love think of me as the one who keeps the light on inside you a kind protector

who makes sure that even when darkness surrounds Your Inner Light remains unwavering converting your shadows into

brilliant lights is my forte tiredness and obligations throw a

shadow over your soul just as gusts of wind threaten to blow out your light I

am the one who refuels your torch so when you call upon me in those dangerous moments take a deep breath I am the

beacon of light that illuminates your path I am also your rock keep coming

back to me immerse yourself in the radiance of my presence letting it change your life and Outlook as you go

through the currents of existence at times you could unknowingly avert your gaze failing to remember that I am

always by your side even though it may seem like the world is closing in on you at that time my child have faith in me

and trust me completely never lose hope I will transform your despair into a

luminous light that guides you through the shadows and your confidence in me will be a rock solid foundation upon

which to weather the storms of life if the weight of your preparation

and troubles overwhelms you find solace in the possibility that your Sorrows

could become streams of brilliant light look me in the eye and gently call me

out let the warmth and comfort of my presence wash over you like a gentle rain of love and

reassurance be thankful for my everpresent watchfulness treasure the Everlasting Love that surrounds you in

my Providence declare your devotion and ask me to show you the way forward guide

you through life’s complexities and solve your problems when they arise but do not let fear and worry overshadow

your thoughts instead fix your attention on me and I will reveal a New

Perspective illuminated by my light enter the hallowed Halls of scripture

where my word will shine as a lamp to guide you and a light to illuminate your path following these ageless rules will

alleviate worldly concerns and headaches making room for my heavenly presence

seek my face with a steadfast heart and take Delight in the pure joy of being here imagine yourself in the company of

a passionate love couple their pulses pounding with delight at the thought of being together likewise you must know that you

are my beloved and that I am the one who will love you forever as this love grows

may you freely exalt my Holy Name Drawing Near to me in prayer and joyful worship embrace the blessing of having

my heavenly presence interwoven into your life’s fabric at your fingertips there will be times when

darkness seems like it may swallow you whole making you question if I am really there but keep in mind my darling that I

am the Eternal brightness and even in the darkest hours when fatigue sets in I

can turn the darkness into a brilliant brightness my steadfast resolve will

Vanquish the darkness that looms over your spirit and you can rest certain that I will be by your side every step

of the way the foundation of our connection is trust which transcends the

transient nature of this world even when the road ahead appears to be ours and

the uncertainty hangs over us like a cloud have faith in me no matter how dark Things become you have my word that

I will never leave you the permanence of My Affection not other factors is what

gives you faith in me my death on the cross makes my unwavering dedication eternally clear anchor yourself in the

unchanging Rock of my love in the midst of life’s problems my love for you is

not conditional on your performance rather it is my righteousness that secur

you in my love’s Eternal Embrace as you navigate the complexities of your Earthly path my dear May the knowledge

of my dedication bring you Solace trust in the eternal love that surpasses the

fleeting Shadows of this world in your life’s tapestry as you navigate the

complex web of plans and worries new challenges may appear casting a shadow

over your journey find solace in my presence and use the gentle murmur of my

name to guide you through times of darkness and doubt let the light of my

presence which surrounds you as you stand at the crossroads shed light on your Viewpoint and show you the route

forward take care of your problems here on Earth but don’t allow your anxieties

and concerns to overshadow the quiet Direction I provide you as you navigate life’s twists and turns embrace the

precious passages of scripture with all your being in the dark times of uncertainty May my words shine brightly

as a beacon to illuminate your path write down passages that speak to you on a deep personal level they contain the

Ageless wisdom you’ll need to handle life’s challenges as you embark on this Earthly

Journey May the planning loads and issues lift off your shoulders as you focus on the principles found in my word

in doing so you will make room for more of my divine presence to reveal itself let the happiness of being with me

permeate your whole existence indulge in the deep love I have for you and pursue

my face with steadfast devotion remember that you are also my beloved and try to put yourself in the

shoes of a couple that is madly in love praise my sacred name with an abundance

of thankfulness and may the blessing of being able to readily access my divine

presence bring you much pleasure on your path praying may change your life in

ways you can’t imagine praying may be a wonderful way to connect with me when you’re feeling

discouraged and the world seems too big through constant sincere prayer you not

only offer Comfort to your soul but also benefit people around you this is because I created mankind to have a

relationship with me in your prayers you join with others in Contrition and seek

the holy spirit’s Direction my darling as you pray for healing on your land

have faith that prayer may bring about divine intervention to help you overcome the difficulties you face on Earth

experience the pure happiness that comes from being with me when you look into my eyes may your heart be filled with joy

just being in our company gives you an overwhelming sense of Happiness as if we were a mad couple madly in love as we

weave our love story together may you know that you are my darling and that I am your Everlasting lover your joy

resonates in the symphony of our divine Unity elevating my Holy Name acknowledged as Superior to all others

intertwine the threads with strands of Joy feel free to use it as a means of communication with me and a vehicle for

joyful worship discover peace and contentment in this precious opportunity

to be in my heavenly presence as you manage the intricacies of Life your joyful worship deepens our connection

and creates a holy place where our souls can dance together take great Delight in

the depth of our bond exalting me and be cautious not to put your value in terms

of monetary riches accomplishments attractiveness or transient Renown in

comparison to worldly pleasures the power and joy bestowed upon you by your lord Savior and everlasting lover are

unparalleled my unending love for you my delightful communion with you is the foundation upon which your joy does not

rest but rather on circumstances beyond your control you bring life-changing

power to your prayers and an everlasting Delight to your heart as you bring me Glory enjoy the deep love I have for you

my beloved and may your devotion be a sacrifice of love that reverberates in

your spirit The Pursuit Of Peace becomes increasingly elusory amidst the

ceaseless upheaval that defines our disordered Universe striking out for

rare times of peace and quiet in my heavenly presence pres is not an option it’s an absolute must as you try to sit

in peaceful communion the D of distractions comes at you from all sides

however you understand the value of our close Bond and must fight relentlessly to prevent its erosion allocate a

specific undisturbed time to soak up the light that I bring take a few long

deliberate breaths to relieve the tension in your body and mind and then lose yourself in the profound knowledge

revealed in the Bible keep in mind that I am the god who is with you no matter what put your worries to rest in the

peaceful Refuge that is my presence in the midst of life’s Temptations my dear

stay calm and know that I am God’s unwavering anchor spending more time

gazing at me will nurture your unfaltering faith in my sovereign might and you will find deep joy in the

wonderful splendors of who I am in the safety of my presence you will find

Solace even when the ground shakes and mountains fall into the ocean reflecting on the magnitude of my

might and magnificence brings a calm that surpasses the turbulence of this world you will experience a paradigm

shift in your outlook which will diminish the significance of your issues in comparison to the vastness of my

Divine Providence challenges are a part of life but you can be strong because I’ve

overcome them instead of a attempting to manipulate my will to suit your needs

focus on being more open and attentive to my everpresent presence take comfort

in knowing that the incredible task I am always doing is always prepared waiting

for the moment when my Flawless timing will be just right those who are hoping

and anticipating my arrival may be confident that I will treat them with

kindness pray that I will reveal to you all the ways in which I have blessed you

you are prepared to live responsibly and are always ready to accomplish my divine plan because of this heightened

awareness my loyal followers Overlook the many gifts I give them on a regular basis they are so preoccupied with their

own activities that they fail to see both the gifts that are already here and

those that are yet to come they seem to lose sight of the fact that I am the all powerful God during these times and that

the timing of everything is entirely within my control my dear friend have

faith in me and let me lead the way picture Our Lives as a beautiful ballet

with you my lover as the dancing partner proceed with Elegance when this balanced

arrangement deviates from it Discord and discomfort ensue my darling I beg you to

dance with me gracefully follow my example as I take you through the complex processes of your life I am the

one who ensures that your light remains on you used to be black but I’ve made

you bright when you’re tired and overwhelmed it might seem like your light is going out its fuel level is

dangerously low as it sputters and flickers when that happens just remember

that I am the one who lights your lamp so breathe deeply when I am around you and make a call to me I am the source of

both your brightness and strength do not stop facing me let the Majesty of my presence fill you my luminous Beauty

will cap activate you and transform your perspective on life when you turn your gaze away from me and ignore my presence

you’ll lose sight of the brighter future there is much darkness in this Fallen World but there is also light in me my

darling you need not be scared whenever you let your mind wander to worries and

plans I will turn the Shadows into light so you can trust me completely no matter

how Bleak things seem come over here and softly say my name allow my presence to illuminate you you

have my undying love and constant vigilance and I am grateful put your

faith in me tell me how much you love me and beg me to take away your problems

take care of business as it comes up but try not to allow anxiety and stress to take over your mind bring your attention

back to me and I will shed light on your situation encourage you to read study

and remember scripture that speaks to you and change your viewpoint if you need light to see the way my

words are like a lampost I prayed a lot to my father when I was a man among you

I realized how critical his assistance was if you pray consistently and from

the heart God will reward you your loved ones your community and your nation

inviting the holy spirit to guide your prayers is a wonderful prayer seek my face with all humility and Contrition

and gather others to do the same please ask me to restore Health to your land so

that you can reap the mental emotional and physical rewards while many of my kids want relaxation and Solitude they

insist on carrying on with their hectic lives because they see it as an unnecessary luxury please reorganize

your schedule so that you may have relaxing moments with me I will restore your spirit and fortify you for the

trials that lie ahead take a brave stand since most people aren’t naturally

courageous living in this shattered world requires bravery in the face of these terrifying developments you will

need my strength and bravery feeling scared or disheartened is not necessary

keep coming back to the fact that I will accompany you no matter where you go and train your mind to concentrate on me

keep being brave and trusting in my strength my care will strengthen your heart you can rely on me to be your

rescuer Rock and Living Lord God in a world where loyalty is so transient

I beg you to consider my magnificence and my steadfast dedication to you I want you to know that I will always be

there for you both as a friend and as a lover I safely cradle you in my

affection your fixation with organizing and issues will decrease as a result of your adherence to these rules and you

will have more time for me soak up all the happiness I provide by being here

never take your eyes off of my complexion when you search for me I want you to to feel Joy in your heart imagine

a couple madly in love as the Guy visits his sweetheart oh it’s you isn’t

something she says carelessly instead of ignoring her he says are you hungry

embrace the happiness that comes from being with them my darling I will love you forever you are my world take

