my darling I beg you to listen while I speak words of great importance and

Limitless love pause for a minute and embrace the profound wisdom that I have

to share with you today a message of Love comfort and strength is what I am

sending you these words have the power to bring Grace and blessings into your life my beloved so please do not

discount their significance or let them go to the bottom of your heart I want to show you the depth of my love for you

right now A Love that goes beyond honesty and Purity in the midst of

life’s turbulent storms this love will strive ceaselessly to engulf you offering a Haven of tranquility and

Solace my presence is a safe haven where you may find Solace and stability you

must realize that I have crafted a magnificent purpose just for you during

this miraculous time of getting to know me the incredible work I aim to do inside of you has No Limits since my

omnipotence encompasses everything I have ignited a desire for growth in you

driving you towards the predetermined benefits that I have interwoven into your life’s

tapestry keep my word close to your heart and put your confidence in my promises my word is true and will come

to pass for the good of all who follow me in light of this I am saying to you

today that there is a possible area in which you have failed I bring this this

to your attention Not to cause you trouble or place blame but to encourage

you to obey my word and receive an abundance of benefits the floodgates of

heaven will open for you as you Embrace and obey my Divine instructions they

will lead you into a land of Limitless benefits and wealth you can only achieve

the Heavenly Heights of your holy objectives hopes and Ambitions if you

steadfastly follow my teachings clearing your heart of any doubts or negativity is of the utmost importance

you must realize this be careful not to let the poison of dissatisfaction erode

your genuine faith my beloved your faith offers me great Delight get rid of any

negativity and Gloom in your mind negativity May grow and destroy your

faith and hope when you least expect it distancing yourself from people who

constantly plant the seeds of mistrust distrust and complaints is the first

step in putting an end to your complaining habit accompany yourself with intelligent people be among honest

and virtuous people and cherish honesty and integrity instead of returning evil

to evil strive for peace on the contrary be kind to those who are less fortunate

and love your neighbor as yourself please I beg you consider the facts I’m

about to share with you stay focused on what I’m saying stay steadfastly committed to them you

have the ability to believe in the benefits I’m about to give you and they will appear the moment has arrived to

turn your faith into deeds and embrace hope because these words are like seeds swn in your heart that will produce

wonderful fruits arranging miraculous events in every area of your life

planting these seeds will lead to a Bountiful Harvest season for you and your loved ones do not lose heart in

performing good needs I promise that in due time you will get a multitude of benefits including restored family

Harmony a joyful spirit and an overflowing heart see this incredible

and Powerful promise come true man has yet to perceive hear or understand what

God has planned for his beloved today my dearly beloved child I release you from

your bonds and declare that your financial situation is restored and that you will flourish in all your endeavors

in this hope Holy Communion I speak words full of Hope and power that are mind to speak to you in this Holy

Communion listen carefully because I want to write them on your soul I your

heavenly father am the all powerful God who out of infinite love decided to

communicate with you and reveal the plan I have for your life know that I am sensitive to your wants and needs long

before you say a word to me thus I am here today to promise to meet all of

your demands Grant your heart’s dreams and bring financial prosperity back into

your life so my beloved child there’s no need to be scared or Amazed by The

Miracles I will perform for you I will heal your body your spirit and the serenity you have lost you will be

relieved of the heavy debt that you are carrying standing by your side I will give you the power and momentum you need

to conquer any obstacle realize that your hard work devotion and perseverance

will not go unrewarded you will watch The Miraculous growth of every seed you seow with unfaltering

trust you will be able to handle any financial obligation that comes your way

because I will give you the knowledge to manage the gifts I provide you as you see opportunities abound Grace will

shower you and everyone around you with abundant wealth in all its forms material emotional and spiritual

Prosperity my youngster understands is more than just material riches it is a

condition of fulfillment in all areas of your life you must obey me and be good stewards of the benefits I provide you

if you want to continue receiving them always be willing to lend a helping hand to those in need especially the less

fortunate and keep your heart full of humility and compassion oh my little child prepare

your heart to be an instrument of goodness for many you must know that trials and tribulations will come to

test your faith but have no fear for I will be with you strengthening and

directing you you grow in character and your faith in me is strengthened in

times of suffering so do not let hardship discourage you while I may be

able to fix your financial situation and reduce your debt my plan for you goes

beyond that may your relationship with me grow stronger and your faith flourish

as you navigate life’s ups and downs because this is a profound spiritual transition trust what I say because I’m

steadfast in my commitment to fulfilling my word my love and omnipotence Have No

Boundaries if you remain faithful and put your confidence in me I will shower you with miraculous benefits that adhere

firmly to my love and grace you can live with confidence knowing that I will

overcome your financial troubles pay off your debts and reduce your responsibilities in your home and in the

generations to come poverty will not be a problem I will bless you abundantly in all areas of

your life have no fear my grace is more than enough and my Mercy is Everlasting

trust that I will never leave you as you walk in obedience and Faith your life

will be a testimony to my miraculous provision and others will see the unmistakable truth of my promises as you

go your financial situation has improved your debts have been paid off and all of

your plans are coming to fruition my beloved child please accept this message

with joy and appreciation with every step may your heart remain open to my

voice and Direction may you seek my knowledge and may you rest in my perfect

purpose difficulties are chances for strength and personal development so

don’t let them discourage you the fruits of your steadfast trust in me will be many do not be afraid of the future or

the difficulties you may face keep your eyes fixed on me the one who wrote the book of faith and believe that

I will never leave or fail you I hope that every part of your life is filled with happiness and success since my love

for you is unconditional put these words deep inside you so that they always serve as

a reminder of my undying devotion love and strong desire to bless you

abundantly I release you from all Financial shackles and wish you success

in all your Endeavors as I bestow my blessings upon you today we will test

your faith and resilience as you pursue your dreams in this world but they will ultimately be worth it Christ Jesus

should be the foundation of your life and I urge you to build it today stay rooted in my teachings and ideals

fighting off the temptation to wander like the everchanging Sands that bring shame and defeat the roads of this

world’s feudal and deceitful promoting doubt and Dread dread Trends do not give into the Temptations of Earthly wants

nor let them calcify your heart keep your wits about you and be ready for anything that comes your way as you

stand firm be strong in spirit surrounded by my heavenly strength never

allow the enemy’s lies and shadows to dampen your spirit or determination be cautious of deceitful

and alluring language that seeks to increase your good fortune while sacrificing your focus on my holy

mission you may put your faith in me be unconvinced by the lies that may try to

mislead you never forget that I have imbued you with the truth and the enlightening light of my word you are my

beloved child my creation and my masterpiece I offer you my infinite love

and Sage advice today put your confidence in them always remember that

my heart’s goal is for you to have the finest life possible I am constantly looking out for your welfare and will be

there for you no matter what helping you navigate challenges and protecting you from harm so scold and ignore those evil

spirits whenever they persuade you to listen to their false accusations and plant seeds of doubt in your heart find

refuge in praying and in my word if you stick to them you will find the courage and safety your spirit needs my darling

child if you build your life on an unmovable rock you will stay steady no

matter what storms or difficulties come your way in my presence you will always

find Repose in the pleasure you seek even the most violent storms will be unable to destroy you if you build your

life on the strength and resilience that Christ Alone can provide Christ is the foundation upon which you may build your

life and as long as you keep your faith in him no matter how hard things are you

will be able to overcome them my loving child do not doubt my words for the sake

of of your spirit believe in me and put your hopes fears and aspirations in my

capable hands in times of difficulty I’m here to help you find your footing and

provide the strength you need to overcome obstacles whether you feel lost or overwhelmed remember to build your

life on Christ the unmovable Rock when you do this you will be ready to face

any challenge that comes your way confident in your ability to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy me and

fight the good fight with the sword of faith my word only then will you be able

to enjoy the incredible blessings I have prepared for you because with me by your side no power or evil can endure finally

my beloved always keep in mind that I am the Timeless Bedrock your indestructible

Cornerstone and I am prepared to bless you abundantly I reward those who rever

me and bless those who put their faith in me so long as you stay with me and

Let My Words dwell in you all your requests will be fulfilled may my words

principles anchor your life and seal your heart maintain righteousness be

compassionate share the good news of my gospel and never stop working to rescue the downtrodden set the captives free

heal the wounded give sight to the Blind and set the oppressed free I want the

best for you at all times and you should know that I am here with you always you

are my creation my Offspring I will always be by your side You are not alone

my spirit is in you and I have given you unfaltering trust that you will not betray me or go down with the ship the

foundation of your life is the unmovable rock that is confidence in Christ

therefore get up and walk in faith boldly claiming all of my promises my

child if you place your trust in me and my words I will fulfill every request

you make in Jesus’s name you have broken your bonds today a blessing freedom and

wealth are mine to bestow on you on this hopeful day believe it my darling you

must know how much I care for you I am with you and my infinite kindness and Grace surround you you can trust me to

be your father and God and I will be a light for you I am coming to end all

evil spells and cast out all Darkness wo you mean the world to me

I am with you and my infinite kindness and Grace surround you pay close attention the uncertainties and

anxieties that have ens snared you my kid go away gone are the days of Doubt

sadness and bewilderment today we have severed your growth limiting connections

I am severing the bonds of poverty and curses from your life now life and more

life is what I’m here to provide you with let my knowledge and calm surround you my Everlasting Love surrounds you

and I bless you completely your journey hasn’t been easy and I understand that

the adversary shadows and schemas have affected your spiritual path bringing anes and obstacles to your faith today I

have watched the everyday battles and hardships you encounter in the depths of my infinite love I want to tell you that

I am removing the darkness that has surrounded you for an excessive amount of time blocking your vision of the

chances and favors that I have kindly offered you I’m seizing all ties in your

life destroying all connections to uncertainty and Terror and freeing you from the destructive forces that have

Disturbed Your Serenity I give you complete control of your life right now

my Holy Light is now shining on you and I’m happy to report that it will offer you pleasure security and a sense of

purpose where there was once bewilderment I now declare the end of Every curse that that has restricted

your ability previously clouded areas will now be filled with Clarity and knowledge while discouraged areas will

be filled with confidence and Assurance to revive you I bring a sense of regeneration and optimism you will

feel an overwhelming sensation of completeness tranquility and power as my

love permeates every fiber of your existence as I bless you from on high my darling I open the Heaven’s windows with

my loving hand unexpected chances will come knocking on your door when the doors of Plenty open wide your faith

will strengthen and you will Thrive like a stream watered tree yielding abundant fruit when the timing is perfect your

