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my beloved one hear the whisperings of my spirit calling to you the miracle for which your soul

yearns is closer now than ever before let Faith anchor you firmly

against the storms of life in this moment I invite you to pour

out your heart before me unburden yourself of Secret Sorrows tell me your

deepest needs and believe with unwavering conviction that I will answer as you open your ear to my gentle

guidance you will discover not just Solutions but a pathway of peace for the

unrest within do not turn away from my words let them caress your spirit easing the

places that ache I will walk closely with you all through this day wrapping you in my

constant presence In My Embrace I will lead you on right

paths my desire is to quiet your anxious thoughts thought s and steady you when

worry breeds fear you have no cause for fear my precious one your heavenly

father is here grasping your hand in the darkness Reviving your strength when you

feel you can go no further the truth is this through me you are

able I bestow Vigor for the journey ahead it is my delight to see you

thriving living out the destiny I have prepared for you

sometimes your mind grows clouded with doubts lingering fog you wonder if my

promises could ever come to pass or if I will answer before the night grows old and gray alone in the Midnight Hour sleep

evades as fearful Whispers Echo that All Is Lost that you are

unloved but hear me beloved those lying voices are not your identity you will

not become what they say no one but I determines the course of your life no

external force can truly damage your soul when you abide in me remember

always that no one understands you as I do even now I speak hope and Truth to

the deepest places of your heart my love for you transcends the farthest galaxies

spans the highest Heavens it is my joy to see my dreams for you

fulfilled my spirit residing within makes all things possible

the mistakes of your past pose no barrier to the blessings I have reserved for you determine this day to walk ever

closer with me steeping your soul in the words I speak today I am Reviving faded

dreams and forgotten passions The Embers of your soul will glow red hot with

renewed desire my power will awaken spiritual senses to wonders you have

never known have you not seen my hand respond when you call

should one Who Bore the cross falter and fail because of insult or injury I

endured for Love of You Now Heaven’s Storehouse of blessings is open wide

This Day Resolve to walk forward boldly into your destiny unhindered by the

words of those who do not wish you well pay no heed to envious voices aiming to

dull your gifts stay near to me beloved and I will light your path to purpose

hold fast to this unchanging truth no opposing power can deter your steps when

I ordain your way rest in the depth of my love for you and no discouragement

will overtake you when you stumble my hand is there to catch you when

adversity assails my grace rushes to shelter you and when you call I answer

without fail unveiling Mysteries and wonders so call to me today with

expectant Faith have I not proven myself to you again and again have not my words

echoed in your ear through the seasons promising to meet your needs with more and more

abundance even now you can feel my peace filling you believe and work diligently in that

belief persevere in prayer my timing is Flawless and I will bring the answers you seek the day of

fulfillment draws near when I will deliver long-awaited Miracles into your hands oh treasured one pause now to

receive my words words overflowing with tenderness and strength in this moment I

desire you to feel deeply comforted fully known let tears flow freely releasing

any burdens others may have laid on you anchor steadfastly in my

promises finding your peace in me I am ever with you even in

loneliness I see the wounds that life’s trials have inflicted but hear me I am

here to heal console and lift you up over and over I urge you do not be

afraid cling fervently to me so my voice reverberates within when doubts assail

constantly I reaffirm my profound love for you along life’s journey unforeseen

Sorrows May Ambush your soul but I will strengthen you for the road ahead my

Grace Finds you sufficient equipped for victory you can stand tall in my

enablement fully empowered by my spirit inside my gaze sees beyond today’s storm

clouds to the calm I have prepared for you a calm filled with joy and sweet

release from fear’s grip after the Deluge you will dance in

Merry abandon even as you pour out blessings for others from my Storehouse within and as you pass on what I have

given even more abundance will overflow your life in this season of unfolding

Miracles determined to stand strong lay aside weights of unbelief seek me early

and often renewing your trust even as attacks aim to erode your confidence

fortify your heart in my presence when doubts assail I see your weariness but I am

