I invite you at this moment to explore

the most impactful words that Jesus

uttered on Earth his teachings not only

Traverse the ages but resonate

vigorously throughout the world to this

day but what were these messages so

profound and

extraordinary capable of transforming

and uplifting the life of any human

being who endeavored to follow them come

discover now the most powerful words

that Jesus expressed during his time on


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Acton belief now let us enter the

profound teachings that still echo

today in a distant time on the shores of

the Sea of Galilee Jesus amidst a crowd

thirsty for wisdom shared his

transformative words he

said do not lay up for yourselves

Treasures on Earth where moth and rust

destroy and where thieves break in and

steal but lay up for yourselves

Treasures in Heaven where neither moth

nor rust destroys and where thieves do

not break in and steal for where your

treasure is there your heart will be

also do not judge so that you may not be

judged for with the Judgment you make

you will be judged and the measure you

give will be the measure you get why do

you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye

but do not notice the log in your own

eye you hypocrite first take the log out

of your own eye and then you will see

clearly to take the speck out of your

neighbor’s eye ask and it will be given

to you search and you will find knock

and the door will be opened for

you enter through the narrow gate for

the gate is wide and the road is easy

that leads to destruction and there are

many who take it the gate is narrow and

the road is hard that leads to life and

there are few who find it beware of

false prophets who come to you in

sheep’s clothing but inwardly are

ravenous wolves by their fruit fruits

you will know them not everyone who says

to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom

of heaven but only the one who does the

will of my Father in Heaven not everyone

who says to me Lord Lord will enter the

kingdom of heaven but only the one who

does the will of my Father in Heaven on

that day I will declare to them I never

knew you depart from me you

evildoers everyone then who hears these

words of mine and acts on them will be

like a wise man who built his house on


the rain fell the floods came and the

winds blew and beat on that house but it

did not fall because it had been founded


rock and everyone who hears these words

of mine and does not act on them will be

like a foolish man who built his house

on Sand the rain fell and the floods

came and the winds blew and beat against

that house and it

fell and great was its

fall May these words resonate in your

hearts as a call to reflection and

action guiding you in the construction

of your lives upon the solid rock of

Truth and

Justice and on the Journey of existence

remember beloved that the true treasure

resides in actions that blossom in the

garden of benevolence in sharing and in

compassion for the riches of the Earth

are ephemeral subject to moths and rust

that consume all lift your eyes to the

heavens where Noble and generous Deeds

transform into Eternal Treasures immune

to Earthly

vicissitudes may your judgments be

enveloped in Mercy for the measure with

which you judge will be measured unto

you Cast Away the beam of selfishness

that obscures your vision so that you

may see clearly the path of

understanding and

forgiveness for in removing the speck

from your brother’s eye first cleanse

your own Vision The Pursuit Of Truth is

like a journey in search of hidden

Treasures knock on the door of knowledge

and it shall be open to you seek the

light of wisdom and it shall shine in

your hearts he who asks receives and he

who seeks finds just as a loving father

answers the pleas of his children your

heavenly father will give to those who

ask enter through the narrow gate of

righteousness for the wide gate leads to

destruction and many wander down that

vast and elusory path

wisdom residus in the narrowness of the

path that leads to life and few with

Discerning ease find it beware of

disguised prophets whose garments of

Holiness conceal hearts of wolves you

will recognize these Impostors by the

fruits of their actions just as a good

tree cannot bear bad fruit nor a bad

tree bear good fruit by their fruits you

shall know their true

nature let it not be merely the hollow

echo of empty words but the practice

practice of the will of the father who

resides in heaven for many in the final

hour will cry out Lord Lord but will be

turned away as true entry into the

Kingdom of Heaven is reserved for those

who do the Divine will may your lives be

built upon the unshakable rock of Faith

righteousness and compassion the storms

of existence will come the torrents may

rise but anchored in the Rock You shall

remain unyielding the fool who builds

upon the sand of Illusion shall

experience a grand fall when the Winds

of adversity blow with Force May these

words resonate as a sacred hymn In Your

Hearts guiding you on life’s journey

with wisdom compassion and love may your

actions reflect the Eternal Light

emanating from the Divine and may your

lives be living Witnesses of the truth

contained in this Sublime teaching if

you found this teaching meaningful share

it so that it may reach even more hearts




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