Unexpected blessings are coming to You | God is speaking | God’s Message now | God’s Message

my beloved child there will be many

wonderful events on your way I urge you

to believe it you have remained strong

in difficult times and I ask you to

continue to stay strong I see how tired

you are how exhausted your spirit is but

I urge you to keep moving forward a new

time of peace is approaching hold fast

to your beliefs keep fighting keep

striving for victory get ready to

receive the answers the answers to your

prayers that you have been looking

forward to now is not the time to give

up and let defeat take over don’t let

your joy be stolen those who do not want

to see your success have seen your

unwavering Faith your courage and your

inner strength you are almost at the

Finish Line soon you will reach a place

where Legions of Angel Warriors are

ready to support you in your battles

wonderful blessings things great

happiness and amazing gifts are waiting

for you you will also find joy in your

responsibilities not in the burden

Victory is closer than you think a place

that you thought was Far Away will soon

be within your reach I plan to place you

in a new environment surrounded by kind

and harmonious people free from debt and

eager to work towards achieving the

interesting goals that await you in life

accept this Joy with faith even if you

can’t see or feel it yet keep joyfully

moving forward to the desired end accept

it with faith I know you understand you

are not by chance my child chosen by me

from the very beginning you know this

well because I have shown you many signs

ignoring my words and the Miracles I

want to bring to your lives and your

families would be a huge mistake don’t

let imaginary barriers hold you back

when I come back back I will bless you

and nothing and no one will be able to

stop me I have given you many signs to

ignore my words and the Miracles that I

want to bring to your life and your

families would be a huge mistake don’t

let imaginary barriers hold you back

when I return I will bless you and

nothing and no one will be able to stop

me I have forgiven and cleansed you and

if you are still hiding something from

me you will bring it to me today there

is no excuse or reason that could

prevent you from receiving my love and

forgiveness which I wish to Grant you

even you can’t prevent it yourself if

you try to create obstacles I will

eliminate them with the love I feel for

you I have sent my word to be fulfilled

in your life and the word I have sent

will not return to me empty it will come

bringing fruits and miracles victories

and joys I’m going to show you something

amazing and once you figure it out

you’ll never be able to move away from

the wonderful love that I feel for you I

love you don’t be afraid there is a

special place for you next to me and it

doesn’t matter if others turn away from

you even if you treat them kindly and

respectfully some ungrateful people can

still look down on you therefore today I

strive to strengthen your spirit mind

and body so that you know no longer get

upset and do not suffer from such a

strong disappointment love is sacred

Immaculate Eternal pure real and this is

the love that I offer you those who hurt

you may say they will give you love but

they always want something in return if

you don’t comply they will make your

suffering worse but today you are freed

from this slavery you will not rely on

anyone else for this in this world you

don’t need flattering words to feel

appreciated and you won’t feel sad when

no one is talking to you unless they

need something and they don’t want to

blame you for their problems I am

breaking all spiritual chains all

emotional ties freeing you from the

unfair burden placed on you because you

trusted too easily your enemy May

disguise himself as a light of goodness

seeking to take what rightfully belongs

to you but I am not chasing your wealth

or possessions your material goods mean

nothing to me I wish you to live without

sadness and despair to live for me and

to be incredibly strong you will no

longer be offended when many ignore you

or are unable to blindly trust any

person no matter how pure and kind they

may seem you’ll be truly Brave and very

happy if you appreciate my word accept

my will and patiently wait for all the

benefits that I will bestow on you I

also don’t want want you to be alone at

the right moments I will bring the

perfect person into your life provide

you with the right job and open up

Opportunities For You I Will Bless You

generously settle your debts and take

care of everything you just need to

remain humble and grateful believe in my

love and power and I will work miracles

with you you’ll be filled with happiness

come and trust me get ready for

wonderful surprises look for me every

today let me know that you trust me life

is full of changes no matter what

happens on your way keep a firm and

correct point of view remember I’ll turn

everything that happens to you into

something useful if the path seems

difficult don’t stop if someone tries to

tell you a lie don’t believe them you

and your family are protected in my

hands nothing bad will happen to you but

do not lose your vigilance

the enemy wants to attack you and is

looking for someone careless and absent

minded I don’t need an enemy who wants

to defeat you so I remind you daily that

you are not alone on this journey you

have me and your family even if it seems