Leaf will not Wilt in my opinion the serenity will be yours to discover

you’re looking for tranquility and solutions to your most profound questions at this point put your trust

in me believe what I say and accept my promises my dear child I promise that if

you choose me as your life partner you will have a rich and satisfying existence you will overcome every

obstacle that stands in your way and no doubt it will stand in your way there

will be no more room for the darkness that formerly hid your faith and the forces that Disturbed your inner calm

inside of you I will be there for you like a lighthouse a source of miraculous

favor take courage my darling I am your loving father who wants what’s best for

you and I will guide you when you step forward and trust me just trust me and I

will lead the way in the midst of spiritual low points you can count on me to be a constant rock and a trustworthy

friend I promise that no matter what you can count on my grace to be by your side

whenever you need reassurance or guidance on your spiritual path I will be here for you as a result put your

faith in me and allow me to lead the way you are loved and I will never let your

past affect me it makes no difference how difficult your journey has been you

are here right now listening to my voice and I want you to know that my love for you will never change to shed light on

myself I am here it makes no difference how difficult your journey has been you

are here right now listening to my voice and I want you to know that my love for

you will never change to shed light on myself I am here if you are seeking the

Tranquility contentment and pleasure that your soul craves I am here to show

you the path have faith in me my little one trust in the radiance of my love the

tenderness of my compassion and the stability of my unfaltering loyalty I promise I will never let you down my

favor and grace are always with you and I want to bless you abundantly so keep that in mind at all times no matter how

dark the road ahead may seem my love for you is Limitless and my fidelity unwavering on your path my light will

always shine brightly so I beg you to press on fix your focus on the veracity of my message and continue to pray with

this unwavering resolve you will experience the gradual incorporation of my knowledge into your life which will

enhance your path my beloved child I say this to you again get up raise your

spirits and Proclaim my message Proclaim your Independence knowing that nothing can hold you back not even a

curse a shackle or a chain because I Am with You guiding you protecting you and

blessing you with love stay with me forever in all eternity I shall be by

your side on this beautiful day may My Serenity and the blessings sent down

from Heaven guide and bless you in all areas of your life I anoint you my

beloved child and clothe you in spiritual garments of kindness as you

receive my strength today you will be able to destroy evil and reveal my truth with humility to those who are hiding

from the light my darling put your faith in me have faith that I will guide you

with knowledge and love as you grow into a person who is Happy successful and

fortunate only I can understand the depths of my love for you and choose the path that is best for you put your trust

in me rest assured I will address any of your concerns questions and anxieties

the key to success in all areas of your life do not ignore it whoever created

you and gave you life is none other than me I am God your Heavenly Father by

calling out to you from the most remote corners of the globe I declared you to be my child rest assured I am by your

side because I have chosen and predestined you you need not feel discouraged for I Am The God Who

strengthens you you can count on me to be there for you no matter what in a

life filled with love and plenty I will always be there to support you with my holy hand I want you to realize how

important it is to listen to me and do what I say I get that it won’t be easy

but in the long run it will be to your advantage I am the only one who knows

what is best for you since I made you from the ground up so please do not ignore my advice or turn your back on my

words they are the foundation for a full happy life full of Priceless rewards

that is why I’m so adamant that you follow my advice that is the only way to achieve a life that is full of love

peace and prosperity a life that is characterized by great achievements and plenty of blessings therefore keep in

mind that I am here for you and that you may confide in me whenever difficulties

arise or when you feel feel alone and abandoned you were not born into this world to endure pain rather you were

born into this world with a special and holy Mission my beloved child take my

hand and hold on tight no matter what with unwavering resolve I march on Never

Letting Go of The reigns I promise to be there for you every step of the way

guiding and supporting you no matter what I will be by your side every step of the way as you accomplish your OB

objectives and bring your wildest dreams to fruition holding yours is an enduring

Bond just remember that if you put your faith in me I will remove whatever doubt

fear or worry you may have dear child I implore you not to wander from the road

of righteousness for I am the god who answers prayers and calms worries I am

strong and Vigilant providing for the needs of my children and resolving their difficulties remain steadfast in your

faith and rest in Christ for nothing can shake you not even the wicked one who

stalks the Earth like a lion looking for prey that is why I am telling you this

my child I am planning great things for you so don’t give up or doubt my word I

can tell you with absolute certainty where each turn will take you even if the road ahead may seem hazy at the

moment if you put your faith in me and follow my words of wisdom and instruction I will show you the road to

fulfillment and success leading you to Peaceful Meadows where you may find the key to a life of

Plenty do not therefore hesitate my darling carry on with the fearlessness

and unwavering conviction of a courageous swashbuckler stand humbly by the truth and share it with those who

are searching for it in a world where it seems to be scarce my darling have faith

in me rest assured I will guide you with both love and knowledge making you a

Happ happy successful and fortunate person is my first priority whether

you’re celebrating a victory or facing adversity know that I will always be by your side every challenge you encounter

on your path is a chance for personal development and strengthening you may look at every challenge as a stepping

stone to Greater understanding and growth you may have faith that my light will shine on you even in the darkest of

times and that my plans for your life will always triumph over hardship transforming huge obstacles into

incredible possibilities each step of Faith builds your trust and confidence

to follow your Ambitions therefore you must never falter for I am your strength and deliverer I will always be here to

help you because I am your loving father take care of and protect yourself if you

follow me to the Garden of my promises you will be able to accomplish all your dreams and more I rescued you from the

depths of the Earth where you were destined for great greatness joy and contentment if you follow my

instructions it will happen once you fulfill my promises a life filled with

benefits and Delight awaits you keep on because I your father will show you the

way to happiness and success and I will lead you into a future full of love and joy rest easy stay calm and keep

believing you will get through this you are more than just a Victor while you’re with me beloved know that no matter how

hard you try there will be times when you can’t change the difficult circumstances that befall you the truth

is that you will face terrible trials that will test your faith and your

character I guarantee you that there will be times when you feel unsettled

but if you put your faith in me I will see you through you are more than just a Victor in my eyes you must also know

that this world isn’t always going to be easy however I have triumphed Over All

Odds and now you can do the same at times you may feel overwhelmed by

troubles while you’re in the thick of a storm in times of need you can always

count on us to be there for you the enemy will lead you down a dangerous and misleading Road as he entices you with

the transient pleasures of this life so be careful not to fall for his tricks his seductive speech entices you with

power and worldly pleasures yet these things are fleeting and may destroy desty your soul so have discernment and

wisdom and set your life on the solid rock that is Jesus Christ stay steadfast

in him so that you won’t waver in the face of adversity feel safe and assured

even in the face of adversity keep in mind that the world’s Allure is temporary and that its assurances of

contentment are misleading in my love and my word an everlasting Haven and an

endless Wellspring of happiness and contentment await you stay rooted in me

and you will find a calm that is beyond comprehension regardless of the airb and flow of this world the devil will never

stop trying to put dread and doubt into your heart my child I have given you the sword of the spirit my word so you need

not be afraid you may fight the good Battle of Faith while using it to resist

attacks from the adversary staying steadfast in your Devotion to my word is

crucial to protecting you against the devil’s temptations that diversions remain steadfast in my truth

and I will give you the insight and Direction you need to conquer any obstacle realize that you will encounter

challenges in this world no matter what this implies that no matter how bad

things get you can always depend on my support and strength to get you through them therefore rest assured that I will

always be there for you even in your darkest moments whenever you need someone to lean on someone to guide you

or someone to just listen you can count on me to be there my light will shine

through the shadows and show you the route to Triumph no matter how black the road ahead may seem no matter how

difficult or taxing the road ahead may be you must not lose heart and continue to do good put yourself in the company

of people who will help you develop iron sharpens iron says the wise proverb and

that is exactly what happens to those who study my word and die into my scriptures spend your time wisely the

Unworthy will not get it stay away from the advice of those without wisdom be

patient while I do what I say hold on to this unwavering truth in times of

anxiety and Dread when they try to steal your peace I know it is difficult but it

is necessary for the promises I have given to you my love for you is Limitless and my compassion is unending

rest assured that my holy spirit will protect you as at all costs from anxiety always remember that I will pick you up

again the moment you fall in times of difficulty you will never have to worry that my attention has wandered away from

you in times of peril I will come to your Aid damn your spirit it is my

intention to advocate for you with the power of my word I will cleanse your spirit and protect you from anything

that tries to separate you from my love in spite of all of these dangers not even a sword disease lack of resources

or imminent danger can break the tide that binds you to my love a conqueror is

a small title compared to who you are you have decided to separate yourself from Evil by placing your trust in me

because of your unfaltering devotion you stand out from others who when things get tough bemoan and question me in

spite of their contempt for my atonement and the holy love I provide they speak their minds without thinking about the

repercussions fail failing to control their tongues and demonstrating no care for their lives the futures of their

families or the benefits I bestow upon them they remain infinitely beloved by

me I beg you to stay far away from the evildoers and to pray for them listen

not to those who will disdain my word keep going because I will give you the strength to overcome obstacles and the

wisdom to seize great opportunities rather than being motionless my word is alive and full of

creativity it cleanses banishes incorrect ideas that have hurt you and

casts forth Darkness a ray of Hope Has just broken through the clouds and into

your spirit and you are the one who has to open your eyes to see it I have

already ignited a fire in your heart so there’s no need for you to seek more

inspiration you will experience the same vivacity you had when you were a young person full of wonderful hopes and

desires just like you did the day we met you will find your first love again

ascending the peak you will move with the deafness of a servant never giving into fatigue there is no place for

despair in my heavenly realm so you may expect your faith and reasoning to be stronger and more polished than before

your humanity is recognized by me despite your exhaustion Enlightenment will lead you on that fateful day I am

here to feed you drink you dry and give you a break from your troubles so come back to my reassuring hug you will no

longer bear the weight of your sins as the ignorant mocked and raped me I was

whipped and tortured with a cross on my back they cut short my life yet I rose

again in order to save you from the clutches of Eternal death provide you with insight and shape you into a

courageous Adventurer venturing into the supernatural world I have done all this for you prepare for miraculous signs and

use the power I give you to face challenges headon make prayer a daily habit seek Insight from my divine

presence and read the Bible thoroughly I pray that you will let the sacred words of the Book of Proverbs and the Psalms

become deeply embedded in your being painting a picture of your heart I hope

you will feed your spirit with my word every morning learning new things and being Amazed by the stories of Faith

lived out by my my Faithful Servants be mindful of the circumstances

but avoid engaging in disputes over my assurances show your unfaltering faith

by trusting me and must the strength to love the oppressed with all your heart

join me every day to hear my lessons I have forgiven and released you from your sins you are now free from Evil clutches

and curses Divine Liberty deep insight and superhuman Brilliance are my gifts

to you remember that no matter how lonely or difficult the situation becomes I will be by your side the whole

way in my presence the wounds from your past that caused you to suffer no longer

have any power Freedom Serenity and a plethora of benefits await you here

permit me to change your life by writing a new revolutionary chapter the sneaky murmurs of uncertainty and dishonesty

will not persuade you when fear keeps knocking on your door I your heaven

father will always be there to watch over you Embrace these words as a foundation the powerful God is my

rightful owner no amount of pressure can make me give ground we go along the road

to righteousness hand in hand in the midst of life’s ups and downs and

inevitable ups and downs be steadfast and know that you are a vital Cog in my

divine plan and that I’m arranging for blessings to pour down on you and your loved ones at the exact moment you need

need them I am completely certain that all the unexpected turns will turn out

for the best in the end I am fully dedicated to resolving any problems or

obstacles that may arise in your journey and your fate is safely in my hands you

have grown stronger and wiser as a result of your trials and I must carry out my plan for your life it has not

