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my dear child I promise to you as this New Year still

unfolds abundance will surround you nurturing growth in every aspect of your

life take these words to Heart they hold valuable guidance for you embrace them

tightly let them be the first Whispers you hear in the morning bringing you Tranquility an unbreakable spirit and a

peace beyond the ordinary listen to this carefully y this year is yours to

conquer your dreams and aspirations will Bloom into reality in the coming weeks

of and especially by the end of this year your hands won’t be empty I will

give you a new perspective and a new life but it all begins with a

choice to have faith in me I know you are doing your best put

your hand over your heart and pledge to seek me daily regardless of the hustles

I see the battles you face with doubt and that is why I am reaching out I

swear to you even When Storms rage in your soul and anxiety tries to block

your path Whispering that your goals are out of reach you have the strength to

persevere refuse to listen to negativity keep defeat and failure far from your

thoughts your destiny is Success focus on what matters Beyond material things

and individual accompl lishments care for your loved ones make their welfare a priority do not let old conflicts linger

in your home as this year unfolds my dear child when you choose to

walk beside me something extraordinary happens even within you it is as if the very fibers of your being start to

Shimmer with a new light you become something beautifully different a reflection of the love we share seek me

daily with fervent faith and my glory will reign in your your home my presence

will dispel forces seeking to divide your family and steal your joy Lean on

Me rise without fear and conquer all that opposes your

destiny the trials you face are temporary but facing them fearlessly leads to Victory my spirit Shields you

and my word is your strength keep walking and if you pause let it be for

prayer meditation and rest spend time with me daily there is so much I wish to

share with you you need to believe and understand this you matter your faith is

special and your life is incredibly valuable don’t pay attention to those

who have tried to make you feel less important in my eyes as your caring

father you have always been and you will always be important to me I want the

warmth and care you hear in my words to Stay With You Always deep in your heart

that’s why I will keep telling you this imagine waking up in the morning and feeling like I am right there beside

you guiding and comforting you it is about finding joy in those little

moments that show just how much I care about you I love you something amazing

is coming your way something so incredible that it will change everything for you and your loved

ones I always keep my promises and you have trusted in them with your Faith

remember when I said to call out to me well I am about to show you something

amazing in response get ready to see it happen take some time to listen to my

teachings again my teachings will help you stand up against anyone who tries to

harm or take away the good things I have given you some folks might feel upset or jealous when they see you doing well

they do not want to see you happy or your loved ones close-knit and joyful

that is why why I want you to chat with me every day and learn from what I say

grow in wisdom and smarts and stay aware of things around you the past years have

been challenging I agree but your strong faith has surprised me you have tackled

problems bravely conquering all your challenges as unfolds your heart is

not empty it is filled with love love courage and motivation in the coming

months of this year get ready to see more blessings than ever before there are amazing things just around the

corner get ready for something bigger than anything you have seen before it is true so hold on to that belief strongly

step forward with faith knowing you are carrying my promise of Victory let that

beautiful smile on your face show your bravery confidence and my strength I have instilled in in you this message

grants you unbreakable strength Express in your own words that you

believe take a moment to write with your own hands affirming your belief feel how

my Holy Spirit supports and Embraces you rise with excitement to walk the path of

triumphs and victories follow my guidance do as I ask and move forward

with courage and Faith confirm that you have taken this message to heart with love belief Stand Tall reach out your

hands and prepare for the amazing blessings I will grant you this year in

the past with all its trials and tribulations begins to fade away

mistakes and regrets no longer Define you it’s like turning a page in the book of your life and discovering a fresh

Unwritten chapter the storm’s fading away those dark clouds around you are

disappearing I am shielding you with my strength you your enemies are Running Scared no spell bad talk or lies can

control you I heard your cries when you felt lost and scared like your boat was sinking I am here to calm the Sea and

the storms for you the forces of evil saw you fallen and decided to exploit your weakness you indeed made a mistake

that opened the door to iniquity but you forgot something essential you belong to me my hand

guards you and will never release you I love you and I will be with you always

my opinion about you will never change I come to Grant you freedom I do fulfill

my word do not hold on to the painful past and do not allow those dark

thoughts of death into your mind I will say it again you belong to me I am your

friend your Advocate and I come to defend you and present the evidence for

your Liberation you will leave the prison of depression I will uproot the

root of your despair I will anoint you with the oil of Joy I lay my hands upon

your thoughts today and I heal your life take a rest cry let it out and tell me

everything you are feeling speak aloud or in silence write it down and let your

thoughts flow your old ways the burdens you carried they are not yours to Bear any

