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the angel is saying to you today the

angel is cheering you on acknowledging

your worth and assuring you that the

blessings heading your way are

significant and of the highest quality

As you move forward carry the awareness

that major blessings are in the process


unfolding embrace the goodness that is

on its

way you have earned and deserve these

blessings the best is coming to you so

open your heart and receive the

abundance that the angel is sending your

way this is about you and your one skill

that is going to make you famous in the

tapestry of your existence woven with

threads of experiences and potential

there lies a dormant power a skill that

possesses the magic to transform your

life today the Angelic Whispers from the

celestial Realms bring forth a message a

revelation about you and the

extraordinary ability you Harbor within

it’s time to heed the call to unveil the

treasure Treasure Trove of talent that

can Propel you into the spotlight of

Fame recognition and financial

abundance within the cosmic Symphony

Where Angels guide and protect there is

a spotlight shining on you the heavens

have bestowed upon you a unique skill a

gift that sets you apart from the crowd

a talent that when embraced can be the

Catalyst for a life-altering

journey however there’s a veil of doubt

shrouding your

perception self-doubt doubt fear and

hesitancy have become barriers

preventing you from unfolding the wings

of your

potential the Angelic guidance is clear

it’s time to cast aside the shadows of

uncertainty and step into the Brilliance

of your light the angel is beckoning you

to acknowledge and Trust in the

proficiency that resides within

you your fear of failure the

apprehension about what others might say

and the reluctance to try are the chains

that need to be broken broken the fear

of what others might say should not

hinder your progress the angel is

assuring you that in the pursuit of your

passion there will be a chorus of

celestial cheers drowning out the

murmurs of doubt the Angelic guidance

emphasizes the importance of recognizing

and trusting your unique

skill it’s not a talent that should be

hidden in the shadows instead it’s a

beacon that can guide you toward a life

of fulfillment and accomplishment the

angel sees the potential for greatness

within you and now it’s time for you to

witness and believe in it reflect upon

your passions interests and the

activities that make your heart resonate


joy the skill that the angel speaks of

is intricately tied to what brings you a

sense of purpose and

fulfillment trust in this skill for it

is not a random occurrence but a

deliberate bestowment from the celestial


the angel has orchestrated the alignment

of stars to infuse you with this unique

ability as you acknowledge and embrace

it you step into a realm where passion

meets purpose where your journey becomes

a testament to the Divine intricacies of


existence the Angel’s message resonates

with a call to action it’s time to cast

aside the fear that has kept you from

unleashing your skill the fear of

failure just judgement and the

unknown Financial hardships that may

have cast Shadows over your path will be

illuminated by the radiance of your

skill the angel in its benevolence

rewards those who Dare To Tread the path


self-discovery as you offer your skill

to the world financial blessings will

flow like a river clearing away the

obstacles that once seemed

insurmountable the angel sees beyond the

surface beyond the facade of fear and

uncertainty it sees a soul brimming with

potential a spirit eager to soar to new

heights with every step you take the

Angelic Whispers resonate in the

background echoing encouragement and

Celestial cheers the angel is sending

its blessings and the Angel’s Whispers

will be your guiding Melody as you step

into the Brilliance of your

light may you discover the boundless

possibilities that await transforming

not just your life but the lives of

those touched by the radiance of your


skill type Amen to claim Angel’s

blessings God is saying to you today

knowing that God is always there to

protect and assist you this may make you

feel better as you won’t have to worry

about anything awful

occurring even if someone in your family

is attempting to harm you this kind of

thought might help you feel a bit better

a assisting you in feeling less anxious

at the moment once this stage is

completed you may experience a slight

reduction in anxiety around the

circumstances God has told you that he

has heard your prayers and is bringing

you a miracle right now the event is

currently taking place due to the

magnitude of the

miracle your daily routine will need to

be drastically altered for you to

continue living if you want miracles to

happen in your life watch this video

through to the end you won’t be able to

conceive having that much money in your

bank account at the same time and


again that’s what will suddenly flood

into it there’s no reason to believe

that something similar could ever happen

in the same way you really must schedule

this if you want to have something to

look forward to when you’re content with

who you

are good things happen with any luck you

will get a call this weekend from

someone wanting to reach out and give

you some good good news the one making

