What GOD Wants You To Know – God’s Message Today

my dear Child come closer and entrust your heart to me for a brief moment I seek your undivided attention my

greatest wish is for your joy for you to experience a sense of Liberation to move

past sleepless nights transcend your sorrow and leave the shadows of melancholy behind forever my love for

you is infinite repeatedly demonstrated yet I yearn for you to truly grasp and

feel it deep within your being now I ask you communicate openly from

your heart are you prepared for a transformation in your life do you wish to be released from the burdens that

have pressed upon you are you longing for a heart brimming with happiness respond swiftly if you genuinely seek to

emerge from the profound Gloom heed my words carefully begin today without

hesitation no further procrastinations observe how I am here eager to dispel

your uncertainties addressing you directly you recognize my presence further evidence of my devotion is

unnecessary nevertheless I will continue to demonstrate it not solely for your

belief but also to illuminate the path for Skeptics around you initiate this

journey today at the start of your day before even rising from bed before exiting your chamber commence with a

moment of gratitude even if reluctance prevails or if the remnants of yesterday

have left you disoriented making gratitude seem arduous simply close your

weary eyes and express thankfulness be grateful for your existence for the chance to converse with me for your

faith regardless of its size value the individuals in your life even if they

occasionally complicate matters they cherish you in their unique ways be thankful for your cognitive abilities

for your capacity to read to digest these words and to opt for a change in Outlook rather than succumbing to

pessimism with each new morning concentrate on what is positive pure and kind aim to identify the good in every

circumstance even during challenges seek the Silver Lining recall that what does

not defeat you fortifies you here you stand or kneel resilient and undefeated

the adversities you’ve encountered have only served to strengthen you a testament to your endurance remember as

long as you live there’s a testament to your resilience and a chance for Renewal and growth you have grown into a figure

of immense bravery maintaining your strength even through the darkest times always turning to me for guidance as you

embark on your day I encourage you to close your eyes and express your gratitude for all things both joyous and

challenging Embrace this sense of thankfulness fully and watch as it transforms your spirit elevating you to

a higher state where obstacles seem surmountable where where every trial conceals a blessing or a lesson meant to

fortify and endow you with distinctive wisdom in a world obsessed with superficial achievements your deep

profound wisdom a Divine gift from your heavenly father will stand out unlike

worldly knowledge that boasts loudly your Insight is a Serene Beacon stemming

from your commitment to gratitude illuminating your path as you enter into my presence with a thankful heart here

is my solemn vow to you initiate each day with a heart filled with gratitude

then immerse yourself in my word the Bible letting its truths transform your

existence read absorb memorize jot down and reflect upon my teachings Proclaim

them when faced with difficulties pause inhale deeply and offer thanks for the

chance to evolve keeping in mind the assurances I have given you my holy spirit will be there with you guiding

you in unprecedented ways to truly sense my Supernatural presence cultivate a

Perpetual Spirit of gratitude and deeply engage with my word both during the day

and at night steadfastly I impart these words to you from a place of immense love and concern

feel them as a soothing caress to your soul a harbinger of the pure joy reminiscent of your earlier years pay

close attention and you will ReDiscover the invigorating fresh akin to that of the countryside after a

rainfall the caress of a gentle breeze against your skin what’s most miraculous

is that as you heed my messages each day you’ll experience a Rejuvenation a refreshing of your spirit reflecting the

beauty and serenity of Nature’s Embrace feel the Embrace of my arms encircling

you offering protection while my Holy Spirit paves your path forward embark on

this day as instructed start with a heart brimming with gratitude depend on my word for fortitude and support

immerse yourself in these messages during your prayer time document them and disseminate them with a spirit

filled with love I guarantee that today you and your loved ones will encounter

profound blessings a future awaits where your current deficiencies will transform

into abundance for my commitments are steadfast and will manifest for those who maintain faith and patience I am

fully aware of your and your family’s needs and the paths that will lead to your betterment I have crafted

magnificent plans for you so there’s no reason to fear the current trials cling to the guidance I provide approach

life’s obstacles with Hope and Faith rather than anger or despair allow me to bestow a smile upon your face as my Holy