longer longer they dissolve into the past because in our togetherness there’s a divine grace that sets you free today

your pain stops there is no need to wait for tomorrow in your safe space I

surround you with all my love using it to help you heal you can hear my voice

and it is making your soul better this is real not just something you imagine it

is time for you to act I am looking forward to seeing your

strong faith and loyalty as you step out to face the day I will turn your sadness

into happiness do not worry if others see you happy do not let criticism affect you anymore live your life take

care of your loved ones and focus on your spiritual journey do not underestimate this chance you have been

given now you are free from those heavy burdens on your shoulders you can move

forward easily if you ever feel tired I will help you and lift you up my love

will reach you when needed nothing can stop you now someone

wanted to hold you back with the past but I assured you that you are mine and came to help you you have a great life

and the strength to beat bad things nothing bad will happen to you you are

not in a war your home is peaceful and your loved ones are doing well any

problems will disappear I bring light to your home showing my power even to

people outside also other families around you will get better too listen

up there are people who refuse to acknowledge the changes in you they are stuck on the old version of you that

they wanted to bring down now as they witness the blessings I am bestowing upon you it might further agitate them

they will rant curse and perhaps even shed tears foolishly believing their

actions can affect you but no devil habits can harm Those whom I hold dear I

want to make this absolutely clear to you let them unleash their fits of anger and hate if they wish if they choose to

correct their mistakes I am here prepared to offer forgiveness stay focused on your journey

I am clearing the path for you to ascend to a higher spiritual plane take your time and you will lead a life of Purity

and holiness surrounded by compassion and forgiveness let us set a

rule no lies or hurtful words from your lips and keep your home free from

negativity the storm is passed hold my hand and if trouble looms you will walk

through it like I do on water if dark clouds gather do not be scared trust me

I will hold you tight and nothing will harm you you won’t fall back into despair the threats won’t hold power

over you remember I care deeply for you find

peace and safety under my protection I keep my promises my word is solid those

blessings you have been waiting for they are on their way they will be

yours and all worries will vanish your worries and troubles will fade away you

have put your trust in what I say from the moment I heard your cries and felt your heartache I have been sending you

the answers you seek sometimes times folks get disheartened because they want immediate answers to prayers but know

this I take Delight in answering I am preparing things in your life I am

adding wisdom to your character and setting things in order so that when the blessings come they won’t overwhelm you

sometimes you ask for one thing but I give you much more I am thinking about

your future and your loved ones I want your blessings to bring not stress but

peace and joy listen closely to this promise I made with you I etch my rules in your

heart and mind and I forgive your mistakes choosing not to remember them I

want your soul to know that my altar brings Comfort healing and boundless

strength but you need faith and patience to fulfill my promises kick bitterness

from your heart toss doubt out of your mind and ignore those who mock your beliefs

if weariness or anxiety return just call out to me every time I will give you

strength to endure I will gift you patience so your emotions stay steady I

will grant you wisdom to control what you say ensuring your words honor my

heart I am showering your life with Abundant Blessings just like a loving

parent nurturing their cherished child I hope hope for your gratitude but never

demand it with pride sadly many in this world do not give me the respect I

deserve but do not worry I have got endless patience and boundless love even

when they doubt and speak against me I wait hoping they will come back to me

life can bring frustration when things do not go as planned but this has always been part of the journey my help matches

your efforts and challenges are inevitable sometimes jealous people might challenge you making it seem like

I am slow to respond but trust me I will open your eyes to see things are not as

bad as they seem your blessing is right around the corner waiting patiently

however you must move forward leaving behind any negative thoughts to embrace the blessings I have

for you to receive blessings you must face tests I am looking for your courage

when things do not go as planned will you keep waiting with joy without

complaining will bitterness take hold wasting your time and energy like it does for

many I want to witness your growth your deep love for me with all your heart and

mind strength even if my response seems slow and you have to wait I long to see

that steadfast spirit I have placed within you I desire a character stronger

and more precious than a diamond I yearn for your loyalty knowing you won’t compromise your

beliefs for mere benefit you won’t resort to dishonesty theft or lies to

escape problems or speed up Solutions it is through this path that true spiritual victories are W leading

to the Fulfillment of your desired blessings have unwavering Faith as you wait do not let doubts freeze your

patience ignore foolish words and do not seek advice from those who doubt with

love keep these words close I am faithful seeking your loyalty every

morning let them bolster your faith and bring you peace do not fear I deeply

love you and your blessing is on the way speak these words aloud I believe you

with all my heart write your own words down I have resolved to bless you when

you call out I will answer your life will change do not doubt I will give you

a new perspective and and a new life when someone belongs to me they become a

new person the old life is gone a new life has

begun get ready even those with hearts around you will be astonished expect

help from surprising places and be deeply thankful as many doors of blessings and New Opportunities open up