the call is also the one who will be

making the call with the help of this

video you may see that you are going to

get the ideal home the rise at work you

have been striving for and the ideal

romantic connection this video is a sign

that the ideal partnership you’ve been

waiting for is about to begin thus you

have to be on the lookout for them you

will have a better idea of how the Lord

tastes and the likelihood that you will

enjoy eating it if you taste it

first in the end those who decide to put

their confidence in him as a shield will

experience true success in life the

cosmos will surprise you with a present

that will delight and Astound you when

you awaken the next

morning you will receive this gift later

tomorrow you will receive this after the

next day as a thank you the world is

going to give you this gift because

because it values all you have done

please support this video by liking and

sharing it if you believe in God you

will have a deeper understanding of the

lesson and be more equipped to handle

the indication and the manifestation

when they occur if you watch the entire

video beginning to end God is going to

reveal something genuinely wonderful and

loving to you this evening before the

clock strikes midnight you’ll find it

difficult to forget this lesson it won’t

be long before you find out this is a

lesson that will stay with you for a

very long time since it holds great

significance for you my most beautiful

child I am going to open the windows of

heaven and pour out everything that you

have been waiting and praying for


God you can show your love and blessings

by giving thanks up

$, be careful because I’m a about to

do something very soon that will grant

you all of your long cherished dreams

and unlock the gates of

paradise I am the way the truth and the

life as Jesus is alleged to have stated

indicates that I am the only one who can

communicate with the father Jesus meant

this when he declared I’ve heard that

you’re being mentioned and your name is

coming up in talks and locations you

haven’t been in person yet additionally

it has been brought to my knowledge that

comparable discussions are

occurring God is going to provide you an

opportunity that will truly blow your

mind during your

lifetime I fervently hope that you seize

this opportunity you will know without a

doubt that you are speaking with the

correct people that things are going

well with your health that previously

closed doors are going to open that you

will accomplish your goals and that God

is answering answering your

prayers you’ll also realize that while

you may not realize it now you already

own all your heart could possibly

want everything is finished therefore it

is prepared to be delivered to the

customer it is a good practice to give

thanks to God as often as you

can start expressing gratitude and

acknowledging all of its wonderful

accomplishments as soon as you

can attend to this immediate

being grateful for what you have should

be your first action make sure that you

are only thinking positive thoughts

since at this point all of your ideas

are beginning to come true confirm that

the only thoughts entering your mind at

this time are positive ones God is

telling you that the finest days of your

life are already here if you can read

this God is telling you that the finest

days of your life are already

here if you can read this in order for

you to think this way and get through

this I will pray that the God who

provides hope and resolve gives it to

you I’m going to ask everyone to

consider things from perspectives that

are similar to those of Jesus

Christ I hope and pray that this is how

you perceive things if you agree type

even if it doesn’t seem like it

right now everything will work out for

the best in the end all else will work

itself out if you have faith in the

deity you have chosen even if it doesn’t

seem like it right now everything will

work out for the best in the end all

else will work itself out if you have

faith in me I will reward you as long as

you have faith in me I will Elevate you

if you show me respect you will

experience a lot of positive things if

you keep your faith in me the Bible

states that if if you were nice to other

people amazing things will come in your

life I swear to show you nothing but the

best if you do not decide to alter your

mind if you can prove to me that you’re

prepared to be modest you’ll get a

promotion you must have faith in

humanity and understand that the awful

things that have been causing you to cry

will pass and be replaced with kindness

joy laughter and love you must be aware

of this and have faith in it

you must be aware of these facts in

order to be able to trust anything you

have to have faith in the cosmos at this

point and that’s it keep hoping that

everything will go according to

plan do you still need to do anything

that I haven’t made obvious to you you

have worked so hard to acquire the

characteristics you possess so with them

be bold and Powerful please try not to

be afraid your God the Lord is going

before you and will be with you wherever

you go you can be certain that he won’t

ever leave you therefore you don’t need

to feel depressed as a result it is

unlikely that you will experience a

difficult day today you have incredible

opportunities coming your way but you’re

not prepared for the abrupt shift in