Spirit uplifts you dispelling The Mists of doubt and somber thoughts do not

believe that I would penalize you for your missteps yes you have experienced the repercussions of your decision

endured suffering and faced trials but I do not seek to drive you into further anguish refrain from blaming me for your

losses I have not retracted any gifts reflect upon whether you have ever

witnessed me revoking the blessings I have bestowed you may have encountered falsehoods about my nature but

understand that I am rooted in truth harboring no malevolence towards you if I laid down my life for you on the cross

why would I then curse you your return to me your repentance and abandonment of sin have led to your forgiveness your

past transgressions are erased what then are you waiting for misunderstandings

may arise challenges May emerge suddenly and it might appear as though adversaries are prevailing however do

not fear or react with hostility I Harbor no bitterness towards you should

you find yourself questioning this it’s imperative to reassess the veracity of such beliefs have you not witnessed the

dec ations within my word I am the almighty God loving you with an eternal

love promising you everlasting life it’s against my desires for you to be lost

this is of great importance seek a Serene Place confess your wrongdoings to me in solitude express your doubts and

open your heart to me in the Tranquility of dawn it’s okay to weep my wish is for

you to permanently break free from any regrets and guilt I will touch your soul

aiding you in recognizing the Magnificent plan I have laid out for you

do not succumb to despair or be burdened by sorrow due to your surroundings understand deeply within

your heart that I value you immensely I Harbor no resentment towards you I hold no grudges experiencing anguish is not

what I want for you as Dawn unfolds I will speak to you unveiling my Splendor

enabling you to perceive a glimpse of me in your being you will send sense my presence and an overwhelming sense of

Joy will envelop you entirely I will reveal to you my profound Everlasting

and authentic love assuring you of your place with me you are mine cherished

deeply I observe you continually with nothing but unadulterated and tender love day in and day out dispel any

doubts about me Ponder no more on what I would benefit from your Affliction you

possess the wisdom to understand that every action has repercussions and while missteps can lead to adversity I do not

drive you towards Calamity rather I await your approach to bask in my light

to discuss and rectify your errors who am I I am your God your father your

utmost Confidant yes I am a judge and a refining fire but also remember I am

your protector your Champion my hands display the evidence of your salvation

My Sacrifice my blood which has expunged your past although in this world you may

endure the consequences of past Deeds through these trials I provid our path

forward my desire is for you to glean wisdom from each mistake to prevent

Future Falls strive for bravery for resilience so that you may remain

steadfast I long for you to immerse yourself in the abundance of blessings and the complete freedom I offer come to

me confidently without any hesitation particularly When you pray for those dear to you wait with faith for the

blessings you have requested I will fulfill them and if they don’t manifest in the way you expected trust that I am

preparing something even greater for you my beloved child never assume that I am displeased with you my love for you

knows no bounds and you are perpetually held dear within My Embrace now and forever more my commitments remain

unshakable if there appears to be a delay it does not stem from reluctance on my part every period serves a

distinct purpose just maintain your patience a while longer and soon your heart will overflow with joy affirm it

document it shout it from the rooftops I believe do not Harbor fear I am your

solution your Tranquility your breakthrough you’ve sensed this deeply within your spirit and I’ve confirmed it

repeatedly as your Shepherd regardless of the obstacles you will not be in need the anxiety concerning your future your

career your employment and impending decisions might be overwhelming the fear of losing your source of income of

rejection or of being ostracized by others can be daunting you may feel besieged targeted by those who scheme

against you with their plots and words yet I implore you once again do not succumb to fear my might transcends

any adversity you encounter fear no individual not even those deemed

influential reflect on those who rise each day with the intent to belittle you

crafting their language with the sole aim of dismantling what I have established within you I invite you

wherever you may be to carve out a moment of Tranquility a segment of seclusion close your eyes an abundance