Reviving your soul once more return to the path of childlike faith

immerse yourself aresh in my living word until you are vibrant with Hope Oh beloved I long to deepen your

awareness of your Priceless Worth to me no failure or Triumph changes my

extravagant love for you all you have walked through has prepared you for the purpose I have designed uniquely for

your life do not dwell on perceived weaknesses in those nearest you maturity

takes time but the transformation has already begun the people beside you now will emerge

changed my precious one a battle now rages in unseen Realms and I am calling

you to rise up in faith there will be challenges to overcome but your Victory is certain as you remain fervent in

prayer seek my face early and often commit yourself to intercession the time

is coming for dramatic outpourings of my spirit miracles of provision that will make a way for multitudes to encounter

my love as you Steward these gifts blessings will overtake you this is an

era of acceleration determination and bold Faith are vital now lay down

anxiety renew your trust in me I am banishing fear today igniting your heart

with courage for all that is to come Beyond this struggle your reward awaits

I am revealing your true identity buried beneath layers of distorted

beliefs you are so precious to me yesterday today and for all eternity no

matter what your past contains every experience has prepared you for your

destiny there is purpose in your pain do not dwell on weaknesses you perceive in

loved ones they are on a journey too and growth takes time but the people around

you now will not stay the same lift your eyes beloved child Miracles shall abound

through you the hour of fulfillment is at hand Rejoice for your mour shall be

turned into dancing Victory is assured for the one who believes now rise up and

take hold of all I have waiting for you the Earth awaits the unveiling of my sons and daughters it is your time shine

brightly for me my beloved child Heed These words from your Eternal Father in

but a few months time remarkable changes shall come to pass within your family

have faith and persevere steadfastly in prayer for the events now unfolding will

conclude in Joy the Discord plaguing your home shall give way to renewed happiness Harmony

and peace amongst those you hold most dear yet first I caution you bring your

worries and petitions before me not others allow no anger or impatience to

steal the long awaited gladness soon to be yours be slow to voice words that

wound comparing none to another rules are needful Commandments must stand but

raise no voice in enforcement insult not demean none if

discipline must be Meed still yourself first take minutes to calm your spirit

ask me to grasp your hand breathe courage into your soul before advising loved ones I will help you speak with

Grace not wrath from the rising to the setting of The Sun I am with you even as

you Slumber I abide nearby communing through my word sending

dreams to reveal my plans for you you will wake with joy and strength the

changes coming will unfold smoothly I will not let you face more than you can

bear if overburdened Beyond strength believe my promise you will endure the

prize the goal the recompense lie just ahead a little farther along the

path I grant you power to finish your course receive your reward Mighty is the

strength I impart enabling You To Tread unharmed amid serpents scorpions and

every evil mination no weapon formed against you will prevail thus I desire you to stand

confident steadfast certain of the good things near hearing let this Faith greet

each new Sunrise bringing Delight to my heart through our continued Fellowship I

will show the Marvels in store for your life my beloved hear this every process

serves a purpose so do not retreat in fear from trials nor flee adversaries

nor abandon your cause when prayers seem unanswered have faith when you cry out

to me believe your help is nigh bow down extend empty hands to receive

my benefaction did I not instill within you the capacity for

trust expect then to obtain what you do not yet see this faith shall strengthen you for

battle Ure you Prevail pay no heed if others Mock and

discount you smugly thinking to squash you in an instant little do they comprehend even

witnessing they would not believe have they forgotten your father created all

worlds let opposers beware no one who threatens my beloved will escape

confrontation though inadequate in yourself taking my hand fortifies you for victory even when strength fails and

resources vanish I am your rock your shelter your

Advocate therefore rise up undaunted in defending innocence from

harm you exhibit Powers Beyond you for I have anointed you as my Champion courage

from above is your armor through wielding my word you will repel sicknesses send fleeing entire

armies my gracious Spirit pours upon you stand tall beloved child to receive this

outpouring love whether circumstances Prosper or Decay prayer remains

vital in days glad or gloomy talking with me is no burden when

you perceive through the lens of Faith thus I urge you believe me ready

to respond wherever you are cry aloud and I will answer come aside to listen my presence

shall embrace you until anxieties melt away I will not leave nor abandon you to

wander in fear and darkness each New Dawn I knock upon the door of your heart

rise early while your household yet Slumbers and come meet me in your priv private Sanctuary kneel in silence and

commence through prayer your communion with me bring to our meeting no pretense

come needy trusting expecting your father to provide lay be your heart nor

deem any concern too small to bring before my throne of grace your honest

petitions are beautiful to me indeed you have aligned priorities with wisdom

seeking first my kingdom therefore hear this decree from the almighty fear No

Lack waver not keep asking believing you receive plead for your future your

Prosperity your family for renewal of health and strength pray for all your

children whether young or grown bring before me even those Kinsmen who spurn

you I will undo their disdain one day the scornful will return

contrite conscience smitten no longer underestimating your worth repay no old

wrongs only forgiveness and blessings should pass your lips my spirit is able

to soften hardened Hearts if you will stand back and Trust the outcome to me soon they will observe my hand of favor

