Trust That God Has An Appointed Time | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

dear friend the scripture says the

vision is for an appointed time that

means there is a specific time already

determined for the Fulfillment of the

desires God has placed in your heart the

appointed time is the best time we have

to trust that God can see the big

picture for our lives he knows what’s up

ahead he knows what we’re going to need

who we’re going to need and when they

need to show up if God did everything we

ask on our timetable it would limit us

because sometimes what we’re asking for

is too small sometimes the person we

think we can’t live without God knows in

years they’re not going to be good

for us so he is closing the door right

now sometimes the promotion we want so

badly if God gave it to us right now he

knows it would keep us from a much

bigger promotion that he has three years

down the road remember God has the

advantage of seeing it all the longer I

live the more I trust him the more I I

see his hand of faithfulness the more I

know that his plan is better than my

plan today trust that he knows what he’s

doing trust that he has an appointed

time and it is the best time to bring to

pass his promises in your life a prayer

for today Father you are my refuge and

my Fortress so in the midst of all my

difficulties I look up to you please be

sympathetic to my plight and redeem me

my life is in turbulence Lord please let

your calmness transcend over my life and

make everything calm grant me peace and

serenity Lord give me rest give me hope

give me strength give me courage sustain

Me with Your Grace Lord and remind me

always that no matter what I go through

in life you are by my side thank you for

taking away my fears and giving me peace

in Jesus name amen like if you believe



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