WARNING “There is no more time to delay.” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

attention you’re about to miss out on something extraordinary stay for a while and discover to fulfill all of our

requirements and those who place their faith in him will never be abandoned by him therefore if you are experiencing

difficulties with your finances persevere in your faith and continue to put your trust in God’s provision make

sure you are aware that I will be by your side every step of the way as you take courageous and self- assured steps

forward I have bestowed upon you the Insight courage and Faith necessary to

triumph over every challenge that threatens to stand in your way maintain your concentration on the objective and

do not allow fear or uncertainty to impede your progress in essence both the

psalmist and Paul stress the significance of the need of immersing ourselves in the word of God and

enabling it to mold our minds and hearts in order to walk in righteousness and

discern the will of God in everything this process of transformation results in a life that is in harmony with the

objectives that God has for that life and brings glory to the name of God dearly loved child you should not be

concerned about what is to come or dwell on what has already occurred have faith

in me and the agenda I have devised for your life you are more powerful than you

give yourself credit for and when you choose to totally submit to my will you will experience a multitude of successes

and blessings I have the ability to create wonders through you and you will be amazed by them I am right there with

you gently and carefully directing you through each and every stage of the process absolutely you did hear that

accurately the methods in which God is actively working to bless his children are so incredible that they leave us in

amazement not only does he bless his people through the normal channels but he also frequently chooses Ordinary

People to carry out his exceptional objectives it is possible that you are wondering

the identity of the person who could be the instrument of blessing in your life this person could be a friend a relative

a relative at work or even someone you have just met but there is one thing

that is certain God has chosen this individual to be a channel through which you will receive abundance in your life

it will be possible for you to observe my hand at work in your financial position bring about favorable

developments and blessings that were not anticipated you will experience an overwhelming sense of calm and joy that

is beyond your comprehension as a result of my love pouring over your heart not

only have I found myself trying to accelerate God’s timing but I have also found myself feeling frustrated when

things do not go according to my expectations reflecting on the life of

Jesus as described in the Bible on the other hand indicates a distinct viewpoint

in no way did Jesus ever haste worry or question the plan that God had for him

his movements were deliberate and he frequently took the time to cure those around him he even took a break during

storms the lesson that we may take away from his example is to quit striving and

instead walk in step with the timing that God has set also do not undervalue the

significance of praying together as a family or participating in family communion it should be a top priority to

meet together on a regular basis in order to pray for one another discuss the word of God and seek the face of the

Lord together when there is Harmony in prayer God bestows His blessings and his

presence upon those who attend to it moreover keep in mind that in order to

sneak in we need to remind ourselves of his faithfulness and the new mercies

that he bestows Upon Us each morning putting one’s faith in God’s provision for the present moment eliminates the

need to be concerned about the future when we are afraid of the unknown we

undermine our trust in the dependability of God which in turn perpetuates a cycle

of anxiety and fear that impedes our progress be aware that I have not abandoned you even in times when you

felt as though you were not being heard your words have always been

carefully listened to by me my goal has been to to fortify you to demonstrate

that your faith is unwavering on the condition that you put your trust in my assurances and do not allow your

feelings to steer you in the wrong direction do not give up Victorious

outcomes will become apparent very soon the Bible gives us the assurance that God is so concerned with our tears that

he even counts the hairs on our heads when we cry because he places a high value on

you there is no part of of your life that is too insignificant or too overwhelming for him to be concerned

about if you find yourself having depressing thoughts of insignificance replace them with the truth that is

found in the word of God it is important to keep in mind that you cannot cure everything in a single day but I have

the ability to transform the entire globe and your circumstances specifically for your benefit make sure

that you do not let the impending activities lead you to be anxious or disrupt your sleep in the event that you

seek peace from me I will provide it to you remain calm in the face of unexpected obstacles or pressing

problems secure in the knowledge that I have equipped you with the wisdom to deal with them this regeneration of the

mind takes place as a result of the study and meditation on the word of God

which enables it to permeate every area of our being and directs us to discern

the will of God our ability to withstand the destru Ive influences of the world

and to live lives that are pleasing to God is directly proportional to the degree to which our thoughts and values