Delight in the immense love I feel for you praise be to my most holy Heavenly name you may freely communicate with me

and worship me cheerfully using whatever name you want and I am easily accessible

to you a lot of individuals are proud of their money their success their

attractiveness or their celebrity status but I want you to feel happy because of

me your rescuer Lord and lover will strengthen and Delight you filling your

prayers with power and pleasure keep in mind that prayer is really powerful some

people believe praying is their only option when they feel down and out but that’s not a weak Last Resort it’s a

strong bond with me I still plann for people to be able to talk to me even once sin entered the scene I did not

revoke this amazing privilege take Delight in my boundless affection for you and Marvel at my boundless wisdom by

continuing this tender devotion you will realize without a shadow of a doubt that you are never really alone you belong to

me my darling my empathy is unwavering every morning morning my blessings

replenish themselves empowering you to face the day with confidence with this

information you may patiently await my arrival I have diligently attended to your long ago please and I assure you

that none have gone unnoticed while you wait for me I want you to take a long deep sip from my well of boundless love

and unending compassion although many of your prayers have gone unanswered these Heavenly benefits are still accessible

to you at no cost have trust in my unfailing loyalty

whenever I say I will I always deliver exactly when I say I will if impatience

sets in I assure you that I will provide you with peace that will cast out all

your anxieties and difficulties the benefits I have tenderly prepared for you will be yours when the time is right

and I too will wait for that moment I will bless those who wait for me I am

honing your patience and perseverance although this lesson is difficult it has

many benefits my kingdom is Everlasting and valuable beyond measure and that is

one reason why you should share in my suffering and Reign I’ve already said it if you want to share in my glory you

have to share in my pain furthermore as a result of this your character will

grow the only way to build patient endurance is to face adversity

headon rather than running away from a difficulty accept it and bring it to me with gratitude admitting your Readiness

to bear it for as long as I see fit permit me to turn the ugliness and

darkness into something lovely even in the darkest of circumstances I can find

a way to bring honor even though the beautiful design won’t appear right away

practicing patience is the key I am shaping your character to reflect my glory so Rejoice my dear no matter where

you are in the depths of your existence distance I am the one who sees you every single one of your ideas has caught my

attention through thick and thin I know you so you can always count on my unwavering support along with that I

wish to purge your mind of any wicked ideas tell me right away if you catch yourself thinking in a cruel or unloving

manner please pray to me for Change and forgiveness if you were trying to persuade me to give you Grace there’s no

need for you to beg for it for your faults I suffered a gruesome death and was separated from my father forgiveness

brings me joy instead of wallowing in misery as remote as the East is from the West am I still familiar with you as the

Everlasting Rock and savior God I am the Lord who lives and Reigns over you my

death on the cross guarantees your entire Redemption atoning for your sins because I am Eternal don’t worry that my

love for you will diminish depending on how you perform you are safe in my affection because I am good and

righteous may my steadfast love for you provide you with Solace as you face the challenges of this uncertain world

someday you will live in Paradise with me I invite you to enter my passionate

presence with open arms and let my unwavering love fulfill you the ideal

time to see my face and interact with me is when you get up first thing in the morning having a private audience with

the most powerful man in the world without leaving your house would be an extraordinary honor recognize and

celebrate your name’s permanent record in the Lamb’s role of Life relax and enjoy my company your words or music

shine pray and study the Bible take heart in the fact that my love for you is unbreakable no matter what in the

meantime I will answer your call while you are on the phone Count Me In I

understand the experience of feeling lost and alone in the dark at times even when you question whether your prayers

are making a difference you keep praying nonetheless because you know it’s the proper thing to do keep in mind that I

am the ruler of Honor for me there is no such thing as time what exists now is

identical to what will exist in the future Therefore I may respond even before you signal for me I never ignore

or leave any prayer unresolved sometimes I respond in ways you can’t see my

knowledge is beyond your comprehension mention and other times I answer with a simple yes or no never forget that I see

you clad in luminous clothing my Flawless righteousness heaven will be your Everlasting home and I can already

see the wonderful Vista you will have there when you make Heaven your permanent home your faith will be in me

and the one who sent me not in me alone Believers put their faith in the father

not in me alone but in him who sent me you can clearly see who sent me when you

look at me I came into this world to save you but I also came to make the father more apparent to you as I said

while I was teaching in the Jerusalem Temple we are always fully United living

next to me and keeping your Gaze on me does not mean you are disregarding my father in fact it implies we are one

even though you may never fully understand it the gift of the Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit is Priceless

praying to this Triune God is so much more fulfilling whether you pray to the

father via me or talk to him personally the holy spirit will be with you every step of the way the enigmatic nature of

the godhead should not trouble you instead respond with joyful worship and

praise never underestimate the immense power of prayer to transform lives when

you’re feeling down and discouraged and the world seems too heavy remember the special bond we have since the dawn of

mankind prayer has been a powerful channel of connection with me not a weak last option even When sin entered the

earth I continued to design this wonderful privilege imagine myself in my

human shape praying constantly while I am here on Earth it is a bond that uplifts your spirit and spreads

positivity to everyone you come into contact with pray in humility and repentance asking the holy Spirit to

lead you join forces with others and pray for the Savior your nation needs

when people come together in prayer they are able to lift their voices above their own problems and make a United

call to God put your faith in the power of this Collective prayer to bring about

life-altering Transformations both personally and for your nation as a whole rather than being a lasage effort

to get your way prayer is a beautiful expression of gratitude for the wisdom

and help you get from above let your prayers ReSound with authenticity and

take comfort in the fact that I’m fully aware of the difficulties you are facing when they seem overwhelming the Divine

hears and answers your prayers as they reach its depths belief in the power of

prayer may help you navigate the challenges of life and receive Heavenly Direction even in the midst of turmoil

please reorganize your priorities so that you may have some quiet time to commune with with me in the middle of

their hectic Lives Many of my youngsters see these kinds of moments as a luxury

they can’t afford but I encourage you to see the life-changing advantages that

come from finding a place of peace and quiet immerse yourself in the Tranquility it is here that your spirit

recharges and your soul finds renewal for the path ahead think of sleep as a

need not a luxury to enjoy my company’s tranquility reschedule your hectic day

trips to holy places doing this on purpose lets the calming balm of

heavenly sleep soak into your soul in preparation for the trials and tribulations that await you I am the one

who restores your spirit and renews your soul bravely embrace the peaceful breaks

that strengthen your core while you navigate the world’s Brokenness bravy is not something you

must do alone so take heart in that I am here for you every every step of the way

a rock to lean on when everything else fails in this broken World fear not the

terrifying events unfolding around you I am here to encourage you to be brave

despite how strange it may seem when you put your faith in me and follow my advice you will become an inspiration

unfazed by the darkness that surrounds you a mystery Beyond human understanding

the Trinity consists of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit instead of being perplexed by the Divine

Triune Nature’s mystery respond to me the son with joyful Praise And Love by

doing so you are not in the slightest ignoring the father we as one

demonstrate God’s wisdom and Love by working in Perfect Harmony prayers spoken directly to me directed to the

father in my name and guided by the Holy Spirit weave a beautiful tapestry of communion into your spiritual path

instead of trying to figure out everything there is to know about the godhead you should approach this mystery

with respect and wonder even without all the answers the Holy Trinity is a

blessing from above that will enrich your prayer life as you praise the father Son and Holy Spirit In Harmony

your prayers take in everything that the Trinity has to offer as you reflect on

the Divine encounter that has shaped your spiritual path May the Mystique surrounding the godhead heighten your

feelings of awe and appreciation instead of trying to figure out everything there is to know about the

godhead you should approach this mystery with respect and wonder the Trinity is

more than just a set of facts it’s a gift from God that will enrich your prayer life appreciate the depth of this

Triune connection which takes Delight in the triumphant cooperation of the Father Son and Holy Spirit as you reflect on

the Divine encounter that has shaped your spiritual path made the Mystique surrounding the godhead head heighten

your feelings of awe and appreciation I invite you to enter my passionate presence with open arms and let my

unwavering love fulfill you think of the break of the morning as the perfect opportunity to come find me the

Tranquility of the morning is a powerful affirmation of your value and importance

and this interaction sets the tone for the day ahead by infusing it with Limitless

love recognize that we are stronger when we work together to overcome the obstacles in our path realizing that

love is Everlasting fills you with energy and gives you the strength to face the challenges of each day Imagine

The Unbelievable honor of hosting a private audience with the most powerful man in the world in the comfort of your

own home as you enjoy my company either in words or music rejoice in the reality

that I have recorded your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life a permanent symbol of our heavenly

relationship pray earnestly and read the Bible take comfort in the knowledge that

my love for you is unbreakable no matter what your every prayer is heard and

answered because I look into the depths of your soul therefore I am prepared to

respond even before you reach out to me remember that I am the ruler of Glory

above all time my Everlasting Viewpoint includes both the past and the future so

you will never feel lost or alone so I can respond even before you say your

prayers rest assured no matter how enigmatic your prayers may seem my

knowledge is greater than your comprehension Marvel at the mysteries of my boundless wisdom and bask in the

boundless love that envelops you a deep and Abiding Love like this makes you

feel like you’re never really alone my lovely kid my beloved and mine are the

titles I give you I hope these words resonate deeply with your heart serving

as a reminder of my boundless love and grace for you you may be sure that I will always be there for you cherishing

and protecting you my unfaltering affection and counsel are always here for you be glad to be with you draw

strength from my promises and have faith in my good plan for your life amen time

is flying by my darling child and I can’t wait for you to hold your precious gift in your arms we are planning the

changes around you with your best interests in mind and I want you to know that we have not ignored your excitement

as you prepare your heart and mind allow my heavenly presence to embrace your house I want to tell you something very

serious right now there is some very important transinformation that is about to hit you I knew your requirements for

a long time even before you recognize them so I understand them but I would want to know more about your intentions

and goals so I can make my demands clearly meet your goals and understand

that achieving them requires true Faith intense prayer perseverance and personal

sacrifices I have come to bestow on you and your loved ones a blessing that will last forever rest assured I will not