of words is unnecessary just silence and a receptive heart are needed my voice

will reach the depths of your being touching those concealed afflictions the ones that disrupt your Slumber leaving

you bewildered by the restlessness that darkness incites by the thoughts that cloud your judgment by the trepidation

each morning instills and by the loneliness that evening reintroduces but I instruct you

surrender these anxieties to me in my presence you will discover fortitude for

my word delivers both power and the solutions you seek encounter me in the Serene hours of the morning I am forever

attentive forever empathetic even when your words falter and your tears communicate more than speech could know

that I value you embrace you tightly and am eternally by your side through every

moment while the world may attempt to submerge you in despair I wrap you in my

affection whereas some might desire your downfall my Holy Spirit extends its hand

elevates you and declares rise my child my cherished one Stand Tall be courageous and unafraid for you are

beyond the reach of harm hold on to this conviction let it be your final contemplation each night it’s

crucial that you internalize these words a new they are sustenance for your soul instilling peace within your mind your

environment is illuminated with my presence enveloping you in an eternal Embrace of divine love and security open

your spiritual vision and witness the Heavenly Guardians assigned to ensure your safety shielding you from the

world’s severities I implore you promise me to never dismiss these

affirmations as you switch off the lights to Slumber murmure to yourself I dwell in the sanctuary of the most high

enveloped by affection under the shelter of the almighty be mindful my mighty Lord has

not Overlook at you although the world may cast you aside my regard for you is

filled with warmth and love While others judge and seek to alter you I perceive your true Essence I cherish and accept

you acknowledging your aspirations and recognizing your latent capabilities

there will arise a time when you decisively opt for transformation abandoning the harmful practices that

once engulfed you an Epoch will emerge when you start to genuinely appreciate

love and tend to your own well-being remember this is not egotism this is my

command recall my words love your neighbor as yourself you must realize

and cherish your inherent value you won’t grow arrogant instead I will endow

you with a Compassionate Heart that feels the pain of others while also understanding your own significance and

possibilities embracing my gifts and blessings with gratitude I bestow blessings upon you not because of your

impeccable Deeds but owing to my profound affection and desire to enrich you I observe not merely your failings

and weaknesses but also your strengths and talents my blessings are a manifestation of my grace and comp

passion towards you do not shy away from the prosperity I have planned for your future set aside your anxieties for a

time of abundance tranquility and happiness is approaching the gifts I offer spring from the genuine Love in My

Heart untainted by sorrow or suffering now do you trust in this express it write it down I eagerly await the sight

of your spirit and heart overflowing with belief understand this unequivocally I stand as your Defender

against all adversaries maintain your Faith remain calm and unshaken refrain

from reacting to intimidation or pursuing Vengeance rather bow down and

confide in me I will provide comfort and reveal to you the strategies for success

and Triumph I have devised I take it personally when adversaries seek to destroy your optimism crush your spirit

and trample your aspirations they may try but with your faith unbroken and your resolve firm they will falter your

foes will quiver at the the sight of your audacity courage and unwavering determination my angels stand ready

merely awaiting my directive they will thwart the schemes of your adversaries definitively ensuring they no longer

pose a threat to you I will delin a path for you ladine with abundant resources

and Innovative idas I will introduce pivotal alleys into your life ensuring

doors’s essential to your success swing open effortlessly after enduring trials you will not succumb to defeat instead

you will rise more more resilient and overflowing with happiness gain the wisdom to discern who deserves your

trust a new or find the strength to walk away from detrimental relationships or poisonous

companionships after all the challenges you’ve encountered the notion of dwelling in Serenity and joy might seem

foreign you’ve endured such turmoil that my blessings may have felt elusive but

remain Resolute and do not waver Embrace this new beginning you are undergoing a

transformation poised to tread on Uncharted Territory the future unfolding

before you brims with potential and wonders but you must believe in and accept it tell me I trust in it and I

embrace it take a moment just listen attentively do not obsess over concerns

instead concentrate on my words and hold them dear it’s crucial I reaffirm the

immense love I bear for you a love that transcends mere expressions or sentiments it’s an eternal commitment

when I declare my love for you these are not mere utterances but heartfelt assurances ratified by my sacrifice my

enduring Covenant my promises are unshakable you will forever have a sanctuary within My Embrace each star

that glimmers in the nocturnal expanse serves to guide you through Darkness a

testament to the profound affection I Harbor for you the sunlight that Cascades from the heavens bathing you in