are aligned with the truth of the Holy Bible be willing to let go of the wounds and disappointments that have occurred

in the past as you accept this new narrative that I am constructing for you

and your family I am healing the wounds that have been caused by lying and

betrayal and I am going to replace them with a future that is full of Hope and

joy it is necessary for us to demonstrate forgiveness compassion and generosity toward one another in order

to conduct our lives in accordance with the ideals of the kingdom of God within our

dwellings it means actively seeking the will of God in all aspect of our family

lives and enabling his holy spirit to direct us in terms of the decisions we make and the interactions we have on a

daily basis furthermore the assurance that our family will be saved serves to bring to

our attention the significance of the spiritual effect that we have on the people over whom we have

affection because we are the spiritual leaders in our homes we have the privilege and the responsibility of

directing the members of our family along the road of God’s faith you should get ready to see

Financial miracles in your lives since God is trustworthy to fulfill the

promises that he has made made it is my hope that this message will reverberate within your hearts and

inspire you to pursue financial prosperity not just for your own self-interest but also for the glory of

God and the well-being of others in the name of Jesus I have a feeling in my

heart that God is about to bestow upon us a magnificent blessing if we are fortunate enough to receive it put your

faith in the love and support of those who are close to you but above all else put your faith in my love and in

the plan that I have for your life the blessings that are waiting for you are something that you cannot even begin to

imagine and together we will triumph over every Challenge and arrive at your

destiny as long as you maintain your faith you will be able to witness the Miracles that I have scheduled for you I

have a firm belief that God is preparing an abundant treasure to overflow into your

lives and what is even more incredible is that he has has chosen to utilize someone familiar someone close to you as

the instrument of his Supernatural provision I want each of you to pay close attention to what I about to share

with you because it is worthy of praise and worship to our almighty God it is

important to keep in mind the words that Jesus spoke in Matthew take a look

at the birds of the air they do not plant or harvest or store away in Barns and yet your heavenly father provides

for their needs do you not have a significantly higher value than they do it is certain that God will look out for

you in the same way that he looks out for the birds of the air the enemy does not rest they seek to make you fall by

setting traps to sap your morale and make you renounce your faith however you should not be afraid because I watch

over you and shield you from the assaults of adversaries therefore I will assist you

in finding rest do not allow your distress to rob you of your faith or your peace have faith that he is in

control of every circumstance and that he is able to transform what appears to be impossible in our eyes into a

tangible reality of blessings and miracles when we come to Crossroads in our lives and encounter obstacles that

appear to be insurmountable this is the time to strengthen our faith and trust in God he not only blesses us but he

also equips us to be instruments of his grace and Power in this world in the event that you are prepared

to look for peace within your heart you should start by praying the following heavenly father I surrender to you all

the problems and cares that I face please offer me a sense of profound Serenity and take entire control just

like you do with the water amen you should begin declaring the truth of God over your life if you have been

experiencing feelings of anxiety or dread declare that you are more than a conqueror declare that you are more than

a conqueror and loudly assert that you are as courageous as a lion because the

one who is in you is greater than any difficulty that you face we want to assure you dear brothers

and sisters that The God Who has done miracles in the past is still alive and active

today he has not changed and his capacity to intervene in our lives has not changed either I have written our

covenant in the open book of your life and it has been sealed by my sacrifice and Resurrection now it is your job to

sign it with dedication and love know that I will give you anything that is

good pure and uplifting that you ask of me together we shall Prevail over a

number of challenges be prepared my dearly beloved to not only receive

financial blessings but also to receive a deeper revelation of God’s love in your lives be prepared to witness his

faithfulness and goodness in ways that will astound and humble you in response

to these blessings Live Your Life by sharing God’s love and generosity with everyone around you God’s wisdom

frequently confounds the wisdom of the world and he chooses the foolish and weak things to accomplish his purposes

so that no one may boast in his presence these verses from the book of

Corinthians highlight the contrast between the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God while the world may