Grant you anything that causes you pain or breaks our bond in your absence I

would prefer that your loved ones not endure any hardship I pray that Darkness will never engulf your home but I long

for the light you bring into the world I don’t want stress to strain your relationships or cause your health to

decline so hold on to the people you care about my Everlasting desire is for

you to experience the most perfect unfaltering Tranquility the world’s

Treasures are fleeting what truly matters are Faith a sustainable

lifestyle and a Detachment from material possessions upon entering this planet

you brought nothing upon leaving All That Remains is the love and affection

that you bestow on those who cherish you you will find true spiritual Satisfaction by sharing your religion

helping those in need and being faithful and unwavering I have sent you a Prof bestowed benediction and I will Crown

you with a crown I make myself someday it is within my power to alter the passage of time in order to change

people’s hearts you will be able to leave your pain in the past fast because the stars are in perfect alignment to

bring my gifts into your life at this very moment I stand at your door

pleading with your heart to come to me I’d love to make your house my Abode and fill your family’s hearts with my

ethereal Tranquility you and your loved ones will soon see the manifestation of my power we are rapidly nearing a time

of Peace healing and plenty of benefits your prayers have touched my heart and I

have seen firsthand the strength of your faith Faith you make me happy just by being yourself and your honesty

resonates deep inside me when you come to my Sanctuary every day in a spirit of

confidence unlike others who come and go afraid to put their trust in me your

Lively faith is a continual presence I pray that you may shine brightly and

serve as an inspiration to the people closest to you and your family their eyes will see the numerous benefits of

your faith which strengthens your spirit mind and soul additional benefits are on the way

but they come with a heavy response obligation I will set you first so that

many may see the numerous rewards given to those who Faithfully follow me to those who wait with contrite hearts for

my answer and to those who let go of any lingering pain and irritation when

things don’t work out the way we expected recognize that I’m firmly

holding your life your loved ones lives and all your Pursuits in my hands even

if many people are always worried about what they think are crises if you love

me submit to my will have confidence in me and remain loyal and unwavering I

will open the doors of Heaven to you benefits and Delight constantly shower upon you and you must remain Vigilant at

all times as a great opportunity awaits as you go you will meet suffering

spirits who cannot understand true love and forgiveness and who do not know that there is a future free of suffering and

death as you mature into a robust tree you will be able to support the gifts I

am prepared to give you I wish they would stop being so cynical and give me the opportunity to adore them wonderful

things will start to happen for you and your loved ones embrace the depth of my love for you embrace the calm

tranquility and Heavenly power that surround you when you let yourself be embraced by this unconditional love you

will find solace in my love which acts as a balm to mend your wounds ease your

pain and diseases calm your emotions and bring you a peace that is unmatched

anywhere else when you come to me seeking to be received and to mature

into a life spent entirely in my presence you will Discover it and the hours will fly by I can’t wait to shower

you with even more love and blessings so open yourself up to them this beautiful

love is a gift from me to you I hope you accept it completely if someone says

they love you yet treats you badly don’t waste your time trying to win their devotion I love you with an unending

love and I value you very much there will be no end to my commitment to you and my intentions will not waver I am

Resolute about my goals embracing my love signifies a turning point in your life ushering in a new chapter brimming

with fullness and wonderfulness Joy a love always free from disappointments my

love is more than excellent it embodies magnificent forgiveness and is yours to

embrace in order for you to have eternal life I died on the cross and rose again

on the third day even if you don’t completely understand it now my actions

go beyond what you want or can comprehend my conviction will be so

strong that it will reveal the Hidden Truths in your heart and inspire you to make life-altering

choices the moment has come for you to take notice of the supernatural force that is all around you it doesn’t matter

how old you are or what you’ve gone through what matters is that you are producing plentiful fruits now and when

others understand that my spirit has been working inside you the whole time they will be amazed and terrified this

beautiful and pure love is accessible to everyone there is no boundless love in

our world there are plenty of people who claim to love love you but in the end

all you get are lies anguish betrayal and despair isolation and rejection are

things of the past with my comforting Embrace I will help you recover you will

overcome all of your misery bye my dear tell me that you feel the same way about

me never give up hope listen carefully to what I have to say let your heart be

open to me and take comfort in the peace I am offering you right now if you are feeling weak and tired today it is my

will as the creator of the universe to direct the winds that might tremble you

you are aware that I have the power to quiet the storms and eliminate the dangers that threaten your planet never

waver in your faith let your vision become clear again let go of the weight of your apparent achievements avoid

dwelling on your perceived shortcomings instead Focus solely on me when you see

your own limits that’s when my presence becomes really necessary when your belief in me is in harmony with my might

there is no stopping you your energy has returned and your unwavering willpower

persists when you speak a word of faith you may overcome your fears and say with

confidence I am walking with hope resisting and continuing your Ascent towards the Mountaintop where I eagerly

await your presence at this peak you have the opportunity to accept my will for your life and let me do Miracles

making all your dreams a reality from this moment on you will reach new

heights I have brought you to this Crossroads so that you may sore to new heights bask in the glory I want to

shower upon you and never look back your evenings will be painfree and your

mornings will be devoid of sadness and misery as of today despair will no

longer accompany you you will live a life filled with steadfast and dynamic

Faith No Matter What comes your way you will choose happiness every morning as

the sun comes up you will not allow any negativity or concerns to dampen the

radiant grin that lights up your face you are the beloved one I treasure you

are truly special because of your complete submission to me and the indwelling of my Holy Spirit there is no

need to behave or say what other people do nevertheless many people may freeze

up At The Mention Of even a little rumor their dreams dashed and their fears consumed a Chasm separates their hearts

you are the embodiment of Supernatural love you have exceptional faith and your prayers and words are powerful so s High

rejoice and tell your loved ones these things for me being a part of your Dynamic life is an incredible experience

just think about how much easier it is to face the day when you know I will be

right there with you you seeing you reflect in prayer brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart you have an

incredible amount of patience kindness and determination and it inspires me

greatly your respectful Behavior demonstrates these attributes may your

decisions achievements and blessings that you receive and share with those who are helping you those who are sick

and those who are trying to get well be sources of inspiration and encouragement

with the Holy Spirit at your side and a fierce sword inside you you can do all of these things Divine words that

shatter every Bond flow from your lips and power rests in your heart even when you make mistakes keep in mind that your

power comes from me the one who bestows blessings upon you and guides you to Triumph in every struggle take a humble

and trusting stance to protect your heart chastising human titles that suggest power or are trying to gain

popularity is unnecessary with your hands I shall accomplish Wonders that no one has ever

seen before rivers of live water are flowing healing rains are already pouring down on your land restoration

waters are already cascading down and life currents are flowing through your Fields all of your aspirations will come

true your beloved child should be strong courageous and unafraid the Heaven’s

Gates will swing open in your favor as you stand on the the brink of seeing the unbelievable happen right before your

eyes in the safety of your spirit I know you will hold this beautiful insight and

understand the profundity of my words your love and devotion mean the world to me and I’m deeply moved by them when you

say you love me it makes your heart happy and I can feel it in your words

the words that come out of my mouth offering comfort and protection are a reflection of my love for you I am the

one who keeps my word word and I am the god of strength I strengthen the weak and oppressed for broken hearts I am a

source of Joy whoever promises unfaltering loyalty and loves me with all their heart soul and mind will find

the gates of paradise opened for them they understand the tremendous impact of being kind and patient not getting

involved in Petty arguments or gossip saying nice things and keeping their cool when provoked no matter what

happens I will hold you and your loved ones close to me in times of need

instead of becoming angry or shouting be kind and compassionate your home will be

a Haven of Tranquility your faith will grow as you witness many miracles receive unexpected favors and feel it

sore infinite happiness will overflow from you and your loved ones I will tell

you how much I love you and I will always be here for you believe me I will

wow you with my miraculous ulous Feats as you go on this journey through life

have no fear I will be your Shield keeping a watchful eye over you with my

dazzling Sword and the power of my words no matter where you may be your cause

has my unwavering support please believe in my word and know that I am acting in

your best interest in everything I do you should be filled with enormous delight at knowing that I am by your

side at all times you are fortunate you will dwell in calm nness peace and

serenity While others suffer I will give you the strength to endure hardship and

emerge stronger on the other side Unforgettable chances bestowed On You by

Pathways and hearts because of your Illuminating Light I have selected you to go to Great Lengths visit many

nations and spread my love to every part of the globe despite your humanity and

the wounds inflicted by the hardships you have endured my intention is to speak to to you with immense empathy

listen up think deeply about these remnants of a bygone era May linger but

the pain and loss do not have to last forever with the courage to give it all to me letting go of negativity forever I

wish for you to begin a path of forgiveness to live free of the chains of previous pain to bask in Joy To Cry

tears of joy and to dance uninhibitedly if the spirit moves you allow the people

who have wronged you to see your Redemption free from the bonds of suffering I pray that the vibrant life

you’re leading now is proof that the wounds they caused you are no longer limiting please for the love of God put

some space between yourself and the Darkness of Despair the trumpet’s music

is echoed there will be those who fail to seize the chance for a joyful life as

the predicted end approaches and there will be others who refuse to let go of their pessimism and GR es they abandon

the love I provide for prey to deceit and reject me leading to lives filled

with sadness instead of going down this road strive for a life of trust join me

on this journey of Triumph and happiness follow my Guiding Light and I will give you the ability to plant the seeds of

love and healing words that will heal countless Hearts the Miracles I do for you will confirm your faith in me and