Radiance exists so you might feel feel the Embrace of a love unseen yet

immensely profound dispelling any Gloom harbored in your soul feel my love each

night before sleep claims you welcome it aresh with each New Dawn as you prepare

for the day ahead be assured you are immensely valued and hold firm in this

love as real and tangible as the world around you the profound longing in your life for affection and connection is met

with the love I extend to you I am lavishing your existence with a benevolence so transformative it will

alter your perception of everything my devotion to you is profound and it’s

crucial for me that you do more than merely survive you should Thrive I wish

for you to possess the fortitude to confront any obstacle regardless of its magnitude Envision yourself walking at

top the ocean surface never succumbing to the Sea of adversities standing steadfast even amidst the fiercest

desert heat my love for you knows no bounds and I pledge to endow you with

The Bravery required to face life’s Myriad challenges you may momentarily encounter tribulations but understand

these difficulties are transient and will pass the weight burdening your heart will eventually lift those who

have wronged you may seek your forgiveness and you Guided by love will not dismiss them but extend your support

where necessary yet remember your ultimate faith and Allegiance should

always reside in Me Above everything else while Others May offer Grand

promises do not place your complete trust in them no one else holds the capability to bless you or Shield you

from Misfortune no one else carries the genuine message that I alone provide if

you shift your belief from me to rely on empty assurances your blessings could disappear perhaps irrevocably now is the

time for your faith to Anchor to my immutable and eternal truth enduring and genuine

the period for decision approaches choose my love my care my Solace My Embrace devote yourself earnestly to

seeking me each Dawn listening to my voice and adopting the lessons I impart

for I endow you with purpose and fortitude this is your Awakening to reality the adversities you confront

will fade the assistance you await is on Route and the support you require will

be granted my affection for you has been validated today I am set to guide you

through this trial your plea for help has not gone unheard I am present to fulfill the commitments for you to

accept with steadfast belief my word is a covenant confirming that my Triumph

will soon be reflected in your life conveyed directly from my Throne to your hands you will be acknowledged for your

perseverance lorded for your courage celebrated for your tenacity and crowned

with life alongside endless blessings Proclaim boldly with your voice and

heart that you believe and will receive them even if today leaves you exhausted

Harbor no dread I am here to replenish your Vigor fortify your position hasten

your pace and invigorate your spirit I am present to witness your faith as

these words ignite a Divine flame within you motivating you to rise and pursue

additional triumphs my child this mirrors my very essence it pay pains me

to witness you submerged in sorrow overwhelmed by defe his thoughts or

physically burdened by stress I cannot stand idly by as you endure

hardship thus each night as you yield to Slumber I will visit your dreams with a

gentle whisper reaffirming my love for you ensuring you understand that you are never alone under my watchful care the

restless nights will be a thing of the past you will sleep as peacefully as a child upon waking you will sense my

presence a new soothing and preparing your spirit to ascend with a fresh resolve towards Joy anticipate great

things ahead filled with grace and blessing you stand on the cusp of heartwarming reunions with family and

encounters with new individuals of genuine Hearts your path progresses you

are not destined to dwell in bygone Sorrows I am leading you from the shackles of fear and confinement into a

realm of freedom pledge to me that you will cherish this Liberty as you listen to my guidance

your bravery flourishes your innate Valor Noble aims and the earnest faith

and effort you invest in rectification impress me greatly when you bask in

Triumph surrounded by successes and my blessings enrich your life with profound

happiness continue to seek my presence though strong and Valiant you remain my

child and I yearn for your fellowship to envelop you in my love in my heart you

occupy an eternal Irreplaceable position I have witnessed your struggles and am aware of the resilience within you life

has Unleashed its fiercest challenges assailing you with adversity I comprehend the depths of your emotions

your please for guidance support and a Beacon of Hope the darkness of night cannot conceal your Solitude or fears

from me for I am ever with you shrouding you in my presence and veracity even

when unseen I remain by your side especially in the Silence of each night

when you Retreat to your space closing the world out to pray and Converse with me beside your bed know that I am there

