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[Music] feeling lost like a tiny coin buried deep in a Dusty Corner don’t worry my

friends because today we’re uncovering a truth that will make your spirit shine brighter than a brand new Penny my

children life can be a whirlwind throwing challenges your way like loose change in a cluttered

pocket you might feel forgotten insignificant but remember I your

Shepherd value every single one of you just like the parable of the lost coin I

relentlessly search for what’s precious even the smallest act of kindness the

most hidden Good Deed holds immense worth in my eyes so chin up dust

yourself off and know that your light is never truly lost are you facing a storm

in your life feeling like the waves are crashing down threatening to sink your hopes and dreams fear not my children

for even in the midst of the Fe fiercest storm I Am with You many of you have come to this channel seeking Solace a

Guiding Light in the darkness perhaps you’re battling overwhelming doubts questioning your

path or feeling like you’re a drift on a sea of uncertainty please like this video if

you love Jesus Remember the story of the disciples caught in a terrifying storm

on the Sea of Galilee in their moment of Despair they forgot I was with them but when they

called upon my name I calmed the winds and brought them to safety just like

then I am here for you now even when doubts Cloud your mind and fear makes

you question your faith know that I hold the power to steal the storms within you

we’ll delve deeper into the story of the calming of the storm and how it can be a Beacon of Hope in your own struggles

we’ll also explore practical ways to strengthen your faith and whether any storm life throws your way stay tuned

feeling lost and weary hear the words of Jesus and find your path to

peace my beloved children come unto me all who are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest in a world filled with turmoil and strife I offer you a

refuge of love and serenity trust in me for I am the Good Shepherd and I know

each of you by name you are never alone for I walk beside you through every

trial and Triumph when the weight of the world feels too heavy remember my words

take heart I have overcome the world let your hearts not be troubled neither Let

Them Be Afraid cast all your anxieties on me for I care for you as you journey through

life hold fast to Faith and love for these are the anchors of your soul stay

with me and you will find the peace that Sur surpasses all understanding when you

seek my presence you will find a Wellspring of Hope and joy my love for

you is Everlasting and nothing can separate you from my grace Embrace this

truth and let it guide you every day remember with faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains

believe in the power of prayer and watch Miracles unfold in your life my promise

to you is steadfast I am with you all always even to the end of the

age Jesus says blessed are the peacemake

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