Amaze you nothing is out of my control I have important news to share listen

carefully don’t ignore what I’m going to say take in every word and then tell me

what you think my affection for you will always be fleeting but I’ve learned that

this doesn’t stop me from longing for a conversation with you my emotions are unwavering and my word sealed with my

blood and confirmed by my holy spirit is a cleansing fire in your heart like a

wind that blows away painful memories leaving behind kind tranquility and tenderness giving you unwavering

strength and divine peace my ways of enveloping you are gentle and beautiful

and I want you to feel blessed by the immense love I have for you forever you

will be able to stand taller be more ready to embrace life and devote more

love and attention to your family After experiencing this Tranquility which will steady your feet love that knows no end

my purpose in coming to Earth was to save you and earn you a special Heavenly spot I hope that each night as you close

your eyes and perhaps shed tears you cling to the words I share with you as your head rests on the pillow knowing

that one day you will be with me while you walk this world I want this for you

leave your worries at the door and open them wide to absorb the Divine oil that mens spirit and body a revitalized

spirit will replace concerns when you awake after a peaceful uninterrupted night’s sleep I keep saying Moment by

moment how much I value love and appreciate you on your behalf I am

removing obstacles making sure your travels go well strengthening your family bonds and teaching your children

to be wise May Joy abound in your home and may the pain in your soul subside I

will continue to unfold to you tenderly and you will hear and feel my voice as I

speak softly to you expressing my Everlasting incredible and Supernatural

love I hope you will tell me that you yearn to hear and feel it and that it

will reinforce your love for me because worrying about the things you’ve given me would drain your strength I beg you

to believe me when I say everything will be well since you have placed your trust

in me I will lead you peacefully to pastures green I’d hate for there to be

a shortage for you May the love of God and the kindness of the Holy Spirit

flood your heart have no fear I shall be by your side during the difficult times

ahead I refuse to let go of The reigns I will hold on to you tightly because I

know how weak you felt my love I speaking directly to your soul I stand

beside you instead of becoming lost and hopeless come sit with me for a while

keep your mind clear of future concerns and international events pay close attention to your loved ones your

spiritual health feeding your spirit with my word and praying earnestly show

compassion and kindness to everyone even if they hurt you if they persist in

mistreating you despite your love turn the other cheek to show them that your love is like mine I will fight to the

end so that your family may know that I am worth it even while the globe spins

and Whispers of trouble spread you may experience freedom and live your life to the fullest may your prayers always be

heard in your prayer Journal write down the names of the people you care about and what you want for them I am already

familiar with their lives and thoughts but what I want is for you to put your faith into practice by learning to pray

for what really matters in the midst of the anxiety that others are experiencing

as a result of coming indications no one in your family should be afraid I will be by your side I will

hold on to you tightly prepare yourself to face the common dread you will

witness amazing Miracles unfold before your eyes get ready for your freedom to come racing in on the heels of ReSound

so pray like never before trust without wavering battle bravely and live in the

present fueled by Passion and Dread rather than worry about what the future holds instead trust in my promises there

is no obstacle that I cannot overcome your love has no limit tell me you love me love is a

restorative remedy my gentle touch eases your pain my strong hand holds you up

and leads the way taking you to Greater Heights and as I surround you the Holy

Spirit flows inside you like Crystal indulge in the Bliss that has evaded you

for far too long as the waters envelop you in a delight that surpasses all your

transcendental tribulations you will soon forget the days of Despair when you were alone and

and felt abandoned come before me now and I will grant you the power to Vanquish the darkness that has weighed

you down May the words of my commitment echo in your heart and mind as I walk

side by side with you on this path in times of solitude scream out I am with

you every day when fatigue and the weight of life’s responsibilities press down on me and I will give you the

relaxation your soul craves for I am your Shepherd and you are not without anything that I can supply I perfectly

meet all your requirements in my heavenly presence you will not fear I am

the way to Salvation a well-lived life yields blessings to many and the streams

that flow by securely anchor you look no further if you are seeking true and

Everlasting Love on days when I can’t make sense of why I’m crying I come here to seek solace in my love the one place

you can always count on no one can voluntarily provide what I offer love

Tranquility healing and unfaltering Trust Others May show affection with

hidden agendas wanting something in this world this blessing is yours to have at

no cost I don’t care about your bank account what matters is that you have a

sincere desire to start again and a strong trust in God join me in steadfast

trust as we go forward expressing your commitment to a better future with patience and

assurance my dear child I embrace your faith and pledge to believe your word

wholeheartedly get ready to be showered with an abundance of blessings from above you are deeply beloved by me you

can count on my kindness no matter what anyone says every day I will discover

new methods to show my love the testing times are over now I have weathered the storm as far as my love is concerned

there are no limits you have no idea how far I will go to protect you it is a new

day and with it comes a plethora of chances and Gifts your financial woes will go away new friendships will form

doors will open and blessings will abound you may expect many blessings on your prayers Endeavors and belongings

you can count on me to follow through on my promises rest assured I will always be there for you standing guard and

offering Solace I will show you the way to Justice and make sure your thoughts are clear rest sir certain that I will

forever occupy your thoughts bestowing upon you Serene and lovely Tranquility

the things that used to hurt you will no longer do and you will have so many reasons to grin you will get an

abundance of benefits from me since my love for you has no bounds I am here to

hear your prayers and I will grant your requests showering you with blessings of liberty plenty Serenity and success in

everything that you do I will forever be beside you quietly reminding you of my

promises so nothing can disturb your restful Slumber you will not find anyone

or anything in this world that can provide you with perfect Tranquility I

understand you have requests while I listened intently to your prayers the compliments criticisms

and apologies resounded profoundly within me your sincere comments of appreciation during difficult times

really touch me you have painstakingly persevered I want to talk to you about

the things that have been bothering you and keeping you up at night but I also want to talk about your unfaltering

faith particularly when you throw your hands up in the middle of a battle and say father I love you and thank you for

everything you don’t fully understand that I know everything happens for a reason my darling put your faith in me

listening to your pain and the genuine emotion you’re expressing encourages me to keep going on this path with you you

have the power to achieve your goals the dry valleys of your life will suddenly spring to life and resources that you

believed were dwindling will flood remain attentive and resist the enemy’s

cunning strategies in times of trouble my blessings will continue to pour out for you don’t give into despair instead

call out to me and I will answer rest assured I have sent my angels to protect

you so you can be confident and secure remember these words for they will

Empower you to overcome your enemies as others see my work through you fear will

fade you are my sheep so Don’t Stray or wander aimlessly instead stay

steadfastly attached to the indestructible Shield I have provided pay close attention to my messages when

I correct you and avoid letting Pride consume your heart like me I hope you

never stop being modest and unpretentious now is the moment to rise above previous errors refrain from

looking down on faith any longer as your heavenly father you should hold your head up and enjoy the good things that

are ahead of you you are the one I have chosen to get my favor from while I’m here on Earth prove it to yourself by

being strong and steadfast when things get tough and using your faith and willpower to overcome obstacles I am the

one who made you and everything in your world and I have a purpose so you may be

calm my Holy Spirit illumination and the knowledge from my word will guide you as

you follow my instructions both the space you’re in right now and the moment you’re experiencing it Are Holy Show

Respect by bending over backwards with any luck I will bring Good Fortune to your home so that you and your loved

ones can enjoy the rewards of your hard work at just the right time it is with the utmost intention

that these words find their way to you give a bow to the Earth Ben beneath you it is sacred and the very moment you

were here is sacred too I long to do miraculous Deeds for you but I need your

trust dedication and undying devotion first take these two words to Heart they

are my way of showing you how much I care oh how I treasure you whatever you’ve accomplished in the past triumphs

and tragedies alike doesn’t matter to me your heart’s rhythm today is all that

matters letting me know that you need me to understand the weights I beg you not to look back right now as I wait for

your repentance burdened by your soul and the depths of your despair because it is time to change your path I’m

reaching out to you to help you stand on the horizon and to show you the way to a path that is right my truth shines

brightly and I am eager to welcome you with open arms envelop you in my grace

pardon your transgressions and give you a new chance to accept my love get well again and discover your inner fortitude

may you find strength and serenity in this word which will guide you through the challenges of the years to come for

the duration of this message’s reception hold on to this very second this intense

feeling is the beginning of a new chapter in your life story let it be a memory that will last a lifetime my

blood which is powerful and sealed by my resurrection will Adorn your life today

and you will live it to the fullest New Hope hopes will materialize that are in harmony with my Everlasting plan and

many doors will open for you even though you’re still dealing with emotional obstacles I will fulfill the destiny I

have planned for your family and yourself their hearts are like a Potter clay I’m constantly working on them in

the next few months the people you’re currently interacting with will experience a dramatic change while

they’re at home families around you will be amazed by the incredible change ches you and others like you bring about and

brave faithful Hearts will settle in as they welcome acknowledge and have faith

in them they will unveil countless Miracles you and your home are both capable of change and I can take the

initiative to make it happen put your trust in my timing and hold on to your

patience with all your might avoid the temptation of quick fixes they could Lead You astray from me and into ruin

keep praying to me and studying my teachings diligently doing so will protect you from falling prey to the

Allure of false doctrines and The Temptations of material wealth keep in

mind that all that this world has to offer is temporary but the things I give

you will last forever bringing you blessings that will never end everything

will work out in due course so don’t lose faith in my promises I have an unfaltering memory and I am never late I

am deeply concerned for your welfare deity I’m always ready to shower you with Grace and love listen to Isaiah’s

words they are just as relevant now as they were when they were first spoken

and you have been called to righteousness as I take hold of your hand you will feel my grip on your life

I will lead protect and use you as a Beacon of Hope for the Nations in times

of Sorrow I will knock on your door and testify to my unfaltering love do not be

sad for the joy of the Lord is your strength as Nehemiah said May the god of your hope fill you with joy and peace in

your unwavering belief so that you may abound and overflow with hope trials in

life do not dim This Joy which transcends the worldly it Springs forth

from the Eternal Wells within you and sustains you through all circumstances your faith Journey brings

this hope which is more than just a wish it is your inheritance and a reality in

me this hope overflows affecting every part of your life and the lives of those

around you permit me to beg you my love to get up my beloved and stand firm in

this Hope rest assured that I am with you and may that knowledge protect you from harm let go of your self-doubt and

accept yourself as a precious child of the Mighty God for in doing so you will

come to understand your true value no one can defeat beat you or impede your progress you have already triumphed over

every obstacle take pride in your success and revel in it let go of the past you must hold fast to your faith

and I will accomplish great things I will hear your prayers with unwavering conviction rest assured I will respond

carry yourself with the resolve and inner fortitude that are your destiny I

feel the pain and suffering within you Family Matters can facilitate healing

relaxation and prayer in solitude while communion with the Holy Spirit can ease your soul no matter how much pain and

suffering you endure your purpose is never to wallow in misery mistakes or failure when you feel like you can’t go

on my love for you will be there by my side you will find strength you are not

destined for Devastation you have a lovely innocent heart keep away from the Shadows embrace the illumination May the

joy that lights up your face lead others to joyfully Proclaim my name Jesus you

my dearest child are a reflection of my love I will keep orchestrating miraculous events for you as I have done

a lot for you to emphasize how important you are to me I implore you to seize the

triumphant road that lies ahead the time for despair and withdrawal has passed

please before anything else give me your whole unadulterated heart realize that

my goal is to Grant you Everlasting joy and peace despite your suffering I have

never intended to put you through any kind of trial or punishment my plans for you include a life full of love and care

blessings and prosperity put your complete trust in me bow down before my throne and humbly submit to my will I

will nourish your spirit with my words my written word will serve as the foundation for your faith providing you

with the strength to persevere through temporary doubts and difficulties a partially or conveniently built heart

can exacerbate the instability of Life storms I do not want this for you I beg

you please trust me with all your heart and remain faithful and loyal forever

make the decision now to give up your life for all time every day will be more than just another because you will be by

my side witnessing the marvels of the universe as we go through eternity numerous blessings will Grace

your life and you will confront challenges alongside a harmonious family

everything will unfold more beautifully and abundantly than you can imagine I

will bless you and anyone who seeks to harm you will flee a predetermined and everlasting Triumph is the prize for my

dedicated followers to play my role you must show me your unwavering devotion I

beg you to set off on this adventure right now have faith in me not as an abstract God but as The God Who lives

lives within you whose love is as near as your breath I am in you and you are

in me forever intertwined forever thus may your life be a living testimony to

the power of Hope through your words and actions may your faith which is often unseen serve as a shining Beacon of Hope

