WHEN THIS HAPPENS… । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved come close to me as I wish to

share my heart with

you our relationship has journeyed

through many seasons joyful times and

periods of

struggle yet I have remained ever

presentent though there were moments you


alone because you chose the difficult

path I set before you rather than

abandoning our way a new dawn

emerges the Injustice and imbalance in

my faithful ones lives is ending no

longer will un fairness Prevail those

who wrongly held positions of influence

are being removed and my children will

take their place a transfer of authority


underway do not lose hope if you see

exposure and lost touch seemingly secure

people and systems for I see all

secrets my righteousness is being

unveiled and false riches replaced with

my true blessings an inheritance that

will thrive in those whose goodness

never faltered

for long Seasons your prayers appeared

to sink without fruit into hard ground

but no Word of Faith from your lips was

in vain each shaped unseen Realms the

hour for their emergence nears can you

detect its stirring within the time of

favor recompense and promise fulfilling

Dawns for my children this night of

weary waiting gives way to Joy’s first

light the Visions Hopes And Promises es

I’ve nurtured in you now come to

fullness the day of their manifestation

glows on the

horizon understand though my love that

their appearance marks not the end but

the beginning your hopes are as newborn

babes requiring nurture and safety to

mature investment continues from

here expect not overnight success but

know all I birth grows to fruition in

proper timing as you yourself also grow

grow in wisdom and ability to Steward

greater abundance without harm I will

not overwhelm you but ever position you

for increased capacity in every

sphere make no mistake the shifting now

from waiting into long awaited

breakthrough aligns not randomly within

history’s weaving but by my strategic

design I order the epochs their

conclusions and New Beginnings perfectly

placing my vessels people societies

governments for my age unfolding

purposes listen for this sign and wonder

The Hourglass stands where ages meet

heralding in upraised fists the silent

decree no more the old has reached its

Pinnacle and fulfilled its role the

delay sand now fully filters through

nothing halts this new age breaking

through the

veil can you sense the quickening in the

very air the pent up generative power

churning beneath visible

Landscapes the ancient clock strikes the

long awaited hour unleashing vast waves

of catalyst energy billowing through

time and space toward unsuspecting

Generations acceleration Redemption Roar

as the lion pounces to bind evil and

exalt the standard of light the rightful

heirs rain presses powerfully in I the

Lord Mighty enter the battle theaters to

lift High truth

Banner my child and a special Authority

and empowering rests upon you in this


juncture you who paid the seclusion and

obscurity price take now your place in

Kingdom expansion’s front lines the

narrow prepared you this opportunity

breadth is your inheritance door as you

give yourself to nurturing my kingdom

through selfless service and uplifting

others before Comforts of self

accelerating blessings stamped with my

seal will chase your footsteps as you

live out my

priorities for coming days I’ve prepared

a path of appointed provision and

shielding for those whose Hearts dwell

in rhythm with

mine listen beneath external noise for

The Quiet voice of my spirit guiding

step by step follow swiftly and wholly

not leaning unto self-sufficiency when

the way seems unclear I direct you I

shelter and strengthen you in close

proximity no trouble touches

you my Clarion call sounds to every

generation but especially to you for

this pivotal

hour Make Ready determine now where you

will stand when crisis momentarily

eclipses visible

Realms decide today who claims Your

Allegiance that proper preparations be

made to all yet questioning I lovingly

extend this invit

meditation come abide near hide Beneath

My Wing obscured from surrounding Fury

take up citizenship in My unshakable

Kingdom where though Darkness Falls your

light shines undimmed bind yourself to

me in daily devotion and Covenant pledge

then you will pass through storm with

head held high not one hair singed by


fire while drastic Times Herald unusual

blessings and wonders poured upon the

remnant ones fully trusting me causing

onlookers to gape at their flourishing

even amidst Global withering from those

walking intimately with me will shine

such compelling hopes evidences kindling

hunger and harvest in destitute Souls

thus I decree over you my own where lack

Brokenness and barrenness once marked

your portion due either to the world’s

hostility or your inconsistent loyalty