on your life and wish they had not shunned you when that day comes you must meet them with Grace not

reproach my precious one hold fast to this my promise you have only to

persevere in prayer and all needed help will be given fear no approaching trials or conflicts

stay your mind on me alone and no distress will unseat you I touch you now

with my hand of strength receive a new my love my peace my patience have I not

filled you with boldness and Zeal despite raging storms soon very soon I

will command the tempests to grow still sending Divine calm to swallow up

storms where you walk walk in Weeping shall soon ReSound with laughter rise up

beloved and lift High your crown of Victory it is your portion as my

treasured son my precious daughter my child I see you struggling and wanting

to give up hope but do not lose heart or stop believing in my promises I know the path has not been

easy and at times you felt abandoned but I have never left your

side when you are weary come to me and find rest let me revive and restore your soul

immerse yourself in my Living Waters my word my spirit my

presence as you drink deeply from these Waters I will nourish you and satisfy

your Soul’s deepest longings the desert places within you will Bloom and

flourish my plans for you are good I will lead you on Paths of righteousness

for my name’s sake through the valley of Shadows I am with you my rod and staff comforting you

there is purpose in this journey of yours in my perfect timing you will understand for now trust in my goodness

even when you cannot trace my hand know that I work all things for the good of those who love me the present troubles

are temporary but the glory I have prepared for you is eternal imperishable

undefiled fix your eyes not on what is seen But on what is unseen the visible

world is passing away but my kingdom is unshakable

Everlasting the battles rage fiercely and some days the war seems lost but my

beloved the victory has already been won evil will not triumph over you no weapon

formed against you shall prosper I give you power to tread on snakes and

scorpions and Nothing by any means will harm you you are sealed protected

delivered from the Dominion of Darkness what I have promised I am able

also to perform the long night of weeping will come to an end Joy comes in the morning

A day is coming soon when your mouth will be filled with laughter and your tongue with joyful shouts The Fortunes of your home will be

restored Beauty Will Rise From the Ashes those who scorned you will come to you

acknowledging the faithfulness of my words and you my beloved will be a shining witness of my glory and grace

your story will stir hope in other weary Souls they will find strength in your strength which comes from me alone for

my power is made perfect in weakness all the straining has not been feudal soon understanding will flood

your mind as you behold the Harvest yielded through pain you desire transformation not just in words and

ideas but true change I understand and I promise a complete renewal of heart mind

Life Family future my spirit’s presence within you enables The

Impossible apart from me you can do nothing but I tell you truly if you

remain in me ask whatever you will and it shall be done your requests are never too big or

too small for me have have confidence in This Promise despite what circumstances

scream sometimes I delay answers to test and refine Faith other times perceived

NOS are Divine protection as I see what you cannot but regardless my definitive

yes stands forever to every child who abides in my love no prayer uttered

sincerely ever Falls void rest assured all will be answered

in my perfect timing yet I see weariness weighing upon you once more you rise excited knowing I

love you and I’m with you always but then duties and distractions choke out time spent with me until worries

overwhelm and peace flees my Living Water remains available but you lapse in drinking when feeling strong and now

slowly but surely Faith Withers like plants denied water today I extend this

warning not to shame but spare you future regrets you may feel fine

presently but just as lack of water causes undetectable damage at first so

spiritual apathy breeds gradual Decay the crumbling goes unseen until total

collapse let today be a defining day commit holy to me in devotion and

sincerity not chasing titles or human Acclaim but serving me out of genuine

love sever ties with all who claim light while spreading darkness and deception in my name I desire an intimate

