I am really good the delay and Promises

tempts you to doubt my

faithfulness I understand the struggles

of your inmost being beloved I

understand because I created you but you

must trust that I also know how to bring

beauty from ashes Joy from grief

celebration from

Devastation have you not read how my

servant job suffered he lost everything

his possessions his children his health

yet he refused to curse me his friends

accused him and criticized him claiming

some unconfessed sin must have brought

this catastrophe on him yet job held

fast to his integrity and ultimately I

Vindicated him by blessing the latter

days of his life even more abundantly

than the early

ones beloved that is my heart for you

through this

season despite what your circumstances

say you have continue to praise me to

trust me to cling to me surely I see

your steadfast devotion and the time has

come for your

Vindication for I am doing a new thing

in your life even now it shall spring

forth with new growth just as a garden

bursts forth after a long winter the

refreshing rains of my blessing shall

fall upon your soul to nourish you back


strength the light will return to eyes

once dimmed by Tears songs of joy and

laughter will flow freely from your lips

again around you I am changing the

landscape of your life to align with the

calling I have placed within

you relationships that drained you are

being proved runed away to make room for


connections roles and responsibilities

that neither fit nor fulfilled you

anymore are shifting things once so

familiar are beginning to look

different do not be alarmed by this

change my child I know it can feel

unsettling at first but trust that I am

positioning you strategically for


influence as I draw you deeper into

relationship with myself hidden gifts

will rise up from within you

you will bear fruit that remains

abundant and sweet regardless of the

Season nourished by streams of Living

Water from my spirit rather than your


efforts strong and securely rooted by

this stream you will flourish the

opposition you have faced will become

the soil in which your testimony takes

root and Sprouts New Life those same

enemies will one day serve the

advancement of your

calling what they meant for harm I am

turning to good for this chapter they

tried to close over your life I will

write the final sentence and that

sentence will read Victory so rise up

beloved child lift your eyes to see the

first rays of dawn beginning to break

through the darkness your appointed time

is coming when I will pour out my favor

upon you in full measure pressed down

shaken together and running over you

will finally step into the fullness of

your calling and purpose with momentum

and more than enough provision to

accomplish all I have set before you

what I birth cannot be

stillborn the trials you have endured

have served a purpose to prepare you for

that which has been destined for you

from before the foundation of the world

your moment is coming surely as the dawn

rise up in hope to receive all I have

for you the painful path you have walked

will become the compassion by which you

lead others to Healing your testimony of

my faithfulness will spark daring faith

in the hearts of the weary and

discouraged the gifts of insight

relationship influence which I have

invested in you will bear incredible

fruit for

eternity this my beloved is why you had

to pass through the valley of Shadows

you were being prepared to shine

brighter in the proper season I will

display the work I have done in you to

restore hope to many desperate Hearts

the cost was temporary but the impact

will Ripple into to

Eternity so now I call you to a season

of Joyful

anticipation keep your gaze fixed on me

the author and perfector of your faith

allow me to Lavish my love upon you

until your cup runs

over as you abide in the confidence of

my words to you expect me to confirm

your calling through Divine connections


conversations write the vision I have

spoken for I am making it plainly


Speak Life over the promises I have

whispered over your spirit take decisive

action as I

direct for this Vision cannot be stalled

once the appointed time has come and

above all else ready your heart to

receive the Bounty of all I have for you

the pain of your past has only prepared

you for greater Authority increased

influence enhanced intimacy with me and

deeper Revelations of my heart for


trust in my goodness Beloved the latter

Glory I am ushering you into will truly

Eclipse all you have known before I am

not simply restoring what you lost I am

doubling what you previously

had indeed the season of Trials has come

to an end I declare over you a season of

fruitfulness favor freedom and profound

fulfillment in your calling and

Destiny I am pouring out my spirit upon

on you in unprecedented measure a

breaker anointing is coming upon you to

break old cycles of barrenness and

unlock new manifestations of my blessing

as I told my servant Moses before

leading my people into their promise now

you shall see what I will do so enter my

courts with praise beloved thanking me

in advance for what I am already

doing establish a memorial for This

Moment by engraving my words upon your

heart and setting up an altar of

remembrance through intentional

celebration write it plainly on tablets

as a testimony for generations to come

that all may know I am the god who turns

crucifixion to

Resurrection I Am The God Who redeems

suffering by receding our soil with new

life I am the god who has much more in

store for you than what meets the eye

indeed the one who began this good work

in you is more than able and willing to

carry it through through to Glorious

completion I am working on your behalf

my precious one the pain feels endless

right now but joy comes in the morning

these trials are achieving something

Eternal you are being refined to carry

greater glory despite the swirling chaos

all around that threatens to undermine

your faith can you cling to what you

know is true about who I am fix the

anchor deep into the Rock of my

unchanging nature I am who I am before

Abraham was I am hold on to me I am the

same yesterday today and

forever you feel crushed now beloved but

the resurrection is coming I will raise

you up in Victory Beauty for Ashes this

is not the end of your story child the

darkness is not destined to overtake you

lean hard into me and trust that I will

turn this pain to promise I will

transform scars into seals of my

anointing out of this wrestling I am

enlarging you for expansive new capacity

I’m redefining your Reliance so you

depend wholly on me as your Source

rather than existing

resources I’m Awakening you to Fuller

revelation of who I really am as I am

instead of who you may have thought me

to be when the Sun was shining so

brightly in your young life can you

receive this expanded version of me

beloved complex and mysterious in ways

that require you to come up higher to

understand with mature

perspective my ways confound the wise of

this world because they judge things

only based on the here and now but I

operate from the Eternal realm I am

opening up New Dimensions of my goodness

you would not otherwise

comprehend keep following me into the

unknown child the journey to Greater

intimacy with me is inevitably requires

some bewilderment to call you deeper

into trust and childlike

trust there is unprecedented Authority

influence and power awaiting you on the

other side of this season of searching

my heart you cannot fathom all I have

prepared for you just a little while

longer beloved heart just a little while

longer being pruned for more abundant

fruit walking through the valley to

reach the peak where you will soar

I will help you understand when all is

said and done for now while you are in

the thick of the battle simply Keep Your

Eyes Upon me I will fight on your behalf

and vindicate your trust in

me rest here in my

love cry out your deepest heartache and

allow me to comfort and console you I am

with you in whatever you are facing

goodness and mercy shall follow you all

the days of your life and you will dwell

in my house forever

this is my promise to you beloved fix

your heart upon this hope that will

never fail I am your hope and I love you

with an everlasting love

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