I should bestow upon you the finest not monetary wealth but rather my love the

most Exquisite and pure love that surrounds and sustains you at all times this miraculous love ignites the fire of

resolve already there in your heart creating a lovely feeling and arming you to confront any challenge headon with

unwavering self assurance and drive listen to my voice I will speak to you clearly imagine being surrounded by

boundless benefits while we sit side by side in the Heavenly Realms I am more

real than the air you breathe more bright and pure than the sunshine that bathes your days you must trust that

even if you may not completely grasp or foresee them right now I am more real than everything else I have been and I

always will be by your side at all hours of the day and night I am continually

alert and never sleep when your heartfelt supplications reach my Throne

I listen attentively the Everlasting gift I have given you is a gift of love it is not dependent on your Merit or

Perfection but on my grace dive into this knowledge I am saying you deserve

nothing less because you have already received the greatest blessings my kingdom will not greet bless or Merit

you for enduring a thousand Wars or numerous tribulations winning battles

requires faith and receiving benefits requires thankfulness and modesty The

Wonder of Love is happening within you go out and reveal it feel free to tell me how much my presence has improved

your life and how much joy I have brought you in the love you share I shall surround you with tranquility

peace wealth and favor without worry or debt people may laugh at your antics but

they will feel pain in their hearts when they hear you speak what you’ve discovered is essential for them it is

important for them to feel loved and valued whisper this powerful message of love and optimism to the World As the

Wind carries Seeds of Hope to every part of the universe remember that I the

Supreme Being listen to the sincere prayer you said before you fell as sleep last night as you prayed for the

fortitude Serenity and unfaltering Faith to face the difficulties life throws at you right now your tears soak the pillow

here you are embracing the dawn of a new day you now stand tall and proud

prepared to confront any obstacle that comes your way Illuminating a canvas with unwavering will and resilience

where there was once just mystery faith has taken root when yesterday you faltered under the weight of adversity

stand up today you are standing firm today prepared to overcome any challenge that comes your way get up and keep

going because I have placed a fierce desire for victory in your heart just as I have led you to this point I have also

given you the capacity to face and Conquer every obstacle that comes your way have faith in my infinite power even

when the obstacles seem overwhelming keep in mind that my strength is unmatched throughout all your trials

tribulations and conflicts I will always be here to support you the one who led you to this point because of

my love and power you rise above the level of a conqueror and become more than just an overcomer your unyielding

determination is capable of overwhelming any enemy that dares to show its face

whatever your goals may be or whatever challenges you may face in the future I have given you the strength and will to

accomplish them I promise you that no matter what you do you will succeed I

will shower you with blessings open doors for you and help you overcome any

obstacles that may be weighing you down I am here to shower you with many blessings and wonderful presents while I

desire to remain by your side and take pride in being the center of attention in your home I also ask that you obey me

my teachings are like medication for your bones they soothe your spirit and your soul needs my words I pray for a

life free from heavy burdens in the end it will be to your advantage if you

comply with my suggestion my goal in directing your actions is to provide you with everlasting life your house is

where I want to be and I’m determined to claim my proper position there please let everyone in your family know that

I’m watching over them and that they must never forget where their Good Fortune came from please do not ignore

or disregard me believe without doubt that you are under my wing there is no

need to go elsewhere for contentment Serenity and pleasure because they are yours in my presence whenever Terror

threatens to engulf you and your loved ones know that I’m holding them close whenever you feel like giving up and

succumbing to the Sea of troubles know that I am by your side protecting you

you will succeed stay steadfast embrace the wisdom in my words because they have

the ability to change your situation for the better no matter how difficult things become don’t let unanticipated

difficulties discourage or torment you disregard the hurtful things said or done to you don’t cry over missed

opportunities and don’t give a hoot about the critiques and insults directed at you by your enemies there are those

who are jealous of you and will stop at nothing to break your spirit and bring you down I hold you close protecting you

from their wicked claws I stand at the doorway of your heart softly tapping on

its door rise every day with my words on your lips residing in the shade of the

Majestic your loving and omnipotent God and accept the shelter given by the arm

of your heavenly father could you please let me in so that I can shower you with love as a longtime lover of you I am

Overjoyed to finally meet you please feel free to confidently embrace my devotion I’m not here to point out your

shortcomings or blame you for your mistakes I have forgiven you because you asked for it if you ask my forgiveness I

will also put your transgressions out of your mind leave your blunders in the past I trust that you will not make the

same mistake again let the light that is inside you be your guide pay close

attention while I speak softly in your ear guiding you in the correct direction success and good fortune will be yours

you are making a sensible Choice today in the quiet of your contemplation and this is the fruit of that decision

pay attention to my hushed voice as it tells you of my Limitless affection and steadfast Direction in times when life’s

complexities seem insurmountable let this confidence deepen your trust take

solace in this simple but deep reality as you go about your everyday lives here

you may be sure that the Divine is watching over you my well-planned strategy is a tapestry of Limitless

knowledge and love put your faith in it my Everlasting promises Will Comfort you

in times of Doubt Let My Words Be a lighthouse leading you out of the darkness into a new day filled with

understanding and Tranquility as you go through life’s path may this fact serve as a steadfast

refuge and Foundation of comfort it is certain that the Divine is present here

may this day and every day be a source of strength and peace for you whether

it’s time energy or money a basic requirement is missing consider it a

great Fortune instead of seeing your apparent shortage as a defect I see it as an opportunity for you to rely on me

unfalteringly as you face each day with what may seem to be inadequate resources

here in the here and now while life is happening and as I eagerly anticipate your arrival direct your attention

recognizing your own shortcomings is a great gift because it leads you to trust me with all your heart and sees through

the illusion of self-sufficiency that pride and temporary victories frequently support despite appearances material

possessions like good health and plenty of money may go just as quickly as life itself find Delight in accepting and

embracing your shortcomings my might is on Full display and refined in your times of Frailty and distress it is time

to change your outlook the world may see a lack of anything as a failure or an

inadequacy but in my perfect plan when when I am weak it is so that I may grow

in my faith and depend on my abilities friends relatives judges and authorities

all surround you and I will use my heavenly power to move their hearts to treat you kindly and do what’s best for

you have no dread of what other people may do you and your family will be safe

from harm so long as you rely on me and act with unfaltering honesty never

forget that I am by your side every step of the way I speak with a supernatural energy that

will breathe life into you and lift you beyond your hardships my words have a

transforming healing power your faith and modesty have captivated me even if

you don’t think I’m worthy of being a part of your life I want to be a part of your life to shatter the bonds that tie

you and to write healing words into your heart your suffering worries and Agony

will melt away as my kind touch eases them listen to my voice as well as the

sky my unfaltering resolve stems from my desire to share in your joy Serenity and

hope for a bright future spending time with me allows me to envelop you in my arms and reassure you of my tangible

actuality deep love and unfaltering protection from danger I am about to

bestow upon you an immense bequest a gift from on high that will enhance your

life in ways beyond your comprehension have complete faith in me and take this

bequest I am prepared to shower you with my Limitless love and be a channel for the transforming power of my Holy Spirit

and your well of strength is ready with my Holy Spirit enabling you stand up and

go forth no power on Earth will be able to stop you from overcoming the obstacles you encounter your strength is

not determined by your Frailty but by the unfaltering trust and eternal love

that I have for you refrain from giving into wor and panic attacks and instead

let my loving hand rest on your heart May the gates of Happiness Tranquility

optimism faith and self assurance open wide inside you filling your life with

delight and bringing words of appreciation to your lips your favor has descended from the Heavenly Realms and a

revolutionary change is on the horizon for you when a shortage seems imminent

the bonds of debt and previous mistakes that have Afflicted your money will be destroyed D Dr and plenty will fill your

house I beg you to pay close attention trust what I say and look at everything

from a religious perspective pay attention to the possibilities that present themselves to

you and be kind to everyone you meet I will arrange for special people to come

into your life and they will reach out to you with the same hand that I am reaching out to you I will bless you and

use you in ways you can’t even begin to fathom if you adopt a gracious and courteous attitude treating everyone

with dignity and respect you will reach New Heights because of the incredible

things I want to do through you particularly when times are tough despite the ugliness around you you will

persevere and emerge stronger than before proving that you are worthy of all the good things I have in store for

you release those ideas realize that you are a strong determined and Victorious

Warrior a child of the all powerful God this fact is the result of accepting and

loving My Love Therefore embrace it beyond the trials that you will overcome

with faith you are not doomed to fail Victory is waiting for you a lovely gift

my presence permeates your whole trip and you welcome it with open arms imagine it as a radiant blanket of light

that surrounds you and everything around you in times of Doubt or isolation I

tell you to keep your focus on me no matter what just like the protective canopy of stars above my presence is

always here to help think about the biblical account of Jacob who in a desolate Place found rest on a stone I

promised to always be with him in his dreams and he saw angels from Heaven his Reawakening made him realize that the