Allegiance with an unpretentious repentant heart eager to be filled aresh

with my spirit are you willing my beloved step now into the secret place of my presence

allow me to envelope you as you yield your all dreams fears past future even

your next breath relinquish the right to govern your life I will steer your

course from here this surrender frees you to receive new INF Fusion of power

transformation Beyond Your Wildest Dreams the old will pass away behold I

make all things new my child you are never truly lost to the forces that

oppose you though they tried to destroy your life and steal your joy I will

restore you with my grace know that you have many fruitful years ahead which you

must live unto me seek continually to learn of me and grow strong in faith

Trust resting my promises my word declares you shall route armies raised

against you breach walls meant to block your way accomplish Feats when

needed when you seem to face the end you’ll witness my hand dividing obstacles making a path showering you

with blessings come to me for Refuge when hardships arise do not wage this battle

solely by your strength I made you Brave so you would believe my word and Advance

confidently knowing my hand protects let others boast of power they

lack while you trust and have faith in me you will excel others as you

Faithfully follow my ways I understand there will be times you stumble feel weak and unwilling to

press on for those moments I came died on the cross and rose again with power

and glory to lift you up in challenging times help helping you always I will not

be far call and I will answer never denying you when you need me I will not

ignore your cry this is my promise and Covenant still in force not forgotten

cry out and I will respond unveiling wonders beyond imagination I am your merciful and

forgiving God begin each day with me for I wait eagerly to Lavish you with love

in heaven blessings with your name await I know the reasons behind my plans trust

me completely both in Heaven and Earth much is lining up for your good I have issued

an unbreakable decree for you to receive abundant provision freedom from debt

Supernatural wisdom and specially prepared blessings for your family what I destined for you is no

accident I loved you before you were formed and have arranged beautiful things for you first among them is my

eternal love I loved you when distant and I loved you when returned my

child if you think I grow angry and distant due to occasional failures you are wrong your mistakes do not alarm me

I will not discard you for sin whenever you come burdened with sorrow and Truth speaking repentance I

know your love even in error I see your heart and reasons I treasure your honesty none can

deceive me some Fain Perfection entering my courts to accuse those unlike

them but you do not criticize or claim superiority your spirit is gentle your

manner kind your thoughts pure when you stumble rise up confidently in faith let

no one condemn you none have that right Embrace this firm belief as you come to

me daily with humility eager to hear I will shower you with

blessings I know pursuit of wealth is not your ambition your heart yearns for

family protection and provision trust I will grant this and more I ready you for doors swinging open

to new Vistas fear not to enter for even now Miracles unfold around you new faces

bringing fresh opportunities will come like never before challenges will

through your faith and patience morph into blessings ushering in peace and

plenty most precious of gifts are already yours for you possess my

constant love trust me to lead your life for utmost good seek my wisdom each morning

in prayer delve into my word in my presence find Sanctuary from turmoil

without here in our sacred meeting place is the Refuge you require for rest and

renewal time with me is never wasted but rather invests itself into years of favor love

me fully with all your mind Essence and might reject thoughts that weigh upon

your soul in these times of widespread fear and Chaos strained families and fading

loyalty take shelter under my protective Wings safe from life’s tempests you will

not be drained by its harshness in my presence your spirit is refreshed

Faith reignited negativity dispelled turn from naysayers who

neither seek nor know me give no heed to those pedling easy success Sons

sacrifice who care not for others needs instead nourish the hungry refresh the

Thirsty Comfort the lonely in their sorrow invest in true blessings

beginning with family have no fear of shortage for your Storehouse will overflow and the work of

your hands will prosper when you honor Me Above All obeying my

principles shun dishonest practices for you are chosen to rise above greed and

guile withdraw from those who would lure you into malicious schemes my child I

desire that place in your heart belonging to me alone bring me no less

than your full Trust commitment and sincerity of spirit believe my

promises if you have already seen blessing greater abundance is coming such is the reward for devoted Hearts

who fix themselves on me my beloved child I know there are storms raging all

around you take heart your present troubles are fleeting but my love for you is

unending when you feel powerless against the turbulence come close and let me embrace you as you rest in my presence I

will instill my confidence within your spirit once more you will complete the purpose for which I created you my

treasured one the assignment I wrote for your life stretches into eternity but

understand this mystery the path I ordained for you often leads straight into storms yet mine is the voice that

rebukes the battering winds and command Stillness to Furious Seas you have nothing to dread as we

walk this journey together let my Peace Quiet your anxious thoughts even

now I am always with you to lift your eyes above life’s distractions when you fix your gaze upon

me you gain proper perspective situations that Loom large from an

Earthly Vantage shrink to proper size in view of my sovereign authority over all

things circumstances cannot deter the Fulfillment of my purposes through

you beloved you play a pivotal role in my story an eternal narrative filled

with more Wonder joy and hope than your finite mind can fathom the author and

finisher of this Grand Saga decrees your destiny with irrevocable certainty what

I have purposed for the coming seasons of your life shall come to pass and none can hinder you were born for such a time

