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in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit of God

Amen Heavenly Father we assemble together and unite in the wonderful and

Powerful name of Jesus Christ Jesus we express our gratitude we

lift you high and We Gather in your name we lift you high thank you for loving

the listeners with an enduring love your love for the listener is so immense that

you sacrificed on the cross and rose again you are the Risen Lord

hallelujah thank you for your Incarnation life death and

Resurrection gracious father thank you for sending your son Jesus God Jesus you are our source of

strength in our protective shield gratitude for the precious blood of

Jesus fills our hearts thank you Jesus for your sacrificial blood shed on the

cross by your grace we offer our worship and exaltation we magnify your name every

day we shall praise the name of Jesus through your name we have the

privilege to call upon you our father Jesus we learn to be authentic

and faithful disciples God The Listener in walking this path day by day led by

Your Divine guidance every good thing originates from and flows through you our thanks

Jesus we are united with you Jesus Hallelujah we bear abundant fruit

because of Jesus when The Listener produces much fruit in their lives father we express our gratitude ude to

you Jesus your love for the listener is boundless and you descended to Earth for

them we pray that the listener abides in that love finding their dwelling in that

love continuously we will present a sacrifice of praise to you Jesus the

fruit of our lips we will give thanks to your name Lord thank you Jesus

Jesus we pray for the profound understanding of love father a love surpassing knowledge the love that Jesus

has for us and the love for Jesus that he has for The Listener may we be filled to the measure

of all your fullness we express our gratitude to the Lord we invoke your

name Jesus you are great and deserving of the highest praise your greatness is

immeasurable and Beyond blood our comprehension Lord I invite you to draw

near as I draw closer to you you King Jesus are the bestower of all good

things you grant me Indescribable Joy victory over the enemy and all powers of

darkness and the strength to overcome every challenge with your grace and favor I

can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens me Lord each day each hour and each

moment of my life I choose to place my trust in you grant me a mindset that is

inherently thankful a heart predisposed to acknowledge your goodness and mercy

before presenting personal requests your sacrifice on the cross has

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