Escape my attention that you adore me and want to do what I say forgive me for

the times you’ve messed up in the past and I will encourage you to get back up after every fall so that you may come to

me stronger when you’re weak in the event that you feel your faith waning I

will strengthen you just shut your eyes and think about me it is clear that your trust is unshaken your being here is

proof of your love for me and your steps forward demonstrate your unfaltering confidence in my heavenly presence I

want you to grow into someone who is revered blessed and successful my deepest wish is that you

seow the seeds of love and reap the rewards of happiness and success I have

bestowed upon you the invaluable qualities of Love forgiveness and compassion and I beg you to show my love

by making a real difference in the world I am taking your trust to new heights beyond anything you have ever

experienced with the help of your gentle touch on this life-altering path I’m prepared to personally remind

REM you every day via numerous channels to retain your unbroken concentration on

me in the face of life’s distractions that threaten to lead you astray put your fears to rest I am with you at all

times and I will reveal my holy will to you my love for you is profound

therefore I refuse to let despair take root Embrace this new chapter with confidence knowing that I am right there

with you giving you the strength to face whatever challenges come your way as

your Shepherd I will make sure that you have everything you need so brace yourself for an outpouring of blessings

and Marvels I will always be here to help you and my love for you is Limitless

with the power of your prayers I want you to seek me first thing in the morning then I will lead you to Peaceful

Meadows and give you the Living Water you need to drown your Sorrows feel the

increasing determination to embrace each day persevere through challenging times

keep moving forward and never surrender to the dreams that lie dormant within your heart in the depths of your being

where my word is firmly planted know that triumphing over trials and tribulations is not only possible but

within reach even in the most overwhelming of circumstances you will find comfort in the knowledge that

Victory is with you in the face of adversity I am bestowing upon you the

courage determination and faith to overcome obstacles and create a better

future and I’m giving it to you in the form of empowerment at times you may question my

memory or wonder if the sensation of my love is merely a figment of your imagination it’s normal for your

confused mind to do this you may have met people on your path who said they loved you but then they abandoned you

leaving you to carry the guilt of their broken promises people with good intentions will always find a way to

tell a story about their mistakes you did not succeed in avoiding any mistakes the transgressions they

fabricate to shroud you in an imagined veil of remorse Escape your memory do

not fall for their tricks otherwise you risk missing out on the wonderful life I have planned for you stop being so hard

on yourself my infinite kindness has long since absolved you of any blame you

are free from the dirt and filth of your past Leave the Past pain behind you

nobody has the right to tell you how valuable you are never forget how much you treasured and adored my unfaltering

presence realize the depth of my selflessness I sacrificed my life and

bled my blood so that you might have a dignified life the things I say about you have a greater impact on who you are

than the views of other people ever can I declare you to be my loving son my treasured kid and a brave Fighter the

Damned voices will try to persuade you at every step refuse to listen to them

your enemies have scattered the shattered pieces of Joy but they meticulously crafted you to win Wars and

take home huge spoils I am not here to reprimand or punish you for every error you make so that you may truly

experience my love the adversary has corrupted those who believe in a vindictive god with warped minds they

have let their emotions drive them away from empathy and compassion have faith that I can

empathize with your suffering and conf confide in me your remorse with unfaltering support I am

here to speak words into your life that will strengthen your faith when giving up feels like your only option your

internal monologue acts as an agent of loss remember that I am the source of

your life and give me the chance to change you so drastically that others will have a hard time recognizing the

person behind the mask of Despair they saw in you before Joy’s colorful Flags

will un World during depressed times an overwhelming desire to embrace a life of

abundance and to forgive and love oneself will surface because I have already forgiven you for all your

transgressions I beg you to accept my offer and begin again right now standing

here I can feel the warmth of my love radiating forth as I reawaken your spirit and change the way you see the

world recognizing and reflecting on the infinite depth of my love for you in my Sacred Heart is of utmost importance you

have exclusive access to an infinite Wellspring of Limitless love my fidelity

is unfaltering my grace is infinite and my kindness is Limitless when you

express your grievances please know that I do not take it personally or become angry rather I give you space to reflect

on your mistakes you need not run away or hide you need not change your name

move to a different city or protect prend not to be aware that I am here this is not an attempt to lock you up

rather I am pounding on your heart’s door right now because I love you and will love you forever stay away from the

feudalistic comparisons and attempt to understand me depending on how you seem

how smart you are how much money you have how many mistakes you have committed or how Flawless you seem they

may accept or reject you no matter how difficult the times become I promise you

that I will never like them extend your hand toward me you are well aware of my

affection for you with all the love I’ve shown you how could I ever leave you there is no one more important to me

than you my kid when times are tough your enemies may try to win you over and drag you down into despair but deep down

you know that you are not alone you are really valuable to me oh my darling how

I adore you I’ll say it again so that it sticks in your mind my vows are good real for forceful and absolute never

forget them our bond is unwavering and my dedication will last forever for the

rest of time I will never leave your side there will be an abundance of blessings bestowed upon you good things

have come your way because your trust is unwavering and you have made the correct decision it brings me great joy to see

your extraordinary Improvement as you remain steadfastly focused on my Commandments my word deeply ingrained in

your being a ious shift is required of you since your trip has tested you to

your limits you must make a conscious shift naturally you steadfastly guided

your ship with all your might hoping that a Celestial Breeze would fill your sails I am here to bestow on you

extraordinary rewards the fruits of your transformation and your sincere desire

for change these words which you perceive as a concrete sign of my love for you and a guiding hand to take you

Victorious through all your tribulations transmit life we are bestowing upon you

wisdom enhancing your caution and shaping your character from the inside out you receive an endless supply of

patience which completely transforms you stand firm against your enemies you have

grown into a man with the courage of a champion laying your worries at my feet knowing that I will support you no

matter what is a great way to start each day and strengthen your faith keep calm

you are entering a world Beyond this one one as you bow down in prayer with trust awe and reverence I’m beckoning you to

take your seat in my presence today my Celestial troops will rush to your rescue stay calm and don’t let your

heart be anxious I order you in my warm embrace I will envelop you in love those

who plot against you will be ashamed those who plot against you will be caught in their own schemes those who

oppose you those who look the other way those who criticize judge and cause

trouble for you are on Dangerous Ground you are making a terrible mistake and

those who oppose you are rebelling against God in spite of facing Solitude because of others who insult you I share

this with you in the hopes that it may inspire you to have profound emotional

resilience my strength has given you more power I have placed my trust in you

and I have given you the ability to spread my lessons I will not allow any friend enemy coworker or dishonest

acquaintance to shatter your life and steal your blessings no you are not weak giving into other people’s views and

giving up what makes you happy or gives you food deprives you of what you need for your own well-being as I have said

before rest assured I will ensure your success regardless of your need for

everyone’s favor or vulnerability to scows or shouts your enemies have lost their power and influence over you their

warnings are just rhetoric and will not come to to pass my love for you is so great that I gave my life for you on a

perilous cross the Holy Spirit who is always with you protects you at all

times now that same force is kindling in your chest reassuring your spirit that I

am the one speaking to you I have not changed much since yesterday and I will

never change my powerful voice will always bring healing into your life no

one can deny that you know who I am am and when my voice resounds you feel a

deep sense of calm your Triumph is real so Rejoice with me conquer your enemies

and seize the opportunities I give you I will never leave your side I intended

for you to carry out my will your aspirations will come true right now I

am speaking to you as your all powerful God whenever you feel overwhelmed by difficulties or fatigue my Grandeur will

be there to Shield you from harm I’ll shelter you under my wing no one else on

this planet can give you as much unconditional unselfish love as you do your monetary riches and lavish gifts

will not influence me no matter what happens my love for you will always keep

me Vigilant about protecting and watching over you now I am speaking to you from the depths of my soul hoping to

strike a cord with you my deepest hope is that you find the inner fortitude to

not only improve your own life but also to shine a light on the lives of others around you particularly those who are

most defenseless I pray that you become wise and Wealthy so that you can assist

others who are less fortunate come with me on a daring Adventure into a world

where miracles happen reach out to those in pain and let your caring touch bring

them relief May the chains of financial oppression release you grant you the

unwavering dignity to provide for your family and lift the crushing weight of your debts off your shoulders if you

come across a person in deep misery refuse to be a simple servant to your creditors instead break free from that

position and rely on your power to be a lighthouse of transformational change speak my words break the chains that

bind them and pray fervently for their release you must know that when you reach out to help the downtrodden I will

double your good deeds three times hear read believe and put your faith in what

I say be strong because I will perform great Marvels and wonders in the days to

come it is certain to happen in your lifetime as well as the lifetimes of

your loved ones a miracle will come your way shortly just as you’ve been hoping

here you are exactly where you need to be and your attitude is inspiring it

brings me great joy when you hide away from the world worship me lay your spirit at my feet and cry out to me me

for all that you need or want seeing the strength of your faith and confidence in

God brings me great Delight there will be times when no one else can empathize with the struggles you’re going through