consider the message of the Cross to be foolishness Believers believe believe that it is the power of God that makes

salvation possible although the thoughts of the wise are meaningless it is

important to remember that everything belongs to you whether it be Paul

Apollos sephus the world Life Death things that are currently happening or

things that will happen in the future everything belongs to you you are

Christ’s and Christ is God’s according to Corinthians in the King

James version prepare yourself because you are going to be astounded by what I intend

to do through you and for you have complete faith in my intentions

and I guarantee you benefits that are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams have faith in me and do not be afraid to take action

make the decision today to live your life in an authentic manner for God rather than performing for the approval

of others when we are in a state of desperate need it is tempting to look for Solutions elsewhere however we must

turn to the Lord and place our trust in him you do not need to perform in order to be accepted your heavenly father has

already Chosen and approved you I am with you and I will never leave you nor

forsake you with me by your side you are able to face any Challenge and overcome

any obstacle therefore press on toward the future that I have prepared for you

knowing that it is filled with hope joy and endless blessings your heart should

be prepared to receive his fullness and his provision knowing that he is a God

who takes great pleasure in blessing his children as you continue to seek Him and trust him you should be open to

receiving the benefits that he has in store for you a person who trusts in the Lord is blessed because they do not need

to fear the future or anything else because they are aware of the sovereignty and boundless capabilities

of God there is sufficient power in him to assist those who are weak and there

is sufficient Grace to lift those who are unworthy if you belong to the Lord he is there for you day and night

holding your life in his hands with a love that is as genuine as a Father’s

Love for his child with the intention of beginning to minister to other people you should make sure that the desires of

God are not relegated to the backseat of your mind mind while your own aspirations take the driver’s seat you

should give God priority in every aspect of your life and you should keep in mind that nothing that he asks you to let go

of is something that is worth clinging to be blessed and encouraged and do not

doubt the favor of God upon your life even when you are going through difficult times when things aren’t going

as planned or when difficulties arise it can be difficult to offer genuine thanks to God however these are precise ly the

moments when God moves most profoundly when we surrender ourselves to him in gratitude regardless of our

circumstances he orchestrates his greatest works therefore even in the

midst of uncertainty say thank you because there is no doubt that everything is ultimately under his

control remember that your worth and dignity were gen it from me and that I

have already awarded you favor and Triumph remain faithful to your ideals and convictions even when you are

confronted with difficulty do not make concessions for short-term advantages or the approval of

others trust in my timing and my plan because I am orchestrating everything

for your ultimate good I am sending you an abundance of blessings and for the

transformation that is taking place within you and your family keep your faith strong and have

faith in the promises I have made to you as you embark on this journey journey of

transformation I am always with you guiding you supporting you and leading

you into a life that is abundant and full of fulfillment it is not uncommon to hear

reports of people being healed of incurable illnesses experiencing divine intervention at times of imminent danger

or getting Supernatural financial support in times of severe need on the other hand what about the Miracles that

continue to occur in the present day even in the most difficult times know

that you are never alone I have been with you and I continue to be present with my sacred

presence if you feel distant or disconnected take the time to listen to me and reconnect with me I am reaching

out to you and you can feel it I urge you not to let yourself become distracted or to forget the trust that

you have in me I am working to bring Unity forgiveness and Harmony into your

home even those who have turned away will be guided back by my hand and

turmoil will be replaced with joy the blessings that I am delivering are not

only for you specifically but for your entire family as well perish from

existence however the irony lies in the fact that while the name of vol is

virtually forgotten by many people the Bible continues to be one of the most frequently read and important texts in

the history of humanity and Christianity can continues to flourish and spread around the globe your assistance and

sucker arrive from Heaven at the very moment that you require them in my perfect timing you will see that

trusting in me will bring you a multitude of benefits and marvelous consolation do not be afraid and do not

give up hope we must show up with humility and with hearts that are fixed on pursuing God’s love for each

individual regardless of who they are or what they have done people are not looking for encounter cters with our

