“Unbreakable Bond: Two Cute Dogs Overcome Severe Facial Deformities and Inspire Reflection”.3linh

“An Inspiring Tale of Friendship: Two Dogs Defying the Odds Together”

Not all dogs have the chance to find a best friend, and for some, it may seem like an impossible feat. However, prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary bond between two very special dogs that will undoubtedly make you contemplate the meaning of companionship.

Meet Picasso, a five-year-old canine born with a unique facial deformity, and his newfound companion, Newt, a one-year-old pup who faced adversity after los ing his upper jaw due to an unfortunate incident with his mother. Despite their severe facial deformities, these two dogs have formed an unbreakable friendship that will warm your heart.

Liesl Wilhardt, the 53-year-old founder and director of Lovable Dog Rescue, has given us a glimpse into the remarkable friendship of Picasso and Newt. These resilient pups, despite their challenges, lead joyful lives on a sprawling 55-acre property in Oregon, USA.

Liesl welcomed Picasso into her life in 2017 after a heartbreaking loss when his brother passed away. In 2021, she extended her love to Newt, and it didn’t take long for the two to become inseparable. Despite their daily hurdles caused by their deformities and Newt’s medical issues, Picasso and Newt have found happiness together.

Through a series of heartwarming clips, we witness their friendship in action as they share meals, play together, enjoy walks, and even go berry picking.

Liesl shared, “It was a miracle that Picasso survived as a puppy because it would have been very challenging for him even to nurse from his mom. Newt has faced many more challenges, surprisingly, not primarily due to his missing upper jaw.”

She continued, “Both Picasso and Newt adore people, so in public, they are outgoing and seek attention, loving to greet everyone they meet. Most people do a double take when they see them, and then they can’t help but stare for a while, trying to comprehend what they are witnessing. These two brave souls are not in pain; they have adapted remarkably well to their physical challenges and do almost everything they set their minds to. Picasso loved Newt from the beginning because Newt enjoys playing and wrestling and is incredibly good-natured. This friendship has only grown stronger as Newt has matured. I wholeheartedly adore Picasso and Newt; they are both incredibly loving, happy, intelligent, and humorous dogs.”

The heartwarming bond between Picasso and Newt serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of animals and the profound connections they can form. Their story encourages us to embrace the beauty of friendship, no matter the circumstances.


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