trust and share these words remember to pray talking to me isn’t hard just close

your eyes and say Lord I need you and I will be right there beside you believe

this truth I am here always my presence will always be with you except if you

reject my grace or push away the blessings I give you during confusing times keep hatred out of your heart

don’t join in speaking badly about those who haven’t harmed you or aren’t your enemies don’t trust senseless rumors you

hear or read if someone brings slander about another person to you don’t quickly believe it don’t fall into the

enemy’s traps easily I’m looking for sincere loyal and faithful Hearts those

who love me and follow my laws I see the beauty within you the

potential that blossoms as you Journey alongside me I’m guiding you to lift others up support your family and share

these powerful Divine words not to get involved in others wrongdoings I really hope that if my

words seem tough to grasp because of your worries you would take some time and give them another

listen soak in all I am saying it is important to me that your heart really

gets what I have been telling you over and over you are asking for peace and calm and I will give that to you but

keep my words close especially when troubles come and the enemy tries to Rattle your belief like a tempestuous

storm my voice is your guide and your spirit listens my words light your path

like a lamp guiding your steps my rules are sweeter than honey giving you the strength and courage to face any

challenge you will stay safe from enemies if you are watchful even when the wicked try to harm you do not fear

for I will give you strength just speaking these words with faith will make wrongdoers flee your home will be

free from suffering scarcity and illness no one will prevail against you as my

word is firmly rooted in your home protecting your loved ones I want to ignite your heart open your

eyes and awaken your mind get ready to welcome numerous blessings and ideas it

is time to conquer and harvest the rewards of your hard work and sacrifices nothing you have been through

will be in vain everything in your life will work for your good and your loved ones you will witness incredible

Miracles and understand the purpose I have for each of you your steps might falter and moments of Doubt May linger

but remember you are never alone my love for you is

unwavering an Ever flowing stream that will guide and support you through every

Twist and Turn Embrace this journey of growth and Discovery know that you’re

cherished beyond measure and in every heartbeat Feel The Whisper of my presence your life is a canvas and

together we paint a masterpiece of compassion forgiveness and boundless love take heart my dear one for in

belonging to me you’ve embarked on a remarkable Journey a journey of becoming your most authentic radiant self my

beloved child as the pages of time turn from one month to the next remember that

each day is woven with the Golden Threads of divine possibilities the year

ahead unfolds like a map filled with roads of potential Paths of joy and

highways of success I am with you in every moment moment guiding your journey and lighting

your way your life has been a tapestry of experiences a blend of Joy challenges

triumphs and lessons as you reflect on all of these moments see them not just

as memories but as the Stepping Stones to Greater Heights each day has

contributed to your growth shaping you into the resilient and courageous person

you are today now as progress

it brings with it a promise of new beginnings Fresh Starts and exciting

Adventures it’s a year to embrace with open arms and an expectant heart knowing

that it’s filled with untapped potential and boundless opportunities it’s a time

to dream bigger love deeper and live Bolder in this coming time let your

faith be stronger than any fear your hope more vibrant than any doubt and your love more powerful than any

challenge Trust In the Journey even when the path seems unclear for I am your

constant companion your unwavering guide and your steadfast support this year

just like every moment of your life is a testament to the immense love I have for you right now feel my presence as I hold

you in my arms letting you experience the Eternal sweet and wonderful love

that I have for you I urge you to release the pain that weighs on your heart as you listen to my words let

healing envelop your heart replacing sadness with joy and peace know that I

watch over you every second and our love continues to grow stronger stand up and

declare today I can change hold on to the love of your heavenly father declare

it again and feel how my Holy Spirit fills every corner of your mind and body

I’m uprooting bad habits and vices erasing unhealthy healthy thoughts and using my divine power to eradicate the

depression that has been hurting you I’m cleansing your emotions and renewing the beautiful feelings that will fill your

heart today this is not a coincidence it is the truth I love

you and on this very day you will feel it and see it everywhere you go you will

experience a Divine Touch and I will be there welcoming you with open arms

comforting you with boundless affection don’t let your age limit you don’t Dene

yourself New Opportunities just because you feel you are no longer you remove those thoughts from your mind and reject

the notion that there is nothing good left for you to achieve because your time has passed and you lack the