abilities or Charisma rather they’re looking for encounters with the Living

God as a result our approach to these encounters is extremely important be

there for you but above all else have faith in me I am the one who is guiding you through this journey and I will

never leave you behind I am watching over you attentive to your every need my

promises are unwavering your everyday troubles are seen and I am here to lead you through them you may experience

challenges and difficulties but you should never doubt the love of your heavenly father I am watching over you I

am here to clear away barriers and guide you toward your true purpose if you feel yourself drifting off course come to me

in humility and I will set your path straight again as you navigate through the problems that life presents remember

to seek me with all your heart I understand the problems and the obstacles you are facing and I am here

to raise you up and guide you through them you are not alone in this trip I am walking by you every step of the way I

am here to help you heal and to let go of the load of guilt you will learn the true meaning of life and experience the

fullness of my benefits as you put your faith in me and open your heart to my love walk with confidence in the knowing

that I your heavenly father has a deep love for you that I have forgiven you

and that I cherish you do not let your feelings take control of you if you are feeling disheartened or are weak keep in

mind that Beyond this trial lies a multitude of blessings waiting for you resist the deception of the enemy

suffering was never my intention for you it is important that you face your struggles with faith knowing that

endurance will bring you through stand steadfast even if you feel your faith

weakening Proclaim aloud the promises I have given you and inform those who trouble you that I am with you every day

until the end r on me cling to my grace and do not concentrate on concerns about

whether you deserve such abundance of gifts he healed the sick fed thousands

with a few Loaves and fish and even resurrected the Dead from the dead his career was distinguished by a succession

of Miracles that attested to his Supernatural power and immeasurable compassion for suffering

Humanity in a similar manner explore the tales of Jesus’s Ministry while he was

on Earth close your eyes and pray as you continue on this path of Faith know that

I am always with you guiding you into a future that is full of Hope and promise

amen now in this very moment close your eyes and bow your knees in prayer

receive my blessings and Direction therefore my dear brother and my dear sister lift up your heads and rejoice

for the time of your Redemption is drawing close the Lord is working behind the scenes arranging his plans for your

life and he will undoubtedly bring them to fruition in his perfect

timing allow this extraordinary gift of love and grace to penetrate every element of your being and live each day

with thankfulness and faith knowing that I Am with You guiding you and blessing

you abundantly Embrace this gift of love and grace in the course of our contemplation

of the history that is written in the Bible we come across many instances of the salvific intervention of God in the

end handling the word of Truth correctly entails accurately interpreting scripture and Faithfully applying its

principles in our lives and Ministries this requires careful attention to detail a Reliance on the holy spirit for

guidance and a willingness to submit to the authority that God has revealed in his word about

himself as well as express your appre tune for the blessings that I am bestowing upon you thank me for the

protection of my angels for the direction on the route that leads to righteousness and for the victory that

is already guaranteed in heaven keep your eyes set on him for he is the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews

and do not give up hope or lose Faith but rather to remain steadfast in

your trust that God is able to provide abundantly over all that we ask or think Ephesians

your heart should be open to the changes that are taking place around you and you should have faith in my ability

to bring about transformation in your life and the lives of those you care

about I wish you blessings of restoration reconciliation and renewal I

am grateful to Jesus for providing this reassurance the obstacles that we face in life serve to remind us of the fact

that we are always in need of the presence of God praying and reading the Bible can be a source of comfort for us

when we are having trouble understanding the situations we are in in God gives us the peace and strength that we so sorely

need in this time of uncertainty in the middle of the suffering that you are experiencing it is important to take a

moment to remember the goodness that God has provided on the other hand my dearly

loved ones keep in mind that Miracles frequently call for Faith and initiative on our part this requires us to have

faith in God’s ability to do the seemingly impossible and to be willing to obey his instructions even when we do

not comp completely understand the methods in which he operates therefore make sure that you are ready to welcome

the miracle with appreciation and faith in your respective Hearts keeping an open mind will allow you to see the

might of God at work and to share the testimony of his power with others who are in your immediate vicinity with

