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my beloved Son my words resonate through

the wind and silence to reach your heart

tired I see your efforts your struggles

and your tears amidst the turbulence of

life I am by your side guiding your

steps with love and wisdom you are

overwhelmed by the weight of worries and

uncertainties but my son you must know

that I am here to support you trust me

trust the path I have laid out for you

even though the darkness may seem

suffocating I know I am the light

shining on your path open your heart and

mind to the opportunities I have

prepared for you I promise to open doors

you never even imagined existed do not

fear for I will not fail you have

patience for The Best Is Yet To Come

believe my son that I created you in an

extraordinary way you are unique special

and I love you very much do not worry

about pleasing others follow the call of

your heart for that is how I designed

you from the beginning of time now my

son it is time to let go of the ties of

fear and fully trust in me I have a

perfect plan for you a plan that will

bring joy peace and fulfillment

surrender to my will and let faith guide

your steps as you walk the path of Life

know that I am by your side caring for

every step you take you may not fully

understand my designs but trust that my

love for you is eternal and unchanging

at times you may feel lost amidst life

storms but do not fear for I am the

captain of your ship sailing with you

through the turbulent Waters keep your

faith faith in me strong for it will

sustain your journey I hear your prayers

even when whispered in secret or

expressed through silent tears every

word you address to me is like a sweet

melody to my ears know that I’ve never

forgotten you and I will never abandon

you when you feel your strength waning

remember that I am your source of

strength and hope I promise to reward

your faith with blessings beyond your

imagination you will see the fruits of

your labor and your life will overflow

with joy lift up your head and smile for

your Harvest time is near continue to

trust in me believing that I will do

what is best for you your journey is

just beginning and I am eager to walk by

your side every step of the way believe

my son for good things are coming your

way New Opportunities will arise like

rays of sunshine piercing the clouds of

uncertainty you will witness how my plan

unfolds before your eyes revealing

wonders you never imagined possible

prepare to receive my blessings with an

open and great ful heart stay alert for

the surprises I have in store for you

for each one is a reminder of my

unwavering love for you amidst the

blessings do not forget to recognize my

loving hand that grants them continue to

pray wait and trust in me for I will

never fail you your faith will be

rewarded and your life will overflow if

you’re ready for divine blessings today

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