I have always been with you invisible yet omnipresent endowing you with peace

instilling bravery and rejuvenating your faith I stand Vigilant commanding my

angels to protect you from nocturnal anxieties I am the source of your strength

equipping you with the Vigor to confront and surmount each new day I am the steadfast Foundation that sustains you

dispelling fear and despondency as they approach how many evenings have you retired Laden with sorrow your cheeks

dampened by the trials of Life only to awaken refreshed empowered and revitalized the tempests you encounter

will never surpass the might of your God though grief May linger into the night the joy I deler liver greets you at dawn

embrace the fullness of my love allowing it to permeate every aspect of your being heed my counsel and envision the

Magnificent future you long for picturing it with all the clarity you possess yet understand this vision is

merely the precursor to the Grandeur I have in store for you awaiting you are tremendous blessings abundance love

unity prosperity and opportunities maintain your faith steadfastly do not

not allow misdeeds to cause your fall remain true and when negative thoughts seek to ens snare you remember my

commitment and steadfastly adhere to my path in times of perplexity when you

feel frail and a drift extend your hand to me absorb my love let my peace

pervade your essence dispelling every trace of fear and doubt pursue this route and I promise you my child no

adversity will best you no despondency will engulf you I will endow you with Tranquility

empowering you to make prudent decisions throughout your Voyage my affection for you is boundless I am your protector

your guide your Navigator unassailable you stand for I am constantly by your

side attentive to your supplications I vow to restore to you what is rightfully yours your perseverance Delights me

amidst your tribulations and silent sufferings I continue to shower you with my infinite blessings Embrace these

gifts and pay no mind to the purveyors of dread you are endowed with a prosperity and wisdom that elude many

remain steadfast tread the path set before you and fix your gaze forward

those Desiring your downfall have not triumphed you stand resilient your faith

inviolet I commend your discernment your ability to distinguish what truly matters disregarding the cynicism and

conspiracies of your detractors their animosity only underscores your fortitude my

presence in your existence vexes them my favor upon your household stirs their

Envy as they toss in their beds consumed by jealousy understand that I Safeguard

your life your family your residence your occupation I will mitigate their

acrimony diverting their focus for they now recognize that their Endeavors do not impinge upon you their kin suffer

the loss having assured my guidance and love turning away from the happiness I intended for them but you you opted to

accompany me identifying in me the resolution to your quandaries wholeheartedly committing to my

blueprint unwavering in your Reliance on my assurances you realize not everyone

shares your conviction look around so many could be comforted by my care yet they seal off their hearts they

encounter setbacks and blame me yet you my beloved child stand apart you’ve

chosen to walk beside me Discerning in me the solution to every challenge surrendering your heart entirely to my

design unflinching in your trust you’ve come to understand that your joy and

your destiny are not contingent upon others but solely upon me continue to

tread this path daily enhancing your strength and wisdom until even those who once doubted you seek your advice

regarding me an even more significant blessing awaits you on your journey remain steadfast and committed I am with

you at every step persist in moving forward never concede defeat my love for

you is infinite and I will publicly acknowledge your faith to the astonishment of all those who were

skeptical will observe in wonder filled with remorse while those who hoped for your downfall will witness the Splendor

of placing trust in me your Eternal Father who cherishes you immeasurably I have observed your

navigation through countless challenges aware of the derision from those those who made you doubt your value yet your

faith stayed intact refined through adversities transforming your pain into

courage your fear into strength and your anxiety into well-being remarkable

blessings are destined for you I have inscribed them deep within your heart these promises will endure reverberating