your life’s course the fact that

everything goes well for you today is

not a coincidence it is not possible to

accomplish I regret to inform you that

nothing will go right today for you the

significance of this piece of evidence

cannot be

overstated thus you should watch all of

these portions of the video in the first

week of December

something significant will change

in your

life it will also be the beginning of an

opportunity of a lifetime and the

Fulfillment of your most fervent

desire this week will’ll also Herald the

the start of an opportunity that comes

just once in a lifetime for you to Grant

a long-standing

deeply held

desire you won’t really understand why

things took so much longer than

anticipated until they start making

sense and coming into place so it’s

crucial to maintain your composure and

patience before it’s your turn there

will be some time remind yourself to

wait your time and maintain composure

you should not allow fear or anxiety to

rule your life because you know that the

Lord your God is with you and will never


you they shouldn’t be able to control

you out of fear or worry never let your

courage or your principles waver waver

refrain from giving into your anxieties

or the issues that cause you to feel

afraid if you believe in God type

your professional and personal life

will improve significantly as a result

of significant progress in the correct


with time your overall quality of life

is improving you will soon experience

great things if you can only be patient

and put your faith in God there will be

an end to the grief and sobbing and new

chances will arise if you can pull this

off some really amazing things are going

to occur shortly you won’t be having

problems with things that have been

bothering you for a long time tonight

tonight you won’t have to worry about

anything that has been nagging at you

for a while for you everything will be

well your life is about to take a

significant shift so utilize this time

to prepare tonight you won’t have to

worry about anything that has been

nagging at you for a while for you

everything will be well because of you

my tears have turned into dance you

changed out the sackcloth for garments

of praise permit me to use this occasion

to express my gratitude for your

assistance with this it is

anticipated that the individual’s

financial situation would improve

shortly hence improving their chances of

success the world is sending signals to

someone that it is time to take action

and that is evidence that the moment has

arrived people will judge you but I will

defend you even though other people have

hurt you I will heal you when other

people put you down I will lift you up

God spoke to the Jews it is not

appropriate for you to want to be as

holy as others around

you it’s crucial that you make an effort

to improve and prove yourself every


day you will not be consumed by the

Flames or burnt if you go into the fire

God’s people are safe from harm even if

they were to step into fire when you

walk through the fire you will not be

burned and the flame will not consume

you God says to us when you pass through

the floods I will be with you and

through the rivers they will not


you having heard him assure them God

will be with you when you go through the

water they were no longer afraid the

rivers you will be Crossing won’t cause

you to slow down so you don’t need to be

concerned about

that please spread the words by sharing

this video God will never abandon you

because he loves you too much even when

the storm rages and the waves smash all

around you you shouldn’t be

concerned crossing the rivers will not

be too difficult for you it will not

pose any difficulties for you to

accomplish that it’s okay if some

individuals don’t comprehend what you’re

saying you shouldn’t count on everyone

comprehending try not to let any of this

cause you to give up or become more

sluggish since I care care about you and

want the best for you I truly understand

what you’re going through and feel bad


you I may therefore state that I am

aware of your

situation put all of your trust in the

Lord and don’t allow any doubts about

the promises he has given you to surface

rather than depending on your own

intelligence and the lessons you’ve

acquired over the years instead put your

trust in the Lord above anything else

here is where you should put your faith

God will direct your actions in the best

way for you if you involve him in

whatever you do provided you give him

approval if you consider God in all you

do he will direct your activities in the

best way for you you’ll roll around on

the ground repeatedly when you laugh so

hard I can hear the sound rather clearly

now you’ll swiftly revert to your

previous level of confidence in the

intentions and actions of others God is

restoring your wholeness in light of all

the suffering and loss you have

experienced you’ll regain the ability to

love type if you believe in God God

used creativity to bring you here you

stand out because of all the wonderful

qualities about you God offered his life

in order to save you those who know you

well adore you and are extremely proud

of all that you have achieved

God is watching over you and seeing to

it that you have what you require you

don’t need to be concerned about your

health you should be aware that God is