as this if doubts arise concerning your significance or value to me come boldly

before my throne of grace there I will reassure you of truths that never change

the depth of my love far exceeds the heights of the heavens I crafted you as

a Priceless treasure and crowned you with Glory and Honor if condemnation from others has marred your

self-perception bring this burden to me first allow my gaze of delight to heal

your wounds before reacting then from a whole and peaceful soul you can gently guide those captive

in darkness even sincere people sometimes speak words that pierce Hearts but my

Grace Finds you sufficient transforms human weakness into showcases for divine

strength rise each morning with great expectation beloved keeping your spirit

attuned to me the New Day Dawning holds glimpses of Wonders I have prepared

specially for you do not dwell upon past Sorrows or linger over old

injuries yesterday’s tears water seeds of joy that will bloom in due season but

today overflows with my goodness fresh Mana to nourish your soul a new receive

this provision with thanks as you walk through this day you will encounter Divine appointments I

have arranged for you pay attention to promptings within however small

obedience in tiny matters readies you for promotion to great spheres of

influence around the next Bend you could meet someone desperate for the hope you

carry when you expect me to show up through you amazing things happen I see

discouraging news inundates your days filling your thoughts with Gloom beloved refuse to meditate long

upon the forces of Darkness seeking to overwhelm this age keep your spirit attuned to the symphony of Heaven rather

than the cacophony of Earth and as you remain centered in me we write areas of Grace into human

tragedy we sing redemption’s song over prodigals yet wandering we Infuse Eternal perspective

into temporal dismay when you grow weary do not condemn yourself for lacking courage or

Zeal your strength originates from my spirit within not your striving pride

has no place in My Kingdom instead come to the secret place place of my presence

unload your burdens gratefully at my feet admit your need for me bringing no

pretense there in humility’s posture I will lift you up and refresh your soul

we will laugh together over teas I have prepared sweet intimacies between us

that nourish your spirit with joy whatever confronts you today take heart

greater is my spirit living within you than any Force arising to challenge you

I will grant you wisdom beyond your years composure that confounds adversaries endurance that outlasts

every hardship walk in confident assurance that I go before you to defend

behind you to protect beneath to uplift above to overshadow because you belong

to me all of Heaven’s resources stand ready to assist you so lift your head

beloved March forward boldly into the domain I have prepared for you the boundary lines have fallen for you in

Pleasant places indeed you have a delightful inheritance do not hesitate

to possess all that is yours as my blood bought son my beautiful daughter the

greatest victories of your life await just ahead what I have spoken I will

perform trust me to lift you up higher than ever imaginable my precious child I see

frustration festering within when prayers seem to hit ceilings but do not lose hope or question my faith fulness

during long seasons of waiting cling to this truth the reliability of my promises Bears no relation to the

reliability of your feelings emotions EB and flow like passing weather my love

for you remains steadfast as the tide I permit delays to test and refine your

desire For Me Above All Else But doubt not the longing I implanted in the core

of your being aligns with my purposes I placed holy discontent within so you

would seek me first discover true fulfillment our symbiotic Union alone

completes you this life often leaves you feeling battered and bruised struggling

to discern my voice above contrary claims you live exiled from the Tranquil

Garden prepared for Humanity laboring under strained conditions I never desired but beloved a day hastens toward

Dawn when I will call you home to our garden a sanctuary of beauty peace and

belonging that far exceeds any Paradise on Earth until then I sustain you with

rivers of delight rising from within Eternal Bounty that Earth cannot give or

take away I secure your steps even through darkest valleys my spirit

Shields your mind in perfect peace when anxiety grips the world you can thrive

in full dependence on me as you relinquish vain efforts at self

sufficiency necessity is the mother of renewed trust radiant Hope glimmers on

the horizon of your heart when you receive my words do not judge The credibility Of My Voice by fleeting

emotions that mask truth what I have spoken over you remains engraved upon

Heaven’s tablets awaiting manifestation in due time until your faith translates prayers

into reality Feast upon magnificent promises that can not fail let your

roots grow deep in Scripture that fertile soil from which Sprouts all wisdom guidance and discernment its

ancient yet ageless principles nourish Soul’s soil tenderly when chafed by life’s abrasions meditate upon its

flowing counsel daily to flourish even in droughts of waiting for the word I

breathe upon contains all nourishment needed to blossom into Destiny the

Giants of fear anxiety and lack stand stubbornly between you and everything I have prepared for your future but

