WHAT YOU PREDICTED IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I know you have felt weighed

down by delays in your life you have

prayed and believed yet promises remain

unfulfilled plans stall paths forward

seem blocked but I tell you this delay

has purpose I am the author of your

story the one who called you forth who

kindled your gifts and lit within you

flames of Destiny who nurtured your

character through trials of

preparation my plans for you did not end

in your

Beginnings even now I am crafting


perfecting your journey is no accident

your delays no mistake for just as metal

is refined by fire just as diamonds

emerge from pressure so too are my

children made ready for Glory through

adversity do not believe the whispering

lies that this delay comes from your

disob obedience or my displeasure have I

not said you are washed clean by the

blood of my

son then do not question my acceptance

only trust in my methods my ways are not

yours my thoughts sky high above your

own still your anxious strivings

precious one hush the clamoring

insistence that your timing is best you

who are scarcely a vapor who Fades like

chaff in the wind do you truly know

better than I the Ancient of Days what

prep preparation your purpose

requires I who crafted the cosmos with

my word who set the stars in burning

courses through unspeakable reaches of

space lay down your frustration before

my feet release your clenched hands

unravel the Tangled knots of

disappointment that choke your hopes

cease your striving and in Stillness

know that I am God I order the chaos I

ordain the

outcome have I not shown you this in

Seasons past did I not prove my

faithfulness through Wilderness and fire

then fear not this present Forest dread

not this furnace I will bring you

through to the purpose I have set my

child all of Hell rages against the call

I have placed on your life the forces of

Darkness fear the anointing that will

flow through your surrender though you

feel bound and blocked behind the scenes

I am moving on your behalf coordinating

connections and preparations for the

wealth of blessings I will soon

bestow the delay you despise is my

instrument to build within you fortitude

for what is coming take heart this too

shall pass stay your Gaze on me alone

let my words fill your ear and my spirit

guide your steps today Moment by moment

yield to my timing accept my will trust

in my infinite wisdom and care over your

life soon you will look back on this

season as but a brief interlude before

the Triumph for behold already the new

day is Dawning in but a little while the

shadows of this night will flee Dawn

gilds The Horizon even now can you not

feel it quickening within your spirit

the tingling anticipation of release the

sense of a corner being turned Rejoice

for your hour is at hand Divine

acceleration is here power infuses these

coming days the momentum of my blessings

will Astound you no more trickles of my

goodness but Rivers overflowing their

Banks washing Over You In Waves of Joy

after drought a drenching deluge after

winter a riotous explosion of

Life the key is positivity and belief my

child as you choose Faith over fear hope

over despair miraculous turnarounds

manifest my spirit responds to

trust did I not part the Red Sea when

Israel fixed their eyes on me instead of

the advancing Army did I not crumble

Jericho’s walls when my children praised

instead of

panicked so shall mountains fall and

paths unfold before you as you fill your

heart with praise instead of impatience

keep your eyes uplifted to me instead of

your circumstances

and boldly declare my promises rather

than bitterly rehearse your

complaints delay builds endurance my

beloved but discouragement dims Destiny

You Were Made for More Than This shake

off despair’s shroud rise up a blazing

torch of Hope in the darkness worship

with joy and expectancy until you feel

my momentum rising up Beneath Your

Feet I am the god of the the suddenly

and your season of acceleration has

come hush now and

listen can you hear the Rumblings of

Revelation on its way there are secrets

I long to whisper to you insights from

Heaven’s Halls that will change

everything draw near and let us share

heart-to-heart in the quiet away from

the distractions that have kept you

preoccupied during this season of

delay my plans for the restoration of of

all things on this Earth will Astound

you but greater still are the wondrous

Transformations I will unveil within

your own life power that you have barely

glimpsed passions that will consume you

Revelations of your identity that will

utterly alter how you see yourself and

your purpose in this

world there are facets of your destiny

that only lengthy trials could

unlock facets so radiant with my glory

so potent in spiritual power that had I

revealed them prematurely you would have

quailed from their weight but now having

passed through this season of fire you

will stand tall in the confidence of my