that they don’t always support you or

appreciate what you do I see your faith

your dedication and your efforts for

them your house is blessed with your

prayers angels are nearby what watching

over your loved ones thanks to you your

perseverance is crucial in heaven I know

you’re not perfect but your heart is in

the right place you trusted me with your

soul and your heart you don’t give up

when faced with danger and you didn’t

give up in difficult times I sincerely

appreciate your character absorb my

words and let them be imprinted on your

soul keep praying fighting striving and

believing that my promises are coming

true my words are becoming reality your

problems will stop your blessings are on

the way start listing the people and to

help first when it’s time to pay

tributes and support others I will

increase your resources I bless you

generously I will provide for you I will

give you the wisdom to effectively avoid

and manage debt do not forget me in the

midst of your Prosperity remember prayer

and always get preference to my words

they’ll be waiting for you there

tomorrow in the Silence of your room

come with a prepared heart read and

listen to my words devote your time to

me kneel down and prepare your soul for

My Embrace I will envelop you make you

feel my presence with my spirit today I

will bless your life your family and

your home you will feel inspired when my

love surrounds you and your loved ones

when you accept these words with an open

heart they will give you faith and

confidence my blessing is already in

your hands you have risen to a state of

bliss I have removed sadness from your

spirit and body I heal you right kind

words in your mind and eliminate the

deepr rooted couses of your spiritual

problems in the spiritual realm you are

dressed in Royal ropes I think it is

extremely important that you truly

believe and accept these promises with

faith my powerful blood has resurrected

you filling you with my power and

Breaking All the chains that bind you no

one can hold you captive you are free

however I wish you to live in a way that

reflects your prayers accept this

Supernatural encouragement that I am

giving you from this day forward you

will witness numerous blessings arising

from the very problems that once

troubled you instead of pessimism your

face will radiate Joy because now you

walk with faith in my word and your

emotions will not be destroyed by

negativity I am with you and the simple

realization of this will fuel your

desire to continue every day you will

rise with a new interest in life firmly

walking the righteous path taking bold

steps like heroic acts of faith that

elevate your family and refuse to return

to the realm of failure where others

seek to limit you these words bring life

they refresh the song when you hear them

every day your heart is filled with

happiness I am your supplier and you can

be sure that despite any difficulties

everything will be fine everything will

turn out even better than you could have

expected this power which I keep talking

about gives you control over your

emotions control what you say stop GR

rumbling and negative conversations the

fire inside you turns all obstacles to

dust open your eyes be strong let me

hold you close and whisper in your ear

once more my dear child don’t be afraid

I love you you’ll feel better everything

will be fine I need to tell you that

your expectation has almost come to an

end your goal your innermost wish your

blessing all this is coming true right

now prepare your hearts because Joy can

be overwhelming and surprise is so

wonderful that you may wonder if you

really deserve everything that I am

ready to give you I am speaking to your

soul once again gently urging you to

refresh your thoughts I understand that

you cannot cope alone I will help you

where you hesitate but you must

strengthen your faith your Bible is

waiting start reading it daily look for

the company of those who love you I am

just around the corner supporting Faith

speaking words of encouragement and

helping your growth every morning I’m at

your bedside you can kneel down or just

close your eyes at home or go out to

bask in the sun talk to me tell me about

your feelings your thoughts what are the

reasons why you always live with

gratitude what things and people make

you feel happy write my word and place

it in front of your eyes in short verses

that you can remember not repeat

mindlessly but contemplate in order to

understand why love and strength and

learn to believe in my deep affection

for you I want to bless you and your

family with a wonderful and perfect plan

the day has come when you will get what

you have been waiting for for a long

time you do not need to continue crying

or suffering there will be no shortage

in your home life peace and abundance I

want to make this Covenant with you come

and listen to me every morning take this

word into your heart which brings

stability and peace brings Clarity to

your mind refreshes your way of thinking

from now on expect my visit to your home

before the end of the year I will fill

you and your loved ones with Harmony

love tenderness and happiness I love you

you have a minute for me today wherever

you are in the Silence of your room or

wherever you are open your heart let out

the pain that you keep inside share

those hidden feelings with me the

emotions that we are experiencing at

this moment you give to me I will heal

your spirit and revive your emotions so

