URGENT- “I NEED ONLY 1 MINUTE OF YOUR TIME- GOD | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1439

in the Journey of

life there are moments when it seems

like God is taking his time to answer


prayers I want you to understand

something very crucial God might be slow

but he is never

sleeping when life gets tough and

everything seems

uncertain it’s easy to feel like the

odds are against us

but here’s the truth God is in control

of the entire

universe and is wide awake fully aware

of your

situations so don’t be too hasty in

expecting God to act according to your

timeline Isaiah

says but those who hope in the Lord will

renew their

strength they will so on wings like

eagles they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not be

faint did you heard that learning to

wait patiently endure challenges and


believing and praying is a significant

part of your

journey you don’t have to chase after

your blessings they will come to you

when you learn to be patient with

God even in

difficulties prayer connects you to the

almighty and every hurf conversation is

a step closer to the blessings that are

meant for

you blessings are not a raise to be warn

they unfold when you patiently wait with

god consider this God’s timing is

perfect just like when Jesus showed up

late to heal

leus according to maa’s

perspective but in the grand scheme of

things Jesus arrived precisely when he

needed to raising Lazarus from the

tumb and you’re waiting remember that

God knows your situation

intimately he understands your

pain and he shears in your

sorrow when you hurt God feels it too if

you find yourself in a season of waiting

embrace the truth that sometimes delays

are God’s way of preparing something

unimaginably better

trust in him every interaction with God

even in the form of a challenge is a


blessing may God give you the wisdom to

recognize His blessings intricately

woven into your

circumstances may you walk forever

surrounded by His



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