I know you’ve had to Bear the brunt of these problems on your own but know that you have my support you have sought me

with all your heart and I will never keep my answer from you if you want to break free of the many things that are

weighing you down with misery confusion and fear you need my help hand my

strength is what you want my reply is a desire for calm and quiet that lets you

sleep well and wake up happy take full advantage of today by clinging to your

sustaining faith and the promises I have given you I will fight for and defend

you I am your Shepherd your provider and your God with you I will protect and

befriend when the much anticipated benefits finally arrive at your doorstep we shall joice it is my intention my

promise and my guarantee that it will come true transitions are inevitable let

my healing promises fill your mind I beg you to re-evaluate your ways of thinking

change the way you respond and when things become tough keep in mind that I will not leave you even if you doubt my

loyalty and mock my words because of your own power you are easy pray for

your enemies if you doubt the veracity of the voice directing you or the written word word that previously

strengthened you which path would you take I would want to make things easier for you if you trust me completely you

are already strong and Victorious however if you doubt and give up your enemies will take your blessings

and your destiny my heart’s aim is to protect you I will not let go of the

fire of trust that is blazing inside you you are safely in my hands I desire to

have a conversation with your heart so take a few minutes out of your day to open your Bible and read more My

ultimate goal is to mold you into an unwavering genuine individual who is

impervious to manipulation refrain from giving in to deceit and immorality

refrain from allowing someone to force you to do anything that might disturb your inner peace you add flavor to life

you make the hardships of life more exciting you infuse life’s trials and routines with vivacity While others run

away from their problems and wallow in spiritual despair brought on by negative

influences you are unique You are not alone my angels will lead the way and my

holy spirit will dwell in your heart avoid facing the present by dwelling on your past or wasting time boning your

enslavement is your focus still intact could I provide further details Rising

Beyond love and ending the influences and people suffocating your soul will make your success rever at even more

deeply living in harmony with those who believe they have no future and that no

one cares about them as much as I do is a daily challenge their fallacious

beliefs include the idea that eternity is some abstract concept eternity

surrounds them yet they remain unaware of it tell them that you have seen my

love the miraculous results that have resulted from your unfaltering trust in my power and the profundity of your

faith I am about to shower you with an abundance of gifts so open your hands

and take them in keep working hard and with unwavering Faith accept these

rewards while all signs point to a favorable outcome for you I beg you to

remain steadfast on the road that ends at my feet say it with all your might I

love you and will be true to you till the end of time my dear quiet the chaos in your soul put your worries and pains

in my hands dispel anxiety keep your head held high I will be there behind

you ready to help you overcome this challenge holler at the new Mercy a one-of a-kind request and endowment are

mine to bestow upon you a source from which your favor flows I have granted you victory over disease poverty and

shortage and this Mercy will bring Harmony to your home restore your physical and mental health and calm your

troubled soul my darling rise and shine Proclaim my words with unwavering

conviction take a few minutes to lean on my shoulder and rest your head I am the god who loves you and who cries out to

you like a helpless child whenever you shut your eyes and pray I understand that when you woke up this morning fear

and sadness may have overwhelmed you if you’ve ever felt empty and parched within take heart I am the living water

and I invite you to drink from my River come to me and let your spirit recharge

I wish you Joy and contentment the time for despair and Retreat as I have often

told you has passed imagine yourself leading the way fearlessly through the Wilderness to the land of abundant

benefits painstakingly prepared for you when I explain your duty as a lighthouse

for future Generations your spiritual awareness will become clear the present

under appreciation and the agony of adversity must not discourage you you

should not take the favors and blessings I bestow lightly I am in control of everything that happens and everything

happens for a reason the way you think believe and feel are crucial they will

lift you up as we try to penetrate your soul pay attention to what I say in my

word Pray when your problems seem too big and look up to God I am there and I

am in the depths of your soul my favor is not far away in fact it stands before

you all of you your problems will melt away and your enemies will be dead and gone upon receiving your confirmation I

will orchestrate a remarkable Miracle show your unfaltering trust by approaching me with confidence when you

have demands an expression of appreciation is the most priceless present you can give come to me

fearlessly I will not reject you since our time together is the most valuable part of your day think back on the times

when you felt completely alone after suffering heartbreak pay close attention to me from now on and truly accept the

feelings I convey to you treasure them cling to them and keep them close when

life storms rage and problems pound you remember these words know that I am the

one who will lead you on your trip and no matter how dark Things become you will not fall if you ever discover

yourself I will gently guide you so you know how valuable you are to me you are

more than just a chance event I loved you before you were born and I gave you a name because of that no one can take

you away from me my beloved child I love you with all my heart a life of Plenty

pleasure and plenty is what I have come to give you my supply list contains

everything you need to double your blessings and prosper in the face of world turbulence share this message of

unfaltering love with those who desire it give it another listen go go back

tomorrow this is the place where I will meet you greet you with open arms and

engulf you in my unconditional love and devotion declare your love for me your

moment of Triumph is near extend your hand you are fully deserving of joy and

I am delighted to bestow upon you my blessings even in the presence of others

who have degraded you in the past I will surround you with Grace and dignity and

I will raise you up and bless you I will open the gates of Heaven for your great flourishing Embrace these

uplifting remarks that will replenish your spirit Infuse your heart with my holy spirit’s vitality and let my power

forever remove your problems refrain from giving into dread I will be your

Ally and protector right up to the end I am aware that there are powers that want to dampen your happiness but their

efforts will be purely feudal you have an infinite supply of Bravery and can face any challenge headon I give you the

power to overcome obstacles and the insight to make sound decisions as you

approach the battlefield each day with a humble spirit and a bowed knee I will go ahead of you to remove barriers clear

your root and Conquer your enemies there will be no disruptions to the plan and I

will provide you with a rest bite when you are tired rest certain that my compassion will always be by your side

and that my devotion will be yours forever I will fill you with Bountiful health and fresh Vitality revive you and

invigorate you take heart in the love and Newfound Vigor I am bestowing upon

you today never lose faith in your ability to triumph over this and all

future adversity what you see as faults in yourself will turn into strengths that

will Propel you forward with unfaltering resolve I am lifting those dark clouds

of Despair and residual emotions of inadequacy that that have held you back in the past anxiety is now being removed

the weight that has sown uncertainty and worry and robbed you of sleep you about

to begin the Journey of a lifetime and I couldn’t be happier for you in this Maze

of difficulties I am holding your hand and leading the way the extent of your

power which will go beyond your wildest dreams will be revealed to you today my

intention in revealing You In My Embrace is to show you that you have the power to make all the lovely dreams that are

within your heart come true be strong and courageous I am equipping you to

face and overcome every enemy that comes your way because my spirit and my angels

are inside you you are capable be firm in your presence I really hope that you

can feel my love for you throughout your life I pray that the love I have for you

and your loved ones causes a change within you you have my undying affection ction and I feel the same way about you

I firmly swear that I will divide the clouds and shower you with blessings my

words will deeply penetrate your heart guiding you and shielding you from The Perils of straying from this boundless

love I forgive you for your transgressions never forget that I a merciful god even when your Humanity

causes you to fall even in the darkest hour I will save you I have heard your

prayer and will not let you go my dazzling Jewels are more attractive than

worldly goods and the gifts I have in store for you are more valuable than

anything this world has to offer belief and acceptance of the bounty showered

upon you are my declarations when I open the sky do not joke about what I say

this is a serious issue my feelings for you are not mysterious and neither is my

love for you a secret affair take in your surroundings sense the air you breathe and allow the sun’s Rays to

caress your skin while you relax as tokens of my affection and unwavering support these are the presents I have

bestowed upon you prepare to start this year full of excitement and aspirations

as I have consistently watched over you preventing Despair and misdirection fire don’t let your

determination falter when confronted with challenges and hardships keep moving ahead your dreams will come true

if you do not stop to me they are of the utmost significance and Worth daily I

desire to manifest my love and strength through you and I have entrusted you with a responsibility to fulfill

perceiving Beyond the Veil deciphering the motives of others and gaining deep

understanding will soon be within your reach as my Holy Spirit nurtures your spiritual

accuity as your mind grows you’ll have an impact on people’s lives and be of

divine service in ways they can’t fathom my blood has washed away the stain of your transgressions no matter how far

away I was and how little you remembered me you should never feel ashamed to be in my company you have received my

compassion I sent Legions of angels to free you from the enemy’s grasp clearing

the way for you to return to me tomorrow as new Chapters open up in your life your devotion will shine through and I

will listen with boundless Delight this is why I brought you back here my beloved to weave the strands of love

into a beautiful tapestry for your life in the name of faith and Divine Purpose

I pray that you will not go back to a place where Darkness Reigns due to hatred disdain grief and

hopelessness at this holy hour I am speaking to your spirit and urging you to choose will you listen to those who

would tempt you to doubt me the Everlasting Wellspring of knowledge and love or will you submit to my will every

everyone on this planet has flaws and you should understand that no one is Flawless in my eyes even if they are

imperfect those who want to isolate you from the safety of my love should not be

the reason your faith and spirit waver you are treasured and everlasting

pleasure and contentment are the only way to the gate of paradise you will

always find a safe haven of love acceptance and sacred devotion as you

reveal yourself to me my beloved look at it with confidence whether the sun is shining or the world is black

here in my presence you are welcomed just as you are whether you are in the midst of adversity at a low point or

when your weaknesses pull you towards immorality and vice your creator I hear

every request for repentance and in my infinite kindness I grant you a second opportunity at Redemption via the

forgiveness I provide you have a certain Mission and Destiny within your family and with it comes Tranquility strength

knowledge and plenty of talents may you flourish in every way and become more

familiar with who I am never again will you allow uncertainty to ruin your plans

or your joy choose believing and sticking to my word you will be safe

from harm as you go about your daily life your world looks like this your life is already extraordinary soon

tremendous Miracles will transform your your faith and thinking restoring your smile there will be an end to your

suffering I will revive your doomed hopes and bring back the affection of

those who hated you the very thought of reading these lines makes me want to cry

and let go of my shame you have renewed Zeal for life and a sense of spiritual

Clarity and likeness every morning let your Supernatural hope be your compass and

your driving force I will lead you gently to a place where you will never again feel spiritually poor emotionally

destitute or in need of anything with a sound physique a sharp intellect and an

upbeat attitude you are secure in my arms there is no longer a need for friendship or companionship a burst of

renewed vitality and drive will C through your veins you will recognize the importance of the divine plan for

which you were selected as you awaken to a deep sense of Purpose Driven by unflinching commitment after enduring an

endless stream of suffering and falling into a dark abyss you finally realized

that holding on to your resentment toward me was pointless I have always loved you with an unending and holy

devotion I have never hurt you but evildoers sow disbelief and bitterness

in your thoughts you will soon experience the opposite of the sorrowful tears that have been streaming down your

cheeks tears of uncontrollable Joy your blessings are drawing near and I have

loved you Without End my Mercy is always by your side come with me as we start

over my darling child where each New Day brings a chance to keep fighting and put

the setbacks discouragement and complaints of the past behind us let go

of everything that is holding you back from recharging and developing use your words to start a new chapter take care

of yourself while you write your story do not not sow the seeds of failure in

the rich soil of your own soul I knew from the beginning of time that you would face hatred and hardship but I

also planned a glorious future full of blessings and glory for you amazing

things are waiting for you but they will only come to fruition if you believe what I say bravely face your fears and

let your thinking change for the better my word is true so do not allow

despondency to take root I have talked to you many times promising kindness

laying out plans for you and your family and promising great rewards in a better future just as I said it was written and