calling no longer intimidated by the

shimmering potential within you no

longer Paralyzed by expectations or the

perceived opinions of

others my opinion alone matters and I

say you are ready and so the hour has

come the appointed time for divine dis

play the moment of manifestation made

possible by

transformation lift up your head beloved

child throw back your shoulders

straighten your spine and breathe deep

the crisp air of a new dawn this day I

consecrate to you I set it apart as

sacred through the power of my

declaration change is here the past is

no more the old has gone now is the time

now you emerge and rad and Glory from

your cocoon of preparation now you rise

up on wings of power to blaze a trail of

Victory before

you now my blessings pour out in a

triplefold deluge to overflow every Dry

Creek bed and desert place within you

now the Nations will gaze in Wonder at

the favor and influence I bestow upon


life for the transforming power of delay

has served its purpose The Crucible has

refined you but not destroyed you you

have come forth as silver proven pure

reflecting my image more brilliantly

than ever before go now in confidence

and acclaim the great work I have

wrought within you fear no obstacle

dread no enemy more than conquerors you

advance from Glory unto Glory with

Heaven’s hosts marching at your side I

smile upon you with a father’s bursting

pride and measureless love all of Heaven

applauds your emergence seraphim take up

choruses of Praise that ReSound through


unseen for you my beloved my precious

Covenant child have bowed the knee to my

testing and now arise in new Authority

mantled with humility graced with wisdom

and a glow with my presence no more mere

human now a blazing standout anointed

Agent of Change on the Earth Angels

hearken to your decrees as you wade into

the fry demons shudder at your approach

for you bear upon your lips Declarations

of their

Doom strongholds unravel at The Shining

brightness of your countenance Revival

stir and awaken within the growing

warmth of your prayers as I open doors

to platforms positions and places of

influence remain ever mindful that

Authority is not for status but for

service leadership is not a trophy to

polish but a towel to wash others feet

for the greatest leaders are the

greatest servants among you the highest

goal is not to be exalted by man but to

exalt me and the most profound impact

will arise not from talent paraded but

from walking in humility compassion and

wisdom before me these Remain the

cornerstones of greatness In My Kingdom

servanthood compassion and humility

beloved you have weathered the storms of

delay and now stand approved anointed

and appointed for divine Commission I

have tested and prepared purged and

Polished refined and readied you for

this hour of acceleration and abundant

outpouring in your life now the past

fades in the rear view as you accelerate

toward the Horizon of your hopes the

threshold moment has come are you ready

for Supernatural increase are you

prepared for explosive impact for divine

prominence then brace yourself for all

of Heaven Roars with anticipation of

Wonders unveiled in and through you the

hour of manifestation has arrived the

appointed time of birthing your promises

and correctly calibrating your steps

into my plan for long enough your vision

has carried now watch my Whirlwind power

bringing Transcendent reality from your

dreams that which I have spoken will

surge to the

Forefront that which I have birthed

within you will suddenly burst forth in

New Life

as you have nurtured my seed of Promise

through faith in seasons of Darkness now

cleave to me an Ever deeper trust as my

glory spills through you in ways you

have not dared

imagine I take my stand as Defender and

Warrior at your side health peace joy

and phenomenal productivity Mark the

dawning of this new era as I clear your

path before you false limitations

shatter and former obstacles give way to


assistance detractors are silenced

naysayers witness undeniable

demonstrations of my favor shielding and

empowering you for too long I have

tolerated the suppression and

destruction loosed against my children

but no more hear me now you enemies of

light touch not my anointed ones dark

Powers reigning unseen against these

precious ones I now depose by my blood

and Authority these Servants of mine

March forward unhindered and Untouched

by your sabotage and will only flourish

all the more as any assault intended to

harm them will Boomerang back with fury

on your own heads for you are not

aimless not forgotten or abandoned

without agenda to my plans you are

integral indispensable and beloved you

are etched upon my heart written on my

hands never doubt that I hold you tight

through every turn of your life where

you walk Heaven’s power and resources

ensure your steps never falter as you

advance from glory to ever greater glory

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