tranquility and self assurance transfer the burdens of debt

expectations and unwarranted judgments Into My Loving Hands I will take care of

you I am here to meet your requirements to help you navigate through difficulties and to put you on the path

that will lead you to a life filled with abundance and satisfaction that even your adversaries

will be amazed by the transformation she has undergone in the end your anguish

and suffering will be transformed into a testimony and a victory put your faith

in my unwavering love and the ability I possess to redeem and fix things get

back up with a newfound sense of faith and self assurance for I will be there for you every step of the

way the caution against worrying that is found in Matthew draws attention to

the Peril that we face when we allow concerns about the world to control our thoughts and actions According To Jesus

we should not allow our anxieties to consume us regardless of whether they are about our clothing food finances

relationships or the challenging circumstance ances we are facing on the contrary he exhorts us to place our

connection with him at the Forefront of our priorities above everything else in

preparation for the Magnificent benefits that I am going to bestow upon you I want you to get ready I have a profound

affection for you and I’m anxious to bring about a significant Improvement in your life be prepared to receive the

blessings that I have in store for you and have faith in the plans that I I have for you thank you for the purpose

of inviting us to place a deeper level of trust in him in every facet of our life he reminds us of his faithfulness

and the individual care that he has for each of us please type Amen to confirm

this truth always keep in mind that the love that God has for you is unchanging and

unconditional even in the middle of challenging situations he is always striving for your benefit and seeks the

best for you he believes that you deserve the best continue to walk in obedience to his word put your faith in

his plan and really on his strength God has amazing things in store

for you and your best days are still to come keep looking forward to them continue to move forward continue to

trust and continue to believe in the promises that he has made despite the fact that today may be difficult

tomorrow has the potential to be an extraordinary day keep your trust trust keep your hope and keep your focus on

the one who is capable of holding your future in his hands your hearts may be filled with excitement and confidence at

this very moment as you look forward to the possibility of redemption for you and your households I pray that you will

be witnesses to the revelation of God’s rescuing power in your families and homes to the glory and honor of God

through all eternity therefore rather than merely praying for the Salvation of those you care about you should strive

to be agent of change inside your own houses demonstrate the transformative

power of the Gospel via the relationships you have and the activities you do on a daily basis by

living lives that are characterized by faith honesty and love in order to bring your family members closer to God via

the transformation of your lives you should be living models of the grace and mercy that God provided enjoys bestowing

an abundance of blessings upon his children because of this you should not lose hope you should not give in to

dread or doubt because the Lord is with you and he will never abandon you or leave you behind transforming hearts of

stone into hearts of Flesh and transforming diamonds into diamonds you

can put your faith in my ability to revitalize and redeem you because I have plans to make you prosperous and not to

cause you harm I have plans to give you hope in a future you are my fortitude my

defense and the foundation around which I build my hope my optimism and joy are

overflowing when I am with you when things are at their worst I know that you have the ability to make everything

new what is broken is redeemed and renewed by you and you bring new life to

places where there appears to be no hope I am grateful that you have accompanied me on every Walk of Life rejoiced in my

victories and provided me with Solace when I was in a state of pain dear Jesus

I give you thanks I love you and I put my faith in you thank you the truth of

God’s word endur Ur es and the message of redemption through Jesus Christ is just as compelling and relevant now as

it was , years ago this is the case notwithstanding the efforts of Skeptics and foes over the course of history it

is a demonstration of the unwavering Foundation of God’s truth and the unchanging character of the love that

God has for his people furthermore the death of Jesus on the cross is not only an expression of compassion rather it is

a profound manifestation of the kindness and mercy that God has toward people our

sins are forgiven and our connection with God is restored as a result of the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf

through his sacrifice on the cross Jesus Took on the whole burden of our sins so that we could be reconciled to God and

have the opportunity to experience eternal life with him while you are living under the security of my shelter

no enemy will be able to have any influence over you I am your God your savior who forgives you for your

transgressions and cleanses your spirit your accusers have been vanquished you have been rescued from the depths of

Despair and your mouth has been filled with shouts of Praise once you approach me in prayer with humility miraculous

