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God is not ignoring you he is just

preparing you always be ready you are

the miracle in the making believe in God

and you will be blessed God will give

you the strength you need at this most

difficult times trials without God will

break you but if you have God it will

make you when we pray God hears more

than we ask and gives more than we can

imagine don’t get discouraged when you

don’t understand what’s happening

God is up to something great God didn’t

bless you so you could be blessed he did

it so you could be a blessing the Giants

sent to you by God are not meant to

defeat you but to mold you and make you

stronger something is happening that you

cannot see God is building your

foundation deeper the darkest time in

life is not the absence of light but the

absence of God every force that has been

holding you back is going to be broken

God will make sure of that no matter how

alone you think you are God is always a

prayer away just because you don’t see

anything happening doesn’t mean God’s

answer is not on the way believe and you

will receive whatever you ask for in

prayer God always listens

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