Lord is here I had no idea that this Revelation goes beyond the Bible for

those who seek me with all their heart when they feel separated or or estranged it is an eternal reality say it with

conviction the presence of the Divine is here and I invite you to open your eyes and heart to my Everlasting Direction

every step of your life’s path brings me delight and I react eagerly to your

sincere request whether you’re facing difficulties or celebrating I’ll be

right there with you remember that I am always by your side even in the happiest

of times keep in mind that I am here to Stand By Your Side and defend you whenever you

feel like giving up or when you’re at your Wits End trying to figure out what to do so that you may emerge Victorious

from your trials I will remove barriers and open doorways remember that I am

right here with you drying your tears and turning them into prayers I am the only one who really understands how you

feel I aware of all your plans goals and aspirations I focus on your soul not

your appearance social standing or physical limitations your power and intelligence will grow in proportion to

the amount of Faith you have in me as well as your dedication to my plan and purpose you amaze me as my kid and as my

reflection in the mirror tenacious enterprising astute and brave when your

goals are clear and unwavering nothing and no one can stand in your way there can be no denying this fact you are my

child and you must always remember that you are both a child and a human being

Myriad blessings have already enveloped you and the great Horizon will spread before you when you remove the blindfold

that may have hampered your eyesight these gifts keep you going giving you the will to continue even when things

are tough may you be strong and resilient examining each event more

closely will show you how your faith has grown and how wise you have become please take the time to thank me

personally speak with all the sincerity in the world and be grateful for everything in it the gift of Life the

oxygen you take in the people in your life and the course your present Journey

has taken regardless of how far it has strayed from your ideal thank goodness

you can quickly express your gratitude as you go I will show you updated maps

and fix the wrong turns to get you where you’re going but for the time being just

be grateful for what you have you can maintain gratitude through life’s highs and lows so remember to practice it even

when you’re feeling down I appreciate the difficulties reflect on the setbacks

and difficult times that have shaped your path and give yourself a pat on the back appreciate the impact that a

grateful mindset can have you about to experience life altering Miracles and

Transformations as a result of this practice of self-improvement starting now

as a last piece of advice I hope you’ll spread the news many people around you may seem happy on the outside but they

may be drowning in pain on the verge of Despair and without a true reason to keep going make no mistake my goal is to

help you rise above your current situation so you may heal from your sadness and break free from your

failures tap into your inner power get back up even when you’re exhausted and

move on to your blessing no matter how deep the scars or Agony keep walking in

faith knowing that when you put your confidence in me I will heal you miraculously a new sense of vigor and

Total Recovery will wash over you with every step get up and move around because a major change is about to

happen in your life can you understand why my love for you has never left your side that is the whole and utter truth

my words will fill your heart with peace Joy encouragement and Faith even if

today may bring Despair and sadness I would also like to make a request I beg

you to heed not the baseless accusations and rumors that circulate but instead keep my sweet love in your thoughts

today and every day let go of the painful memories that have tarnished

your life and put them in the past Embrace a life free of defeat and guilt

move on forgive and put the obstacles behind you behold my words are a lamp

post for you you can overcome from any difficulty by drawing on your unwavering

Faith which is like a mighty sword if you choose perseverance I will give you

the power to fight know that I am the Good Shepherd who watches over you and

provides for you at all times I am committed to meeting your needs and going above and beyond say it out loud

and mean it you will keep going even when bad things happen and you will keep

believing no matter how scared you become I understand why I did what I did in the name of my holy power which is

absolute I can calm stormy winds part strong Waters lead you safely over

choppy waves rescue you from the depths of pain heal your body and comfort your

broken Spirit when the world dumps its misery and suffering on you I will be

the one to soak up your tears you take comfort in the stability of your religion because of your unwavering

devotion and faith in me my presence may enter you and fill you to the brim with

Limitless love and peace although time cannot magically cure wounds I can fix

them so they do not leave permanent scars life’s difficulties will not tarnish your spirit instead they will

Aid you in gaining Insight if you’re carrying around bad memories I can help

this is why I gladly gave my hands to the Cross enduring the cold and painful nails so that I may bear your pure

suffering cleanse your sin with my my blood Grant you my grace and relieve

your heart of all its loads and Sorrows as Nehemiah said when tragedy knocked do not grieve for the joy of the

Lord is your strength this pleasure rooted in the Everlasting Wellsprings of my soul within you will endure no matter

what challenges you face thus May the god of Hope provide you with an

abundance of joy and peace in your unfaltering faith so that you may be filled to the brim with Hope by the

power of of the holy spirit this isn’t just a wish it’s your rightful share

with me as you grow in faith you’ll experience this hope firsthand and it

will overflow into all areas of your life and the lives of others around you

you my darling must the strength to hold firm in this hope in times of weakness

and uncertainty May the knowledge that I am with you serve as a refuge have faith

in me not as an abstract God but as the god who lives within you whose love is

as near as your breath may your words actions and quiet testimony to your

unshakable faith be a living witness to the force of Hope be a Shining Light Of Hope because I am in you and you are in

me bound together forever you deserve the best and I don’t mean monetary

riches but my pure beautiful love it surrounds you keeping you alive at all

times this extraordinary love is what keeps keeps the Fire Burning Brightly a

radiant feeling grows inside you strengthening your will to fearlessly face adversity fortified by unshakable

faith and determination do not let anxiety about the future rule your thoughts and do not

waste time and energy on fleeting meaningless wants that will bring you nothing but misery detach yourself from

everything that hinders our close Bond let go of those worries and I will reward you abundantly

keep your distance from those who don’t believe as you do and keep praying because it is at such times that you are

closest to me trust in my perfect timing and don’t give up hope I have many

rewards in store for you the difficulties you’re experiencing right now will go from your mind in no time

maintain your composure have no fear and know that I will be there for you

forever understand that I am well aware of your requirements the stresses that you are under the anxiety that grows

when your financial situation is unstable and the fear that comes with any kind of disease but I beg you please

let your heart be open to my promises embrace my magnetic presence and heed my

advice when the time is right I will bring Serenity and peace into your life

the benefits of my divine presence will shower down upon you because you have placed your confidence in me I am a

deity of bound Bess power and wonder along with the healing and benefits I will also show my grace to your

relatives descendants and ancestors rely on my timing Cadence and hold on to your

patience do not give in to the temptation to look for easy ways out doing so might take you away from me and

ultimately damage you never stop praying and always seek to understand my

teachings further doing this will protect you against the temptation of erroneous ideologies and the fleeting

desire for material riches what I provide is Everlasting a Wellspring of

endless joys in your life all else is fleeting have trust in my promises all

things will work out in due course my memory is Rock Solid and I never miss a

beat as God I am very concerned about meeting your needs the words of Isaiah

are just as relevant now as they were when they were first said therefore I am always is ready to shower you with my

love and grace I the Lord have rightfully summoned you take my hand and

feel my grip on your life as I lead protect and use you as a light to the Nations a messenger of Hope and proof of

my unwavering love I am strengthening your faith and I am here to encourage you as you embark on a journey towards a

new beginning a life where you will experience a complete overhaul ignore

what other people think keep your chin up and go on with your life with Grace and belief no amount of poisoned Envy

from jealous others can change my view of you all that matters is how I see you

in my eyes you are a remarkable human being with an authentic and wonderful

spirit whenever you feel the pressure of life’s difficulties mounting remember my

words and find solace in my affection through every Victory and loss I have

been a constant companion Triumph in the midst of adversity is here to take your life to the next

level get over the past and into the future with a sense of Triumph and

rebirth as I change everything a new chapter in your life will begin except

the knowledge and rewards that I will demonstrate to you may your spirit and mind discover Serenity and completely

embrace it as I shower you with my love and peace by opening your heart to me

you will experience extraordinary events and discover answers to your your problems no one else can help you

through this upheaval you are going through you’ve made the right choice by coming to me in times of need I pray

that you will not only seek me out on this special day but that you will always prioritize me in your life love

me with all your being and give me the space I deserve in your thoughts today is the day to decide you will commit to

me forever witness the profound and life-altering impact that my mere presence in your heart has has on you

you’ve felt it coming on for a long time now a void in your life that needs filling allow me to dwell in your heart

and witness firsthand the transformation those who have harmed you may come back to you apologizing for

their actions some people will now really appreciate you and doors that were previously closed will open for you

I will remove all sorrow and isolation from your life by bestowing upon you new

and beloved Pals you don’t have to to weather the mental storms any longer

because my unwavering love will be a rock that keeps you grounded no matter how low you sink it is not a coincidence

that you are hearing these words my soul follows you and consoles you wherever

you go I have come not to condemn you but to deliver you from this pain to

give you Refuge under my wings and to wrap you in the comforting Embrace of my

Everlasting Love after bearing witness to the conflicts that have marked your life the wounds inflicted by those who

have come before and the causes of your continuing suffering please pay close attention

read carefully and have complete faith because I want your pain to end what you

are experiencing is not a result of my disapproval or wrath instead it is

evidence of my unending love for you rest certain that my presence will always be by your side through good

times and bad health and illness my promise to you is that amazing things will happen to you through these

miraculous occurrences I want to show you the incredible things that can happen when you listen to my word and

walk in humility recognizing the good and bad things that happen to you in equal measure in order to help you I

will change certain difficult conditions and you will face battles and difficulties that will prepare you for

better fights in the future your long term Health depends on me granting you

permission to go through these things my solemn vow to stay by your side and

protect you from harm will magnify and bless everything wonderful that comes into your life I command you to believe

this without question forget about second thoughts and don’t use your shortcomings or failings from the past

as an excuse those who actively pursue them will reap abundant rewards ignore

the naysayers critics and and envious people who are trying to ruin your promising

future at this hour when you are most vulnerable I am reaching out to you to

have a heart-to- heart with you sincere unreserved and everlasting that is my love for you my

deep love for you is unbreakable regardless of how many times you’ve messed up my loving hand reaches out to

you freeing you from the shackles that have held you back and sapped your enthusiasm for life regardless of how

far away you may be when you call on me in times of need I’m always here for you

to welcome you I open the doors of my heart wide as I watch you pray your

genuflecting expression fills my heart with compassion in the darkest hours

before you were born my grace was there enveloping you and guiding you as you

travel treacherous and cruel roads because I knew you so well I had

complete control over the hour minut and day of your birth unless I say so

nothing happens to you my purpose is to bring you to a greater level of faith and surrender even though we may

disagree on certain things now you will see that I am working all things out for your good in the end I will help you

grow and strengthen you and I always have a better plan when you feel like you’ve run out of steam and all you have

is prayer and faith I want to give you my radiant Soul as a weapon so that when you say my word incredible things will

happen when you need me most my presence becomes palpable and my support is

Crystal Clear come to me when you have exhausted all of your own resources and

strength when these things happen my love Grace and power pour forth into your life in an overwhelming way keep in

mind that my power is most evident when you are weak as your faith grows and your Reliance on me goes from being an

abstract idea to a real lived reality via the ups and downs of Life despite

how overwhelming things may appear you should not give up let your frailties bring you Joy because they are ways my

strength may work in you my abundance is more apparent in your weakness as you are inadequate so face each day

fearlessly not because of what you lack but because you are strong in my weakness for I am with you my strength

and grace are sufficient and my glory is most evident when you are weak every day is not a fight against your

own insufficiency but rather a chance to dive deeper into the Limitless strength and love that I have for you

understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses is fundamental to religion in

this Divine Paradox you will find the most authentic manifestation of my love and power at work in your life finding

sufficiency in inadequacy and unearthing strength therefore take joy in your

frailties because they are the means by which I bring about the deepest changes in you during times of restoration and

prayer when blessings that have slipped away will eventually make their way back to you I will unlock doors that have

been closed and pour down blessings from Heaven to bless you abundantly and bring

peace to your heart from now on walk confidently in the knowledge that I your

God and Heavenly Father am powerful and overflowing with love for you I will be

right with you at all times ignite the passion that is within you and let it drive you to live a life of