I will not waver in my commitment to fulfill it place your trust in my promises release your concerns about the

future and immerse yourself in happiness and Tranquility never allow pessimistic

ideas to dominate your mind doing so will deplete your spirit spiritual energy happiness and Clarity of

perception join me as we embark on a journey filled with unwavering feelings of calm and Tranquility every day you

endure attacks that I comprehend the enemy is plotting your destruction and making fun of everything you do he says

your trust is in vain and you won’t go far if you hold on to my promises but I

dare you to stand up face all the bad things that happen to you and continue with the power that comes from my word

no matter how exhausted you are you may rest certain that I will be there to strengthen you and Lead You In the

direction you need to go I say it again no one who boasts of power can defeat

you all the accusations and cries directed at you are unfounded is the notorious one more credible than God who

sent storms into your life comply with my commands though many would like to see

you defeated no one can stop me from saving you my power is Limitless as is

my love and grace I can’t wait to be of service to you and bestow blessings on

you I will stand by your side and save you your inspiring spirits and fearless

sight upon the world Are My Hope for my glory to shine through you are my beloved Offspring the most priceless

work of my Heavenly Hands I have given you certain abilities so that you may serve me do not be afraid of the future

I have a plan specifically for you and it is to my glory my love has no limit in size or duration and my plans are

perfect and will come to fruition at the right time I have a deep understanding of who you are and everything that makes

you tick imperfections included ask for my pardon if you mess up do not wallow

in self-pity thinking my Fury was stoked before we ever met or that your life is

forever stained by your transgressions the cost of your sins was my shoulder to

Bear if you approach me with honesty and self assurance I will grant you another chance you are mine and I will take care

of you no matter what so don’t let anxiety Eat You Alive as it swws Discord

in your spirit with compassion I speak these words that will heal your tired

bones and guide you down the road to recovery let go of your worries and put

your faith in me when things go bad you can always find solace in me when you

hear these messages hold on to them and share them with everyone you meet my love will envelop your house with its

comforting warmth and your happiness and contentment will grow exponentially if you come to me in

prayer on a daily basis with a calm heart I will answer your prayers The

Impossible is within my reach so have confidence I will be your constant friend and Defender I will help you

again like I have helped you before let us reach the spiritual Peak where we

will find joy that this world cannot match Everlasting and tremendous as your

caretaker I embrace and nourish your body filling your emotions with deep feelings of love and compassion love

envelops you a sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt or experienced in this life full of both transient Serenity and

hidden traps of deception my forgiveness is a wonderful gift that will restore

your life break your bonds wash away your regrets and fill your spirit with joy you are the Everlasting salvation’s

breath and I will keep on speaking to you using strong language and beautiful

details to tell you that my arms will always be open to you my Voice’s Melody

will reverberate throughout you as I murmur my love to you get up and have confidence I will bestow my gifts on you

today I will let you know my presence will accompany you in the midst of the

questions and answers I will never leave you whenever you hear my word it will

reverberate in your heart you are not alone in this world of Sorrow I will remind you of that gently we send

Legions of angels to guard you and monitor your journey even in The Darkest Hours danger lurks when dread threatens

to paralyze you stand firm and walk confidently Like A Champion keep in mind

that my love for you becomes stronger by the day my goal in sacrificing myself for you was to save you and give you

Abundant Life as soon as you bowed down in shame the doors of my heavenly Throne

opened wide I will not rest until I have shown you the many gifts and miracles I am capable of giving you your wounds are

healed and your stormy emotions are pacified by me a profound calmness will now surround you I know this the fact

that you tripped never infuriated me after searching both high and low I

rescued you from the depths you will always carry these words with you guiding you to towards my purpose I

crowned your head anointed you with power and dressed you in beautiful linen

you will be able to face any uncertainties headon with a faith that is unbreakable and Unstoppable you will

be free from the shackles of betrayal and false friendships together we will face the obstacles that lie ahead Master

the tools I provide but never hesitate to contact me for help when you feel overwhelmed by the weight of adversity

today is the day you will finally triumph over failure I give you the

strength to escape the vices that have held you back I promise you that you will no longer hunger for the things or

people who caused you to slip we must climb this mountain together because

your future is waiting for you at the peak The Valley Of Confusion awaits us

behind where the cries of the Beggars who rejected your favor continue to reverberate nevertheless we will go on

anyhow avoid avoid succumbing to The Temptations of those who would mislead you you’ve been through a lot and you’ve

been so close to death there’s no need to dwell on that horrible history may

you always feel safe knowing that I am the one who created the universe your

God your father and your best friend my beloved child with unfaltering

confidence and Trust I beg you to greet each new day with hope and optimism you

will soon see a magnificent manifestation of my love and power as the result of my voice reaching you then

you may confidently put this day in my skilled hands I love you very much

things will improve and bad weather will pass your blessings will decrease and

victory will be evident stay the course keep going with my blessing you possess

the fortitude and insight to navigate through this challenging time as I protect you from the feudal adversary

with my affections comforting Embrace I will lift you up and provide relief

whenever you feel like giving up I fill you with optimism and strength surrounding you with bravery and

vitality my goal is to make a difference in your life listen carefully to what I

have to say my son and my daughter even if you can’t fathom the complex meaning

of your existence your birth and your subsequent role in this world as a Channel of blessings to yourself and

others and a source of strength for your faith when not accidental rather they are the fruits of

a strong purposeful and profoundly meaningful decision on my part stand up

and let me see the sparkle in your eye when you smile for the first time think back on those times when you felt like

you couldn’t possibly complete an endurance challenge yet here you are stronger wiser and more knowledgeable

than before no matter how many times we mess up or how briefly you lose track of

my everpresent presence the the reason I choose you is because I have great plans for you and you seem to grasp that the

power of my speech is not static but rather throbs with the energy of new ideas in the shadows you may find Solace

Clarity and the eradication of hurtful misconceptions a new light is about to

illuminate your spirit penetrating the darkness and filling it with hope I hope

I’ve already ignited a fire in your heart fulfilling your desire for inspiration

you will experience the same vivacity you had when you were a young person full of wonderful hopes and desires just

like you did the day we met you will find your first love again as you climb

to the peak you’ll be as Nimble as a servant you will emerge from my mystical realm in The Ether vastness of Despair

stronger and wiser than before for you will never give up or get weary of your faith or thinking your humanity is

recognized by me me Enlightenment will lead you back to my reassuring arms one

day no matter how tired you become I will feed you drink from your well and

relieve you of your heavy loads you will no longer bear the weight of your sins I

am filled with delight by your dedication admiration and thankfulness for every blessing your unfaltering

faith even in the face of hardship and your will to be an example of Grace and

to create a better world please listen carefully to what I’m about to say while

the world continues as it is how about we have a brief conversation I promise to pay close

attention to what you have to say fill me in on all of your opinions I hope you are doing well and can leave this place

with renewed Vigor a strong will a calm spirit and an abundance of Joy I see the

many obstacles in your path trying to weaken your will to keep on but know that I have never abandoned you in my

presence which is an everlasting flame I have bestowed upon you my love my peace

my word and all my powerful promises to help you endure these trials Flames

consume sin and impurity like a fire that ignites in your heart but tread carefully if you give in to the enemy’s

deception and turn your back on me where there was once fire there is now just

Smoke and Ashes listen close the door to suffering and fight the unpleasant

emotions that other people try to instill in you because I too have been abandoned by people I have cared for and

saved I can understand the depths of your Despair and the burden of anxiety

that you carry with you seeing them distance themselves and refuse to acknowledge our connection in the midst

of your failures deeply moves me I’m writing these words to reassure you of

my unwavering love for you the difficulties you face often overshadow

your view of my Limitless love and I I understand that Victory is on the horizon and with it comes a flood of

incredible benefits so rise with unwavering faith and bravery believe

this reality with all your being you are strong courageous and unflappable in

spite of your fear you are a courageous intelligent and formidable person who

will achieve great success in anything you do the words I say to you strengthen

your spirit envelop you in a protective shield and EMP power you to face challenges head on and come out on top

the enemy may try to paralyze you and put you in a state of fear by screaming obscenities and making ominous threats

but today is a turning point with these words I am communicating directly with

you these words will irrevocably transform you listen to my plea and see

yourself as you really are loved much and courageous beyond measure in contrast to others you do not back down

from a fight you exude confidence and stand out you march ahead with

unwavering will and self assurance knowing that you will Triumph with my love and strength alone do not sit on

your hands and wait for years months or even days to stand up for what you want in life do it now on this day of

transformation I’m here with you every step of the way I want you to know that

my love and blessings are always with you and that today is an outstanding day

in every aspect as I encourage you to go ahead with Assurance fearlessly knock on

doors of opportunity because I will open them for you I have abundant pleasure

Serenity happiness and success waiting for you in this new life that I am

creating for you so embrace it with Resolute faith and a dogged resolve you

can rest assured that I will fulfill this holy promise I am the Supreme Being

and no one can take away my my knowledge no matter how many others try to hurt you or mislead you have no fear they

will fail in their Endeavors some people may have an overinflated sense of self-importance and try to bring you

down by exposing your flaws ignore their criticism and cruel remarks staying

mired in their pessimism is unnecessary your Pursuit Of Me fills my heart with enormous delight and I want

you to know that I am delighted by your prayers and the ways you show your thanks you will face times of Despair

but remember that your name will ReSound as a symbol of faith endurance and loyalty and that your bravery will

reverberate in the Heavenly World etch these words into your spirit on top of

being your savior from the depths I am also your healer and source of wealth by

surrounding you with compassion and love I open the door to the otherw world even if I want miracles for you I put my

faith prayers loyalty appreciation praise and the things you want in your

hands may they remain steadfast and direct their attention to the spiritual

energy that enters my presence on a daily basis you should absorb the uplifting sentiments share them with

loved ones and keep them close to you as you pray and Express

gratitude by placing my hand on your head I shall bestow a miraculous blessing on your life at that precise

time please accept it with deep appreciation I will keep talking to you until my

words become permanent imprints on your soul this much is true I have forgiven

you and still love you even if you have faltered love kindness and forgiveness

are the primary values not punishment as you begin each new day let these words

ring in your ears I put my faith in you Jesus you have my wholehearted devotion

and I will hold on to my faith no matter what comes my way I am the Good Shepherd

and when you put your trust in my love the benefits will follow as you look upon my Sacred Scriptures and await the

arrival of miraculous miracles in your life I enumerate my promises write them

on tablets and fasten them to your doors and windows signifying their Everlasting

presence not only will these Heavenly words soothe your hurt but they will also cast off the dark clouds of Despair

that have taken up residence in your heart a magical show will play out in front of your eyes as my love for you

aim transforms into a crystalline river that elegantly winds its way through your entire home here in this holy River

of Life your shortcomings and errors will flow away and the turbulent Waters

of animosity resentment treachery and Injustice will calm down as you liberate

your mind from the chains of mental oppression feel the rejuvenating Embrace of this Heavenly River as it transforms

your physical vessel into one of strength and resilience as you open the Bible with

unfaltering trust and Limitless hope let the precious words enter your heart this

gentle and Sacred Love has an everlasting and Limitless character may

it become a Sacrament for us to practice every day even in your most private moments alone you need to hear my