Miracles will begin to take place in light of the fact that we are recipients of God’s love we are obligated to

demonstrate such love in our lives with regard to both our connection with God

and our relationships with other people it is through the Holy Spirit whom God has bestowed upon us that we are able to

love God and through whom we are able to love one another a love like this is not

merely a sensation or an emotion rather it is a decision and a commitment to

behave in a loving manner even when doing so is challenging praying for God’s assistance and aligning ourselves

with his will is absolutely necessary in situations where things do not go the

way we want them to or when we do not receive what we seek putting our faith in him to look after us is of the utmost

importance because he will acquire the ability to let go of whatever it is that you need to let go of in his presence

bearing in mind and having faith that he has everything under control every time

especially when it comes to your own judgment you can always rely on God you have already been selected and given his

approval The Sovereign power of God to deliver salvation is not limited to people it also encompasses their family

and the houses in which they live this ability has been demonstrated throughout history in a number of different ways

including the rescue of the household of Rahab in Jericho the Deliverance of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt

and the salvation of Cornelius family in cesaria the promise of redemption for you and your families is transformed

from simple words on a page into a live reality as a result of these incidents

which reveal God’s capacity to bring Salvation to entire house households in

our faith as Christians we are obligated to acknowledge that the ways of God are superior to our own and to accept the

wisdom that God has to provide rather of boasting about our own human intelligence or strength we ought to

rather boast about the wisdom and power that God has displayed through the crucifixion of Christ let us accept our

dependence on God and his wisdom with humility and put our faith in his plan

for our lives and for the world thank you as followers of Christ let us continue to be unwavering in our faith

continuing to cling to the truth that is found in the Bible and spreading the love that Christ has for us to others

let us pray for those who are blinded by unbelief that they may come to know the grace that saves them through Jesus

Christ and that they may experience the power of the word of God in their lives I pray that we never waver in our

dedication to spreading the word of the gospel and remaining steadfast on the foundation of the truth that God has

revealed thank you despite the fact that God takes great pleasure in listening to our prayers and comprehending the

complexities of our life he also wants us to take pleasure in being in his presence faith is the Cornerstone upon

which our entire relationship with God rested we are need to have trust in his power love protection and presence

despite the fact that we are unable to see him in the physical world in the event that we assert that we have faith

in God but do not have faith that he is in charge of everything for us then our

faith is insufficient as a result it is imperative that you pay special attention to the signals and pay

attention to the counsel that the Holy Spirit provides it is common for God to

communicate his desire to bless someone through You by means of a Compassionate

Heart A word of encouragement or even a seemingly minor gesture that has meaning

that will last forever you should not have any doubts about God’s capacity to use ordinary people to accomplish his

amazing goals in the name of God he is the one who makes the impossible possible God is working behind the

scenes orchestrating events and arranging circumstances for your good therefore lift up your head and rejoice

because your breakthrough is close at hand continue to believe continue to trust and continue to declare his

promises over your life amen if the primary purpose of our prayers is to bring our demands to the Lord we run the

risk of missing out on a signif ific chance to strengthen our connection with him how much of our communion with God

is given to our wants even if they are legitimate are we actually getting to know the Lord to understand my

intentions you should immerse yourself in my teachings pray and synchronize your spirit with mine I chose you before

you even recognized me so it is relatively easy to find me when you call out to me I’m here to listen and respond

to you do you have faith in me share your desires with me I am eager to respond May This Promise fill your

hearts with hope and joy leading you to contemplate the extraordinary promise that God has for each of us his desires

for our lives surpass human understanding delving into the depths of his infinite love and Providence when we

witness the powerful work that God is doing in our lives we are called to glorify him and spread his goodness to

the remainder of the world you should let go of the need to satisfy everyone and instead concentrate on cultivating

your Rel relationship with me spend time in prayer and communion with me allowing my spirit to fill you with strength and

wisdom have faith in my plan for your life knowing that I am always working for your good please take a time right

now to kneel in thankfulness and express your appreciation for the Miracles and blessings that are taking place in your

life have faith in my direction and know that I am up

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