that you can always feel good when I see

that you are upset I come to calm your

heart with my loving touch that heals

you when you don’t even understand why

you are burdened by emotions remember

those times of sadness and stress there

is nothing wrong with craving a hug or

someone who will listen to you offer

their ear patience and

open-mindedness I understand your need

that’s why I’m talking to you now but I

have to say that if you are pinning your

hopes on others to cheer you up when you

are feeling depressed in the end you may

need very little time they are the same

as you with their sadness in their their

soul trust me and rely on my love I will

not disappoint you or deprive you of the

attention you desire I want you to feel

enveloped in tenderness and abundant

affection so that in moments of sadness

you can come and trust me with sincerity

and innocence like a child I’ve shown

you many times how deep my love for you

is but I’ll say it again I will free you

from your sadness and loneliness lift

you up and Elevate you I I want you to

see all the benefits that belong to you

sometimes make it a habit to search for

my words every day listen carefully tune

your ears immerse yourself in the Bible

know for sure that you are part of the

Kingdom of Heaven where you are loved

protected guided and instructed by your

heavenly ons the father is always and

everywhere no matter if things are going

well or badly I will always be by your


you are what my promises say but you

need to understand something important

your spirit and mind are connected you

have access to the kingdom of Miracles

but you live in the Earthly Kingdom

problems will arise disputes will arise

and enemies will try to hurt you this is

all part of your path but nothing will

overcome you my support is yours my help

is ready and my word lives in your heart

you have the strength of a winner your

unwavering faith is the key that you

need right now stand up and resolve your

problems decisively I love you so much

and strengthen you tell me that you

believe in me Shout It Out Loud write it

down again nothing is impossible for God

I have a lot of good news that I want to

share with you there are blessings ahead

of you and the coming days will be

fruitful be filled with joy and

happiness for you and your family I am

dispelling the darkness That clouds your

thoughts I have erased all the

consequences and curses of your missteps

nothing will interfere with the

wonderful blessings that I plan to give

you for I have personally repaid the

debt of guilt and regret that your enemy

wanted to impose on you even when the

world is gripped by fear and uncertainty

you can reach out to me directly you are

my beloved protected child you have

every right to call out to me and be

heard While others seek safety in what

they own or control you must be full of

confidence because your hope is in me I

will never leave you you need to have

faith and trust stand firm in this Grace

remain steadfast in your commitments you

have the power to stand up to storms

order them to calm down and they will

obey Don’t Be Afraid just try and you

will witness it when conflicts try to

trap you with their tricks raise your

hands in Triumph calling out to me the

barriers blocking your path will fall

the forces opposing you will get stuck

get up and go spread these joyful

messages all over the world everyone who

needs to hear them my power accompanies

you and when you say and share these

words Miracles will happen no leader of

a Nation or governments can provide the

security your soul needs needs they can

offer peace and prosperity but you will

never see them because every hour

Darkness envelops you I have come to

save you and promise you a wonderful

place in heaven one day you will be with

me but while you are here on Earth I

want you to remember these words every

night before going to bed sleep

especially at night when there are a lot

of Tears pouring out of your eyes put

your head on the pillow put aside your

worries stretch out your hands and take

this Divine oil that heals both body and

spirit you will sleep soundly without

feeling any distress and when you wake

up you will be greeted by a feeling of

renewal not anxiety I will keep

reminding you do I need to tell you this

every time a moment of how much I

cherish respect and appreciate you I am

actively Paving the way for you and

ensuring your well-being I wish peace

peace to your family wisdom to your

children abundance in your debt-free

home and constant relief from any deepr

rooted suffering you will hear me you

will feel my presence I will continue to

offer you my affection Whispering

lovingly that my love for you is eternal

magnificent and Supernatural say yes you

are open to hearing you long to feel it

express your love for me my child today

from now on I give you a new life

Everything Will Change start this day

with your head held high and your heart

full of Faith you will see that

everything is changing around you little

by little never forget that in every

minute of today I am with you giving you

the strength you need to overcome any

challenge giving you the opportunity to

sensitively perceive all the Beauties

and small blessings that I give you

nothing is too difficult for me I I will

do wonderful things in your life my

child listen to my voice heed my words

and may peace and serenity fill your

heart I strive to bring stability to

your thoughts joy and contentment to