Declaration of love for you my beloved Ed you are not swimming against against

the tide of life alone even in the face of insurmountable odds You Are Not Alone

experience my heavenly presence as an all powerful energy Bound to You intimately Proclaim my name with

confidence as you speak because I am still your God your father and your loyal friend I am completely open and

willing to listen to you whenever you need someone embrace the Tranquility you seek and may it be bestowed upon you be

not afraid you are my prize possession unbreakable in my love’s grip in peace

Embrace this div my grace Embraces you as I unveil you I care deeply about your

happiness and health express yourself honestly talking about the difficulties you faced no matter what comes our way

you can count on my unwavering support you have control over your emotions

because I have placed my holy and divine spirit inside you be aware that this is

true right now find contentment Inside unencumbered by outside forces with the

help of others Break Free of your emotional shackles and resist temptation and

immorality give me control of your soul mind and emotions stay away from people

and places that may bring you down and steer clear of circumstances that aren’t

required never let the storms of life crush the joy that is inside you instead

keep your heart strong because because it is the Wellspring of everything that you are I want to be the center of your

Universe I will guide you every day away from traps and Hazards if you seek my

opinion before doing anything or making a crucial choice I pray that I might

bestow knowledge on your loved ones and see them succeed materially and spiritually hold dear my instruction my

prayers and my sage advice do not engage in slander or gossip stay away from from

those who are known to constantly spread lies nobody has the right to sew the seeds of bitterness and anxiety in your

heart come into my presence and show me your innermost thoughts and feelings

find me whenever you can feel my Spirit dwelling in you tune your hearing to the

voice that leads you if you look around you will see many people battling pain

with their sorrow stricken exhausted Expressions they demolish the concept of an abstract God which tells me all I

need to know about your deepest beliefs and thoughts when you’re mired in wroth and retribution far out in space

remember the Covenant we share I write my rules in your heart if you have put your confidence in me May my soul serve

as a beacon for you Illuminating the path that leads to fulfillment via our sacred bond in order to bless you I am

here to listen and answer I will never waver in my devotion to you the love we

sh share is unparalleled a supernatural inheritance is about to be bestowed On You by me I pray that you will be here

this very day to see the manifestation of genuine and miraculous miracles on Earth let go of the tales and Sorrows

that burden you repair your life’s Fabric and focus on the here and now I

beg you with all my heart to trust in me give yourself completely to activities that nourish your spirit and the people

you care about I’m already working hard to bring about profound changes in you

so take care of your Private Affairs I urge you to resist the subtle changes taking place stay focused have courage

and don’t give in to discouragement I will fill your mind with many plans and ideas via my word but be careful not to

waver at least once a day preferably first thing in the morning or last thing at night set aside some quiet time to

pray and study the Bible if you ask for and accept significant insight

I will give them to you tell me anything that’s on your mind and in your heart dispel the notion of an icy distant God

far away in space who is enraged and punishing keep in mind the Covenant we have made if you have put your faith in

me you may rest certain that I will write my rules in your heart allow my

soul to illuminate your path and you will no longer have to seek Solutions in vain in our sacred bond in order to

bless you I am here to listen and answer I will never waver in my devotion to you

the love we share is unparalleled a supernatural inheritance is about to be bestowed On You by me may you be there

to see genuine and miraculous Miracles performed in this very Lifetime on this

planet I beg you with all my heart to trust in me and to let go of the stories

and problems that drag you down sew your life Back Together live in the now focus

on the people who matter most to you and do things that make your soul happy soul

take care of your own business I am already working hard to bring about profound changes in you since you may

sense changes beneath the surface I implore you to remain steadfast in your resolve and resist succumbing to things

that weaken your soul fear not because with my word I will implant in your mind

many encouraging thoughts and ideas but be careful not to waver whether it’s

first thing in the morning morning or last thing at night whenever you find a quiet moment devote yourself to me in

prayer then open your Bible and read patiently if you ask for it I will

reveal deep truths to you why you may inquire as you listen to me and deepen

your faith I Envision you becoming a conduit of blessings reaching out to

those who lack access to my word I desire your Prosperity not for personal

gain but but to show compassion for my children who endure food shortages persecution danger and other afflictions

in distant places be aware that there are spirits enduring trials that you cannot fathom I

am strengthening your capacity to put yourself in their shoes so that you may feel compassion and mercy for those who

feel they have failed to Merit my favor judgment and Punishment are not my goals

I do not want the people I care about killed or hurt tell every one you meet on your travels that I’m waiting for

them with open arms but keep your mind on this task at hand I will rescue you

from your enemies lift you up out of the depths of misery turn your sadness into joy and mend the scars that plagued you

because my voice reverberates inside you my words reach the core of who you are

recognizing that I have not dealt with you in accordance with your transgressions you embrace the grace

that tenderly touches your spirit I have showered you with infinite compassion I will never remember your

transgressions they have drowned you I implore you to finally accept my forgiveness and break free from the

shackles of your past today people didn’t create you feed you or keep you

alive therefore you shouldn’t care what people think in this enormous world you

must not let anybody control your feelings or determine your fate when it comes to unconditional kindness and

forgiveness no one can compare to my love for you my spirit is everywhere around you making sure you don’t lean

towards sin or want to break the rules you won’t give in to the dark Forces that try to seduce you my grace is

sufficient to help you break free from the patterns that suffocate your judgment moving forward you will focus

on ideas that are good lovely pure and righteous you will resist the temptation

to tarnish your intellect and weaken your heart by seeing listening to

reading or disseminating lies and slander I will shower you with an

abundance of Grace that cleanses your spirit and you will Marvel at the depth of your transformation and the blessings

you have now received those around you will respect you putting away the memory

of your previous mistakes and Crimes New Opportunities will present themselves to

you and benefits will pour down upon you beginning today you will will be the center of attention for potential

employers and they will come knocking to provide for your family I am Paving the way for a better future for you one free

from the anxieties and tensions brought about by your mistakes in the past one where you may live in Blissful Serenity

never again haunted by nightmares my blood has set you free and now your enemy plans deceit and

Witchcraft cannot harm you your whole being your head heart soul and lips are

spotless this is the prize I give to those who fearlessly share my message who turn from their sins and who answer

my call humbly submitting themselves daily to accept my benefits you know how

much I adore you I have witnessed everything you’ve done your unfaltering

trust demonstrates your willingness to submit to my will and make things right like my first followers who were

inspired by my spirit and persevered through thievery persecution

incarceration torture lashes and Agony your commitment is unwavering even when

my answers are slow like them you have seen the manifestation of my Majesty in

your own life and tasted the fruition of the miraculous events that take place in

the Heavenly Realms even though the enemy may try to derail your goals it is

very crucial that you choose me as your God and Lord and give your heart to me

before you start your journey pray to me dedicate your life to me giving up all

control and I will lead you purposefully put your Affairs in my hands and I will

protect you so that you can succeed in all your good and constructive Pursuits

many hopes and desires have languished unfulfilled because you can’t shake the feeling that they’re too big or too

scary to achieve nevertheless on this fortunate day I grant you the insight to

arrange your Affairs and set priorities within a knowledge my mighty works are taking place inside of you and I’m

giving you the ability to dream big and Achieve objectives that will surprise even your loved ones submerge yourself

in the depths of my word and you will see a radical change occur in your soul and heart even when you’re feeling

overwhelmed come to me with unfaltering faith on overcast days in the depths of

Despair and in the midst of tension take heart in the knowledge that my holy spirit is ready to meet your needs

waiting to answer your questions in perfect harmony with my will I am the

one who will always show you the way to genuine happiness enduring success and

plenty more declare from the depths of your being that you believe this fact to

be true with your Boundless Energy brilliant mind and fearless Spirit you

will conquer any challenge that comes your way you will succeed despite the obstacles you encounter in life if you

remain steadfast even when everything around you appears to be falling apart keep going come to

me now and I will give you the peace you seek calming the stormy seas of your

troubled heart like the winds and storms that submissively calm at my voice I

will remove the multitude of worries and thoughts that swirl around in your head and refocus your attention may your days

be filled with quiet and your evenings with peace despite being the air to many

blessings you don’t always appreciate them you place excessive weight on unfounded anxieties and the views of

others who have no influence over you rest easy do not listen to rumors or

threats from others I beg you again I have complete power over your fate and

I’m the one in charge Don’t Be Afraid even when faced with a plethora of enemies and the consequences of your own

mistakes even though it may seem like the world is collapsing around you and people around you are succumbing to fear

you will remain my cherished child and I will protect you from harm Brave and determined I will never leave you which

is a reflection of the immense love I have for you it’s as if I am speaking directly to you answering the questions

that have plagued you for far too long I am expressing my love for you right now

every one of the hardships you’ve been through will be worthwhile today and I’m bearing the shame that the evildoers

have heaped upon you you are a mature wise and powerful person prepared to fight for the people

you care about and to lend a hand to those who have experienced hardship your release is imminent and you are ready to

be a vessel of my love Illuminating the lives of others who live in darkness however Aries your enemy knows

full well that you may go back to your problems and add to the peace I pray that your faith and loyalty become more

interwoven and robust as time goes on on rest assured my love has no bounds give

me control of your heart and keep your mind fixed on my methods pay attention to the gentle murmurs of my inner voice

which convey messages of Love straight to your spirit even on days when you don’t feel like praying or connecting

with me may you have faith that I will visit your heart reach out to you and

provide you with the peace your spirit craves you can be confident that my angels are present at every turn

enveloping your heart home in a Serene atmosphere accept this fact as true you

are free from the grip of Fear you will accomplish whatever kind and uplifting Deeds you desire in my name remove any

shame from your triumphs and put an end to any fear of success more Marvels are

on the horizon as I offer my blessing from my heavenly Throne thanks to your unwavering Faith the hour for victory

has come come into my presence and I will shower you with Benefits there is no area of your life

that I won’t pour into proudly express your unwavering Faith in Me Not only

with words but also with bravery that reverberates inside your soul when life

throws you a curve ball and things don’t go according to plan let your spirit find peace in the Stillness get away to

your peaceful room shut the doors and focus on the fact that your Shepherd and Buddy are there to console you no matter

what your Soul’s intricate harmonies resonate with me in the Stillness Embrace Solitude and

experience our bonds closeness in spite of the maze of difficulties you’ll face

remember that I am here with you always as a Shepherd who will guide you through the valleys of intricacy listen closely

my love for you is unwavering you give me your whole heart without asking me to elaborate on anything I know how much my

love means to you and I’m here to help you feel better by removing some of the weight of your tired shoulders the