in your spirit with the dawn of each day when you awake no longer will you begin

your day shrouded in dread or sorrow instead you will feel liberated the shackles have been shattered any curse

that hovered over your life has been eradicated embrace my teachings with conviction memorize them inscribe them

on a slip of paper and Nestle it within your Bible at the beginning of Psalm utter my words as nightfalls Jesus I

trust in you you will feel my presence beside you affirm the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want read the

entirety of the psalm it is my token to you adhere to this counsel and you will uncover a power within yourself

previously unknown you will Ascend soaring Like an Eagle to new heights of

Faith eagerly anticipating the novel blessings I have prepared for you begin

a new tomorrow keep your Bible Within Reach of your bed in the morning’s quiet

I will awaken you Whispering divine secrets and Splendid Visions intended solely for you step into the

extraordinary where genuine Joy is forged in this Sanctuary you will adopt a demeanor of gentleness and humility

here I furnish you with the might to Vanquish all Shadows to Traverse unscathed amidst the gravest trials

dismiss fear for it has no place here for you are safeguarded and I am unveiling the portal to a realm where

Marvels are endless in my presence nothing is too formidable for you

everything turns feasible your unwavering loyalty your steadfast belief in me especially through minor trials

prepares you for grander trials triumphs my adoration for you knows no bounds now

the period of anticipation concludes and an era of Plenty commences the

adversities you endured were not purposeless they were sculpting you for the copious blessings that Loom on the

horizon your pleas for respit have reached my ears and I reassure you the time for the Fulfillment of my promises

is now upon your threshold take initiative rise and unveil the Gateway

bolster your faith step forward to seize your blessings with the conviction of a Victor asue the hunt for obstacles

resist the temptation to succumb to defeatism and do not permit cynicism to

wither your belief your capabilities and gifts are on the cusp of flowering this

world is the splendid Garden I have positioned you within not merely as a flower but as a flourishing tree

providing shade and Solace to those in search of me you are destined to be a vessel of blessings for many to extend

my love to your kin to offer support to The Afflicted and to Usher Prosperity

into your home prepare yourself the hour for Harvest approaches step forth and Savor the aroma of the fields ripe for

victory you rank among my selected I will fortify you elevate you and

eradicate any lack or necessity from your life however heed my words with

Precision do not emulate those who dismiss my summons frittering their time on trivial Pursuits

when challenges surface refrain from assigning blame to me avoid succumbing

to complaints or Envy towards the prosperous they merely accept the blessings I bestow the forthcoming

Season’s Harvest is designated for you do not allow others to collect what belongs to you those who disregard my

grace allow my gifts to dissipate Safeguard the riches I confer upon you

do not yield what is valuable to forces eager to ravage Shield your dwelling

from damage and ensure you listen to my voice each Dawn I pledge to furnish you

with the wisdom required to excel in all Endeavors ensuring a copious yield you

are being primed for Marvels so extraordinary they surpass your present

comprehension anticipate these blessings and more from your heavenly father my blessings are not scant offerings but a

deluge of unprecedented abundance accept this truth cherish it and never falter

in manifesting your love for me today I am stepping into your existence to alter

your destiny you are in anguish longing for the Solace of my love that heals and guards you without casting judgment you

are in dire need of my tender presence that envelops you silently free from blame you seek my attentive ear always

available to hear you continuously never interrupting recognize this desire for

me for it represents the undeniable reality of your heart’s plea you have reached the Zenith of your own endurance

now is the time to acknowledge your need for me you have reached out with faith and sincerity and thus I am here to

deliver salvation to you and your kin I witness the arduous Journey you and your family Traverse a formidable desert

where Solitude wears down hope and your heart yearns for affection amidst constant rejections The Voyage is Harsh

and you find yourself voicing your torment as you tread upon the scorching Earth shedding tears of suffering I am

fully conscious of your trials persevering and keeping faith in such adversities is formidable yet I have

come to Shield you from the adversaries that aim to degrade and harm you even if you feel vanquished and disheartened I

am here to reignite your zest for Life understand my child my intention in

uplifting you is not to demean your siblings or peers but to exemplify the significance of extending a hand to

those who have stumbled and Fallen release anger Pride fear doubt and disbelief do not dwell on what lies

behind nothing from your past compares to the joy that awaits you from this moment forward seek reasons to be

grateful for both significant and minor aspects of your life proceed with a clean heart Guided by my teachings If