watching awe his recompense washes over

you in disproportionate measure to any

loss endured every trouble intended for

your demise becomes seedbed for


Victory receive now this down payment on


fullness May fresh day star of Destiny

identity and Authority Dawn over your

spirit in this symbolic

Hour May new Mana nourish your soul for

the journey ahead May undying purpose

Infuse your bones may you Dawn this

battle armor daily gleaming with

indestructible protection and Royal seal

watch strongholds crumble without a

touch as I level mountains and exalt

valleys by Grace sufficient for each

need May confident awe of who I am who

we are together and what I can

accomplish swell up in you drink deep

from these Living Waters so their supply

never runs dry I am reserving revelation

of full Glory until after the the great

storm passes but even now I offer down

payment glimpses to underwrite my words

and stir up Faith for possessing every

promise like Divine lightning flashes

illumining Your Horizon with signs and

wonders soon to overtake you mantel of

authority gifts releasing Miracles fiery

words songs of Deliverance and Torrance

of wisdom your vast inheritance of

potential stands waiting stake your

flame and watch in awe as it unfolds far

exceeding your wildest

imagination take bold possession of all

that is rightfully yours through

Covenant with

me and this calling is not merely

spiritual it includes a summons to pour


generously in service of advancing my


Kingdom what come signals both Advent of

long awaited blessings alongside a

Storm’s approach demanding radical trust

not to to be shaken you are destined to

stand stabilizing through the Gale

Sheltering many lives in your branches

fear no Darkness for it cannot reach

those hidden with

me chaos often precedes transformation

Advent bear temporary sorrow knowing

your Redemption

nears upon reaching Safe Harbor

indestructible Glory awaits birthed both

within and through you I will unleash

Riv of comfort healing freedom and

miraculous provision through those

prepared to receive and then give much

work awaits involving saving healing

restoring will you Sprint at my side

toward the Forsaken and lost stewarding

what I entrust you

with will you replicate the care I have

shown you by generously giving from a


heart exponential increase of influence

plus Treasures unimaginable able in

eternity await those investing their

substance talents and Vary lives for

others now what you make possible for

them I will make possible for

you walk closely trusting me for each


Direction I will confirm your obedience

with signs and wonders every gift I

awaken multiplies exponentially within

you I have implanted eternity within

your soul the vision of every lost life

reclaimed every ruined Place

redeemed partner with my spirit toward

recovering all stolen by

Darkness say yes to wholehearted

Commitment toward my restoration work

the wisest investment with returns never

fading everything and everyone Anchored

In Me Alone endures what is to come all

else will be shaken what we build

together remains unshakable your

investment will yield dividend That

Never Fade give yourself fully to this

climactic season beckoning Divine

assignments await your wholehearted yes

despite surrounding chaos the light

burns brighter for those abiding close

with me come Rest In My Embrace let me

remind you of your belonging cast every

weight into my care you are safe and at

peace here with me my beloved continue

abiding in deep trust even as World

conditions escalate in

turmoil many voices clamor for dominance

yet my quiet whisper slices clearly

through the chaos when you draw a side

with me detach daily from analysis

projection and obsessive attempts to

decode the times for relationship

transcends understanding you need not

unravel Mysteries to know you are safe

only believe and lean into me the

Clarion call continues ready yourself

put spiritual prepar ESS above temporal

determine today where your source and

Supply stream from what Foundation

undergirds all you build upon then stand

unwavering when secondary supports give

way storms will arise Shake

severely yet not one block dislodges for

lives Anchored In

Me remembrance of these things shall

ground steady and guide you through

change of Kingdoms shaking of Nations

and exposing of Hearts light from my

presence within you casts no wavering

Shadows of turning though all around

succumbs to crumbling infrastructures

men substituted my intentional design

for build only by my

pattern invest in that which outlasts

worlds passing

away pour out love unrelenting as I fill

you to overflowing again again without

end soon you shall stand with me and

laugh at impossib

ility then weep in tenderness over every

rescued story

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