“WHAT GOD SHOWED ME WILL SHOCK YOU COMPLETELY | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus | Lord Helps Ep~1485

what God showed me will completely shock

you child of God in case you have

forgotten let me remind you

this time is running out we have entered

a new month March

but with each passing day the day

of second coming of Jesus Christ is

coming ER and we are losing another day

to do the will of God to feed the hungry

ones to help the

needy with each sunrise and

sunset we draw near to the promis return

of Jesus

Christ every passing Day brings us

closer to that pital

moment and yet we are letting precious

time slip through a your very

fingers in this crucial time we must

focus on doing the will of

God we are called to beat the hands and

feet of Jesus Christ to spread love

compassion and kindness wherever we

go there are hungry mods to feed lonely

hurts to comfort and Broken Spirits to


let us not waste another moment in

fulfilling these Divine

responsibilities the world around us is

filled with suffering and need many are

struggling to put food on the table to

find Shelter From the storms of life and

to simply survive another

day as followers of Christ it is our

duty to reach out to these individual

rituals with love and

generosity do not underestimate the

power of even the smallest act of

kindness a

smile a kind word or a helping hand can

make a world of difference to someone in

need let us open our hearts in her hands

to those who are less

fortunate showing them the love and


that Jesus showed to

all but our responsibility does not end

there we are also called to be stewards

of God’s

creation caring for the Earth and all


inhabitants let us be mindful of our

impact on the environment striving to

live in harmony with nature and to

protect the precious resources that God

has interested to us as we journey this

new month March

let us recommit ourselves to doing

the will of God each and every single

day let us be mindful of the needs of

others reaching out with love and

compassion to all who are

hurting and let us never forget the

promise of Jesus return let living each

day in eager anticipation of that


moment may God bless you abundantly as

you seek to serve him and fulfill his

purposes in the world type amen and

receive the blessings of this new month

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