“Ugly” Dog With “Human Teeth” Kept Getting Rejected, But One Woman Fell In Love

 Salty the Greyhound’s bite is so pronounced that their teeth look human-like. While many visitors to the shelter thought her teeth were unattractive and hideous, a Melbourne family fell in love with her and adopted her!

Every day, Lucy Percival indulges in salty foods and discovers a new part of herself. Salty, on the other hand, began chattering excessively one day, much to her parents’ dismay. Lucy snuggled closer to Salty, wondering what was going on, as the dog’s talking became louder.

Click the video below to watch Salty’s adorable love-powered teeth-chattering!

Salty wasn’t sick, terrified, or cold, the family understood, but the source of her unusual chattering teeth was love! Salty has never known such love and warmth in her life, and her heart bursts with joy every time her family makes her happy. Her teeth chattered as a result of the intense sensation!

The Percivals had gotten accustomed to a noisy household over the years as a result of Salty’s regular delighted teeth chattering. Many people are confused at Salty’s condition and enquire about his well-being, which the family must explain is an involuntary response comparable to a cat’s purr!

Lucy regards Salty as the nicest gift she’s ever gotten, and she credits her “social” dog with assisting her in forming lifetime connections in her neighborhood. Rescue dogs, no matter how they seem, are always a blessing!

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