strength to move forward from now on wake up each morning to seek this word

let it fill you bring your prayers to me spend time with me and then go out to

receive all the opportunities blessings and open open doors I have prepared for you this is not a coincidence receive

this message attentively inscribe it in your heart this word has the power to

transform you I hear your thoughts I pay attention to them you are calling for a change in life and Direction my presence

in your life is real it’s not a product of your imagination the same power that sustains the universe is delivering

these words to you the same love that has cared for you since your childhood

guides the voice that plants this word in your heart a word that shapes your destiny my blessings Encompass healing

spiritual growth abundant provision and those who have departed from your life will return bearing great gifts and

abundant Joy what do you desire the most I already know but I want to see

the depth of your faith I want you to speak it out loud and ask me for it write it down I will demonstrate to you

that this word is alive today you needed to hear it feel it and bask in this

Divine love that fills you with beautiful emotions I love you ask me and

I will grant it to you I repeat it once more so that you can truly feel it and

every fiber of your being can resonate with it I love you eternally I am the

only holy and Supernatural remedy for all your afflictions I am your healer

the one who opens doors and clears your paths I am your provider your protector

in my hands I hold your life your future your loved ones and you are enveloped in

the mantle of my love today you are experiencing my presence in a tangible and Powerful way and you have been

eagerly awaiting my words come with a humble and grateful heart ready to listen accept these words with love and

cherish them allow them to to fill your mind dispelling the worries that weigh

on you don’t let the enemy convince you that you cannot change that your future

is filled with defeat and challenges that your destiny is one of depression

and obscurity for me there are no impossibilities hold fast to this truth

no matter what happens don’t forget it your life your future your character

your finances your marital situation ation your family conflicts though they

may appear daunting I can transform them that’s me I begin right now I’m not

saying it will be effortless I’m promising you that you will have my help my support and my power I love you and I

want the best for you always the miracle you seek I desire as well and I have the

ability to perform it believe in me carry your cross with determination

ation it serves a purpose suffering the most profound torment on the cross was

not in vain I knew that one day you would be born and would Traverse a path of Trials and hardships you have endured

so much at the hands of others but today I am removing all discouragement and

frustration from your heart I have already suffered given my life and risen again for you so that you may have the

opportunity for an abundant free and joyful life but believe in my word and

your mind will undergo a true transformation a river of pure thoughts

will flow where confusion once reigned where there was sadness there will be

joy and where there was depression there will be a fervent desire to Embrace Life

afterwards share everything I’ve told you and all my plans with you do it with

strong belief see the good things that happen when people Gather in my name do

you want a heartfelt hug come let me hug you and show how much I am committed to loving you I know what

you’re thinking and understand what you need you can’t hide anything from me when you’re with me you will achieve

great things without me your energy might fade I hear you and I will respond

I want to help you overcome difficulties and get rid of sickness I love you and I will keep

reminding you of that throughout the day not just in dreams but in every moment as my words feed your mind mind my

spirit cleanses your soul every morning when you wake up my love surrounds you

refreshing and preparing you for the challenges of the day gently holding you with faith and safety fill your mind

with positive words that will strengthen you on your journey today expect something wonderful I can make it happen

now believe in it and let a big smile brighten your face with determined eyes

full of Faith you look strong and powerful rise up my champion it’s time

to overcome challenges your prayers won’t go unanswered whether they’re big or small I will always respond with the

best and most beautiful gifts together we’re moving towards a better place on

this journey entering into a land of blessings walk with faith not just

relying on what you see and feel if troubles come your way don’t be afraid

of losses and pain don’t lose hope because I’m here with my strong power

protecting you like a loving father shall I surround you with tenderness and

love your strongest weapon is trust trust in my words and the assurance that

your heavenly father deeply loves and values you no feeling compares to the

Deep sense of being cherished and protected even in the toughest battles when the enemy thinks he has defeated

you even if you’re in a tough spot you will rise with tears in your eyes empowered by the holy spirit in in your

heart keep going you are doing great keep walking with faith love loyalty

hope and sincerity hold on to these virtues as you face challenges ahead a

life full of blessings surrounded by my grace and goodness is waiting for you

I’m happy that each morning you wake up with joy and determination free from the past and

loneliness your daily affirmation that my power is real brings me joy and with

your strong faith I can do even more through you the best thing you can give me is

your heart your surrender and your faith the unwavering belief in your soul that I will respond even if you can’t see it

you’re meant for great things and my holy Throne is open to you whenever you need it I promise to answer you I love

you and I will protect you in my holy hands just like I always have now

declare your belief [Music] amen as this video time ends I want to

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we meet again keep walking in faith and light amen

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