your life I don’t want you to worry

about what has passed about the time

that has passed time has passed or

people have left leaving you sad and

wounded there was a time when the enemy

whispered that I did love you assuming

that your struggle meant that I left you

but today you feel my presence and Trust

the truth my love for you is deep and

you are sure that I will never leave you

my Magnificent Presence will fill you

bless you my love is deep I believe that

you will always believe in it I have

something important to share with you so

listen carefully don’t lose sight of

this message accept every word that I’m

going to say and share your thoughts on

on this issue that I want to discuss

with you I am here to assure you that I

will never stop expressing my love to

you every day finding gentle and

delightful ways to make you feel cared

for eternally adorned with this immense

love that I feel for you my feelings do

not change my Covenant of Love is

written in my word signed with my own

blood and sealed with the presence of my

Holy Spirit who lives and burns in your

heart like a flame burning the world the

Divine peace that gives firmness to your

legs helps you get up get up again Fight

For Life give more love to your family

this is the mighty power that I am

giving you don’t move away from me and

don’t get distracted by the negativity

of the world be positive even if it

seems that everything around you is

collapsing just breathe in my peace give

your heart a chance to rest and remember

that everything has a purpose and I want

you to be happy I’m your almighty God I

know everything that’s going on I help

you in difficult situations as well as

in small things not a single detail

escapes me I give you my love and I want

you to show compassion to others love

them be patient with them I want you to

forgive them your attitude towards these

people may make many of them come to me

today I’m giving you new strength to

start over I am giving you the wisdom to

solve all your problems live this day

with joy because everything is already

in my hands I know all your difficulties

and your feelings just calm down have

faith and strive to do your best if you

feel lonely Don’t Be Afraid just pray I

have never left you my love for you and

those who are dear to you the promise is

I make no no bouns but believe in me and

strive for your dreams because I will

make everything better and smoother than

you could ever imagine and when evening

comes be grateful for everything you’ve

been through your gratitude is very

important your thinking is great power

remember my child I am with you today

tomorrow and forever I’m here today to

get rid of this inexplicable anxiety

Weighing on your heart I strive to

eliminate everything

that brings you inexplicable sadness I

cherish you and experience real Divine

happiness in keeping you in my arms

convey your Despair and any worries

wherever you are when you listen to me I

gently touch your head The Healing Touch

of my holy spirit is washing over you

now any illness any mental disorder is a

mystery the agony is tearing your soul

apart hear my commanding voice you’re

going to be healed now you will be

cleansed from head to toe you will

penetrate into the deepest corners of

your mind you don’t have to keep

suffering I am your father and the gift

of life that I have given you is meant

for you to enjoy it with those you love

confidence when you feel bad give

yourself a new chance your sadness pain

torment and dispair are now behind you

today you are liberated healed let me

hold you close for a moment and say some

beautiful words this will strengthen you

so that every day war will wake up full

of firm faith in the deep love that I

feel for you I surround you with my love

peace and kindness wrap you in a blanket

of Tranquility gently stroke your head

and Whisper I love you my child my love

is so immense that no words can fully

describe it to feel it deeply you have

to accept it you deserve to enjoy it

your darkest days are passing away and

your wounds remind you of the past I

heal them and look forward to a bright

future where you and your family will

live in peace basking in my blessings

you’ve been waiting for my answer take

it to heart feel my gentle touch on your

soul right now confirming that there is

a cure for your pain don’t just sit and

think about what you could do the places

you want to go or believe in your dreams

you are to inaccessible by yourself you

may not be able to do it but with my

help you can achieve something good if

you just believe ignore rvy and negative

comments some thought you had failed but

you have every right to keep going

forward you don’t really fail you just

stumbled and felt weak but I was there

to support you and make you strong I

warn you that although many blessings

are on the way there are also those who

Envy the good and beauty that I give you

seek me sincerely because I want to give

you a lot of wisdom that will help you

see the dangers expose false friends and

notice the opportunities and blessings

that come my blessing is on you and your

family all your kind and fruitful

efforts will be generously blessed I’ll

give you a clear mindset so that you can

make plans and make dreams come true the

journey was difficult

and there were many things you couldn’t

do but in the coming days you’ll prosper

and be blessed with my love and strength


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