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my dearest child in the massiveness of

Eternity I am by your side witnessing

your struggles and feeling the

complexity of your pain every tear and

every sigh has not gone unnoticed your

life’s Seasons marked by both Joy and

sorrow have been under my watchful care

Guided by a purpose greater than you can

comprehend now you find yourself in a

tempest a challenging season testing the

fabric of your spirit yet within this

Crucible of suffering my work within you

is being perfected it’s not punishment

but preparation the trials you face

though incomprehensible and unjust are

shaping you into a vessel of my life a

Beacon of Hope for the lost and weary in

the Silence of Despair know I am

speaking in loneliness I am present

reflect upon the lives of Faithful

Servants who endured trials like job who

stood firm in faith despite losses your

journey marked by this painful chapter

is unfolding into a story of Victory and

Grace Beloved the Desolation you feel is

giving way to New Life and

Beginnings the pain you endure now is a

moment in your life filled with purpose

and promise fear not the change for it

leads you to the fullness of your

calling the Dawn is Breaking and a

season of fulfillment where promises

manifest abundantly is at hand prepare

your heart for the pain of the past is

but a shadow I am pouring out blessings

restoring and granting you a double

portion trust in my goodness your trials

are shaping you for a season of

abundance favor freedom and fulfillment

in your calling and Destiny enter my

presence with praise establish a

memorial of this moment and write down

the vision I am the god of Resurrection

Redemption and renewal capable of

fulfilling every promise lean on me the

time of your Resurrection is at hand

your story doesn’t end in darkness I

will transform your pain into a prome

and your scars into signs of my grace

through this season I am expanding Your

Capacity deepening your Reliance on me

and revealing facets of my nature trust

my ways higher than the worlds rooted in

Eternal purposes follow me into the

unknown your Authority and impact will

be greater on the other side a little

while longer and the pruning will yield

a harvest of righteousness and peace

keep your eyes fixed on me rest in my

love and know that goodness and mercy

will follow you my promise to you is

Everlasting hope and you will dwell in

my presence forever if you believe in me

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