beloved refusal to engage in Warfare grants by default these enemies rule

over land I designated as your inheritance Rise Up In Courage wield

promises from my word as weapons Stone by Stone tear down mental fortresses of

false [Music] assumption






blocking your vision Advance boldly to possess blessings waiting within your

sphere of influence do not neglect regular connection with me

beloved just as quality moments nourish human bonds investing priority time with

me ensures your soul thrives the health of every other relationship depends upon

the Vitality of ours guard against allowing lesser loves to encroach upon

the highest and best Come Away now with me a while into the chamers of my heart set aside

frantic mental activity be still and no Transcendent Joy here Eternal Treasures

of wisdom and Revelation belong to those resting in my presence ask me for keys

to unlock Mysteries your soul longs to understand knock boldly upon doors once

seemingly impenetrable believe without wavering and watch closed doors swing open before

you the resources of Heaven’s Kingdom await your request no matter what rage

is outside you have full access to my Divine peace storm winds cannot invade

the sanctuary of my presence bind anxiety and cast care upon me beloved

trust my sovereignty over every domain refuse fears paralyzing poison Embrace

courage’s emboldening staff I hold your life securely take comfort that all

things unfold within boundaries I permit consider the circle drawn in sand

protecting those within from vicious attack so I encircle around you and your

loved ones when turmoil surrounds your borders remain steadfast inside Circles of

prayer faith and trust while I defend Beyond you need not understand the

schemes of I block and plans I derail watch and wonder as I transform

attacks into Advantage my intentions toward you team with infinite

compassion even human words crafted to bless fall short conveying the extravagance of my love but beloved look

Beyond language into my eyes windows from which pours the affection Delight kindness and mercy I

feel toward you eternally find deepest rest cradled

there in the comfort of my gaze the evil one Endeavors futy to undermine my

opinion of you with accusations conjured from your own past but discontinued is

sin’s Dominion dismantled are its claims against you stand back as I step forward

to defend you Marvel as Declarations of my favor drown out those

indictments rebuke that voice defaming you be boyed by cheers from Heavenly

hosts celebrating you the only voice that defines you is mine even if Earth assails and

conscience accuses cling fiercely to truth declared from my Throne no stain

of past or present failure prevents me from running to embrace the returning child I spoke no Idle Words when

promising that repentance secures indestructable belonging let this transform your

self-perception today you remain at all times my beloved beautiful and blameless

one now Come Away With Me into our secret garden of the heart lay down

weariness partake joy in my presence but yesterday’s Mana cannot nourish today’s

hunger regular time in my presence revives Vision infuses strength into

your inner being resilience flows freely from Taps of Grace when you drink deeply

from the flowing streams prepared for you here here claim confidence in my

declarations that no barrier raised against you shall stand though presently

hemmed in soon you will burst mightily upon the scene at my appointed hour never again to be

restricted the delay and obscurity of this season Forge in

[Music] you



n [Music]

[Music] a tenacious faith that grips my promises

without waver those who attempt to constrain and mute you will stand back in shock at the

undeniable favor and Authority with which I mantle you before the watching

World thus I caution you in these moments of veiled Wilderness wanderings

make the choice to worship refuse grumbling reject victim mentalities take

each step in trust though the way makes no sense consider the journeying Israelites who voiced faith in my

promises even while Earth swallowed their oppressors Exodus from Egypt through an

Uncharted desert Ted their Reliance upon me for each step and provision but a

generation was sifted and prepared to receive at last the land promised to their ancestors so also I now lead you

through obscurity into a spacious place I silence scoffers while preparing a

platform displaying your gifts your dormant season nurtures a tenacious trust in my words alone a vital

foundation for the visibility and influence I am preparing for now steady your heart in the certainty that I

already possess blueprints to the breathtaking future in store for you yet

do not despair Beloved the hour of your Liberation draws near take heart from

sprouting seeds of change visible even amid barrenness while you yet walk the

Valley’s Shadows already Celestial brightness crests The Horizon the night of weeping will soon

yield to Joy prepare your heart for celebration and sweet vindication

ation very soon emerging opportunities will thrust open doors once tightly shut

doors ushering you onto platforms prepared specially for you and those who

mocked and scorned you will stand back shocked at the favor marking you as chosen yes many changes even now unfold

to confirm my promises over your life lift your head up the day of your

breakthrough has dawned

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