Today appears daunting or if you doubt your strength harken to my voice open

your heart fully embrace the serenity I offer and allow yourself a moment to

pause and refresh your mind as the creator of all I command the tumultuous

forces surrounding you to still to Halt the menacing murmur of the world that intimidate shake your faith Cloud your

vision of progress and belittle your accomplishments you may perceive yourself as frail but heed my words

carefully acknowledging your limitations and recognizing your need for me is essential United with your faith and my

power you become invincible endowed with a Vitality that remains

unextinguished accept this affirmation of belief and your weakness will dissipate boldly declare I am strong and

March unwaveringly toward the mountain where I await you at its Summit you will

discover the realm where your greatest aspirations are fulfilled where your dreams become reality now is the pivotal

moment to embrace my design for you and permit my intervention in your existence

from this instant you are destined to ascend not to regress unfold your wings and set your sights higher to perceive

from an elevated Vantage the realm of blessings I am eager to bestow upon you sorrow nightly unrest and morning

despondency or defeat will no longer Define your days starting today your life will be characterized by Dynamic

Faith reignited each morning you will consistently choose Joy irrespective of

circumstances refusing to allow any disheartenment or or adverse news to extinguish the radiant smile that adorns

your Visage remember you are my cherished Offspring you have surrendered

your heart to me and my spirit resides within you setting you apart there is no

necessity to blend with the masses or replicate their discourse many falter at each Whisper of trouble their

aspirations disintegrating as fear assumes control but you are distinct my

infinite love envelopes you your belief gleams vibrantly and your utterances impart Vigor and supplication expand

your wings for you have been emancipated exalt and convey the messages I have

imparted to you to those close to your heart my affection for you is Limitless

I will navigate you from desolation to Victory and the contentment you earnestly pursue all stemming from my

profound love for you you are of immense value to me and I have conceived a

splendid scheme for your life heed attentively for the words you have absorb now brim with authenticity and

significance I acknowledge the burdensome heart you have borne how the Quest for daily Joy has become

increasingly arduous you have traversed a period Laden with hardships but brace

yourself for a significant and divine transformation a prolonged phase of darkness and misunderstanding is

concluding you are emerging from this Wilderness the world endeavored to extinguish your Radiance and undermine

your conviction yet you my child remained resolute

from this juncture I am orchestrating a turnaround I am restoring your joy all

will observe how my power and might have marvelously revitalized you my wisdom

will Shepherd you through every encountered adversity after enduring an arid Voyage of solitude where thirst

fatigue and fragility besieged you it was your faith your Devotion to me and the love for your family that endowed

you with the resilience to persevere you sustained enduring until the culmination

and now I am dispatching clouds Laden with unique rain a vivifying water of blessings a comforting Bal for your

essence I am imbuing your entity with my spirit of affection my commitment to you

remain steadfast I am everpresent attentive inclining closely whenever you reach out to me in supplication invoking

my sacred name you now stand at the threshold of extraordinary Miracles and blessings poised to in ate your life

heralding an era of unprecedented favor and renewal and this includes your family too due to your steadfast loyalty

and Faith your determination to persevere through the most challenging paths and your decision to trust in me

placing your destiny within my care I will never fail you for my love for you is profound and unwavering my child have

confidence that the plans I have deis for you are ID with hope not despair

whatever you solic it in prayer stand ready to fulfill voice your innermost dis hears once again and I will heed

from the heavens fulfilling the sincerest wishes receding in your heart Rejoice my child for the area of

tribulations has concluded the time for your Victory is imminent tell me do you Harbor this belief in your heart know

with certainty that you are deeply cherished

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