in this room with you at this very

moment keep in mind that you don’t have


feel by

yourself try to think positively at the

end of the day no matter how difficult

or depressing your day was if you have

nothing positive to say about the day

you should still do this you should

should include these actions into your

daily routine you should constantly keep

in mind that there will be a brighter

day soon this is something you should

always remember I pray that this person

is exceedingly moral and honest I trust

that God will fulfill what he told me

during our conversation someone is going

to come into your life who will change

everything for the

better even if you don’t comprehend what

I’m doing if you keep praying all will

eventually become

evident this is still the case

regardless of how difficult it is for

you to comprehend what I’m trying to

express I know you don’t get what I’m

trying to express and that doesn’t alter

anything I make that

pledge I swear please trust me when I

tell that at some point in your life

some individuals will regret how poorly

they treated you

and that moment will come much sooner

than you would

imagine you should have this in mind as

you move through life if you’re still

unsure consider the instances in your

life when you have been overly strict

with other

people being overly harsh on oneself or

putting yourself down is a terrible

habit that has to be stopped you have to

quit making fun of yourself in this

way God undoubtedly wants us to hear

I want you to stop being negative you

have to get over your self-critical

thoughts in the entire universe there is

no one else who is like

you type yes to get this

gift God taught that a person must

undergo growth and transformation before

they can despite any difficulty except

where they are in life one must first

reach their stage of growth in order to

arrive at this one I want you to accept

full responsibility for everything that

has happened and then I want to shoulder

the blame for your

suffering I want you to know that in the

end you are responsible for all that has

occurred it’s critical to maintain the

bravery and character strength you’ve

worked so hard to develop when times are

difficult because you are God the Lord

is with you and never will abandon you

you shouldn’t let them terrify you or

give up on you always put your faith in

the Lord your God you shouldn’t be

afraid or alarmed by what they have to

offer because of this you have to have

complete confidence in the Lord your God

at all times nothing can change that in

other words you don’t have to be

experiencing negative feelings like

hopelessness or dreed at this time

things are changing even if you’re not

aware of it just not as rapidly as you’d

want though you may not realize it

things are changing even if you’re not

aware of the changes they are


occurring this remains true even if you

are unable to see any changes in the

circumstances I promise I will never

ever let go of you so please hang on to

me as tightly as you can I swear that I

will always be by your side saying Jesus

is Lord in public and believing that God

raised him from the dead in private will

result in

Salvation by carrying out these two

actions you will be spared to be rescued

you must complete all of these tasks

this is the only method available to

prevent certain death if you ever want

to break out of this situation you have

to take immediate action on each of


fronts there’s really no getting around

that you have false Notions about how

things ought to be therefore or it’s

critical that you have the ability to

let go of whatever tension you may be

experiencing how successfully you use

this Talent will determine how

successful you are if I want you to be

whatever I want you to be you have to

abide by the guidelines I’ve provided

you have to develop if I’m to get you

whatever I

desire God says I am sure that we can

figure this out so don’t worry all I

need is some time to reflect on it

undoubtedly there are things we can do I

have no doubts about our ability to take

action regardless of how many times you

have asked me to forgive you I will

forgive you immediately if you ask me to

do so

again I’ll make up for all the mistakes

I’ve made with you and I’ll start right

now I sincerely apologize for all of my

actions even though I am aware that this

hasn’t been an easy route for you to

follow I want you to be proud of what

you have accomplished thus far permit me

to request that you acknowledge that

there have been difficult moments for

you on this

journey on the other hand you are now

prepared to seize the opportunities that

will probably present themselves to you

shortly this makes it easier for you to

seize opportunities when they

arise before long you’ll be leading the

life of your dreams it matters es your

demands so well that everything will

feel so simple you will soon have the

opportunity to have the life you have


desired the life of your dreams will

soon be within your reach it will

fulfill your every desire to the fullest

you’ll get the opportunity to do so

shortly it seems logical that God is in

charge of everything in the

universe tell God the truth about your

aspirations Secrets dreams and

everything else and he will fulfill all

your wishes this covers all you could

possibly desire

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