Heavenly Gates will open in a jar upon your arrival showering you with sustenance Beyond human comprehension

realize this deep reality and don’t be like the depraved people who judge the truly fortunate and go after meaningless

wealth your belief in me and the veracity of what I have said are both confirmed by your emotions my blessings

will pour forth to you like water from a river if you fully believe what I say and sub commit to my will making me the

center of your life and assisting others less fortunate never forget my darling

that the words I utter to you are not transient but rather an eternal message

that I want to reverberate throughout your mind on a daily basis I pray that this sacred message will serve as a

beacon to guide you to material success and spiritual fulfillment as you bravely

face the rewards I have in store for you embracing the life-changing power that

comes from believing in what I say I will lead you step by step with the

Elegance of my extended arms which carry the key to your Liberation as you extend your confidence in me a life-altering

transformation is possible not because of your own weakness but because of your unfaltering faith in my infinite love

and power which will Vanquish any doubt that tries to overshadow my message

words used to solicit comments from those who disagree with me will obstru ruct your path toward the Liberation and

advancement that await you in this world of total darkness I desire to be the

Beacon of Hope that you find your enemies are planting the seeds of doubt that you are unable to plant by quietly

Whispering lies into your ear and I can feel the weight of those thoughts but I will not rest until I have freed you

from these shackles permanently give up the struggle within you with unshakable faith know this I am

not here to judge you tomorrow I will speak to you in a way that will bless

your ears and strengthen your spirit and we will set off on a path toward your freedom together keep calm don’t worry

about the future and don’t give into hopelessness everything that is supposed to happen will happen when it is

supposed to because you know full well that my timing is perfect pay close

attention when times are tough etch these words into your soul provide

comfort and encouragement I reiterate that I’m here for you when others ignore

you I will be the one to lend you a helping hand I am the one who helps the downtrodden and restores health to the

aien yes I will do it again since I have done it before during these times a lot

of people have gotten off track and allowed worldly pleasures to taint their souls despite the Allure of Life apart

from me I really believe that my presence is a gift gift being a Believer

is hardly a picnic as I said before this is essential yet many will leave and put

space between themselves although the world may reject you I will provide you with access to Opportunities and

blessings that you have not yet experienced in your life I will keep all

of my promises keep in mind that those who ask for SWS prayers will get them

you are heard my dear daughter my beloved kid I understand I enjy hearing

every word that comes out of your mouth I really enjoy getting a letter from you hearing about your day and listening to

your problems if you ever need advice I’ll be right here look up from this point on lift up your keep your head

held high have faith in the powers that be and I will protect you from those who would do you harm I assure you once

again that I will serve Justice on your behalf even in front of your detractors

I will bless you you could could stop stressing because I will keep my word you may put your faith in it because it

will happen keep this message close to your heart in times of trouble my words

will be a source of strength and Solace I speak to you in soft murmurs that reverberate inside your chest my dear

child on the Hallowed Ground of our Celestial bond in the complex web of your emotions

and ideas I find a way to convey my Limitless love and steadfast support

as you go through life’s adventures I am not an objective bystander but rather your constant dance

partner in life’s Symphony as the sun sets and paints the sky with warm Hues I want you to think

about how my voice Echoes through the colors a continual reminder that my love

is there to guide you through the changes that life brings Savor the Tranquility of early morning when the

world becomes quiet and peaceful my hushed murmurs are a Wellspring of

unending optimism strengthening your will and confidence because it reflects

my spiritual counsel my kid should listen to Nature’s unsaid language as

the sun rises and sets know that I am part of your life’s Rhythm guiding you with wisdom that is beyond your Earthly

comprehension embrace the sacred Bond we share for in the Stillness of the early morning the beauty of a Sunset and the

murmur of your heart I am always there Pro providing Direction and lighting a

hope that will last forever as you go through life make an effort to treat

other people with compassion and Care from this day on the world is conspiring

to bring beneficial forces into your life from unexpected places and you may

anticipate meeting people who are really decent sincere and intriguing by keeping

your senses sharp and your eyes peeled if you train yourself to be hyperaware

you you won’t waste time on meaningless activities that might derail you when opportunities present themselves since

you know me so well there is no need to go into detail you fully understood and

trusted that I would forever lead the way guiding and supporting you no matter what I am always by your side a

Dependable friend ready to guide you through all the highs and lows of your Social Journey let thoughtfulness and

compassion guide your actions as you interact with the world you might rely

on overcoming challenges and receiving support from compassionate individuals goodness and honesty will interweave

like threads in the complex fabric of your life get ready to be surprised by the support and cooperation that may

come your way the universe is organizing these moments for a reason be wary of

diversions that can take your attention away from valuable chances do not stray

in order to grasp possibilities that line up with your journey J’s actual course you need to be able to clearly

discriminate between worthwhile Endeavors and those that are pointless or trivial rest certain that my advice

will always be there for you keeping you on the road that is meant for you as you go forward feel at ease knowing that you

have company on this path in the face of triumphs and tribulations my resolve to

be by your side will never waver as a constant companion I believe in the

synchron it of the universe and move forward confidently knowing that goodness and sincerity are waiting for

you and that my guidance will illuminate your path through the marvelous realm of your desires and the vast landscape of

your dreams anxieties especially the fear of failing bind us to our latent

potential now is the time to seize my extended hand and soar to Greater Heights accept the upcoming changes as

they will bring about significant changes I beg you not to give in to dread the impending change is evidence

of your bravery hold on tight and I will lead you on this path to Greatness do

not be afraid I’m always here for you even when you are unsure about the future or when you must make a crucial

Choice every step you take aligns with the precise execution of the divine plan

have faith in the road we travel together and don’t let fear stand in your way at this critical juncture in

your life your dreams embody more than mere aspirations they embody your destiny poised for fulfillment in your

humble and Earnest prayers May the knowledge and comfort found in the Bible unfold before you I promise you we will

have a deep bond when that time comes I will show you the concrete proof of all

I have told you your Readiness to align with my instructions will open doors to

the unusual because miracles happen at the Confluence of Faith and Action

embrace the unwavering belief that your aspirations and wishes are more than just random thoughts they are vital

components of the Magnificent Masterpiece of my heavenly plan welcome to the adventure as it

unfolds with a trusting spirit and an open mind through quiet reflection and

prayer I will bring your dreams into harmony with the Heavenly plan I have laid out for you do not be afraid of

what is ahead I will provide the courage you need to face it and the change that is about to happen will be incredible

when the moment of action arrives close your eyes and surrender to the Tranquil Embrace of the Divine breath I release

put your worries aside and take this lovely slice of Tranquility with you you don’t have to carry the burden alone in

these moments of urgency give me your concerns and I will hold them tenderly

there may be times when you wonder whether you are worthy of the comfort and support I provide but know that I am

here for you always a friend born of Limitless Love No Matter What challenges

you face in life my promise to always be there for you is unwavering I Will Stand

By Your Side perish the nagging feeling of Desiring the things that induce anxiety instead allow my love to serve

as a Solace that transcends your sense of isolation and reassures you that you

are perpetually company if you need assistance letting go of heavy things

I’m here to lend you a hand when you surrender you led the Divine into your life like a sneaky Invader and I want

you to know that I’m here to support you every step of the way may you face obstacles that make it hard to release

the bitterness that clings to you but may you not let these doubts control your course your faith in the process of

Letting Go and surrendering will set you free from the bonds of bitterness May the light of my unfaltering Love Shine

through the darkness and show you the way to Serenity inside keep in mind that my love is a

lighthouse in times of darkness when the burden of resentment is about to crush you my dear child release the self-doubt

that is holding you back and have faith that I will be with you every step of the way as you release your worries and

concerns listen closely as I commune with you in your Soul’s Melodies between

the serenity of Dawn and the Splendor of Sunset by your side I will guide you and

pour my Everlasting hope into your life allow me to show you the source of infinite joy that can carry you through

any difficulty for in me you will discover the power that supports the universe the serenity that goes beyond

comprehension and the hope that dispels every shadow my darling be prepared at

all times to share the hope that burns within you akin to a spring in the

desert it bursts out like a desert’s spring its tenacity and strength taking you by surprise be prepared to let them

in on the secret of your happiness when they inquire as to what brings you so much delight always keep in mind that I

am a precious gem inside of you a light at your feet and a fire that may light

up a lonely Soul’s Darkest Hour it seems like trudging through thick clay even

when you’re exhausted from the day’s work show me the light words spoken from

a place of vulnerable ability have the most weight in times of emotional strain

I have mastered my strength those who have grown used to the drab judge who isn’t deserving of hearing about your

hope become captivated by the brilliant and Vivid optimism that grows from your

sufferings it is not your job to sort people’s emotions like sand I’m telling you I am the one who sculpted the human

heart from primordial ooze I am familiar with its intricacies and desires only I

have the power to create streams in the desert and write a message of Salvation on the unreadable Souls blank page in

the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No destitute candidates just cherished children who have not yet returned home

therefore share the hope you have for everyone having my kid with me at all times is like having a constant buddy

who can bring water from the desert and write a message of Salvation on a Soul’s unreadable page in the Kingdom of of

