Urgent Message From Jesus Christ For True Followers | God Message For You | God Helps!


my beloved child in the midst of your

busy days and the Relentless March of

time take a moment to embrace these

words a promise that warms the heart and

fills me with boundless Joy because of

you your spirit has reached the depths

of my being touching me profoundly

through the trials you’ve fa it your

faith remains unshaken persevering with

unwavering trust today I declare

Abundant Blessings over you and your

loved ones press on steadfast and

unyielding fear not and reach towards

the vast Sky when weariness burdens you

find a moment to sit and Converse with

me share your thoughts lay be your plans

and reveal the desires within your heart

you need not only Earthly sustenance but

also my Divine and pure words to nourish

your soul the sustenance I offer brings

encouragement peace and renewed

confidence accept my peace a gift

bestowed upon your heart to today in

moments of doubt and despair remember

that my love’s fire is your Eternal

guide I am Forever by your side look not

to Mortals for they may falter and let

you down do not tether your spirit to

their affections or judgments you were

made for love is Embrace and only my

eternal constant and unwavering love

shall forever be yours A Love That Never

Fails steadfast and secure guard your

heart from those who may deserve HT you

do not let them occupy the highest place

in your Soul’s Sacred Space cherish and

hold true to the love that is ever at


mine feel the warmth of the truth that

your heavenly father watches over you I

understand the need for these words to

help you transcend your trials conquer

dejection and keep pressing forward to

flourish and Thrive believe in me as

your loving Creator speak freely with me

for I wish to be your steadfast friend

my hand is extended to you and my ear is

always ready to listen conversing with

me brings Solace heals the spirit and

infuses your mind with Serenity sharing

your emotions in your voice Kindles your

faith and sets miracles in motion today

is the chance to confide Express all

that you hold inside and in silence

listen as I share my words with you I

don’t judge chastise nor recall your

past slips hear the soft Whisper of my

spirit reassuring you of my love I wait

each morning for your eyes to open for

your thoughts to embrace me needing me

loving me your worshipful words and

heartfelt Praises Ascend like Dawn

reaching my heavenly realm my presence

blankets your life with care embracing

your family and household do not forget

the challenges that beset you I am here

to Aid you with good gifts I won’t

withhold blessings

I shall answer your please promptly

wrapped in the Embrace of my love for

your faithfulness in the little things I

shall Grant much more amidst your wants

you’ve shown gratitude hence I’ll fill

your life with abundance beyond what

you’ve asked

for the world nor humankind can give the

love and peace I offer I’ve gifted you

strength courage and fortitude to move

mountains to conquer every hurdle so

that in every struggle you might Prevail

trust serve and adore a God who is real

mighty and Transcendent share your

emotions speak your thoughts declare

your belief in me now rise Embrace Life

with exuberance practice the words

you’ve heard today and let their wisdom

guide your way amen type amen if you



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