Purpose with unwavering resolve have an unquenchable thirst for obedience to

your King’s decrees and have the courage to trust in me no matter what as you and

your loved ones witness Miracles unfold in my name I command you to exalt

everyone who has confidence in me and follows my commands deserves a chance to be heard when I am here in the near

future you may anticipate wonderful changes in the lives of the people you care about which will bring you immense

Delight so know that I will never leave your side no matter how many challenges you face you can always count on my

unwavering support helping you is what I long for have faith and speak to me

confidently I will listen the words I write will touch your heart and fill you

with my presence you may be certain that the strength I have given you is immeasurable

you will seek me with your own lips every day with love and Trust I am waiting for you my affection for you is

absolute today is the day to let your guard down and tell me anything that is on your mind my soul Whispers In Your

Ear my precious child not to condemn chastise or bring up your mistakes but

to express an everlasting love every morning I look forward to seeing your

face as you open your eyes and sh share your thoughts about how much you love and need me these are more than just

words they are manifestations of the devotion and praise that are rising to my Celestial throne with the dawn

everyone in your home even your family feels my presence no matter how

difficult things become know that I am here to help my infinite love will immediately answer your requests and

embrace them with its warmth I will not withhold any favors from you tell me

anything that’s on your mind and in your heart put your worries and doubts in my hands I will remove them and restore

your trust and hope this is an everlasting reality for those who believe in the infinite potential of the

human intellect you have my unwavering support and I know that you will succeed

in the end have faith in me because my timing is divinely perfect as I am about

to bestow blessings on you I arrange everything so that you may receive them easily

when the time comes I bestow tranquility and patience on you be careful when you

use them keep your emotions in check and do not respond hastily you shouldn’t

make any rash judgments without talking to me first I pray that this heavenly word does not lead you into confusion or

into the arms of untrustworthy allies I can guarantee that I will be of service

you should be patient and not rack up debt because you’ve been through enough it is my firm inent ention to keep you

from pursuing your future in the near future my mercy and Grace will shine a

light into your life Breaking Free all the shackles that have held you back and

setting you free to enjoy a life of boundless Independence in a solemn agreement

between us we will set out on a mission to find a better future for you for the

time being defend your heart Sanctuary with your Ambitions and projects people

around you may be jealous and unscrupulous so it’s best not to let them know about our plans too soon they

may try to discourage you by making fun of your mistakes but that time has passed because of the radical change

I’ve brought about in your heart you can trust no one other than me as I have said you will not only succeed but

flourish in all your endeavors blessings will pour on you you will experience the

painstaking lifting of your heavy burdens and the opening of previously closed doors I swear to free you from

everything that binds you bringing in a time of Plenty joy and serenity where

worry and debt have no place keep your faith in me strong and your integrity untarnished so that I can stand by you

no matter what others do until the end of time you and your loved ones will feel my constant presence with you my

words have the power to heal and Inspire freeing you from the grip of hopelessness you don’t have to carry

around the hurt from the p past or Justify the terrible things that have happened to you as a result of your

transgressions though I am a child of a powerful God and live in a world full of pain keep in mind that I have already

overcome this world within the trials and tribulations of this life you will

discover strength and ultimately Victory if you put your faith in me and believe

in me with each step you take Victory is your inherent right adopt steadfast

Trust my beloved because with me nothing is impossible may you firmly plant your

religion in your heart and let your Deeds bear witness to your beliefs please know that I am always with you

encouraging you to take bold steps now that your faith has been strengthened now that you can Traverse dangerous seas

and Vanquish any evil that dares to stand in your way you no longer have to fight alone bravery has triumphed over

fear and the Darkness of worry has faded away Riding High on your sword you must

press on across the battlefield because great benefits are awaiting you and you

will overcome the country before you in every condition my spirit anoints you

and I will show you the way ahead and give you answers may you be a source of Solace and strength for everyone around

you may my blessings shine on your loved ones as well filling your house with an

atmosphere of Tranquility and serenity soon you will sense my presence

as I dispel evil spirits that have attempted to cause trouble leading to a

noticeable change in my promises and my word which is a sanctuary where your

faith May dwell you will find rest for your soul if you seek me with all your heart I am your rock your king and your

healer as well as your source of health strength and Redemption if you hold hold onto my hand

tightly the ground underneath you will not allow you to tremble say it with all your might your faith in me is

unshakable stay steadfast in your faith in me because my love for you has no bounds you have my undivided attention

and I will remain so indefinitely you are like a spearhead piercing through the storms and Paving the way to the

blessing filled land I can’t wait to give you you are more than just a person

you are a parent of generations interwoven into the vast fabric of life

and this will become clear as I help you peel back the layers of your spiritual

awareness do not worry if today flies by and you remain unfazed by any challenges

you experience no matter how painful then you must not waste the Priceless favors I bestow upon you every part of

your life is interconnected with the divine plan do not worry I am in charge

of every facet of your life faith and belief however are like wings that take

you to a higher plane your attitude on the other hand is critical indulge in my

wisdom in times of Despair when you feel like giving up bow down if the burden is

too much look up at the sky for I am there in your heart my favor is not some

abstract idea it is right here in front of you within your grasp soon the

mountain of troubles you’ve been facing will come collapse saving you you have already vanquished your adversaries my

question for you is this are you my lover and do you believe in me as soon

as I hear from you I will perform a wondrous Miracle inside of you to calm your spirit and remove all worry do

these three things today and allow these words to sink in and bring you Serenity all day long even for naive children the

world may be a cruel place you looked at the world with an optimistic and inquisitive gaze to those you considered

friends you offered a genuine grin however that optimism was subsequently

dashed your laughter snuffed out and your desire to live was crushed by the brutal truths of Deceit and treachery

you no longer have faith in me and our once joyful love has become gloomy but

trust me I am now fully aware of you I know you as well as I know the sky

itself down to the individual stars and their names every hurt you’ve ever felt from the

most obvious to the most subtle is familiar to me since we speak the same

language I know exactly what will make you feel better here I will illuminate a

world that cherishes you adorns you with Regal regalia and where everyone recognizes and cherishes your name this

hallowed place where loving eyes watch over you all the time feeds your spirit

like a starving baby bird it is the place where you truly live as a beloved child of God made in the Soul’s likeness

of the one who created the cosmos remember that even if you mess up in the most breathtaking part of the universe

there is a spot of your own waiting for you and no one or anything can ever take

it away from you as a child you have the right to have meaningful morning chats

with me even in my protected heart sit with me in the Heavenly regions

surrounded by many blessings as you dive into my word accept my promises and

align with my will even if you feel inadequate realize that I want to use

you as a platform to show the world the beauty of this heavenly Enigma the

Luminous Beacon of Glory attests to my Limitless love and power within you is a

Priceless gem a conduit for the divine presence and a Covenant of Grace that

guides others with an abundance of compassion passion and empathy in my heart I speak to you imploring you to

hold tight to your faith and cultivate patience within yourself put an end to transitory meaningless wants that bring

you nothing but misery and don’t let worries about the future control your thoughts stay away from people who don’t

believe as you do keep praying because that’s when you’re closest to me have faith in my Divine timing and hold on to

Hope because I have plenty of blessings in store for you let go of anything that’s holding us apart like burdens so

I can shower you with blessings the problems you’re facing now will seem like Distant Memories in a Flash hold

firm to your patience let go of your fears and know that I am here for you every step of the way never forget that

I am acutely aware of everything that you need and all that you are carrying in your heart I implore you to embrace

my promises even in the face of looming financial troubles and the looming dread

of disease take my advice to heart and let me be all-encompassing when the time is right

I will welcome you with calm and Tranquility when you put your faith in me good things will happen to you I am

the God of endless power and miracles so keep that in mind in addition to

blessings and healing for you I will also bless your parents siblings and extended family I want you to hold on to

me because as I’m about to bring a time of immense joy into your life as you see the changes I’m bringing about in their

lives their character will change and those who were once lost will find their

way to the Blessed destination I have planned for them stay strong and unfazed

by any challenges that may come your way I have a plan that always comes to fruition no matter what I’m entrusting

this sacred task to someone in your home who believes in me and prays with unwavering devotion and faith

you are that someone when you pray earnestly for your loved ones your prayers will reverberate across the

celestial spheres Paving the path for your eventual success my heart goes out

to you and your whole family take comfort in me because I hold the key to

your present your destiny and the gifts that are already yours here is the

concrete proof of my decision by remaining steadfast in the riches contained in my word you will know that

that I have selected you those who want to bring disgrace upon you will be amazed when I do miraculous Deeds inside

of you on these designated days I wash away any tears that may have stained

your path and I bestow upon you an immeasurable Serenity that is beyond all

comprehension as Joy fills your life you will feel closer to me my beloved I beg

you to come and listen to my promises finding peace in quiet contemplation the

the Bible does it daily peruse the text and let its content satisfy your ravenous Soul experience the

invigorating burst of power that permeates your entire being as I strengthen you from within throughout

the day you could have looked up at the sky in hopes that it would respond your pleas and prayers are already being

answered therefore I tell you to look ahead within the sacred walls of your home I am graciously granting you the

things you have sought from me a person person must rise with unwavering belief in me pray with all their being and

maintain faith without faltering it is certain that you will engage in fervent prayers for your family and witness as I

enshroud them with the celestial Army that guards my Divine Throne from doubt

I will obscure your vision for my love for you remains constant I will lead you

through these difficult times so that you may overcome your fears and doubts your life is safe in my hand hands keep

your eyes on the prize and press on without wavering I will bring you success and plenty as your heavenly

father and I will provide you the freedom to talk about anything and anything you choose someday I want to be

more than just a God in the sky I wish for you to see me as a trustworthy friend my hand is always here for you

ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need it raise your voice and speak to me directly describe in detail your

wants needs ideas and plans putting your feelings into words will activate your

faith and trigger a series of miraculous events let your feelings flow into a

river of communion where your soul will find Solace and your mind will experience

Tranquility let me tell you a little secret a lesson I teach to all of my children nevertheless not everyone is

willing to trust me or take my advice and those who do usually have a long list of reasons why

I beg you to love me and believe in me it is of the utmost importance otherwise you may waste precious time hesitating

and rejecting the blessings I offer to you with open hands some prefer stories

that try to trap them in misery sin suffering and sorrow ignoring my promises and blessings I can tell that

you are unique on several occasions I have put you to the test my love for you

is Limitless and I know of the unfaltering faith you have in me have my blessing I hold you close by my side

wrapped In My Embrace here behind the cover of my wings when your enemies rise

against you I will carry you and shield you from their dread even if your

problems appear overwhelming know that I am just as formidable an opponent as you are I will rescue you and everyone with

evil intentions will be embarrassed and Confused no matter how many troubles you have they may be encircling you in an

effort to defeat you but but I will step in and lend a hand within a few days you

will change your attitude and your adversaries will go their failure to defeat you may serve as an inspiration

to many little do they know that their strongest supporter also happens to be

their God and Only Hope for Redemption behold the Splendor and unity that arise

when you your loved ones and I join forces in our pursuit of me when people

reject me there is constant turmoil and Division and my my Holy Spirit does not remain it hurts me when people claim

they love me but then Trash Talk other people sometimes without realizing it

with the same mouth we practice complaining about other people all the time but when it comes time to

compliment someone we keep quiet when a person’s spirit is parched and trapped in negativity no good can emerge from

their Wellspring give me permission to work miracles in your life but be humble

patient kind and Faith filled in return have an optimistic outlook on life and a

sincere desire to help other people by sharing what you have because you deserve the best you have already

achieved it wo you mean the world to me you cannot lose this precious love that

is the truth rest easy and have trust in me I am the one who rules your life you

need not be afraid I will keep you safe as you open your eyes each morning I

keep a constant eye on you as you open your eyes in the early minutes of your day I Stand By Your Side hoping that you

can sense my presence allow your mind to go to other matters please listen to

what I have to say listen as my soul communicates with you listen I’m telling

you to trust me because I’ve got this have faith that I will see you through any difficulty that comes your

way many of the worries that have been plaguing you today will be answered at

the exact moment you need them to you will cover answers through prayer I am

charting your course and writing your narrative as you go my knowledge and determination are impenetrable you have

prayed earnestly for this door to open and the blessings you requested from me are making it happen truths are not

easily manipulated with my blood I have bought your life back you may use it to remove

the marks from your previous in my heart there is no one or thing that can take

you away from me and nothing can move you from my side my beloved child you

are perfect just the way you are you have not succumbed rather you continue

to fight standing strong and alive you have the strength to persevere because

you’ve decided to trust in the blessings I give you this Faith empowers you with

an inner fortitude that surpasses All Odds rendering you Unstoppable fix these words in your mind

and refuse to succumb to the Relentless pressure from your en enemy who will never succeed in getting you to give up

on your aspirations you are my property my all powerful hand will protect you

and my brilliant sword will fight for you my word will always be your refuge in times of need I want you to recognize

your high reverence and treasure when you gaze upon my powerful promises continue on this path because I am

speaking to you to fill your soul with unfaltering conviction Unstoppable bravery and eternal power

practicing patience even when your strength seems to be fading due to the prolonged strain is an art form sit

quietly and talk to yourself from your heart tell yourself there’s nothing to be afraid of your loving father has

complete control over your life your goals and your fate therefore you must

respect him the world’s turbulent winds want to wash away the memory of those times when I always came to your rescue

but I am now telling them to stop my love for you has no bounds I am quite

precise and will never falter my hand is outstretched ready to save you right now

who loves you more than I do because of this you respond to me from the depths of your heart please keep your loved

ones in your prayers the strength and effectiveness of your prayers surpass their simple utterances into nothingness

look at my reaction to having you stand before my altar you may not always be able to tell that your family has been

through tough times since even when they smile they may be going through some tough times inside I will surround your

family with a protective hedge making it impossible for the enemy to harm them let your screams Echo from my altar by

pouring knowledge into their hearts I will save them from all their troubles I will open previously closed doors

revealing hidden opportunities courage calm inspiration and the ability to

communicate with kindness and wisdom free from The Sting of cruel words will bless them they will be able to

empathize with those they care about and understand the struggles they face allow

gentle kisses to land on loved ones heads when you make this gesture while you’re in their comforting company as a

soothing torrent my blessing will pour out of your hands rescuing them from the depths of their misery when you pour the

healing Bal into the chambers of their hearts that hold them captive it will free them from all their bonds as they

go through those difficult times remind them of the promises I have made to them by speaking my word to them in a

soothing tone listen reverently as my name reverberates through your house and

watch as troubles Fade Away revealing the indisputable presence I have placed inside your family the abilities I’ve

given you aren’t for showing off and trying to get attention rather they are for being humble and helpful ful to

others those who know me well demonstrated by their unselfish and genuine Deeds they have no interest in

gaining Renown or status in this world their goal is not praise but rather to

share the love they have received in order to enter my mystical realm keep

your pride at arms length from your spirit know that the bigger benefits are a means to be humble so that you may

provide a helping hand to others who are less fortunate if one performs this act

of generosity from the depths of their heart it will yield numerous blessings I

have bestowed upon you my authority enabling you to confidently Traverse disputes and overcome enormous hurdles

ensuring your Triumph get back on your feet and keep going ahead with unshakable faith be careful not to say

something that might make me feel bad put an end to the unjustified animosity in your life put new hopes and Ambitions

in their place and let go of all old regrets and memories permit my forgiving

healing to embrace you completely turning your history into a hopeful future I have given you the gift of my

Holy Spirit who will light a fire within you and shine a light on everyone you meet as they look into your eyes they

will see the change I am bringing about in their lives however it is your responsibility to feed yourself with my

word and seek me out in prayer let this ethereal World carry you away and you

will find yourself dreaming about me more and more I will use this valuable

gift with great care and disclose my intentions to you rather than causing much commotion I shall Grant you a small

sample of bliss in the spirit of humility I implore you to do this a true

friend is someone who treats others with the respect and kindness that they deserve every act of kindness and

compassion plants a fresh miraculous seed in your spirit and as as it grows

it will bring forth power healing and Marvels a second piece of advice I think

it would be a beautiful Act of surrender to just shut your eyes and take a deep breath to show how grateful you are take

the time to make a detailed list of all of the good things happening in your life both now and in the future

regardless of whether you think you have enough blessings to list it is important to reflect on the past and acknowledge

even the seeming minor things that strengthen your strength and purpose give thanks with all your heart and soul

thank goodness you have the ability to do so in light of the fact that this

Thanksgiving service has the potential to men broken hearts I ask that you take

my words to Heart cherish them in the depths of your being and remember the Miracles I have performed for you in the

past including delivering you from danger rescuing you from enemies and

extending extending my hand to you when it appeared like there was no hope I would come with my powerful word and

bring about miracles in the future unfathomable wonders await you have

faith in my talents and let me be your constant guide and protector my love for

you is deep so don’t let despair take hold I welcome tranquility and guarantee

Everlasting joy as a regular intercessor for others I see the look of sorrow in

your eyes and hear the first fent prayers that come from your heart requesting protection for the people you

care about you almost never yield to demands that directly affect you your

worship and thankfulness touch my heart it’s a feeling I treasure when you’re in

my company pay attention to the needs of others but also be sure to show your

appreciation for all the gifts you’ve received it gives me great joy to see your respectful demeanor be blessed

beyond measure even when you refrain from making direct requests because even at such times I am ready to bestow upon

you my benefits I hope your faith remains strong unfalteringly steadfast

when confronted with obstacles even if there may be difficulties along the way

I will never fail to keep my word to you don’t lose hope I hold your destiny in

my hands I will fulfill your aspirations and set free the dormant hopes in your

soul no one can bestow benefits upon you what matters most are your faith

commitment and sincerity every morning communicate with me as your eyes open

speak words of gratitude and praise resist the temptation to let negativity overshadow the light shining on your

days seize the opportunities I give you I will give you the supernatural ability

to see beyond what you can see and to understand the good plans I have for you

I know that the past few days have been hard for you and that confusion and harm may have clouded your thoughts but I

promise you that nothing bad will happen to you and that shame will not be a part of you in the face of any impending

danger you will prevail over your surrounding enemies I can handle any

challenge that comes my way character manner future View and Spiritual

Development are all areas in which people living in the present moment have the potential to transform beginning

tomorrow you will all undergo a process of Rejuvenation when you wake up you will

think of me with an abundance of joy you will forget about the setbacks and failures of the past and concentrate on

the victories I am presently bestowing upon you you will be patient and kind

with the people in your vicinity speaking to them gently when you’re angry you won’t yell or insult someone

and you won’t hurt your loved ones either your house is the birthplace place of Joy Harmony and Tranquility

your concerns prayers and fears are with me and I implore you to put them in my hands embrace the joy you want today and

do not let worry or rage ruin it I give you the strength to persevere through your sickness and I pray that you will

soon be well I pray that you will listen to the sound advice from the medical professionals I have sent your way when

I show them how to use their knowledge you will feel better physically my timing is impeccable and the Miracle

you seek will come to pass at the appropriate moment be a good actor honor

these commitments listen to what I have to say and don’t give up on maintaining an active Faith every day permit me to

share these remarks with people who are in need May everyone whom you bless receive your blessing keep reaching out

and offering support no matter how tough things get you will see my mighty

splendor as you extend kindness and help others and then you will welcome me to a

higher spiritual plane so make up your mind now to do it get ready for a life

beyond this world full of Marvels that will befall you and your loved ones as

well as Adventures like no other Grace my darling my beloved there is no room

in your house for sorrow illness will not sneak in through your window and tragedy will not ring your doorbell you

are invaluable to me and I will keep telling you this until you feel it in your


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