Heaven There Are No destitute candidates just cherished children who have not yet returned home therefore share the hope

you have for everyone having my kid with me at all times is like having a constant buddy who can bring water from

the desert and write a message of Salvation on a Soul’s unreadable page in

the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No destitute candidates just cherished children who have not yet returned home

therefore share the hope you have for everyone having my kid with me at all times is

like having a constant buddy who can bring water from the desert and write a message of Salvation on a Soul’s

unreadable page in the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No destitute candidates just

cherished children who have not yet returned home therefore share the hope

you have for everyone having my kid with me at all times is like having a constant buddy who can bring water from

the desert and write a message of Salvation on a Soul’s unreadable page when everything else fails look to the

gospel for stability its principles are like a rock upon which to stand find

solace in contemplating these realities my love for you has endured since the creation of the mountains in times of

joy and grief I am familiar with all your ways since I know you and have seen your hardships take a look at me your

beautiful hope and be amazed by the love that lasts forever my darling although

it may appear fragile at times this hope is not weak its strength Rivals that of

the oldest trees as well as the resilience of the tides that shape coastlines will you not be much more

clothed if I so clothe The Field’s grass which is alive today and put it into the oven tomorrow I will provide for you

rely on my love and do not let the cares of this world disturb your unbelieving heart you face challenges but maintain

an optimistic Outlook it’s all over for me despite the fact that you may feel like

you can’t breathe you will grow in faith and learn to rely on me more deeply through these difficulties the light of

everlasting life guides you it is a constant presence that dispels the Gloom

of Despair a Guiding Light That illuminates even the darkest night and

brings solace in the midst of the fiercest storm the pitfalls of life should not discourage you these fleeting

moments are ephemeral in the end end the Splendor that is to come is worth more than any short-lived suffering or

setback in the Psalms you discover a lovely invitation to seek my face to

stay in my home all the days of your life and to look upon my beauty my love is all about you and it is This Love

that gives you hope and the strength to overcome each new day spending time in

my presence and witnessing my Splendor will transform you reflecting my glory on your face and imbuing your words with

Eternal weight this is the most important thing you can do to be ready to answer anybody who asks you why you

have hope my child so my child walk in this hope a hope that will anchor your

spirit making it strong and safe it goes all the way to the place beyond the curtain where I dwell the place where we

shall be together forever my darling may you rest in peace you are my Guiding

Light in a world that has sorely needed to see my beautiful love face no matter

what I will never leave your side moreover the faith I have in you will last forever it will Dawn upon you like

a fresh day a symbol of the unwavering love I have for you and a promise of what is to come my darling child I pray

that you will share it fearlessly so that it may alter the world one heart At A Time In This Moment of Silence I who

created the stars and stretched the sky into their magnificent Grandeur and Whisper spring to your heart so listen

closely you were formed in my likeness and I have poured eternal life into your body because I am the one who created

everything both visible and invisible I am always by your side as

near as the air around you and the rhythm of your wrist beat you my beloved

have the Divine spark that I have bestowed upon you and you are the heir to a vow that goes beyond the boundaries

of this world and the passing of time I offer you more than a mere present it is

a sacred Covenant a permanent Union of our spirits that is unbreakable how can the permanence of

the infinite and eternal ever diminish there is no force in the universe that

could ever rentch you out of my firm grasp the falsehoods of the field are

always in my mind when I contemplate my power they grow Toil and don’t spin yet

believe me when I say that not even Solomon in all his majesty was terrified

my presence is full of joy so come and take my hand as we travel together your anxieties will be cast upon me like

stones for I love you with an everlasting love as we turn the final

page of history and construct the era to come you will ascend from magnificence

to magnificence and you will recognize yourself as you have always been known

your father’s Embrace is the place where you will discover a real life eternal

unbreakable and endless and where my right hand holds joys for all time that

being said have no fear for I am your Advocate I am your God so don’t let

discouragement deter you I’ll be there to support and help you I will support

you with the strength of my virtuous right hand do not be afraid I will rescue you I have heard your name this

is the gospel’s essence and you are mine this is is the essence of the good news

with my gift of everlasting life you will never die no one can take you away

from me I am here to fill the vast emptiness that your anxieties have thrown at you so lend me your heart and

ears does my understanding of your life’s complex road map match that of a Shepherd who can see twists and turns

that his sheep cannot never forget that I serve as a beacon Illuminating the

path out of uncertainty when the complexity of Life circumstance es obscures the path ahead your heart

should not be fearful or worried I appreciate love and adore you you are

mine I declare the cross Complete because you bring me joy in enduring its

shame in my Redemption your Victory is found in my resurrection and your hope

is in me come to me in quiet places and I’ll listen seek me out in the ordinary

and mundane and you will find glimpses of the Eternal I am not some distant God

but a present father an unending lover and a faithful friend I am with you in

your waking and resting in your laughter and in your tears all you need to do is be still and know that I am God I am the

one who has never left your side the one who has witnessed every tear that has fallen from your eyes speak to me not

with formal platitudes but with the openness and trust that a child has with their father please share anything on

your mind and soul with me I am here and ready to listen I your creator your

father and your budy will have a more impactful talk with you than any powerful or prominent person you may

ever meet if you think of Life as a tapestry you will only see the Tangled

strands on the other side don’t let that discourage you your life is a masterpiece in progress and as I watch

it come to life I know that one day you will look at it through my eyes and

wonder at how each thread and color contributed to its completion I get it

there will be days when the clouds roll in and the rain makes it hard to see but there will also be days when the rain

gives new life it hydrates the dry soil which in turn triggers the dormant seeds

to sprout just when you think the world is crumbling around you the storms and

hardships that pass through your life will usher in a new era of deel development and resilience whenever you

feel fearful about what the future holds just reach out and my hand will be there

waiting for you take it in your hands and follow me I have a firm grasp and a

steady hand stay focused on the road ahead where my light will guide you home

and don’t glance back or sideways your days are counted and your route is determined just as the stars are fixed

in the skies at my command just as the Stars obey the Comm command I have given them from the beginning of time so too

must you my child when you look up at the night sky and try to Fathom their

purpose no matter how winding your journey seems know that there is a higher power at work guiding you even

when you can’t perceive it listen to my voice instead because it is in the darkest hours that I speak to the depths

of your heart be not afraid I have saved you the voices of death and doubt will

be heard loudest in those moments but you only need to listen to me your name has been mentioned you belong to me my

presence will be felt along the rivers and across the seas the Raging Flames

will not overwhelm you as you pass through them the flame will not touch you and you will not be burned the

Stillness around you will ReSound more than any reassurance you may get and there may be moments when you will feel

completely alone during these times keep in mind that I’m closer to you than the

air you breathe indeed I am present I am an expert Gardener so you can be certain

that I will attend to you with tender loving care trust in God’s plan rather

than your own understanding Faith guarantees what you hope for and assures you of what you cannot see my love is

real so trust me you put your trust in my kindness and my ability to work

everything out for the benefit of those who love me and follow my plan leaving nothing to chance keep in mind the yes

and amen commitments I have made to you as you grasp my hand when Darkness Falls

my words will shine brightly illuminating your way keep them close to your heart because they give life to

those who seek them and health to all their bodies join me today and I will

guide you step by step through the Landscapes of your life as we walk and speak rest assured I will be by your

side from the beginning of time until the end of time my darling you are secure with me so may my presence ease

your pain and may my word lead you pay close attention as my voice provides a

soothing Melody that might help you recover in the Stillness of your heart

let me write and sew my words into the very essence of who you are a memorial to the Everlasting Bond we have you love

are aware that this Proclamation reveals a deep feeling of liberation with the gentlest care holding you close in my

hands as you face whatever today brings I extend an Embrace that goes beyond Earthly measurements no matter where

your path takes you know that you are not traveling alone stop what you’re doing listen again and tune into the

energy around you my friendship remains unwavering providing unwavering support

as you navigate the ups and downs of life in times of trouble and uncertainty

know that I am by your side hear the gentle murmurs that carry the potential for healing Let My Words reverberate in

your ears imprinting a permanent reminder of your adoration as you confront the subtle drift that life’s

trials May create and the deceit that emotions may lay upon your mind my

Whispers serve as a tether tying you to the truth and keeping you close to my Love’s

Embrace when you need a helping hand or a reassuring word to get you through a tough patch listen to The Whispers of

love and wisdom they will reverberate throughout your being and ground you in the reality of our connection have no

fear I will be a constant note in your life Symphony I will whisper words of

comfort so that you may face the future with poise and confidence in the safety

of your heart I will Kindle a fire a blazing Beacon of Hope that will follow

you through all the turns of your journey even when the cold Embrace and Terror of the Shadows of Darkness Loom

try to swallow you whole my light will remain constant it will break through

the darkness like the sun’s Rays illuminating your world and driving out the approaching Shadows my everlasting

light is too bright for evil in all of its forms Shadows fade away in the face of the light shining from within you

revealing their true nature rest assured that my light will always be there to protect you en circling and driving evil

away with my infinite love I will crush any spiritual enemies who attempt to

seow Discord in your life today in the midst of life’s trials and spiritual battles I pray that you will have the

opportunity to witness the transformative power of love and experience the profound affection and

strength it bestows upon you may you have faith in the resiliency of the fire within your heart which is evidence of

my constant presence make my light shine more clearly driving out darkness and

uncertainty this light will guide you to peace fortitude and the assurance that my love

will Triumph even when faced with overwhelming odds think of the light shining from within and let it be a

compass to help you navigate the night turning every low Point into a confirmation of Love strength I am the

very essence of permanence I am unaffected by the passage of time and will always be here my constant presence

surrounds you a reliable and ever lasting source of Solace just as the Earth rotates through its cycles and the

Stars light up your evenings there must be absolutely no ambiguity my presence with you is ever

present a comforting hug that has no bounds in time or space you can be

certain that I will protect you from any enemy who dares to stand up to you in tough times there is no doubt in my mind

that I will do whatever it takes to defend you I am the unwavering keeper of your existence and I will fight

fearlessly to protect you put all worries to rest and never allow dread to

take up residence in your soul the unknowns of life should not make you shudder you never abandon your loved

ones and your precious spirit is never truly alone I have been by your side

waiting for this perfect opportunity to tell you the truth since the day you were born great gifts are on the way and

today my voice is resonating to assure you of them embrace the comforting knowledge that you are not traversing

this path alone welcome to the holy relationship that has been formed between you from the beginning a bond

that is now being shown to you in a clear and deep way as well as the benefits that are about to come your way

to show your appreciation for all the good things in your life raise your hands in a prayer of Praise gratitude is

due not only for material blessings but also for the immaterial gems that

brighten your path you should tell your loved ones about your blessings because it exemplifies the benefits of having

faith and believing in something we need to infuse new Vitality into the lessons

that have shaped your outlook and guided you on the path of righteousness lifting your hands in gratitude recognize the

unfathomable love that envelops you feel the comfort of Love’s Embrace in the ups

and downs of life you may find Solace and strength in the Divine love that emanates from your heavenly father a

loud Declaration of Faith a booming amen might conclude your expression of thankfulness cementing the moment amen

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